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List of Articles

Volume 10 (1993, 1994)

Issue 1
Editorial  3
Bob Hinshelwood
Breaking the Circle  7
Marie Bridge
The Rime of the Papyraceous Twin  18
Mary Brownescombe Heller
Uncontained in Mind and Body: Eating Disorders in Final Year Students  26
Nicola Abel Hirsch
Psychotherapy and Race
Racism and Similarity: Paranoid-Schizoid Structures  33
Richard Tan
Keeping Therapy White?: Psychotherapy Trainings and Equal Opportunities  44
Paul Gordon
Assessing the Difficulties for British Patients of Caribbean Origin in Being Referred for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy  50
Barbara Fletchman Smith
Souls in Armour: Thoughts on Psychoanalysis and Racism  62
Paul Gordon
Working with the Elderly
An Experience of an Expressive Group with the Elderly  77
A. Jawad Sheikh, Debbie Mason and Alison Taylor
Personal View
Why Analysts Need Their Patients' Transferences  83
Charles Rycroft
Addiction to the Death Instinct? A Critical Review of Joseph's Paper ‘Addiction to near Death’  88
Anthony Ryle
Response to Anthony Ryle  93
Ann Scott
Fear (Ode to Euthanasia)  96
Deirdre A Lewis
Clinical Commentary
Clinical Commentary XV  97
Commentary by a Contemporary Freudian Psycho-Analyst  100
Klaus Fink
Commentary by a Tavistock-Trained Child Psychotherapist  102
Margaret Rustin
Commentary from an Independent Psycho-Analyst  105
Victor Sedlak
Book Reviews
Slouching Towards Bethlehem and Further Psychoanalytic Explorations by Nina Coltart. Published by Free Association Books, London, 1992; 200 pages; £15.95.  108
Charles Rycroft
Between Art and Science: Essays in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry by Jeremy Holmes. Published by Tavistock/Routledge, London and New York, 1993; 227 pages; £14.99.  110
Herbert Hahn
Freedom to Relate: Psychoanalytic Explorations by Roger Kennedy. Published by Free Association Books, London, 1993; 217 pages; £15.95.  111
John M Heaton
Freud's Women by Lisa Appignanesi and John Forrester. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1992; 563 pages; £25.00.  113
Kate Osborne
A Clinical Workbook for Psychotherapists by Robert J Langs. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 517 pages; £29.95.Science, Systems and Psychoanalysis by Robert J Langs. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 262 pages; £19.95.  115
David Livingstone Smith
Melanie Klein: From Theory to Reality by Otto Weininger. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 210 pages; £16.95.  117
Giovanna R Di Ceglie
Abstracts from other Journals  119
Issue 2
Editorial  133
Bob Hinshelwood
The Economics of Introjective Identification and the Embarrassment of Riches  136
Kenneth Sanders
Gazing into Medusa's Eyes: The Fear of Being Seen and Attacks on Insight  142
Gail Yariv
Creating Order out of Abuse  159
Fiona Gardner
Supervision of the Beginning Therapist: Privileges and Problems  170
Pamela Ashurst
Ecological Madness: A Freud Museum Conference, December 1992
Introductory Thoughts  178
Ivan Ward
Technophobia and Technophilia  188
Barry Richards
Psychological Processes of Consuming  196
Susie Orbach
The Countryside  202
R D Hinshelwood
‘I am a Place’: Depth Psychology and Environmentalism  211
Andrew Samuels
A Psychotherapeutic Case Illustrating a Psychogenic Factor in Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)  220
Ruth Freeman
Self Psychology
Self Psychology: Origins and Overview  226
Frank M. Lachmann
Developments in the Universities
The Role of Psychoanalytic Studies in Psychotherapy Training  232
Martin Stanton
Personal View
Ordinary Miseries: Extraordinary Remedies  237
Liam Clarke
Letter from America
Who Owns Psychoanalysis?  249
Jeremy Holmes
Clinical Commentary
Clinical Commentary XVI  253
Commentary by a Group Analyst  258
Dick Blackwell
Commentary by a Kleinian Psycho-Analyst  262
David Bell
Commentary by an Organisational Consultant  266
Tim Darlington
T.T.S. Hayley (1913-1993)  270
Jafar Kareem  270
Nina E. C. Coltart
Book Reviews
Intercultural Therapy: themes, interpretations and practice edited by Jafar Kareem and Roland Littlewood. Published by Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1992; 257 pages; £17.99.  274
M Fakhry Davids
Mental Handicap and the Human Condition: new approaches from the Tavistock by Valerie Sinason. Published by Free Association Books, London, 1992; 366 pages; £ 19. 95.Psychotherapy and Mental Handicap edited by Alexis Waitman and Suzanne ConboyHill. Published by Sage, London, 1992; 228 pages; £12.95.  277
Joanna Ryan
The Claustrum: an investigation of claustrophobic phenomena by Donald Meltzer with an essay by Meg Harris Williams. Published by Clunie Press, Perthshire, 1992; 185 pages.  279
Val Richards
Love of Beginnings by J B Pontalis. Published by Free Association Books, London; 1993; 171 pages; £13.95.  282
Carlotta Johnson
A Psychology for Living: personal construct theory for professionals and clients by Peggy Dalton and Gavin Dunnett. Published by John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, 1992; 227 pages; £12.95.  284
Dorothy Rowe
Memorial Candles: children of the Holocaust by Dina Wardi. Published by Routledge, London, 1992; 200 pages; £35.00 (hardback), £12.99 (paperback).  285
Dinora Pines
Out of Bounds: sexual exploitation in counselling and therapy by Janice Russell. Published by Sage, London, 1993; 159 pages; £10.95.  287
Francesca Raphael
Shared Experience: the psychoanalytic dialogue edited by Luciana Nissim Momigliano and Andreina Robutti. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 246 pages; £ 18.95.Continuity and Change in Psychoanalysis, letters from Milan by Luciana Nissim Momigliano. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 156 pages; £15.95.  288
Lesley Caldwell
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Greek Tragedy by C Fred Alford. Published by Yale University Press, London, 1992; 218 pages; £18.50.  290
David Mann
The Dirty Half Dozen: six radical rules to make relationships last by William Nagler and Anne Androff. Published by Warner Brothers, New York, 1991; 117 pages.  293
Carlotta Johnson
Prejudice  294
Bernard Ratigan
Response from the BCP  295
The British Confederation of Psychotherapists: Update, October 1993  298
Joscelyn Richards
Abstracts from other Journals  300
Issue 3
Editorial  315
Bob Hinshelwood
Assessment for Psychotherapy: Clinical Indicators of Self Cohesion and Self Pathology  317
Roger Brooke, Ph.D.
From Emptiness to Loss: A Journey from the Intrapersonal to the Interpersonal  331
Michael Lamprell
The Psychotherapist's Erotic Subjectivity  344
David Mann
Time to Go: Therapist-Induced Endings in Psychotherapy  355
Lesley Murdin
Psychodynamic Social Psychology
Psychic Work and Unconscious Alliances in Therapeutic Institutions  361
René Kaes
Psychotic Interventions at the Arbours Crisis Centre  372
Joseph H. Berke
The Group's Emotional Biography  383
Claudio Neri
Internship: Fact or Phantasy?  392
Samuel M Stein
Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Analytic Therapy  402
Anthony Ryle
Personal View
Stop Making Sense: Talking - Cures and Limits  405
Roger Bacon
Jacques Lacan
Lacan for the Faint Hearted  418
Ross Skelton
British Journal of Psychotherapy Student Essay Prize 1993
Wednesday's Child: An Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse  430
Lynnett Fraser
Hysteria by Terry Johnson, Royal Court Theatre, London, Royal Court Writers Series published by Methuen Drama 1993.  440
Fiona Gardner
Book Reviews
Validation in the Clinical Theory of Psychoanalysis: a study in the philosophy of psychoanalysis by Adolf Grunbaum. Published by International Universities Press, Madison, Connecticut; 417 pages; £45.00.  443
David Livingstone Smith
Wild Desires and Mistaken Identities: lesbianism and psychoanalysis by Noreen O'Connor and Joanna Ryan. Published by Virago, London, 1993; 315 pages; £12.99 paperback.  446
Janet Sayers
Integrity in Depth by John Beebe. Published by Texas A&M University Press, College Station, USA, 1992; 165 pages; $19.30.  448
Jean Thomson
On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored: psychoanalytic essays on the unexamined life by Adam Phillips. Published by Faber & Faber, London, 1993; 143 pages; £14.99.  450
Gillian Wilce
Female Identity Conflict in Clinical Practice by Doris Bernstein and edited by Norbert Freedman and Betty Distler with an introduction by Christopher Bollas. Published by Jason Aronson Inc., Northvale, New Jersey, London, 1983; 196 pages; £21.50.  451
Barbara Lloyd
The Patient and the Analyst: the basis of the psychoanalytic process by Joseph Sandler, Christopher Dare and Alex Holder, revised and expanded by Joseph Sandler and Anna Ursula Dreher. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1992; 238 pages; £14.95 (paperback).  453
Susan Budd
From Fetus to Child: an observational and psychoanalytical study by Allesandra Piontelli. Published by Routledge, London, 1992; £40 (hardback), £ 14.99 (paperback).  454
Joan Raphael-Leff
Before I was I.- psychoanalysis and the imagination by Enid Balint and edited by Juliet Mitchell and Michael Parsons. Published by Free Association Books, London, 1993; 248 pages; £15.95.  457
Herbert Hahn
Father Hunger: fathers, daughters and food by Margo Maine. Published by Gurze Books, Carlsbad, CA, 1991; 254 pages; £7.99.  459
Janet Sayers
Aggression in Personality Disorders and Perversions by Otto F Kernberg. Published by Yale University Press, London, 1993; 316 pages; £25.  460
David Mann
Cultural Collapse  463
Rob Weatherill
Who Cares  464
Barrie Buxton
UKCP  464
Haya Oakley
Be Reasonable  465
Jane Milton
Abstracts from other Journals  467
Issue 4
Editorial  485
Bob Hinshelwood
The Primitive and the Pathological  488
Nathan Field
Working with a Twin: Implications for the Transference  499
Vivienne Lewin
Castration Desire  511
David Mann
Expanding the Clinical Utility of the Concept of Developmental Help to Engage the Severely Disturbed Adult Patient in a Psychoanalytic Process  521
Herman Daldin, Ph.D.
Trainee Experience
A Personal Experience of Growth as a Therapist and Reflections on a Group Experience  533
Sami Timimi
A View from the Battlefield  540
Chris Corcos
General Practice
Psychotherapy and Counselling in a GP Practice: Making Use of the Setting  543
Heather Jones, Antonia Murphy, Gill Neaman, Robert Tollemache and David Vasserman
The Role of Ambivalence in the Development and Use of Reproductive Technology  552
Christina Wieland
Spaces in between  557
Jackie Gerrard
Personal View
Competencies  568
Chris Whyte
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
Chair's Remarks: Conference, January 1994  570
Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
Book Reviews
The Psychoses: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan. Book 111 1955-1956 edited by Jacques-Alain Miller. Translated with notes by Russell Grigg. Published by Routledge, London, 1993; 341 pages; £14.99.  577
Bice Benvenuto
The Gender Conundrum: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Femininity and Masculinity by Dana Breen. Published by Routledge, London and New York, 1993; 304 pages; £40.00 (hardback); £16.99 (paperback).  579
Barbara Lloyd
Motherhood and Sexuality by Marie Langer (translation, introduction and afterword by Nancy Caro Hollander). Published by the Guilford Press, New York and London, 1992; 305 pages; £24.95.  580
Sheila Ernst
Pregnancy: the inside story by Joan Raphael-Leff. Published by Sheldon Press, London, 1993; 211 pages; £12.99.  582
Melissa Benn
John Bowlby and Attachment Theory by Jeremy Holmes. Published by Routledge, London, 1993; 249 pages.  584
John Southgate
Narcissism: a new theory by Neville Symington. Published by Karnac Books, London, 1993; 137 pages; £13.95.The Fragile Self the structure of narcissistic disturbance by Phil Mollon. Published by Whurr Publishers Ltd, London, 1993; 206 pages; £15.00.  585
Robert Tollemache
Clinical Interaction and the Analysis of Meaning: a new psychoanalytic theory by Theodore L Dorpat and Michael L Miller; Published by The Analytic Press, London, 1993; 326 pages; £35.00.  588
David Smith
Symbols of the Soul: therapy and guidance through fairy tales edited by Birgitte Brun, Ernst Pedersen and Marianne Runberg. Published by Jessica Kingsley, London, 1993, 132 pages; £19.95.  589
Alan Lidmila
The Harvard Lectures by Anna Freud. Published by Karnac, London; 1992; 142 pages; £ 10.95.  591
Clifford Yorke
The Quantum Self by Danah Zohar. Published by Flamingo, 1991; 245 pages.  591
David Mann
Psychotherapy in the Baltic  596
Eugenijus Laurinaitis
Done it again  596
John Rowan
Abstracts from other Journals  598
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