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List of Articles

Volume 49 (1968)

Fantasy and the Origins of Sexuality  1
Jean Laplanche and J. B. Pontalis
Erratum  18
The Psychoanalytic Process  19
Leo Rangell
A Provisional Theory of Aetiology in Male Homosexuality—A Case of Preoedipal Origin  27
Charles W. Socarides
Economic Aspects of Object Relations  38
Donald B. Rinsley
The Mechanisms of Defence  49
Roy Schafer
Dreaming as Process  63
W. W. Meissner
On the Dual Use of Historical and Scientific Method in Psychoanalysis  80
John Klauber
Dysautomatization: A Disorder of Preconscious Ego Functioning  89
I. Peter Glauber
Letter to the Editor  99
Michael Balint
The Id and the Regulatory Principles of Mental Functioning: By Max Schur. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1966; London: Hogarth, 1967. Pp. 220. $5.00. 42s.)  100
Victor H. Rosen
Hysteria: The History of a Disease: By Ilza Veith. (Chicago and London: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1965. Pp. 301. $7.95.)  101
Henry Lowenfeld
Intensive Family Therapy: Edited by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and James L. Framo (New York: Harper and Row, 1965. Pp. 507).  103
Abraham Freedman
Marital Tensions: Clinical Studies Towards a Psychological Theory of Interaction: By Henry V. Dicks., (London: Routledge, 1967. Pp. 354. 42s.; New York: Basic Books. $10.00).  107
Geoffrey Gorer
Progress and Revolution. A Study of the Issues of our Age: By Robert Waelder. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1967. Pp. 372. $7.00).  109
L. Veszy-Wogner
Invention and the Evolution of Ideas: By Donald A. Schon. (Paperback edition of Displacement of Concepts.) (London: Tavistock, 1967. Pp. 208. 21s.)  112
Anne Hayman
Hoofdstukken Uit Hedendaagse Psychoanalyse (Chapters from Contemporary Psychoanalysis): Edited by P. J. van der Leeuw, E. C. M. Frijling-Schreuder and P. C. Kuiper (Arnhem: van Loghum Slaterus, 1967. Pp. 311).  113
J. Sandler
Minutes of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society: Volume II: 1908–1910, Edited by Herman Nunberg and Ernst Federn, translated by M. Nunberg, (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1967. Pp. 582).  113
Martin Grotjahn
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 49, pp. 116-749  116
25th International Psycho-Analytical Congress—Copenhagen, 23rd — 28th July 1967  159
John D. Sutherland and M. Masud R. Khan
The Psycho-Analytic Society  160
P. J. Van Der Leeuw
Acting Out  165
Anna Freud
On Acting out and its Role in the Psychoanalytic Process  171
León Grinberg
Contribution to Symposium on Acting Out  179
Hedwig Schwarz
Contribution to Symposium on Acting Out  182
Burness E. Moore
Acting out and the Psychoanalytical Process  185
Julien Rouart
Contribution to Symposium on Acting Out  188
Margarete Mitscherlich-Nielsen
Contribution to Symposium on Acting Out  193
Héctor Garbarino
A Point of View on Acting Out  195
Leo Rangell
Contribution to the Symposium on Acting Out  202
S. Lebovici
Contribution to Symposium on Acting Out  206
Thorkil Vanggaard
The Psychoanalytic Process, Transference, and Acting Out  211
Phyllis Greenacre
Homosexual Acting Out  219
Laura Achard De Demaría
Acting out and Psychosomatic Illness as Related Regressive Trends  221
Norman B. Atkins
Reports of Discussions of Acting out  224
Psychoanalytic Method in Psychosomatic Research  231
Morton F. Reiser
The Mechanism of Bi-Phasic Defence in Psychosomatic Diseases  236
Alexander Mitscherlich
The Psychosomatic Shift Through Obesity, Migraine, Peptic Ulcer, and Myocardial Infarction in a Homosexual  241
Ángel Garma
A Major Process of Somatization: The Progressive Disorganization  246
Pierre Marty
Acting-Out Behaviour and Psychosomatic Symptoms: Clinical and Theoretical Aspects  250
Melitta Sperling
Indications and Contraindications for Psychoanalytic Treatment—Introduction to the Symposium  254
Samuel A. Guttman
The So Called Good Hysteric  256
Elizabeth R. Zetzel
Indications and Contraindications for Psychoanalytic Treatment  261
P. C. Kuiper
Indications and Contraindications for Psychoanalytic Treatment  265
Arthur F. Valenstein
Indications and Contraindications for Psychoanalytical Treatment  266
R. Diatkine
The Problem of Analyzability and the Autonomous Ego  271
Alfredo Namnum
Excerpts from the Analysis of a Child with a Congenital Defect  276
Robert A. Furman
Note of Contribution  279
D. W. Winnicott
Child Analysis and Paediatrics: Collaborative Interests  280
Albert J. Solnit
Notes on Early Psychotic States  286
J. L. Lang
Severe Bodily Illness in Childhood  290
Emilio Rodrigue
Child Analysis and Paediatrics—The Influence of Severe Bodily Illness in Early Childhood on Mental Development  294
B. Bartoleschi and A. Novelletto
Contribution to Symposium on Psychic Traumatization Through Social Catastrophe  298
H. Z. Winnik
The Confrontation with Death  302
E. De Wind
Late Psychic Sequelae of Man-Made Disasters  306
E. Simenauer
Dissociative Phenomena in Former Concentration Camp Inmates  310
Ruth Jaffe
Clinical Observations on the "Survivor Syndrome"  313
William G. Niederland
Some Observations on the Latency of Symptoms in Patients Suffering from Persecution Sequelae  316
Alfred Lorenzer
A Psychogenetic Factor in the Recurrence of War  319
Martin Wangh
Re-Somatization of Affects in Survivors of Persecution  324
Klaus D. Hoppe
Development Arrest as a Result of Nazi Persecution During Adolescence  327
Hans F. Fink
Psychosomatic Asthma and Acting Out—A Case of Bronchial Asthma that Developed De Novo in the Terminal Phase of Analysis  330
C. Philip Wilson
Comment on Dr Wilson's Paper  333
M. De M'Uzan
Psychodynamics in Itching States  336
Herman Musaph
Comment on Dr Musaph's Paper  339
Clemens De Boor
Acting out in the Analysis of Children and Adults  341
Judith S. Kestenberg
Comment on Dr Kestenberg's Paper  344
Moses Laufer
Impulse—acting Out—purpose: Psychotic Adolescents and their Quest for Goals  347
Rudolf Ekstein
Comment on Dr Ekstein's Paper  351
Anna Maenchen
Short Term Effects as Indicators of the Role of Interpretations in Psychoanalysis  353
James Naiman
Comment on Dr Naiman's Paper  356
Rudolph M. Loewenstein
Indications and Contraindications: Lessons from the Second Analysis  358
Herbert F. Waldhorn
Comment on Dr Waldhorn's Paper  362
David Liberman
A Further Contribution to the Study of Gender Identity  364
Robert J. Stoller
Comment on Dr Stoller's Paper  368
Marcel Heiman
Dis-Identifying from Mother: Its Special Importance for the Boy  370
Ralph R. Greenson
Lap and Finger Play in Infancy, Implications for Ego Development  375
Justin D. Call
The Fatal Gifts of Medea  379
Shelley Orgel and Leonard L. Shengold
Comment on the Paper by Drs Orgel and Shengold  383
P. C. Kuiper
The Fall by Albert Camus: A Psychoanalytic Study  386
Jose Barchilon
On the Genesis of Acting out and Psychopathic Behaviour in Sophocles' Oedipus—Notes on Filicide  390
Matilde Rascovsky
Was King Oedipus Acting Out?  394
H. A. Van Der Sterren
Terror, Persecution, Dread—a Dissection of Paranoid Anxieties  396
Donald Meltzer
Comment on Dr Meltzer's Paper  400
Franco Fornari
The Secondary Defensive Struggle Against the Symptom in Sexual Disturbances  402
Ladislav Haas
Comment on Dr Haas's Paper  406
Lajos Székely
Castration Anxiety and the Body Ego  408
L. Börje Löfgren
Comment on Dr Löfgren's Paper  410
Margaret S. Mahler
Observations on the Concept of Ego  413
T. C. Sinha
Comment on Dr Sinha's Paper  417
Samuel Z. Orgel
The Psychology of the Fool  420
James Alexander and Kenneth S. Isaacs
Comment on Paper by Drs Alexander and Isaacs  424
Lois Munro
Archaic Features of Ego Functioning  426
Charles Brenner
Comment on Dr Brenner's Paper  429
Didier Anzieu
Ego Alteration and Acting Out  431
Mark Kanzer
Comment on Dr Kanzer's Paper  435
Samuel Ritvo
Acting out Veiwed in the Context of the Psychotherapeutic Hospital  438
Edwin C. Wood
Comment on Dr Wood's Paper  442
Ebbe J. Linnemann
Comments on the Psychoanalytic Psychology of Adaptation, with Special Reference to the Role of Affects and the Representational World  445
W. G. Joffe and Joseph Sandler
Comment on Paper by Drs Joffe and Sandler  454
Tobias Brocher
Fear of Death and Trauma—Remarks about an Addendum to Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique  457
Max M. Stern
Comment on Dr Stern's Paper  461
Robert A. Furman
Psychological Concomitants of Ego Functioning in Creativity  464
Philip Weissman
Comment on Dr Weissman's Paper  469
Peter L. Giovacchini
On Affect Control  471
Andrew Peto
Comment on Dr Peto's Paper  474
Robert S. Wallerstein
Occupations and Toys for Blind Children  477
Dorothy Burlingham
The Ecumenical Movement and the Treatment of Nuns  481
Arnold L. Gilberg
The Experience of the Skin in Early Object-Relations  484
Esther Bick
Contribution to the Study of Individual Change During the Analytic Process  487
Daniel Widlocher
Once Doesn't Count  489
Leonard Shengold
The Resolution of Oral Conflicts in a Spider Phobia  492
Ralph B. Little
On Being Acted On  495
Otakar Kucera
Some General Reflections on the Metapsychological Profile  498
W. Ernest Freud
Childhood Physical Illness and Invalid Adult Personality  502
Harold P. Blum
Panel Discussion  506
Jacob A. Arlow, Anna Freud, Jeanne Lampl-De Groot and David Beres
On Candidate Selection and its Relation to Analysis  513
Brian Bird
The Evaluation of Applicants for Psychoanalytic Training—The Goals of Psychoanalytic Education and the Criteria for the Evaluation of Applicants  527
Paula Heimann
How Psychoanalytic Institutes Evaluate Applicants: Replies to a Questionnaire  540
Kenneth T. Calder
The Evaluation of Applicants for Psychoanalytic Training  548
Heinz Kohut
The Psycho-Analytic Vocation and the Implications of the Training Analyst's Countertransference on Selection of Candidates  555
I. Tolentino and G. C. Zapparoli
The Discovery of the Transference:—Towards an Epistemological Interpretation  560
L. Chertok
Discussion of Chertok's Paper  576
Herman M. Serota
On Drug Dependence: Clinical Appraisals of the Predicaments of Habituation and Addiction to Drugs  578
A. Limentani
Playing: Its Theoretical Status in the Clinical Situation  591
D. W. Winnicott
The Treatment of Patients with Borderline Personality Organization  600
Otto Kernberg
Structuring Aspects of the Penis  620
Frederick Kurth and Andrew Patterson
Vicissitudes of the Transference in a Male Homosexual  629
Peter G. Thomson
Additional Aspects of Passivity and Feminine Identification in the Male  640
Anita I. Bell
Autonomy and Identification: The Paradox of their Opposition  648
Arno Gruen
Psychoanalytic Theory: Paths of Change  656
Gardner Lindzey
The Mechanism of Projection: Its Dual Role in Object Relations  662
Daniel S. Jaffe
Psychoanalytic Method and the Concept of Repression  678
Denis O'Brien
Trichotillomania, Trichophagy, and Cyclic Vomiting—A Contribution to the Psychopathology of Female Sexuality  682
Melitta Sperling
Cognitive Development  691
R. E. Money-Kyrle
Notes on Dreaming: Dreaming as Cognitive Process  699
W. W. Meissner
Levels of Experience of Thinking  709
Harold Stewart
Language, Verbalization and Superego; Some Thoughts on the Development of the Sense of Rules  712
Charlotte Balkányi
Beyond Traumatic Neurosis—A Psychoanalytic Study of Late Reactions to the Concentration Camp Trauma  719
Ernest A. Rappaport
On Gloating  732
Roy M. Whitman and James Alexander
Freud: Political and Social Thought: By Paul Roazen. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1968. Pp. 322. $6.95.)  739
Gustav Bychowski
On Suicide: Discussions of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society—1910. With particular reference to suicide among young students. With contributions by Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, Joseph K. Friedjung, Karl Molitor, David Ernst Oppenheim, Rudolf Reitler, J. Sadger, Wilhelm Stekel. Edited by Paul Friedman. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1967. P. 141. $3.00.)  741
E. Stengel
Psychodynamic Studies of Aging, Creativity, Reminiscing and Dying: Edited by Sidney Levin and Ralph Kahana. (New York: Int. Univ. Press, 1967. Pp. 345. $7.00.)  742
W. M. McIntyre
La Psychanalyse D'Aujourd'hui [psycho-Analysis Today]: Ed. by S. Nacht. By J. Ajuriaguerra, J. Garcia Badaracco, M. Bouvet, R. Diatka, J.-A. Favreau, R. Held, S. Lebovici, P. Luquet, J. Luquet-Parat, S. Nacht, P. C. Racamier. (Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, second, abridged edition, 1967. Pp. 568. Fr. 36.)  743
L. Veszy-Wagner
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