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Tip: Understanding Rank

PEP-Web Tip of the Day

When you do a search, you can sort the results bibliographically alphabetical or by “rank”. What is Rank?

Rank refers to the search engine’s “best guess” as to the relevance of the result to the search you specified. The exact method of ranking used varies a bit depending on the search. In its most basic level, when you specify a single search term, rank looks at the density of the matches for the word in the document, and how close to the beginning of the document they appear as a measure of importance to the paper’s topic. The documents with the most matches and where the term is deemed to have the most importance, have the highest “relevance” and are ranked first (presented first).

When you specify more than one term to appear anywhere in the article, the method is similar, but the search engine looks at how many of those terms appear, and how close together they appear, how close to the beginning of the document, and can even take into account the relative rarity of the search terms and their density in the retrieved file, where infrequent terms count more heavily than common terms.

To see a simple example of this, search for the words (not the phrase, so no quotes):

unconscious communications

Look at the density of matches in each document on the first page of the hits. Then go to the last page of matched documents, and observe the density of matches within the documents.

A more complex search illustrates this nicely with a single page and only 15 matches:

counter*tr* w/25 “liv* out” w/25 enact*

There are a lot of word forms and variants of the words (due to the * wildcards) above that can match, but the proximity (w/25) clause limits the potential for matching. What’s interesting here though is how easily you can see the match density decrease as you view down the short list.

The end result of selecting order by rank is that the search engine’s best “guess” as to which articles are more relevant appear higher on the list than less relevant articles.

For the complete list of tips, see PEP-Web Tips on the PEP-Web support page.

List of Articles

Volume 2 (1921)

Psycho-Analytical Observations on Tic  1
S. Ferenczi
A Short Study of the Life and Character of Mohammed  31
Owen Berkeley-Hill
A Psycho-Analytic Study of the Christian Creed  54
Cavendish Moxon
Womb and Birth Saving Phantasies in Dreams  65
M. J. Eisler
Numbers in Dreams  68
C. D. Daly
Blindness and Castration  71
Douglas Bryan
Anxiety Dream and Oedipus Phantasy  72
J. Hermann
The Unconscious  73
Theodor Reik
The Science of Religion  80
Theodor Reik
Aesthetics and Psychology of the Artist  94
Hanns Sachs
Mythology  101
Theodor Reik
Dream Interpretation  106
Otto Rank
The Logic of the Unconscious Mind: By M. K. Bradby. (Oxford Medical Publications. Henry Frowde, Hodder and Stoughton, 1920. XIV+316. Price 16s.)  123
J. C. Flügel
The Psychology of Nervous Ailments: By Joseph Ralph. (Ralph, Chelston, Torquay, 1920. Pp. 62.)  129
E. J.
Religion and the New Psychology: A Psycho-Analytic Study of Religion. By W. S. Swisher, B.D. (Geo. Routledge and Sons, London, 1920. Pp. 261. Price 10s. 6d.).  130
E. J.
Psychoneuroses of War and Peace: By Millais Culpin, M.D., F.R.C.S. (Cambridge University Press, 1920. Pp. 128. Price 10s.)  132
R. M. Riggall
Psychology and Psychotherapy: By William Brown, M.A., M.D., D.Sc. With a Foreword by William Aldren Turner, C.B., M.D. (Arnold, London, 1921. Pp. 196. Price 8s. 6d.)  133
E. J.
Anxiety Hysteria: By C. H. L. Rixon, M.D., M.R.C.S., and D. Matthew, M. C., M. B., Ch.B. (H. K. Lewis and Co., London. Pp. 124. Price 4s. 6d.)  135
Douglas Bryan
Les Médications Psychologiques: Par Pierre Janet. (3 vol., 1144 p. Paris, Alcan, 1919.)  137
Raymond De Saussure
Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning: By Edward Carpenter (George Allen and Unwin, Ltd., London. Pp. 318. Price 10s. 6d.).  141
E. J.
Die Pubertätsdrüse Und Ihre Wirkungen (The Puberty Glands and their Effects.): By Alexander Lipschütz, Lecturer on Physiology at the University of Bern. (Bircher, Bern 1919. Pp. 456.)  143
S. Ferenczi
The International Psycho-Analytical Press  149
Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag  150
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 2, pp. 151-486  151
Primitive Man and Environment  157
G. Róheim
The Castration Complex  179
August Stärcke
A New Point in the Symbolism of Flute Playing  202
Estelle Maude Cole
Word-Play in Symptom-Formation  204
Douglas Bryan
A Note on the Symbolic Use of Figures  206
Owen Berkeley-Hill
Normal Psychology  207
T. Hermann
Mysticism and Occultism  225
Theodor Reik
Collected Papers on the Psychology of Phantasy: By Constance E. Long, M.D. (Baillière, Tindall and Cox, London 1920. Pp. 228. Price 10s. 6d.)  231
E. J.
Abnormal Psychology: By Isador H. Coriat, M.D. (Moffat, Yard and Co. 1921. Price $ 400.)  232
W. H.B. Stoddart
The Psychology of Everyday Life: By James Drever, Lecturer on Psychology in the University of Edinburgh. (Methuen and Co., London, 1921. Pp. 164. Price 6s.)  233
E. J.
Man's Unconscious Passion: By Wilfrid Lay, Ph. D. (London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., Ltd. Pp. 246. Price 10s. 6d.).  234
Barbara Low
The Autonomic Functions and the Personality: By Dr. Edward J. Kempf. (Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series, 1920. Price $ 200.)  237
C. R.A. Thacker
From the Unconscious to the Conscious: By Gustave Geley. Translated from the French by Stanley de Brath. (William Collins, Sons and Co. Ltd. Pp. XXVIII + 328.)  241
T. W. Mitchell
La Psychologie Française Contemporaine: Par Georges Dwelshauvers. (Alcan, 1920.)  242
Raymond De Saussure
Les Principes De La Psychologie De La Religion Et La Psychoanalyse: Leçon d'ouverture. Par Maurice Neeser. (Neufchâtel, 1920.)  243
F. Morel
Introduction À La Psychologie: (L'instinct etl'émotion.) Par J. Larguier des Bancels, Prof. à l'université de Lausanne. (Paris, Payot, 1921. 282 pages.)  244
Raymond De Saussure
Autoerotic Phenomena in Adolescence: By K. Menzies, with a foreword by Dr. Ernest Jones. (Published by H. K. Lewis and Co. Ltd., London. Second Edition 1921, pp. 100. Price 5 s.)  244
E. J.
Margaret Fuller, a Psychological Biography: By Catharine Anthony. (Harcourt, Brace and Howe. Pp. 220.)  245
Barbara Low
Fijian Society, or the Sociology and Psychology of the Fijians: By W. Deane, M. A., B. D. (Macmillan and Co., London, 1921. Pp. 248, Bibliography and Map. Price 16s.)  246
C. J.M. Hubback
Advanced Suggestion (Neuroinduction): By Haydn Brown, L.R.C.P., etc. Edin. (Baillière, Tindall and Cox, London, 1921. Pp. 402. Price 10s. 6d.).  247
D. B.
Correction to Annual Report of 1920 (Vol. I, P. 370).  250
A Man's Unconscious Phantasy of Pregnancy in the Guise of Traumatic Hysteria—A Clinical Contribution to Anal Erotism  255
Michael Joseph Eisler
On the Technique of Child-Analysis  287
H. Von Hug-Hellmuth
The Anal-Erotic Factor in the Religion, Philosophy and Character of the Hindus  306
Owen Berkeley-Hill
The Significance of Psychoanalysis in the History of Science  339
James S. Van Teslaar
Anal-Erotic Character Traits in Shylock  354
Isador H. Coriat
Psycho-Analysis and Psychiatry  361
August Stärcke
A Birth of the Hero Myth from Kashmir  416
M. R.C. Macwatters
Persons in Dreams Disguised as Themselves  420
Ernest Jones
An Unanalysed Case Anal Erotism, Occupation and Illness  424
John Rickman
Some Remarks on a Dream  427
Adolph Stern
Example of Displacement of Original Affect Upon Play  430
Mary K. Isham
Two Confinement Dreams of a Pregnant Woman  432
J. Marcinowski
Sexual Perversions  435
Felix Boehm
Psychoanalyse Und Soziologie—Zur Psychologie Von Masse Und Gesellschaft: By Aurel Kolnai. (Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, Vienna, 1920. Pp. 152. Price 2s. 6d.)  451
Katherine Jones
Concept of Repression: By Girindrasheklar Bose, M.B., D. Sc., Lecturer in Psycho-Analysis and Abnormal Psychology at the University of Calcutta. (Bose, Calcutta, 1921, Pp. 223. Price Rs. 10.)  453
E. J.
The Hysteria of Lady Macbeth: By Isador H. Coriat, M.D. (The Four Seas Company, Boston. Second Edition, 1920. Pp. 95. Price 1.25 dollars.)  453
E. J.
Die Diktatur Der Liebe (The Dictatorship of Love): By Th. Zell. (Hoffmann & Campe, Hamburg-Berlin, 1919.)  454
Paul Federn
Sanity in Sex  458
Barbara Low
Psychologie De L'Enfant: By Dr. Ed. Claparède, Professor at the University of Geneva. (Kündig, Geneva, 1920, Pp. 571.)  462
E. J.
The Psychology of Industry: By James Drever, M.A., B.Sc., D.Phil. (Methuen and Co., London, 1921. Pp. vii + 141. Price 5s.)  463
Jones Rickman
Traité De Pathologie Médicale Et De Thérapeutique Appliquée. (Maloine et Fils, Paris)  464
Raymond De Saussure
Examen Des Aliénés: Par André Barté. (Masson et Cie. éditeurs, 177 pages.)  467
Raymond De Saussure
Manual of Psychiatry: Edited by Aaron J. Rosanoff, M.D. (Fifth Edition, Revised and Enlarged, 1920. Chapman & Hall. Pp. 640. Price 22s.)  467
W. H.B. Stoddart
Foundations of Psychiatry: By William A. White, M.D. (Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Company, New York and Washington. 1921. Pp. 136. Price 3 dollars.)  469
E. J.
Fêtes Et Chansons De L'Ancienne Chine: Par Granet. (Paris, Leroux, 1920.)  470
Raymond De Saussure
Spiritualism Among Civilised and Savage Races: By Edward Lawrence, F.R.A.I. (A. & C. Black, Ltd., London, 1921. Pp. 112, Price 5s.)  473
E. J.
Sexual Life of Primitive People: By Hans Fehlinger, translated by Dr. and Mrs. S. Herbert. (A. & C. Black Ltd., London 1921. Pp. 133. Price 5s.)  474
E. J.
The Psychic Research Quarterly. Vol. I: (Published by Kegan Paul, Trench Trubner and Co.)  475
E. J.
Discussion of Tic  477
The New York Psychoanalytic Society—Report of the May Meeting  484
Adolph Stern
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