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List of Articles

Volume 36 (2020, 2019)

Issue 1
Editor's Comments  1
Ann Scott
Clinical and Theoretical Practice
D.W. Winnicott and Religion: The Intermediate Area of Experiencing as a Dissociative Phenomenon  4
Stewart Gabel, M.A., M.D.
Using Winnicott or Finding Winnicott?  22
Patrick Casement
The Function of Symbol-Formation: Pinning down the Ego Function  32
R.D. Hinshelwood
The Supervisory Alliance in Group Supervision  45
Anne Engholm Hedegaard, Cand., Psych., Ph.D.
Constructions and Their Amendments in the Supervisory Process  61
Hanoch Yerushalmi, Ph.D.
Encapsulated Sadness: Iranian Migrants and Exiles in London  76
Mahnaz Sekechi
From Soma to Psyche: An Outcome Evaluation of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in a Patient with Somatic Symptoms and Chronic Diseases  93
Pricilla Braga Laskoski, Fernanda Barcellos Serralta, Alcina Juliana Soares Barros, Stefania Pigatto Teche, Simone Hauck and CláUdio Laks Eizirik
New Voices
Jung's Platypus and Hamlet's Complaint: A Place for Wonder in the Consulting Room  111
Julian Masters
Cultural Practice
Of Distance and Desire: The Many Metamorphoses of George Michael and the Origins of His Creativity  127
Kathleen J. Schultheis, Ph.D.
Correspondence  145
Andrew Samuels
Bob Young 1935-2019  147
Bob Hinshelwood
On Adolescence: Inside Stories by Margot Waddell. Published by Karnac, London, 2018; 282 pp, £32.99 paperback  150
Maria Rhode
Working in the Dark: Understanding the Pre-suicide State of Mind by Donald Campbell and Rob Hale. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2017; 120 pp, £22.99 paperback  153
Terence Nice
Turning the Tide: The Psychoanalytic Approach of the Fitzjohn's Unit to Patients with Complex needs edited by David Bell. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 162 pp, £21.99 paperback  156
Robert Clacey
The Psychoanalyst's Superegos, Ego Ideal and Blind Spots: The Emotional Development of the Clinician by Vic Sedlak. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2019; 197 pp, £29.99 paperback  158
Jennifer Silverstone
Psychoanalysis, Apathy and the Postmodern Patient by Laurence Kahn, translated by Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 118 pp, £32.99 paperback  161
Wolfgang Lassmann
The Life and Work of Joan Riviere: Freud, Klein and Female Sexuality by Marion Bower. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2019; 173 pp, £22.99  165
Anne Zachary
The Art of Personality in Literature and Psychoanalysis by Meg Harris Williams. Published by Karnac, London, 2018; 264 pp, £28.99 paperback  168
Donna Christina Savery
The Destroyed World and the Guilty Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Culture and Politics by David P. Levine and Matthew H. Bowker. Published by Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, 2019; 208 pp, £25.99 paperback  172
Annie Pesskin
Issue 2
Editor's Comments  177
Ann Scott
Bridging the Gap between Clinical Practice and Research Part I: Findings of a Pilot Study on Daniel Stern's ‘Moments of Meeting’ from the UKCP's Practitioner Research Network  180
Tirril Harris, Georgia Lepper, Brian Cheetham, Catherine Crowther, Desmond King and Julia Ryde
Clinical and Theoretical Practice
Unpleasant Bodily Odour in a Psychoanalytic Treatment: Bridge or Drawbridge to a Troubled Past?  200
Raffaella Hilty
Maintaining the Tension between the Classic Seduction Theory and the Role of Unconscious Fantasies: A Contemporary Reconsideration  216
Galit Harel, Ph.D.
Approaching the Transference Relation in Cognitive-Behaviourism: Applying a Lacanian Logic  232
Angus G. Craig
The Vicissitudes of a Training Therapy  248
Jackie Gerrard
Clinical Commentary
Reflections on Editing the Clinical Commentaries  260
Mark Budden and Ann Horne
Parents and Infants
The Wish to Never End: Grappling with the Termination of an Infant Observation and its Relevance to Clinical Work  262
Jan C. Messer, M.A., MFT
Collaborative Work with Parents  275
Jeanne Magagna, Ph.D. and Jude Piercey, BSc(hons)
Clinical and Cultural Practice
Double-Think, Double-Binds and the Secret History of Borderline Personality Disorder  294
Deborah Hill Cone
Social Media and its Impact on Therapeutic Relationships  303
Greta Kaluzeviciute, Ph.D.
Sian Ellis 1952-2019  321
Dorothy Hamilton and Lawrence Suss
Review Essay
If Not a Tsunami of CBT, then What? The Debate about NHS Psychotherapy Services in the Age of Mc-IAPT: CBT: The Cognitive Behavioural Tsunami: Managerialism, Politics and the Corruptions of Science by Farhad Dalal. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 214 pp, £25.99 paperback.The Industrialisation of Care: Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Impact of IAPT edited by Catherine Jackson and Rosemary Rizq. Published by PCCS Books, Monmouth, UK, 2019; 292 pp, £22.99 paperback.  323
Jeremy Clarke
Progress in Psychoanalysis: Envisioning the Future of the Profession edited by Steven D. Axelrod, Ronald S. Naso and Larry M. Rosenberg. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 306 pp, £32.99 paperback  334
Susanna Abse
On Children who Privilege the Body: Reflections of an Independent Psychotherapist by Ann Horne. Published by Routledge, Abingdon and New York, 2019; 178 pp, £26.99 paperback  337
Julie Kitchener
Transforming Despair to Hope: Reflections on the Psychotherapeutic Process with Severely Neglected and Traumatised Children by Monica Lanyado. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018, 174 pp; £26.99 paperback  340
Chris Nicholson
Attachment in Therapeutic Practice by Jeremy Holmes and Arietta Slade. Published by Sage Publications, London, 2018; 240 pp, £24.99 paperback  344
Hilary Dodson
Sadism: Psychoanalytic Developmental Perspectives edited by Amita Sehgal. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 178 pp, £25.99 paperback  347
Anna Motz
Dissecting the Superego: Moralities under the Psychoanalytic Microscope edited by Celia Harding. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2018; 216 pp, £29.99 paperback  350
Jan McGregor Hepburn
Rozsika Parker Prize 2020  356
Issue 3
Editor's Comments  357
Ann Scott
‘For Weeks Now it Has Been Evening’: A Letter from Northern Italy  361
Federica Facchin, Ph.D.
Remote Working during the Pandemic: A Q&A with Gillian Isaacs Russell: Questions from the Editor and Editorial Board of the BJP  364
Gillian Isaacs Russell, Ph.D.
Rozsika Parker Prize 2019: Winning Papers
The Courage to Dream: A Beginning Psychotherapist Encounters Bion  375
Deborah Hill Cone
Concrete People? Modes of Imagination in Psychotherapy, Fiction, and Neuroscience  385
Benjamin L. Robinson
New Voices
How Much Time Do We Need? Time and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Camhs  402
Jo Bent-Hazelwood
Clinical and Theoretical Practice
The Grip of the Ideal  415
Paul Hoggett
Once and for all Time, Always the Same?  430
Alessandra Ginzburg and Richard Carvalho
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Deaf Patients: A Qualitative Study of Characteristics and Technical Adaptations in Clinical Practice  445
Juliana Torres Porto Das Neves, Cleonice Zatti, Charlie Severo, Bibiana Godoi Malgarim, Ph.D. and Lúcia Helena Machado Freitas, Ph.D., M.D.
‘I Don't Want to See That the People are Suffering’: Nurses in an Impoverished Community Talk about Caring for Women following Stillbirths  464
Maura Lappeman, Ph.D. and Leslie Swartz
Teaching and Learning
Balint Groups for Foundation and GP Trainees  481
Rhona Sargeant and Amy Au-Yong
Interpretive Community, Intersubjective Experiences, and Supervisees' Paradoxes  497
Hanoch Yerushalmi, Ph.D.
Bion 365 Quotes by Nicola Abel-Hirsch. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2019; 602 pp, £24.99 paperback.  513
Michael Halton
Portrait of a Life: Melanie Klein and the Artists by Roger Amos. Published by Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, 2019; 133 pp; £19.80 (hardback).  515
Janet Sayers
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Shadow of the Parent. Mythology, History, Politics and Art edited by Jonathan Burke. Routledge, London and New York; 2018, 248 pp, £34.99 paperback.  518
Ken Robinson
Psychoanalysis in the Barrios: Race, Class and the Unconscious edited by Patricia Gherovici and Christopher Christian. Routledge, London and New York, 2018; 244 pp, £29.99 paperback.  520
Joanna Ryan
Psychotherapy, Ethics, and Society: Another Kind of Conversation by Michael Briant. Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, 2018; 157 pp, £58.99 hardback.  523
Annie Pesskin
Rozsika Parker Prize 2020  529
Erratum  530
Issue 4
Editor's Comments  531
Ann Scott
Rozsika Parker Prize 2019: Commended Papers
Shock and Objectivity in Modern Times: Some Thoughts about Bauhaus Architecture  534
Lutz Goetzmann
The Function of Work on the Countertransference in a Case with Constricted Discourse and Autistic Features  548
Sylvia O'Neill
New Voices
The Double Session: Two for the Price of One or One for the Price of Two?  563
Rebecca Davies
The Representation of Illness in Clinical and Cultural Space: Freud Museum/BJP Conference, November 2019
Headache, Heartache and other Illogical Disorders  572
Michael Molnar
Somapsyche  586
Richard Carvalho
Developing a Psychosomatic Imagination in Medical Students and Psychotherapy Trainees  597
Peter Shoenberg
Winnicott's Notion of ‘Holding’ as Applied to Serious Physical Illness  610
Neil Vickers
Clinical and Theoretical Practice
The Character Echo as a Symbol of the Absent Female Voice in Psychoanalytic Literatures  621
Donna Christina Savery
Short Communication
The So-Called Borderline Patient: Aetiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment  636
Frank Trimboli, Ph.D., ABPP and Rycke L. Marshall, Ph.D.
Individuation for Adult Replacement Children: Ways of Coming into Being by Kristina E. Schellinski. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2019; 228 pp, £23.99 paperback.  647
Andrea Sabbadini
Groundwork for a Transpersonal Psychoanalysis: Spirituality, Relationship, and Participation by Robin S. Brown. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2020; 204 pp, £27.99 paperback.  650
David Henderson
Jungian Music Therapy: When Psyche Sings by Joel Kroeker. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2019; 188 pp, £23.99 paperback.  653
Giorgio Giaccardi
Conversations with Lacan: Seven Lectures for Understanding Lacan by Sergio Benvenuto. Published by Routledge, Abingdon, 2020; 184 pp, £34.99 paperback.  656
Anne Worthington
Psychoanalysis and other Matters: Where are We Now? Edited by Judith Edwards. Published by Routledge, London and New York, 2020; 205 pp, £34.99 paperback.  659
Steven Groarke
The Unconscious in Social and Political Life edited by David Morgan. Published by Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, 2019; 318 pp, £29.99 paperback.  662
Jeremy Holmes
Rozsika Parker Prize 2020  669
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