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List of Articles

Volume 51 (1970)

The Concept of Mental Representation in Psychoanalysis  1
David Beres and Edward D. Joseph
Reflections on the Dissent of Contemporary Youth  11
Erik H. Erikson
Clinical and Technical Notes Concerning Psychoanalysis with Regard to Phobias Affecting Men  23
S. Lebovici
On Psychoanalysis and Sociology  33
Alexander Mitscherlich, Alfred Lorenzer, Klaus Horn, Helmut Dahmer, Enno Schwanenberg, Karola Brede and Heide Berndt
Four Years' Presidency: A Personal View  49
P. J. Van Der Leeuw
Editorial Note  54
Perspective, Rome: The 'Viewpoint' of the Psychoanalyst—Remarks of the Incoming President  55
Leo Rangell
Colour Blindness: Notes on its Developmental and Clinical Significance  59
Noel Bradley
Elisabeth Geleerd Loewenstein  71
Helen H. Tartakoff
Psyche, 23, No. 4, 1969: JOHN KLAUBER (130 Harley Street, London). ber die Bedeutung des Berichtens von Träumen in der Psychoanalyse (On the significance of reporting dreams in psychoanalysis)  75
Psyche, 23, No. 4, 1969: N. TREURNIET (de Lairessestr. 128, Amsterdam, Netherlands). Ein abweichender Verlauf des analytischen Prozesses in der Eröffnungsphase (A deviant form of the beginning analytic process)  75
Psyche, 23, No. 5, 1969: HEINZ KOHUT (180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60601, U.S.A.). Die psychoanalytische Behandlung narzisstischer Persönlichkeitsstörungen (Psychoanalytic treatment of narcissistic personality disturbances)  75
Psyche, 23, No. 7, 1969: WOLFGANG LOCH (Nervenklinik der Universität Tübingen, Osianderstr., Germany). ber die Zusammenhänge zwischen Partnerschaft, Struktur und Mythos (On the connections between partnership, structure and mythology)  76
Psyche, 23, No. 7, 1969: EUGEN MAHLER (Sigmund Freud Institute, Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20, Germany). Beobachtbare kollektive Ichreaktionen (Observable collective ego reactions)  76
Psyche, 23, No. 7, 1969: IWAN GYÖRI (105a Panorama Street, Haifa-Mt. Carmel, Israel). Psychische Störungen bei berlebenden der Verfolgung (Psychological disturbances in persecution survivors observed in a mental hospital in Israel)  76
Psyche, 23, No. 8, 1969: ADOLF-ERNST MEYER (Universitäts-Krankenhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg 20, Martinistr. 52, Germany). Probleme der Es-Ich-berich-Gliederung (Problems of differentiating between id, ego and superego)  76
Psyche, 23, No. 9, 1969: LAMBERT BOLTERAUER (A 1080 Wien, Josefsgasse 7/11, Austria). Lust und Unlust als Motivationsfaktoren im Entscheidungsgeschehen (Pleasure and unpleasure as motivating factors in decision processes)  77
Psyche, 23, No. 9, 1969: THEODORE DOSUZKOV (10 ul. Petra Rezka, Prague 4, Nusle, Czechoslovakia). Zur Frage der Dysmorphophobie (The question of dysmorphophobia)  77
Identity: Youth and Crisis: By Erik H. Erikson. London: Faber & Faber. 1968. Pp. 336.  79
Martin James
Society without the Father: A Contribution to Social Psychology: By Alexander Mitscherlich. London: Tavistock Publications. 1969. Pp. xi + 329.  83
Peter Lomas
Object Love and Reality: By Arnold H. Modell. London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis; New York: Int. Univ. Press. 1969. Pp. x + 176.  84
J. H. Padel
Transference and Countertransference: By Heinrich Racker. London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. 1968. Pp. 203.  87
Donald Meltzer
Psychic Trauma: Edited by Sidney S. Furst. New York and London: Basic Books. 1967. Pp. 245.  88
John Klauber
Past Ego States Emerging in Hypnoanalysis: By Edith Klemperer. Springfield, Ill.: Thomas. 1968.  89
Harold Stewart
The Dream in Psychoanalysis: By Leon L. Altman. New York: Int. Univ. Press. 1969. Pp. 227.  90
W. G. Joffe
Conflict and Reconciliation: A Study in Human Relations and Schizophrenia: By Helm Stierlin. New York: Science House. 1969. Pp. 267.  91
Ping-Nie Pao
Treatment of Schizophrenia: By A. R. May. New York: Science House. 1969. Pp. xix + 352.  92
Thomas Freeman
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 51, pp. 95-567  95
Discussion of 'The Non-Transference Relationship in the Psychoanalytic Situation'  143
Erich Gumbel and Paula Heimann
Discussion of 'Narcissistic Object Choice, Self-Representation'  151
Royden Astley and Edith Jacobson
Discussion of 'The Psychopathology of the Psychoses: A Proposed Revision'  159
León Grinberg and W. H. Gillespie
Discussion of 'Computer Simulation of a Model of Neurotic Defence Processes'  167
R. Pierloot and J. Bastiaans
Discussion of 'The Self: A Contribution to its Place in Theory and Technique'  175
J. Laplanche and Heinz Kohut
Discussion of 'Towards a Basic Psychoanalytic Model'  183
E. Kestemberg and Elizabeth R. Zetzel
Discussion of 'The Intrapsychic Process and its Analysis: A Recent Line of Thought and its Current Implications'  195
P. Marty and E. Servadio
Panel on 'Protest and Revolution'  211
Alexander Mitscherlich and John J. Francis
Panel on 'Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy'  219
Robert S. Wallerstein and Morris H. Adler
Panel on 'Child Analysis'  233
Samuel Ritvo and Peter B. Neubauer
Panel on 'Language and Psychoanalysis'  237
Victor H. Rosen and Henry Edelheit
Panel on 'The Use of the Economic Viewpoint in Clinical Psychoanalysis'  245
Kenneth T. Calder
Panel on 'Disturbances of Male and Female Identity as Met with in Psychoanalytic Practice'  251
Fritz Morgenthaler and Gustav Bychowski
Recent Developments in Psychoanalysis: A Critical Summary of the Main Theme of the 26th International Psycho-Analytical Congress in Rome  255
Robert C. Bak
A Study of the Concept of Psychic Energy  265
Allan D. Rosenblatt and James T. Thickstun
The Psychoanalytic Vision of Reality  279
Roy Schafer
On the Concept of Reality Testing  299
Marvin Hurvich
Some Psychoanalytic Considerations on Moods  313
E. M. Weinshel
The Functions of 'Inner Objects'  321
Helm Stierlin
Catcher Gone Awry  331
Robert Seidenberg
A Psychoanalytic Study of the Desire for Sexual Transformation ('Transsexualism'): the Plaster-Of-Paris Man  341
Charles W. Socarides
Fetishism: A Case Report  351
Henry Lihn
Learning from Psychoanalytic Supervision  359
Albert J. Solnit
On Individual Supervision  363
E. C.M. Frijling-Schreuder
The Problems of Supervision in Psychoanalytic Education  371
León Grinberg
Technical Remarks on the Supervision of Psychoanalytic Treatment  385
S. Lebovici
The Theory of Supervision in Psychoanalytic Education  393
Emanuel Windholz
The Theory of Supervision in Psychoanalytic Education  393
Emanuel Windholz
Heinz Hartmann—1894–1970  417
Rudolph M. Loewenstein
Herman Nunberg—1884–1970  421
Bertram D. Lewin
An Overview of Heinz Hartmann's Contributions to Psychoanalysis  425
Roy Schafer
The Transitional Object and the Fetish with Special Reference to the Role of Illusion  447
Phyllis Greenacre
On the Analyst's Silence in Psychoanalysis: A Synthesis of Intrapsychic Content and Interpersonal Manifestations  457
Reed Brockbank
A Superego Distortion: The Defensive Use of Expressions of Moral Concern  465
Murray D. Lewis
A Function of Action in the Early Development of Identity  471
Irene Fast
What he is or what he Does  479
Rafael R. Springmann
Comments on the Screening Function of a 'Technical Affect', with Reference to Depression and Jealousy  489
Donald M. Kaplan
Psychoanalytic Reflections on the Psychiatry of the Poor  503
Gustav Bychowski
Freud in Paris: A Crucial Stage  511
Leon Chertok
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: M. L. MOELLER (Psychosomatic Clinic, Students' Service, University of Giessen, Ludwigstr. 76, 63 Giessen, Germany). Psychotherapeutische Behandlung von Studenten im Urteil der Therapeuten (Psychotherapy of students in the therapist's view: phase-specific conflicts during the student years)  521
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: H. U. ZIOLKO (Psychoterapeutic Counselling Service for Students, Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurology, Free University of Berlin, Nussbaumallee 30–38, 1 Berlin 19, Germany). Zur Problematik der Studenten mit verlängertem Studium (Problems of students with prolonged study time)  521
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: HERMANN ROSKAMP (Meistersinger-Str. 17, 7 Stuttgart-Degerloch, Germany). ber Identitätskonflikte bei im zweiten Weltkrieg geborenen Studenten (Identity conflicts in students born at the end of the second world war)  521
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: MANFRED POHLEN (Research Centre for Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Munich). Die Abhängigkeitsthematik in der Revolte der Studenten (Dependency conflicts in student rebellion)  521
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: EUGEN MAHLER (Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre for Students of the Studentenwerk, 6 Frankfurt-Main, Germany). Psychische Konflikte und Hochschulstruktur (Psychic conflicts and university organization)  521
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: P. C. KUIPER (Psychiatric Hospital, University of Amsterdam, Eerste Helmersstr. 104, The Netherlands). Soziale Implikationen des Ödipuskomplexes (Social implications of the oedipus complex)  522
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: D. BECKMANN, H. E. RICHTER & J. W. SCHEER (Psychosomatic Clinic, University of Giessen, Ludwigstr. 76, 63 Giessen, Germany). Kontrolle von Psychotherapieresultaten (Control of psychotherapeutic results)  522
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: A. E. MEYER, H. OTTE, H.-J. SEEBERGER, H. SPEIDEL & R. ZENKER (Psychosomatic Clinic, II. Medizin. Universitätsklinik, Hamburg-Eppendorf). Die Inter-Beobachter-bereinstimmung für die psychoanalytische Einordnung von Charakter- und Verhaltensbeschreibungen (Inter-observer accordances on psychoanalytic descriptions of character and behaviour)  522
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: S. O. HOFFMANN (1 Berlin 31, Kaiserdamm 31). It es nützlich, die Psychoanalyse als 'historische' Wissenschaft zu betrachten? (Is it useful to consider psychoanalysis a 'historical' science?)  522
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: M. PERREZ (A-5061 Salzburg, Jung Ilsenheimstr. 9, Austria). Bedarf die psychoanalytische Theorie eigener Kriterien der Wissenschaftlichkeit? (Does psychoanalytic theory require specific methodological criteria?)  522
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: L. ROSENKÖTTER (Abt. f. Psychotherapie, University of Ulm, 79 Ulm, Schülinstr. 6). Zu den Diskussionsbeiträgen von S. O. Hoffmann und M. Perrez (Concluding remarks to the discussion by S. O. Hoffmann and M. Perrez)  523
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: W. W. KEMPER (1 Berlin 19, Länder-Allee 31). Synchrone Verzahnung von Interpretation und Agieren (Synchronous dovetailing of interpretation and acting out)  523
Psyche, 23, Nos. 10–12, 1969: E. ROELLENBLECK (8026 Ebenhausen, near Munich, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Weg 10). Peer Gynt als erotischer Typus sui generis (Peer Gynt: an erotic type sui generis  523
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: W. SCHUMACHER (Neuropsychiatric Clinic, University of Giessen, Am Steg 18, 63 Giessen, Germany). Bemerkungen zur Theorie des Narzissmus (Notes on the theory of narcissism)  523
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: RENATE STAEWEN-HAAS (63 Giessen, Marburger-Str. 18, Germany). Identifizierung und weibliche Kastrationsangst (Identification and female castration fears)  523
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: H. U. ZIOLKO (Psychiatric-Neurological Clinic of the University of Berlin, Nussbaum-Allee 30–38, 1 Berlin 19, West Berlin). Halluzinationen und Neurose (Hallucinations and neurosis)  523
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: WALTER J. REIS (Neville House, 552 N. Neville Street, Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.). Formen der freien Assoziation zu Träumen (Forms of free associations to dreams)  523
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: HELMUT HOLZHEY (Heggerstr. 1, Ch 8603 Schwerzenbach, Switzerland). Psychoanalyse und Gesellschaft: der Beitrag Herbert Marcuses (Psychoanalysis and society: the contribution of Herbert Marcuse)  524
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: ULRICH SONNEMANN (Am Jagdweg 1, 8 Munich 90, Germany). Hegel und Freud: die Kritik der 'Phänomenologie' am Begriff der psychologischen Notwendigkeit und ihre anthropologischen Konsequenzen (Hegel and Freud: critique of the Phenomenology of Mind concerning psychological necessity and its anthropological consequences)  524
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: WOLFGANG LOCH (Dept. of Psychoanalysis, Neurological Clinic of the University, 74 Tübingen, Neckargasse 7, Germany). Zur Entstehung aggressiv-destruktiver Reaktionsbereitschaft (On the genesis of the aggressive-destructive disposition)  524
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: KLAUS LICKINT (Boxbergring 30, 69 Heidelberg, Germany). Die psychische Steuerung physischer Abläufe, insbesondere bei der Konversion (Psychic control of physiological processes, especially of conversion)  524
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: WOLFGANG WESIACK (Ludwigstr. 10, Aalen, Germany). Die Bedeutung der Psychoanalyse für die praktische und allgemeine Medizin (The relevance of psychoanalysis for practical and general medicine)  525
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: HERMANN ARGELANDER (Sigmund Freud Institute, Myliusstr. 20, 6 Frankfurt, Germany). Die szenische Funktion des Ichs und ihr Anteil an der Symptom- und Charakterbildung (The scenic function of the ego and its contribution to symptom and character formation)  525
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: HAROLD LINCKE (Spiegelgasse 11, Ch 8001 Zurich, Switzerland). Das berich: eine gefährliche Krankheit? (The superego: a dangerous illness?)  525
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: R. LE COULTRE (Stadionskade 74, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Die Ichspaltung als zentrale Neuroseerscheinung (Ego-splitting as a central phenomenon of neurosis)  525
Psyche, 24, Nos. 1–6, 1970: PIET C. KUIPER (Wilhelmina Gasthuis, 1 Helversstr., Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Die Ferien des Analytikers (The analyst's vacations)  525
On Winnicott's 'The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment'  526
Daniel Widlöcher
The Hands of the Living God: By Marion Milner. London: Hogarth Press; New York: Int. Univ. Press. 1969. Pp. 444.  531
Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self: By Harry Guntrip. London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. 1968. Pp. 437.  540
Marjorie Brierley
Gandhi's Truth: On the Origins of Militant Non-Violence: By Erik Erikson. London: Faber & Faber; New York: Norton. 1969. Pp. 474.  546
G. M. Carstairs
Friendship and Fratricide: An Analysis of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss: By Meyer A. Zeligs. New York: Viking Press. 1967. Pp. 476.  549
Ralph Slovenko
The Crime of Punishment: By Karl Menninger. New York: Viking Press. 1968. Pp. 305.  553
Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Libido Theory. Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Theory of Dreams: Edited by Humberto Nagera. (Hampstead Clinic Psychoanalytic Library, volumes 1 and 2.) London: Allen & Unwin. 1969. Pp. 194 and 121.  553
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Minutes of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society  555
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The Broad Scope of Psychoanalysis: Selected Papers of Leopold Bellak  556
The Roots of Individuality: Normal Patterns of Development in Infancy: By Sibylle K. Escalona. London: Tavistock Publications. 1969. Pp. 547.  557
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Freud and the Critic: The Early Use of Depth Psychology in Literary Criticism: By Claudia C. Morrison. Chapel Hill: Univ. of North Carolina Press. 1968. Pp. 248.  558
Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis  558
Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics: From Plato to Wittgenstein: Edited by Frank A. Tillman and Steven M. Cahn. New York: Harper & Row. 1969. Pp. 791.  559
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Second Thoughts: Selected Papers on Psycho-Analysis: By W. R. Bion. London: Heinemann. 1967. Pp. 173.  563
Correspondence  565
Harold F. Searles
Correspondence  565
J. O. Wisdom
Correspondence  565
Harry J.S. Guntrip
Clinical Essay Prize—Revised Conditions  569
John Klauber
Maurice Bouvet Prize  570
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