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List of Articles

Volume 29 (1948)

A. A. Brill: 1874–1948  1
Ernest Jones
A. A. Brill: 1874–1948  2
Sandor Lorand
Adrian Leslie Stephen 1883–1948  4
Symposium on the Evaluation of Therapeutic Results  7
Clarence P. Oberndorf, Phillis Greenacre and Lawrence Kubie
On Genital Love  34
Michael Balint
Heredity and Psycho-Analysis  41
H. G. Van Der Waals
Analysis of a Cartoon in a Case of Hypochondriasis  53
Lois Munro
A Technical Problem in the Treatment of the Infant Patient  58
Betty Joseph
'Telepathy and Repression.': Geraldine Pederson-Krag. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 1, p. 61.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'The So-Called English School of Psychoanalysis.': Edward Bibring. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 1, p. 69.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Observations of a Training Analyst.': Hanns Sachs. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 151.  60
Sylvan Keiser
'Psychoanalysis and Non-Analytic Psychotherapy.': John D. Benjamin. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 169.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Vision, Headache and the Halo.': Phyllis Greenacre. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 177.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Analysis of Postural Behaviour.': Felix Deutsch. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 195.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Phallic Women.': Smiley Blanton. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 214.  60
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'The Preschizophrenic Ego.': Gustav Bychowski. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 2, p. 225.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Psychopathology of Social Prejudice.': Gregory Zilboorg. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 303.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Problems of Therapeutic Management in a Psychoanalytic Hospital.': Frieda Fromm-Reichman. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 325.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Projection, Extrajection and Objectivation.': Eduardo Weiss. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 357.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'On the Psychopathology of Orgasm.': Sylvan Keiser. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 378.  61
'A Psychological Theory of Formal Beauty.': Joseph Weiss. Psychoanalytical Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 391.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'On Some Psychodynamics of Masochism.': Bernhard Berliner. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 4, p. 459.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Some Observations on a Form of Projection.': Leon J. Saul. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 4, p. 472.  61
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Basic Mental Concepts, their Clinical and Theoretical Value.': Edward Glover. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 4, p. 482.  62
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'The Fallacious Use of Quantitative Concepts in Dynamic Psychology.': Lawrence S. Kubie. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1947, Vol. XVI, No. 4, p. 507.  62
Sylvan Keiser, M.D.
'Some Aspects of the Dream in Psychosomatic Disease.': Herbert I. Kupper. Psychosomatic Medicine, 1947, Vol. IX, No. 5, pp. 310–319.  62
Sidney Tarachow
'Psychodynamics in Parkinsonism.': Gotthard Booth. Psychosomatic Medicine, 1948, Vol. X, No. 1, pp. 1–14.  62
Sidney Tarachow
'Preliminary Report on a Psychosomatic Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis.': Adelaide Johnson, Louis B. Shapiro and Franz Alexander. Psychosomatic Medicine, 1947, Vol. IX, No. 5, pp. 295–300.  62
Sidney Tarachow
'Treatment of a Case of Peptic Ulcer and Personality Disorder.': Franz Alexander. Psychosomatic Medicine, 1947, Vol. IX, No. 5, pp. 320–330.  62
Sidney Tarachow
Totem Feast in Modern Dress: Sidney Tarachow. The American Imago, 1948, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 65–69.  63
'The Bear in the Haunted Mill.': Geza Roheim. The American Imago, 1948, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 70–82.  63
Sidney Tarachow
Psychiatry in Nursing: By Raymond Headlee, M.D. and Bonnie Wills Corey, R.N. (New York: Rinehart. Pp. 308.)  63
P. Goolker
The Relation of Parental Authority to Children's Behaviour Attitudes: By Marian J. Radke. (Minnesota University Press. London: Geoffrey Cumberlege. Price 11 s. 6 d.)  64
Ruth Thomas
Hamlet: By William Shakespeare. With a Psycho-Analytic Study, by Ernest Jones, M.D. (London: Vision. Pp. 180. Price 8 s. 6 d.)  64
M. L.
Practical Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene: By Samuel W. Hartwell. (New York and London: McGraw-Hill. Pp. xvi + 439. Price 22 s. 6 d.)  65
W. Clifford M. Scott
Inside the Asylum: By John Vincent. (London: Allen and Unwin. Pp. 114. Price 6 s.)  65
H. Ezriel
Basic Mental Concepts, their Clinical and Theoretical Value: By Edward Glover, M.D. (London: Imago. Pp. 32. Price 3 s. 6 d.)  65
Recreation and the Total Personality: By S. R. Slavson. (New York: Association Press Pp. x + 205. Price $3.)  66
Marjorie Brierley
Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis: By Karen Horney, M.D. (London: Kegan Paul. Pp. 250. Price 10 s. 6 d.)  66
Marjorie Brierley
The Metamorphosis of Philosophy: By John Oulton Wisdom. (Al-Maaref Press, Cairo. British agent, Basil Blackwell, Oxford. Pp. vii + 224. Price 12 s. 6 d.)  67
Marjorie Brierley
Psycho-Analysis and the Social Sciences: Vol. I. Edited by Geza Roheim. (New York: International Universities Press. Pp. 427. Price $7.50.)  68
R. E. Money-Kyrle
Problems of Early Infancy: Transactions of the First Conference, March 3–4, 1947, New York. Edited by Milton J. E. Senn. (Publication of Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. Pp. 70. Price 75 cents.)  68
M. G. Evans
Fatigue and Impairment in Man: By S. Howard Bartley and Eloise Chute. (New York and London: McGraw-Hill. Pp. ix + 429. Price 33 s.)  69
W. Clifford M. Scott
Studies of the 'Free' Art Expression of Behaviour Problem Children and Adolescents as a Means of Diagnosis and Therapy: By Margaret Naumburg. (New York: Nervous and Mental Disease Monographs, 1947. Pp. xi + 225. Price $5.50.)  69
W. Clifford M. Scott
Recent German Literature on Psycho-Analysis  69
W. Hoffer
The Nature and Function of Phantasy  73
Susan Isaacs
An Unfinished Paper on Hamlet: Prince of Denmark  98
Ella Freeman Sharpe
Ernst Simmel and Freudian Philosophy  110
Max Horkheimer
A Contribution to the Theory of Anxiety and Guilt  114
Melanie Klein
A Note on Freud's Scientific Imagination  124
Leo Angelo Spiegel
Psychiatric and Social Processes  126
Leonard R. Sillman, M.D.
The 'Passing of the Oedipus Complex' in Greek Drama  131
Mark Kanzer
Child Health and Development: A symposium by Specialist Contributors. Edited by R. W. B. Ellis. (London: J. & A. Churchill. Pp. 364. Price 18 s.)  135
Kate Friedlander
Psychotherapy. Its Uses and Limitations: By D. R. Allison and R. G. Gordon. (Geoffrey Cumberledge: Oxford University Press. Pp. 160. Price 8 s. 6 d.)  136
H. A. Thorner
Psychiatric Examination of the School Child: By Muriel Barton Hafl. (London: Edward Arnold. Pp. viii + 368. Price 15 s.)  137
W. H. Gillespie
Normal and Abnormal Psychology: A Précis for Junior Students, Nurses, Occupational Therapists. Welfare Workers and others. By J. Ernest Nicole, (London: Allen & Unwin. Pp. 96. Price 8 s. 6 d.)  137
H. A. Thorner
The Concept of Psychogenesis: By John R. Reid. Amer. J. Psychiat., 1948, 104, No. 10. Pp. 653–60.  138
J. O. Wisdom
Man for Himself, an Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics: By Erich Fromm. (New York: Rinehart. Pp. 254.)  138
Geza Roheim
News, Notes and Comments  139
Some Embryological Neurological, Psychiatric and Psycho-Analytic Implications of the Body Scheme  141
W. Clifford M. Scott
On Neurotic Disorders of Sensibility and Body Scheme—A Bioanalytic Approach to Pain, Fear and Repression  156
Joachim Flescher, M.D.
On the Psycho-Analytic Training System  163
Michael Balint
The Death of Hamlet's Father  174
Ernest Jones
'Individual Differences of Behaviour in Early Infancy, and an Objective Method of Recording Them: Michael Balint.  177
W. Hoffer
'The Question of Lay Psycho-Analysis.': Glover, Edward.  177
D. N. Hardcastle
'A Case of Hypnotically Produced Secondary and Tertiary Personalities.': Harry C. Leavitt.  177
Frank Berner
'The Cornerstone Ceremony.': Jacques Schnier.  178
Frank Berner
'Three "Battles" During Analytic Treatment.': Edmund Bergler.  178
Frank Berner
'Some Mechanisms of Paranoia.': Nathaniel Thornton.  178
Frank Berner
'A Psycho-Analytic Concept of the Origin of Depression.': W. Clifford M. Scott,  178
D. N. Hardcastle
'Ego Functioning in Two Types of Dreams.': Milton L. Miller.  179
Sylvan Keiser
'The Concurrent Analyses of Married Couples.': Bela Mittelman.  179
Sylvan Keiser
'A Further Contribution to the Study of Olfactory Regression with Particular Reference to Transvestitism.': George W. Wilson.  179
Sylvan Keiser
'The Effects of Shock Treatment on the Ego.': John Frosch and David Inpastato.  179
Sylvan Keiser
'Depersonalization and the Body Ego with Special Reference to the Genital Representation.': Leo Berman.  179
'The Equivalents of Matricide.': Robert M. Lindner  179
Sylvan Keiser
'The Thread of Life.': Geza Roheim.  180
Sylvan Keiser
'Prince Hal's Conflict.': Ernst Kris.  180
Sylvan Keiser
'The Nature of Reality, the Meaning of Nothing.': Bertram D. Lewin.  180
Sylvan Keiser
'Transference in Borderline Neurosis.': Adolf Stern.  180
Sylvan Keiser
'Alcoholism and Addiction.': Ernest Simmel.  180
Sylvan Keiser
'Research in Psychotherapy.': Thomas M. French.  180
Martin Grotjahn
'The Significance of the Home for the Child's Emotional Development During the First Six Years.': Kate Friedlander.  181
'Graduate Residency Training in Psychoanalytic Medicine.': Sandor Rado.  181
Martin Grotjahn
What is Psychoanalysis: By Ernest Jones. (International Universities Press, New York, 1948.)  181
William Needles
Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male: By Alfred C. Kinsey, W. B. Pomeroy and S. E. Martin. (W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia and London, 1948. Pp. 804.)  182
Paul Goolker
Children in Need: By Melitta Schmideberg. (Allen and Unwin, London. Price 12 s. 6 d.  183
Augusta Bonnard
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 29, pp. 185-274  185
Clinical Manifestations of Aggression and their Role in Psycho-Analytic Treatment  201
S. Nacht
Inferences from the Dream Screen  224
Bertram D. Lewin, M.D.
On the Mechanisms of Spacing and Crowding Emotions  232
Otto E. Sperling, M.D.
Authoritarianism and Intolerance  236
James Clark Moloney, M.D.
On Szondi's 'Schicksalsanalyse' and 'Triebdiagnostik'  240
Michael Balint
'Metamorphosis.': Geza Roheim. The American Imago, November, 1948, Vol. V, No. 3, pp. 167–172.  250
Sidney Tarachow
'On Hallowe'en.': Richard Sterba. The American Imago, November, 1948, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 213–224.  250
Sidney Tarachow
'Kilroy was Here.': Richard Sterba. The American Imago, November, 1948, Vol. V, No. 3, pp. 173–181.  250
Sidney Tarachow
New Possibilities in Private Psychiatric Practice: C. P. Oberndorf. American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 105, No. 8, February, 1949, pp. 589–593.  250
Martin Grotjahn, M.D.
The Psychology of Women: Vol. I, Girlhood; Vol. II, Motherhood: By Helene Deutsch, M.D. with a Foreword by Stanley Cobb, M.D. (London: Research Books Ltd., 1946 and 1947. Pp. xi + 312 and vi + 439. Price 21 s. and 25 s.)  251
Marjorie Brierley
The Reach of the Mind: By J. B. Rhine, Professor of Psychology, Duke University, U.S.A. (London: Faber and Faber Ltd., 1948. Pp. 188. Price 10 s. 6 d.)  255
Marjorie Brierley
The Objective Method of Dream Interpretation. By Satya-Nand, M.B., B.S., I.M.S. (rtd.), P.C.M.S. (Lahore: Northern India Printing and Publishing Co. Pp. iv + 251. No price given.)  256
Herbert Rosenfeld
Co-Operation Tolerance and Prejudice: By Samuel Lowy, M.D. (Published by Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd., 1948. Pp. 318. Price 21 s.)  257
W. Paterson Brown
The Question of Lay Analysis: By Sigmund Freud. Translated by N. Procter-Gregg. (Imago Publishing Co. Pp. 81. Price 9 s.)  257
Joan Riviere
Psicoanálisis De La Melancolía: Edited by Ángel Garma and Luis Rascovsky. (Published by Asociacíon Psicoanalítica Argentina and 'El Ateneo', Buenos Aires, 1948. Pp. 519.)  258
Hedwig Hoffer
Patología Psicosomática: Compliación y prólogo del Doctor Arnaldo Rascovsky con la participación de los Doctores Cárcamo, Hardoy, Vega, Garma, Krapf, Langer, Pichon-Rivière, Rascovsky, Salerno, Sclossberg, Tallaferro. (Published by the Association Psicoanalitica Argentina and El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, 1948. Pp. 768.)  258
Hedwig Hoffer
Psychobiology and Psychiatry: By Wendell Muncie. (St. Louis, Missouri: C. V. Mosby, 1948. Second edition. Pp. 620.)  258
Phyllis Greenacre
Understandable Psychiatry: By Leland E. Hinsie, M.D. (The Macmillan Company, New York, 1948. Pp. 359. Price $4.50.)  259
Sandor Lorand
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