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List of Articles

Volume 47 (1966)

Considerations on the Development of Symbiosis, Symbiotic Psychosis, and the Nature of Separation Anxiety  1
I. Hyman Weiland
Some Technical Implications of Ego Psychology  6
Gertrude Blanck
Mourning: A Critical Survey of the Literature  14
Lorraine D. Siggins
Projective Identification in the Therapeutic Process  26
Arthur Malin and James S. Grotstein
The Analysis of Episodes of Depersonalization in a Borderline Patient  32
Robin C.A. Hunter
The Concept of Mind  42
H. J. Home
On Consciousness, Negative Hallucinations, and the Hypnotic State  50
Harold Stewart
Psycho-Analysis and Medical Practice  54
Michael Balint
Ethics and Psycho-Analysis and the Psycho-Analysis of Ethics  63
Heinrich Racker
International Association for Suicide Prevention  81
The Maurice Bouvet Prize  81
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 47, pp. 82-111  82
24th International Psycho-Analytical Congress, Amsterdam, 25–30 July 1965  115
John D. Sutherland, M. Masud R. Khan and Robert P. Knight
Obsessional Neurosis: A Summary of Psycho-Analytic Views as Presented at the Congress  116
Anna Freud
1965: Additional Notes Upon a Case of Obsessional Neurosis: Freud 1909  123
Elizabeth R. Zetzel
Correlation of a Childhood and Adult Neurosis: Based on the Adult Analysis of a Reported Childhood Case  130
Samuel Ritvo
Comment on Dr Ritvo's Paper  132
P. J. Van Der Leeuw
The Interrelationship of Phobia and Obsessional Neurosis  136
S. Nacht
Comment on Dr Zetzel's Paper  139
Paul G. Myerson
Comment on Obsessional Neurosis and 'Frankie'  143
D. W. Winnicott
Comment on Dr Ritvo's Paper  145
León Grinberg
Comment on Dr Ritvo's Paper  149
Ralph R. Greenson
Rhythm and Organization in Obsessive-Compulsive Development  151
Judith S. Kestenberg
Some Reflections on the Rat Man  160
Béla Grunberger
Factors and Features of Early Compulsive Formation  169
Ishak Ramzy
The Relationship Between Obsessive Mechanisms and a State of Self Disturbance: Depersonalization  177
León Grinberg
Persecutory Anxiety in a Four–year–old Boy  184
Betty Joseph
Obsessive Compulsive Façade in Schizophrenia  189
Gustav Bychowski
Comment on Dr Bychowski's Paper  198
Milton Wexler
Psychodynamic Aspects of Defence with Comments on Technique in the Treatment of Obsessional Neuroses  203
F. Morgenthaler
Comment on Dr Morgenthaler's Paper  210
Victor H. Rosen
Criteria for Interpretation in Patients with Obsessive Traits  212
David Liberman
Anxiety, Socialization, and Ego Formation in Infancy  218
Sylvia Brody and Sidney Axelrad
Comment on the Paper by Drs Axelrad and Brody  230
Martin James
Structural Derivatives of Object Relationships  236
Otto Kernberg
Comment on Dr Kernberg's Paper  254
Paula Heimann
Differences in Individual Development Within a Pair of Identical Twins  261
Sanford Gifford, Benjamin J. Murawski, T. Berry Brazelton and Grace C. Young
Comment on Dr Gifford's Paper  269
René A. Spitz
A Re-Evaluation of Acting out in Relation to Working Through  274
A. Limentani
Comment on Dr Limentani's Paper  282
Ralph R. Greenson
The Role of the Superego in Certain Forms of Acting Out  286
James Naiman
Comment on Dr Naiman's Paper  293
M. Masud R. Khan
Life Decisions During Analysis  295
H. A. Van Der Sterren
On the Psycho-Analytic Concept of Identity  299
D. J. De Levita
Role of Phobic and Counterphobic Mechanisms and Separation Anxiety in Schizoid Character Formation  306
M. Masud R. Khan
Comment on Mr Khan's Paper  314
David L. Rubinfine
Pregnancy Envy in the Male  319
Kato Van Leeuwen
Fathers and Daughters—The Significance of 'Fathering' in the Psychosexual Development of the Girl  325
Marjorie R. Leonard
The Relation of Anal Masturbation to Projective Identification  335
Donald Meltzer
Transference and A-Transference Phenomena  343
Emilio Rodrigue
The Internalization of External Conflict  349
A. C. Woodmansey
The Intrapsychic and Communicative Aspects of the Dream—Their Role in Psycho-Analysis and Psychotherapy  356
Martin S. Bergmann
The Adaptive Use of Regression  364
E. C.M. Frijling-Schreuder
Psychodynamic Factors in Acute Myocardial Infarction  370
H. Kits Van Heijningen and N. Treurniet
On Weeping  375
L. Börje Löfgren
Summary of Discussion Remarks on Dr Löfgren's Paper  381
Phyllis Greenacre
The Mother's Contribution to Infantile Transvestic Behaviour  384
Robert J. Stoller
A Transvestite Boy and a Hypothesis  396
Ralph R. Greenson
The First Born Child, Male Vicissitudes of Preoedipal Problems  404
Hilda S. Rollman-Branch
Psycho-Analysis and Nosology  416
J. H. Thiel
Transference Outside the Psycho-Analytic Situation  422
L. Haas
Development of Psycho-Analysis in India  427
T. C. Sinha
Memorial Tribute: Maxwell Gitelson  440
Phyllis Greenacre
Clinical Essay Prize  446
Joseph Sandler
Robert P. Knight—1902–1966  447
Thomas F. Main
On Ego Psychology: A Critique of the Structural Approach to Psycho-Analytic Theory  451
Bernard Apfelbaum
Transference in Borderline States  476
Margaret Little
The Counterphobic State and its Objects  486
Philip Weissman
The Sense of Reality and Values of the Analyst as a Necessary Factor in Psycho-Analysis  492
Samuel Novey
Body Ego and Reality  502
Gilbert J. Rose
Psycho-Somatic Illness in its Positive and Negative Aspects  510
D. W. Winnicott
Secrecy and Identity  517
Gerald J. Margolis
On Being Taken out of Oneself  523
Adrian Stokes
The Antecedents of the Negative Oedipus Complex  531
L. Hornstra
An Attempt to Differentiate a Typical Form of Transference in Neurotic Depression—A Description of Three Stages  539
John Klauber
Toward a Classification of External Factors Capable of Inducing Psychological Stress  546
Sidney Levin
Embarrassment Dreams of Nakedness  552
Leon J. Saul
'Development of Symbiosis, Symbiotic Psychosis, and the Nature of Separation Anxiety'—Remarks on Weiland's Paper  559
Margaret S. Mahler and Manuel Furer
Letter to the Editor  560
George L. Engel and Franz Reichsman
Insight and Responsibility: Lectures on the Ethical Implications of Psychoanalytic Insight: By Erik H. Erikson. (New York: Norton, 1964; London: Faber, 1966. Pp. 256. $5.00. 30s.)  562
Nathaniel Ross
Psychotic States: A Psycho-Analytical Approach: By Herbert A. Rosenfeld. (London: Hogarth; New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1965. Pp. 263. 42s. $5.50.)  569
Bernard S. Brandchaft
Medical Orthodoxy and the Future of Psycho-Analysis: By K. R. Eissler. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1965.)  575
W. R. Bion
Sexual Behavior and the Law: Edited by Ralph Slovenko. (Springfield: Thomas, 1964. Pp. 886. $19.50.)  579
W. R. Bion
Pychoanalytic Concepts and the Structural Theory: By Jacob A. Arlow and Charles Brenner. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, Pp. 201. $4.00.)  581
Rodolf Ekstein
Culpa Y Depresion (Guilt and Depression): By Leon Grinberg (Buenos Aires: Paidos, 1964. Pp. 247).  583
Emilio Rodrigue
Psychosomatic Research: A Collection of Papers  585
J. O. Wisdom
Psychiatry and Medical Practice in a General Hospital: Edited by Norman E. Zinberg. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1965. Pp. 364 + xii. 68s.)  588
E. Stengel
Mind and Destiny: A Social Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory: By Robert Seidenberg and Hortence S. Cochrane (Syracuse Univ. Press, 1964. Pp. 254. $6.00.)  589
C. Gordon Macrae
Part 4 Pre-Congress Scientific Programme 1967  594
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