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List of Articles

Volume 46 (1965)

This Issue of the Journal Honours Dr Heinz Hartmann On the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday on 4th November, 1964  1
John D. Sutherland, M. Masud R. Khan and Robert P. Knight
Heinz Hartmann  2
Maxwell Gitelson
The Scope of Heinz Hartmann—Some Selected Comments on his Essays on Ego Psychology an Appreciative Survey on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday  5
Leo Rangell
Diagnostic Skills and their Growth in Psycho-Analysis  31
Anna Freud
The Theory of Therapy in Relation to a Developmental Model of the Psychic Apparatus  39
Elizabeth R. Zetzel
Structure and Function in Psycho-Analysis  53
David Beres
Foreskin Fetishism and its Relation to Ego Pathology in a Male Homosexual  64
M. Masud R. Khan
A Clinical Study of the Effect of a Failure of the Average Expectable Environment on a Child's Mental Functioning  81
D. W. Winnicott
Notes on Childhood Depression  88
Joseph Sandler and W. G. Joffe
The Place of Values in Psycho-Analysis  97
Ishak Ramzy
Criteria and Technique for the Termination of Analysis  107
S. Nacht
Towards a Metapsychological Definition of the Concept of Self  117
Heinz Lichtenstein
Some Aspects of Scientific Theory Construction and Psycho-Analysis  129
Samuel A. Guttman
Teaching and the Beginnings of Theory  137
Bertram D. Lewin
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 46, pp. 140-150  140
Ego Autonomy Re-Evaluated  151
Robert R. Holt
Ego Psychology, Psychic Energy, and the Hazards of Quantitative Explanation in Psycho-Analytic Theory  168
Bernard Apfelbaum
The Negative Ego-Ideal  183
Stanley M. Kaplan and Roy M. Whitman
The Psychology of Blushing  188
Jule P. Miller, Jr.
Some Comments on the Distribution of Narcissistic and Object Libido in the Aged  200
Sidney Levin
Transvestitism as an Impulse and as a Defence  209
Morey M. Segal
A Clinical Type of Male Homosexuality  218
René De Monchy
Uses of Affect Observed in a Histrionic Patient  226
Paul H. Seton
A Specific Parameter: Concurrent Psychotherapy of the Spouse of an Analysand by the Same Analyst  237
Terry C. Rodgers
Maxwell Gitelson—1902—1965  244
W. H. Gillespie
W. R. D. Fairbairn—1889—1964  245
J. D. Sutherland
Franz Alexander—1891—1964  247
Helen V. McLean
The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud: Translated from the German under the general editorship of James Strachey, in collaboration with Anna Freud, assisted by Alix Strachey and Alan Tyson. Vol. XIX (1923–1925) The Ego and the Id and Other Works. Vol. XXII (1932–1936) New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis and Other Works. (London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. Vol. XIX, 1961, pp. vii + 320. Vol. XXII, 1964, pp. vi + 282. £50 the set of 24 vols; sold only in sets.)  251
Marjorie Brierley
Topography and Systems in Psychoanalytic Theory: By Merton M. Gill. Psychological Issues, Vol. III, No. 2. Monograph 10. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1963. Pp. vii + 179. $5.00.)  254
Nathaniel Ross
Ego and Reality in Psychoanalytic Theory: By Robert W. White. Psychological Issues, Vol. III, No. 3. Monograph 11. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1963. Pp. 210. $4.50.)  256
Victor H. Rosen
Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein: By Hanna Segal. Sponsored by the Melanie Klein Trust. (London: Heinemann Medical Books, 1964. Pp. xiii + 118. 16s.)  258
Harry Guntrip
A Study of Brief Psychotherapy: By David H. Malan. (London: Tavistock, 1963. Pp. 312. 35s.)  261
Wolfgang Loch
The Vital Balance: The Life Process in Mental Health and Illness: By Karl Menninger, with Martin Mayman and Paul Pruyser. (New York: Viking, 1963. Pp. 531. $10.00.)  265
W. H. Gillespie
Neurosis in the Family and Patterns of Psychosocial Defense: A Study of Psychiatric Epidemiology: By Jan Ehrenwald. (New York: Hoeber/Harper, 1963. Pp. 203 $5.50.)  268
Peter Lomas
A Cure of Delinquents. The Treatment of Maladjustment: By Robert W. Shields. (London: Heinemann. Pp. 188. 21s.)  270
Martin James
Die Psychoanalyse Als Methode: By Imre Hermann. (Cologne and Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 2nd revised edition 1963. Pp. 139.)  275
Eva M. Rosenfeld
Die Psychosomatische Klinik Und Ihre Patienten: By C. de Boor and E. Künzler. (Bern and Stuttgart: Huber and Klett, 1963. Pp. 274.)  277
H. A. Thorner
Hypnosis and Suggestion in Psychotherapy: By H. Bernheim. (New edition). (New York: University Books, 1963. Pp. 448. $10.00.)  277
Harold Stewart
Children Tell Stories: An Analysis of Fantasy: By Evelyn Goodenough Pitcher and Ernst Prelinger. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1963. Pp. 256. $4.00.)  278
Frances Hannett
Working Through in the Therapy of Schizophrenia  279
Milton Wexler
Transference, Incorporation and Synthesis  287
Peter L. Giovacchini
The Internalized Representation of the Object in the Presence and in the Absence of the Object  297
Kenneth Gaarder
Identification as a Defence Against Anxiety in Coping with Loss  303
George R. Krupp
On Beating Fantasies  315
David L. Rubinfine
On Having the Right to a Life: An Aspect of the Superego's Development  323
Arnold H. Modell
The Role of a Specific Father-Child Interaction Pattern in the Genesis and Psycho-Analytic Treatment of Obsessional Character Neurosis  332
Beulah Parker
Notes on a Case of Ulcerative Colitis  342
H. Sydney Klein
Unmarried Motherhood: A Paradigmatic Single Case Study  352
John E. Gedo
All Dis-Ease is not Disease: A Consideration of Psycho-Analysis, Psychotherapy, and Psycho-Social Engineering  358
F. Gordon Pleune
The Development of the Concept of Intrapsychic Conflict in Freud's Writings  367
John C. Nemiah
Coital Movements in the First Year of Life—Earliest Anlage of Genital Love?  372
William C. Lewis
Minutes of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society: Volume I, 1906–1908. Edited by H. Nunberg and E. Federn. Translated by M. Nunberg. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1962. Pp. 410. $10.00.)  375
W. Hoffer
Learning from Experience: By W. R. Bion. (London: Heinemann Medical Books, 1962. Pp. xii + 111. 15s.)  381
Harry Guntrip
Elements of Psycho-Analysis: By W. R. Bion. (London: Heinemann, 1963. Pp. 110. 15s.)  385
R. E. Money-Kyrle
The Influence of Freud on American Psychology: By David Shakow and David Rapaport. Psychological Issues Monogr. 13. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1964. Pp. 243. $3.50.)  388
E. H. Rayner
An Introduction to Psychotherapy: By Sidney Tarachow. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1963; London: Hogarth, 1964. Pp. 376. $7.50. 35s.)  389
Robert Stoller
Sanity, Madness and the Family: Vol. 1. Families of Schizophrenics. By R. D. Laing and A. Esterson. (London: Tavistock, 1964. Pp. 272. 30s.)  390
Peter Lomas
Crime and Personality: By H. J. Eysenck. (London: Routledge, 1965. Pp. 204. 25s.)  392
A. Hyatt Williams
Passivity: A Study of its Development and Expression in Boys: By Sylvia Brody. (New York: Int. Univ. Press; London: Bailey Bros., 1964. Pp. 184. $4.00. 36s.)  394
Peter Lomas
Reason and Violence: By R. D. Laing and D. G. Cooper. (London: Tavistock, 1964. Pp. 184. 25s.)  394
Nina E.C. Coltart
Passion and Social Constraint: By Ernest van den Haag. (New York: Stein and Day, 1963; Delta, 1965. Pp. 368. $6.95; Paper, $1.95.)  395
Hendrik M. Ruitenbeek
Child Psychotherapy: Edited by Mary R. Haworth. (New York and London: Basic Books, 1964. Pp. 459. $8.50. 50s.)  396
James Hood
A Reader for Parents: Selected and edited by the Child Study Association of America. With an introduction and comment by Anna W. M. Wolf. (New York: Norton, 1963. Pp. 463. $8.95.)  396
Marion Mackenzie
Le Bégaiement. Sa Nature Et Son Traitement: By Edouard Pichon and S. Borel-Maisonny. (Paris: Masson, 1964. 2nd edition, revised and enlarged.)  397
Charlotte Balkányi
On the Theory of Social Change: By Everett E. Hagen. (London: Tavistock, 1964. Pp. 557. 63s.)  398
Geoffrey Gorer
Handbook of Counseling Techniques: Edited by Ernest Harms and Paul Schreiber. (Oxford: Pergamon, 1963. Pp. 506. 84s.)  399
S. T. Hayward
An Index of Rorschach Responses. Studies on the Psychological Characteristics of Medical Students Vol. 1: By C. B. Thomas, D. C. Ross, and E. S. Freed. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1964. Pp. xliii + 741. £6.)  399
H. Gill
Psychiatry on the College Campus: By H. G. Whittington. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1964. Pp. vii + 328. $7.50.)  399
E. Stengel
News, Notes, and Comments  400
Clinical Essay Prize  401
Joseph Sandler
Clinical Essay Prize, 1964  401
Nightmares, Conflict, and Ego Development in Childhood  403
John E. Mack
Dreams in which the Analyst Appears Undisguised—a Clinical and Statistical Study  429
Milton Rosenbaum
Passivity and Failure of Identity Development  438
Peter Lomas
Verbalization and Identity  455
Anne Hayman
Three Psycho-Analytic Views of Identity  467
Norman Tabachnick
The Narcissistic Self in a Masochistic Character  474
August M. Kasper
On the Return of Symptoms in the Terminal Phase of Psycho-Analysis  487
Ira Miller
Death and the Mid-Life Crisis  502
Elliott Jaques
The Significance of Determinism and Free will  515
Lawrence Friedman
The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud: Translated from the German under the general editorship of James Strachey, in collaboration with Anna Freud, assisted by Alix Strachey and Alan Tyson. Vol. XXI (1927–1931) The Future of an Illusion, Civilization and its Discontents, and Other Works. Vol. XXIII (1937–1939) Moses and Monotheism, An Outline of Psycho-Analysis, and Other Works. (London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. Vol. XXI, 1961, pp. vi + 287. Vol. XXIII, 1964, pp. vii and 326. £50 the set of 24 vols.; sold only in sets.)  521
Marjorie Brierley
The Self and the Object World: By Edith Jacobson. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1964; London: Hogarth, 1965. Pp. 250. $5.00. 35s.)  525
Michael Fordham
The Self and the Object World: By Edith Jacobson. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1964; London, Hogarth, 1965. Pp. 250. $5.00. 35s.)  529
Harold F. Searles
Dream Interpretation: A New Approach: By Thomas M. French and Erika Fromm. (New York and London: Basic Books, 1964. Pp. 224. $5.50, 30s.)  532
W. G. Joffe
The Invitation in Art: By Adrian Stokes. With a Preface by Richard Wollheim. (London: Tavistock, 1965. Pp. 98. 18s.)  533
Donald Meltzer
Jahrbuch Der Psychoanalyse: Beiträge zur Theorie und Praxis. Vol. 3. Edited by G. Scheunert, K. Dräger, A. Mitscherlich, H.-E. Richter, and E. Seeger-Meistermann. (Bern: Hans Huber, 1964. Pp. 263. Fr./DM 28.)  534
L. Veszy-Wagner
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