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List of Articles

Volume 53 (1972)

Editorial  1
Joseph Sandler
Aggression, Oedipus, and Historical Perspective  3
Leo Rangell
Panel on 'Aggression'  13
André Lussier
Panel on 'Creativity'  21
Charles Kligerman
The Psychoanalytical Concept of Aggression: An Integrated Summary  31
Paula Heimann and Arthur F. Valenstein
A Report of the 4th Pre-Congress on Training, Vienna 1971, to the 27th International Psycho-Analytical Congress  37
Victor Calef
Summary of the Candidates' Pre-Congress Conference, Vienna, 1971  47
David M. Terman
Pre-Congress Conference of Candidates: Business Meeting  49
Julian M. Goodburn
A Critical Re-Examination of the Concept 'Motivation for Change' in Psychoanalytic Treatment  51
Ann Appelbaum
Fair Shares and Mutual Concern  61
Enid Balint
On Certain Neurotic Equivalents of Necrophilia  67
Victor Calef and Edward M. Weinshel
An Ego-Psychological Approach to the Problem of Oral Aggression  77
G. Clerk
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 53, pp. 83-140  83
Preliminary Remarks on the Present State of Psychoanalysis of Children  141
R. Diatkine
Child-Analysis as a Sub-Speciality of Psychoanalysis  151
Anna Freud
The Role of Child Analysis in the General Psychoanalytic Training  157
Hanna Segal
Comments on Aggression  163
Anna Freud
Persecution, Aggression and Therapy  173
E. De Wind
Attempted Suicide and Self-Mutilation in Adolescence: Some Observations from a Psychoanalytic Research Project  179
Maurice Friedman, Mervin Glasser, Eglé Laufer, Moses Laufer and Myer Wohl
The Vicissitudes of Aggression in Normal Development, in Childhood Neurosis and in Childhood Psychosis  185
E. C.M. Frijling-Schreuder
Aggression and the Pleasure Principle: Towards a Psychoanalytic Theory of Aggression  191
Eugenio Gaddini
On the Psychology of Genius  199
John E. Gedo
Aggression, Femininity, Paranoia and Reality  205
André Green
Beyond Transference and Interpretation  213
Ralph R. Greenson
Sublimation Revisited  219
Frederick J. Hacker
Dread of Surrender to Resourceless Dependence in the Analytic Situation  225
M. Masud R. Khan
Discussion on Aggression: Is it a Question of a Metapsychological Concept?  231
S. Lebovici and R. Diatkine
Beating Fantasies in Children  237
Jack Novick and Kerry Kelly Novick
About Art and Artistic Talent  243
Pinchas Noy
A Contribution of Ethno-Psychoanalytic Investigation to the Theory of Aggression  251
Paul Parin
Body Image and Depression  259
Andrew Peto
Aggressiveness, Feelings of Giddiness and Muscular Tension  265
José Rallo
The Prohibition of Incest, Filicide and the Sociocultural Process  271
Arnaldo Rascovsky and Matilde Rascovsky
Carl Claus as Freud's Professor of the New Darwinian Biology  277
Lucille B. Ritvo
On Aggression  285
T. C. Sinha
Biotrauma, Fear of Death and Aggression  291
Max M. Stern
Freud and the Viennese  301
Ernst A. Ticho and Gertrude R. Ticho
Comments on the Structural Theory of Personality  307
George H. Wiedeman
An Investigation on How Interpretations Arise in the Analyst  315
Joel Zac
Panel on 'The Role of Aggression in Child Analysis'  321
Ilse Hellman, Rebecca Grinberg, Martin James, Anna Maenchen, Albert J. Solnit and Evelyne Kestemberg
Clinical Essay Prize  325
John Klauber
28th International Psycho-Analytical Congress  326
The Maurice Bouvet Prize  326
Pierre Marty
Seymour L. Lustman (1920-1971)  327
Albert J. Solnit
Lothair Henry Rubinstein (1908-1971)  329
W. H. Gillespie
Moshe Woolf (1878-1971)  330
Ruth Jaffe
Hilda Abraham (1906-1971)  331
Nora Pines
On the First Three Subphases of the Separation-Individuation Process  333
Margaret S. Mahler
Some Aspects of the Interaction Between Mother and Impaired Child: Mother's Narcissistic Trauma  339
Ruth F. Lax
Smoking, Coughing, Laughing and Applause: A Comparative Study of Respiratory Symbolism  345
Martin Grotjahn
The Assessment of Analysability: A Major Hazard in Selection for Psychoanalysis  351
A. Limentani
On the Limits of the Effectiveness of Psychoanalysis: Early Ego and Somatic Disturbances  363
David A. Freedman
Primal Scene and Sexual Perversion  371
Joyce McDougall
On the Relationship of Transference and Interpretation in Psychoanalytic Therapy  385
John Klauber
A Delusional System as a Defence Against the Re-Emergence of a Catastrophic Situation  393
Hanna Segal
'The Voice of the Intellect is a Soft One'—A Review of The Writings of Anna Freud, Volume IV, 1945–1956  403
Ralph R. Greenson
The Wolf-Man by the Wolf-Man: Edited by Muriel Gardiner. New York: Basic Books; London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. 1971.  419
Mark Kanzer
Sprachzerstörung Und Rekonstruktion: Vorarbeiten Zu Einer Metatheorie Der Psychoanalyse: [Destruction and Reconstruction of Language.] By Alfred Lorenzer. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp. 1971.  422
Helm Stierlin
The Savage God: By A. Alvarez. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 1971.  425
Donald Meltzer
Lingüística, Interacción Communicativa Y Proceso Psicoanalítico: Vol. 1. [Linguistics, Communicative Interaction and Psychoanalytic Process.] By David Liberman. Buenos Aires: Editorial Galerna. 1971.  426
León Grinberg
Attraction and Hostility: An Experimental Analysis of Interpersonal and Self Evaluation: By Albert Pepitone. London: Tavistock Publications. 1971. Pp. xx + 238.  428
Isabel E.P. Menzies
The Briefer Psychotherapies: By Leonard Small. New York: Brunner/Mazel. 1971. Pp. xix +262.  429
Harold Stewart
The Justice of Zeus: By Hugh Lloyd-Jones. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: Univ. of California Press, 1971. (The Sather Classical Lectures vol. 41.) Pp. xviii + 230.  429
J. H. Padel
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HANS-JOACHIM BANNACH (1 Berlin 41, Rösnerstr. 1). Die wissenschaftliche Bedeutung des alten Berliner Psychoanalytischen Instituts (The scientific importance of the old Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute)  433
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: KÄTHE DRÄGER (1 Berlin 19, Kirschenallee 1b). Bemerkungen zu den Zeitumständen und zum Schicksal der Psychoanalyse und der Psychotherapie in Deutschland zwischen 1933 und 1949 (Notes on the fate of German psychoanalysis between 1933 and 1949)  433
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: GERHARD MAETZE (1 Berlin 33, Kolberger Platz 4). Psychoanalyse in Berlin von 1950 bis 1970 (Psychoanalysis in Berlin from 1950 to 1970)  433
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HEINZ KOHUT (180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 60601). Ist das Studium des menschlichen Innenlebens heute noch relevant? (Is the investigation of the inner life of man still relevant today?)  433
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HERMANN ARGELANDER (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20). Ein Versuch zur Neuformulierung des primären Narzissmus (An attempted reformulation of primary narcissism)  433
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: JACQUES BERNA (2 Hamburg 65, Elgenkamp 41). Die Abschlussphase der Kinderanalyse (The termination phase in child analysis)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: ERIKA DANNEBERG AND HEDDA EPPEL (Vienna VI, Schmalzhofg. 16/10, Austria) Teamarbeit: eine Behandlung von Mutter und Sohn (Teamwork: the treatment of mother and son)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: MARGARETE HAUG (73 Esslingen, Hölderlinweg 31). Fokaltherapie der Familie: eine Anwendung der Psychoanalyse in der Erziehungsberatungsarbeit (Focal therapy of the family: an application of psychoanalysis to child guidance)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HANS KALISCHER (CH8907 Wettswil a. A., Eggstr. 3, Switzerland). Der Umgang mit dem 'Angstangriff' in der psychoanalytisch-pädagogischen Arbeit (Management of 'aggressive anxiety' in educational child analysis)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: ITAMAR YAHALOM AND ROBERT KOHRMAN (Reiss-Davis Child Study Center, Los Angeles; and Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago). Das Erscheinen des Selbstbildes in den Zeichnungen schizophrener Kinder (The manifestation of self-image in the drawings of schizophrenic children)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: ALICE MILLER (CH8008 Zürich, Zollikerstr. 27, Switzerland). Zur Behandlungstechnik bei sogenannten narzisstischen Neurosen (On therapeutic technique in the narcissistic neuroses)  434
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 4–12, 1971: STAVROS MENTZOS (Psychiatrische und Neurologische Klinik, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität, 6 Frankfurt/Main-Niederrad, Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 10). Die Veränderung der Selbstrepräsentanz in der Hysterie: eine spezifische Form der regressiven De-Symbolisierung (The transformation of self-representation in hysteria: a specific form of regressive desymbolization)  435
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: GERHARD ZACHARIAS (8 Munich 19, Renatastr. 58). Bemerkungen zur Genese der Kompromissbildung (Observations on the genesis of compromise formations)  435
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HILDEGARD ADLER-VONESSEN (7 Stuttgart 1, Hohenzollernstr. 21). Angst in der Sicht von S. Kierkegaard, S. Freud und M. Heidegger (Anxiety in the conception of Kierkegaard, Freud and Heidegger)  435
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: PETER KUTTER (7 Stuttgart 80, Brenntenhau 20). ber die Tätigkeit der Psychagogin in der Erziehungsberatung (The function of the counsellor in educational counselling)  435
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: HAROLD LINCKE (CH8001 Zürich, Spiegelgasse 11, Switzerland). Es-Autonomie und Ich-Entwicklung (Id autonomy and ego development)  436
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: PETER KUTTER (7 Stuttgart, 80, Brenntenhau 20). bertragung und Prozess in der psychoanalytischen Gruppentherapie (Transference and process in psychoanalytic group therapy)  436
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: WOLFGANG LOCH (Univ.–Nervenklinik, Abt. f. Psychoanalyse, 74 Tübingen, Neckargasse 7). Gedanken über 'Gegenstand', Ziele und Methoden der Psychoanalyse (Reflexions upon the object, aims and methods of psychoanalysis)  436
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: MARGARETE MITSCHERLICH-NIELSEN (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20). Entwicklungsbedingte und gesellschaftsspezifische Verhaltensweisen der Frau: zum Problem der Frauenemanzipation (Developmentally and socially determined behaviour patterns in women: concerning the emancipation of women)  436
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: ROLF KLWER (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20). Erfahrungen mit der psychoanalytischen Fokaltherapie (Experiences in psychoanalytic focal therapy)  436
Psyche, 25, Nos. 4–12, 1971: LUTZ ROSENKÖTTER (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20). Freud und Brücke: weitere Aspekte des 'Nonvixit'-Traumes (Freud and Brücke: some further aspects of the 'non vixit' dream)  437
On Shyness  439
Donald M. Kaplan
A Critical Appreciation of James Strachey's Paper on the Nature of the Therapeutic Action of Psychoanalysis  455
H. Rosenfeld
Metaphor as Interpretation  463
Norman Reider
Homeovestism: Perverse Form of Behaviour Involving Wearing Clothes of the Same Sex  471
G. Zavitzianos
Some Aspects of Object Relationships in Borderline Children  479
Irene Fast and Morton Chethik
Structure and Reconstruction: A Critical Comparison of Michael Bálint and D. W. Winnicott  487
Stephen J. Morse
The Infant's First Reaction to Strangers: Distress or Anxiety?  501
Anny Katan
Some Thoughts and Clinical Vignettes on Translocation of an Analytic Practice  505
Stanley S. Weiss
The Vicissitudes of Projection During an Analysis Encompassing Late Latency to Early Adolescence  515
Charles A. Sarnoff
Projective Identification as a Mode of Perception and Behaviour in Families of Adolescents  523
John Zinner and Roger Shapiro
Imagery and Symbolic Expression in Dreams and Art  531
Alan Roland
The Role of the Internal Object and External Object in Object Relationships, Separation Anxiety, Object Constancy and Symbiosis  541
Klaus Angel
Difficulties of a Computer Model of the Mind—A Critical Review of Emanuel Peterfreund's Book Information, Systems, and Psychoanalysis: An Evolutionary Biological Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory  547
Lawrence Friedman
Therapeutic Consultations in Child Psychiatry: By D. W. Winnicott. London: Hogarth Press, 1971. Pp. 410.  555
Michael Fordham
A Pszichoanalizis És Modern Irányzatai [psychoanalysis and its Modern Ramifications]: Edited by Béla Buda et al. Budapest: Gondolat Könyvkiadó, 1971. Pp. 480.  556
L. Veszy-Wagner
Letter to the Editor  559
Clare Winnicott
Letter to the Editor  559
Clare Winnicott
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