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List of Articles

Volume 74 (1993)

Acknowledgements  1
New Developments to The International Journal of Psychoanalysis  3
75th Anniversary of the Journal  4
Editorial Appointments for 1994  5
David Tuckett and Tom Hayley
Pre-Published Papers for the 38th Congress of the Internationai Psychoanalytical Association  6
Lore Schacht
The Inner Experiences of the Analyst: Their Contribution to the Analytic Process  7
Theodore J. Jacobs
The Mind of the Analyst: From Listening to Interpretation  15
Madeleine Baranger
Theory in Vivo  25
Dennis Duncan
Narrative Representation, Narrative Enactment, and the Psychoanalytic Construction of History  33
Humphrey Morris
On the Clinical Usefulness of the Concept of Death Instinct  55
Hanna Segal
Truth and Reality in Psychoanalytic Discourse  63
Victoria Hamilton
A Speculation on Perversion and Hallucination  81
Mark J. Adair
On Ambiguity, Confusion and the Ego Ideal  93
Jorge Luis Maldonado
The Rani of Chitor: The Face  101
Fabio Herrmann
Freud's Speech Apparatus and Spontaneous Speech  113
Ana-Maria Rizzuto
Acting out and Transference Themes Induced by Successive Pregnancies of the Analyst  129
Margit Deben-Mager
The Analyst's Pregnancy and its Consequences on her Work  141
Alicia Etchegoyen
The Analyst's Pregnancy: The Patient, the Analyst, and the Space of the Unknown  151
Paola Mariotti
Between Chaos and Petrification: A Summary of the Fifth IPA Conference of Training Analysts  165
Robert S. Wallerstein
The Freud Klein Controversies  179
Riccardo Steiner, Ph.D.
Freud's Irma Dream  179
Joseph S. Bierman, M.D.
Freud's Irma Dream  180
Barbara Mautner
To be or not to be a Patient  180
Jorgen Torp
To be or not to be a Patient  181
Janice De Saussure
Development and Psychopathology. Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychiatry: By Clifford Yorke, Stanley Wiseberg and Thomas Freeman. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. 1989. Pp. 243.  183
Margret Tonnesmann
The Independent Mind in British Psychoanalysis: By Eric Rayner. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1991. Pp. 345.  185
Otto F. Kernberg
Freuds Moses-Studie Als Tagtraum [freud's Study of Moses as a Daydream]: Sigmund-Freud-Vorlesungen, Volume 3: By Ilse Grubrich-Simitis. Weinheim: Verlag Internationale Psychoanalyse. 1991. Pp. 116.  188
Lore Schacht
Conflict and Compromise: Therapeutic Implications: Edited by Scott Dowling. Workshop Series of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Monograph 7. Madison, Connecticut: Int. Univ. Press. 1991. Pp. 238.  190
Jeffrey D. Nason
Oedipus and Beyond: A Clinical Theory: By Jay Greenberg. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1991. Pp. 274.  194
James P. Frosch
The Psychotic: Aspects of the Personality: By David Rosenfeld. London: Karnac Books. 1992. Pp. 366.  197
Gabriele Pasquali
The Good Society and the Inner World: Psychoanalysis, Politics and Culture: By Michael Rustin. London and New York: Verso. 1991. Pp. 270.  201
Jane Temperley
Towards Reading Freud: Self-Creation in Milton, Wordsworth, Emerson, and Sigmund Freud. By Mark Edmundson. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1990. Pp. 171.  205
Paul Schwaber
The Chamber of Maiden Thought: Literary Origins of the Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind: By Meg Harris Williams and Margot Waddell. London and New York: Tavistock/Routledge. 1991 Pp 217.  207
Kate Barrows
Writer's Block: By Zachary Leader. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 1991. Pp. 324.  211
Michael Parsons
Concepts of Reality and Psychic Reality in Psychoanalysis as Illustrated by the Disagreement Between Freud and Ferenczi  219
Lewis A. Kirshner
Psychic Conflict and the External World in Freud's Theory of the Instinctual Drives in Light of his Adherence to Darwin  231
Jonathan Dunn
Primitive Object Love in Melanie Klein's Thinking; Early Theoretical Influences  241
Meira Likierman
Jean Piaget's Experiences on the Couch: Some Clues to a Mystery  255
Eva M. Schepeler
The Dynamics of Reassurance  275
Michael Feldman
Knowing and not Knowing Massive Psychic Trauma: Forms of Traumatic Memory  287
Dori Laub and Nanette C. Auerhahn
The Bi-Logic Perception of Time  303
Klaus Fink
The Female Genital Dress-Rehearsal: A Prospective Process at the Oedipal Threshold  313
Sallye M. Wilkinson
Personality Death, Object Loss, and the Uncanny  331
Carolyn Feigelson
Latency—A Reappraisal  347
Alicia Etchegoyen
Children and their Dreams  359
Carmen Medici De Steiner
Psychosomatic Solution or Somatic Outcome: The Man from Burma—Psychotherapy of a Case of Haemorrhagic Rectocolitis  371
Marilia Aisenstein
Musical Pleasure  383
Norah Nilda Gramajo
The Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique: By R. Horacio Etchegoyen. London: Karnac Books. 1991. Pp. 863.  393
Patrick Casement
Psychoanalysis: Clinical Theory and Practice: By Jacob A. Arlow. New York: International Universities Press. 1991. Pp. 444.  396
Jack L. Ross
The Purloined Self: Interpersonal Perspectives in Psychoanalysis: By Edgar Levenson. New York: William Alanson White Institute. 1991. Pp. 266.  400
Merton M. Gill
The Technique and Practice of Psychoanalysis, Volume II: a Memorial Volume to Ralph R. Greenson: Memorial Series of the Ralph R. Greenson Memorial Library of the San Diego Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Monograph 1. Edited by Alan Sugarman, Robert A. Nemiroff and Daniel P. Greenson. Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 1992. Pp. 500.  404
Boyd L. Burris
In the Shadow of Moloch: The Sacrifice of Children and its Impact on Western Religions. By Martin S. Bergmann. New York: Columbia University Press. Pp. 347.  406
Jerome D. Oremland
Psychoanalytic Case Studies: Edited by G. Pirooz Sholevar, with Jules Glenn. Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1991. Pp. 286.  409
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
The Playground of Psychoanalytic Therapy: By Jean Sanville. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 1991. Pp. 288.  413
Bhaskar Sripada
A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought: By R.D. Hinshelwood. London: Free Association Books. 1989. Pp. 503. (Revised edition. 1991.)  417
Hanna Segal
How Psychiatrists Look at Aging: Edited by George H. Pollock. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1992. Pp. 232.  420
Stanley H. Shapiro
The Misuse of Persons: By Stanley J. Coen. Hillsdale, New Jersey and London: The Analytic Press. 1992. Pp. 330.  421
Barry J. Landau
Dream Portrait. A Study of Nineteen Sequential Dreams as Indicators of Pretermination: By Alma H. Bond, Daisy Franco and Arlene Kramer Richards. New York: International Universities Press. 1992. Pp. 177 + xi.  422
Lucy Zabarenko
Memory in Mind and Brain: By Morton F. Reiser. New York: Basic Books. 1990. Pp. 218.  422
Eva P. Lester
The Trauma of Transgression: Psychotherapy of Incest Victims: Edited by Selma Kramer and Salman Akhtar. Northvale, New Jersey and London: Jason Aronson. 1991. Pp. 186 + xii.  425
Peter Blos, Jr.
Freud, Proust, Perversion and Love: By Hendrika C. Halberstadt-Freud. Amsterdam: Swets and Zetlinger. 1991. Pp. 219.  428
Maya Slater
Cuarenta Años De Psicoanálisis En Chile. Biografía De Una Sociedad Científica: (Forty Years of Psychoanalysis in Chile. The Biography of a Scientific Society.) Edited by E. Casaula, J. Colona and J. F. Jordan. Santiago de Chile: Editorial Ananké. 1991. Pp. 957 (2 volumes).  431
Elias Mallet Da Rocha Barros, []
On the Drive-Rootedness of Psychoanalytic Ego Psychology  437
Barry Opatow
The Complementarity of Object-Relations and Instinct Theory  459
J. R. Maze
Aggression and the Psychological Self  471
Peter Fonagy, George S. Moran and Mary Target
A Fundamental Dilemma of Psychoanalytic Technique: Reflections on the Analysis of a Perverse Paranoid Patient  487
Juan Pablo Jimenez
A Self-Psychological Approach to the Analysis of Resistance: A Case Report  505
Arthur Malin
Phallic Patheticness  519
Moshe Halevi Spero
First Person Personal Pronouns and their Psychic Referents  535
Ana-Maria Rizzuto
Adequate Distance in the Relationship Between Supervisor and Supervisee—The Position of the Supervisor Between 'Teacher' and 'Analyst'  547
Ludwig Haesler
The Illusion of a Future: A Friendly Disagreement with Prof. Sigmund Freud  557
Oskar Pfister
The Illusion of a Future  559
Paul Roazen
Clinical Application of a Dysregulation Model of Illness and Disease: A Case of Spasmodic Torticollis  581
Graeme J. Taylor
Tiresias and the Breast: Thinking of Lacan, Interpretation, and Caring  597
Richard E. Webb, David F. Bushnell and Jane C. Widseth
What Sort of a Thing is a Religion? a View from Object-Relations Theory  613
David M. Black
Freud's 'On Narcissism: An Introduction': Edited by Joseph Sandler, Ethel Spector Person and Peter Fonagy. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. 1991. Pp. 236 + xx.  627
Eric Brenman
The Analytic Experience: By Neville Symington. London: Free Association Books. 1986. Pp. 347.  630
Eric Rayner
Partisans in an Uncertain World: The Psychoanalysis of Engagement: By Paul Hoggett. London: Free Association Books. 1992. Pp. 183.  633
Bernard Barnett
Being a Character: Psychoanalysis and Self-Experience: By Christopher Bollas. New York: Hill and Wang. London: Routledge. 1992. Pp. 294.  636
Aaron H. Esman
The Personal Myth in Psychoanalytic Theory  639
Barnaby B. Barratt
Cultural Theory and Psychoanalytic Tradition: By David James Fisher. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers. 1991. Pp. 276.  641
George H. Pollock
Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the Matter of the Mind; A Nobel Laureate's Revolutionary Vision of How the Mind Originates in the Brain: By Gerald M. Edelman. New York: Basic Books. 1992. Pp. 280.  643
Lawrence P. Kunstadt
The Harvard Lectures: By Anna Freud, Edited and annotated by Joseph Sandler. London: Institute of Psycho-Analysis and Karnac Books. 1992. Pp. 142.  647
Ronald Baker
The Analyst and the Mystic: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Religion and Mysticism: By Sudhir Kakar. Chicago and New Delhi: University of Chicago Press. 1991. Pp. 83 + xi.  649
Robert A. Paul
The Homosexualities and the Therapeutic Process: Edited by Charles W. Socarides and Vamik D. Volkan. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1991. Pp. xii + 315.  650
Christopher D. Meyers
The Making of Maleness—Men, Women and the Flight of Daedalus: By Peter Tatham. London: Karnac Books. 1992. Pp. 280.  650
Maria Rosen
The Intimate Edge: Extending the Reach of Psychoanalytic Interaction: By Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg. New York and London: W. W. Norton & Company. 1992. Pp. 210.  651
L. David Levi
The Interpretation of the Flesh: Freud and Femininity: By Teresa Brennan. London: Routledge. 1992. Pp. 266.  652
Janet Sayers
A Critique of Psychoanalytic Reason: Hypnosis as a Scientific Problem from Lavoisier to Lacan: By Leon Chertok and Isabelle Stengers, translated from the French by Martha Noel Evans. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 1992. Pp. 319.  653
Louise Carignan
New Editorial Team  657
David Tuckett
Convergences and Divergences in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Technique  659
Otto F. Kernberg
Disruptions of the Therapeutic Relationship in Psychoanalysis: A View from Self Psychology  675
Ernest S. Wolf
Deficiency and Envy: Some Factors Impacting the Analytic Mind from Listening to Interpretation  689
Judith L. Mitrani
The Cracked Container, the Containing Crack: Chronic Illness—Its Effect on the Therapist and the Therapeutic Process  705
Joshua Durban, Rina Lazar and Gila Ofer
Psychoanalysis and Maternal Work—Some Parallels  715
Tirza Sandbank
Beneath the Analytic Surface: The Analysand's Theory of Mind  729
Donald P. Spence
An Interpretation of Transference  739
Jonathan Lear
Transference, Counter Transference and Acting out in Psychoanalysis  757
Abraham De Blécourt
'Through Privation to Knowledge': Unknown Documents from Freud's University Years  775
Eva Laible
Splitting of the Ego, as the Central Phenomenon in Neurosis  791
Ritske Le Coultre
Curative Factors in the Psychoanalyses of Holocaust Survivors' Offspring Before and During the Gulf War  803
Ilany Kogan
Some Dream Mechanisms in Finnegans Wake  815
Olga Cox
John Bowlby (1907-1990)  823
Pearl King and Eric Rayner
Ángel Garma (1904-1993)  829
R. Horacio Etchegoyen
Anny Katan (1898-1992)  834
Robert A. Furman
Mario Montesano Montessori (1921-1993)  835
Adam Limentani
Freud's Oratorical Marathon: The Shrinking of Another Myth  837
Patrick J. Mahony, Ph.D.
A Psychoanalytic Theory of Infantile Experience: By Eugenio Gaddini, edited by Adam Limentani. London/New York: Tavistock/Routledge. 1992. Pp. 220. The New Library of Psychoanalysis No. 16.  839
Anne Hayman
Freud, Jung and Hall the King-Maker: The Historic Expedition to America (1909): By Saul Rosenzweig. Saint Louis, MO: Rana House; and Toronto: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers. 1992. Pp. 447.  842
Patrick J. Mahony
Un Bouclier Dans L'Economie Des Etats Limites L'Espoir: By Anna Potamianou. Presses Universitaires de France. 1992. Pp. 155. ('Hope: A Shield in the Economics of Borderline States.')  846
John Steiner
The Work of Hans Loewald: An Introduction and Commentary: Edited by Gerald I. Fogel. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Inc. 1991. Pp. 209.  849
Linda L. Gibson
The Evolution of Character: By Sylvia Brody and Miriam G. Siegel. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1992. Pp. 553.  852
Barbara Fajardo
Clinical Interaction and the Analysis of Meaning: By Theodore L. Dorpat and Michael L. Miller. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 1992. Pp. 326.  854
Alan Pollack
Saying Goodbye: A Casebook of Termination in Child and Adolescent Analysis and Therapy: Edited by Anita G. Schmukler. Hillsdale, New Jersey: The Analytic Press. 1991. Pp. 377.  857
Moisy Shopper
Melanie Klein: From Theory to Reality: By Otto Weininger. London: Karnac Books. 1992. Pp. 210.  860
R. D. Hinshelwood
Sequential Traumatization of Children: By Hans Keilson, with Herman Sarphatie. Translated from German by Yvonne Bearne, Hilary Coleman, and Deirdre Winter. Jerusalem: The Magnes Press. 1992. Pp. 463. German edition: Ferdinand Enke Verlag, 1979.  863
Judith S. Kestenberg
Charles Ives: 'My Father's Song': By Stuart Feder. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1992. Pp. 396.  864
Michael Craig Miller
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer and Freud: The Beginnings of Applied Psychoanalysis: By Alexander Grinstein. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1992. Pp. 399.  866
Julius Silberger
From the Words of my Mouth: Tradition in Psychotherapy: Edited by L. Spurling. London: Tavistock. 1993. Pp. 165.  867
Stella Pierides
Gender and Psychoanalytic Treatment: Edited by Morton Kissen. Current Issues in Psychoanalytic Practice. Monographs of the Society for Psychoanalytic Training, No. 5. New York: Brunner/Mazel. 1992. Pp. 102.  868
Lora Heims Tessman
Psychodynamic Technique in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: Edited by C. Phillip Wilson, Charles C. Hogan and Ira L. Mintz. Northvale, New Jersey and London: Jason Aronson. 1992. Pp. 425.  869
S. Louis Mogul
What is Psychoanalysis Now?  873
Nikolaas Treurniet
The Uniqueness of the Patient–Analyst Pair: Approaches for Elucidating the Analyst's Role  893
Judy L. Kantrowitz
'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea': The Dyad and the Triad in Psychoanalytic Thought  905
Harry R. Brickman
The Impasse Within a Theory of the Analytic Field: Possible Vertices of Observation  917
Antonino Ferro
Depression and Moral Masochism  931
Elliott R. Markson
The Absent Father: His Role in Sexual Deviations and in Transference  941
Mauro Mancia
Some Reflections on Humour in Psychoanalysis  951
Ronald Baker
A Note on Symbolism: A Brief Communication  961
Leonard Shengold
A Phantasy of Infection  965
Stephen Grosz
Conditions for the Relevance of Infant Research to Clinical Psychoanalysis  975
Barbara Fajardo
A Candidate Dreams of her Patient: A Report and Some Observations on the Supervisory Process  993
Brian M. Robertson and Mary-Eleanor Yack
Teaching and Learning in an Analytic Mode—A Model for Studying Psychoanalysis at University  1005
Rivka R. Eifermann
Tangled Patterns: Freud, Vienna, and the Brain  1017
Valerie D. Greenberg
Freud's Cases: Are they Valuable Today?  1027
Patrick J. Mahony
The Dynamics of Psychoanalytic Therapies of the Early Parent–Child Relationship  1037
A. Watillon
Sado-Masochism in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre: a Ridge of Lighted Heath  1049
Margaret-Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
Thomas Theodore Steiger Hayley (1913-1993)  1063
David Tuckett
Truth and Reality in Psychoanalytic Discourse  1065
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Truth and Reality in Psychoanalytic Discourse  1066
Victoria Hamilton, Ph.D.
Truth and Reality in Psychoanalytic Discourse  1068
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Telling Facts: History and Narration in Psychoanalysis: Edited by Joseph H. Smith & Humphrey Morris. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press. 1992. Pp. 307.  1069
Donald P. Spence
Psychoanalysis in its Cultural Context: Edited by Edward Timms & Ritchie Robertson. Austrian Studies III. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 1992. Pp. 209.  1072
Margot Waddell
Sigmund Freud–Ludwig Binswanger, Briefwechsel 1908-1938: Edited by Gerhard Fichtner. Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer. 1992. Pp. 340.  1077
Ludwig Haesler
Translating Freud: Edited by Darius Gray Ornston, Jr. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. 1992. Pp. 251 = xix..  1080
Stanley J. Coen
From Fetus to Child: By Alessandra Piontelli. London and New York: Routledge and the Institute of Psycho-Analysis. 1992. Pp. 260.  1082
Judith Trowell
Violent Attachments: By J. Reid Meloy. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Inc. 1992. Pp. 365+xvii.  1084
Henry Krystal
Religious Objects as Psychological Structures: A Critical Integration of Object Relations Theory, Psychotherapy, and Judaism: By Moshe Halevi Spero. Chicago and London: The Chicago University Press. 1992. Pp. 242.  1085
David M. Black
The Psychotherapy of the Elderly Self: By Hyman A. Muslin. New York: Brunner-Mazel. 1992. Pp. 220+xviii.  1087
Ralph J. Kahana
Contexts of Being: The Intersubjective Foundations of Psychological Life: By Robert D. Stolorow & George E. Atwood. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 1992. Pp. 145+xii.  1088
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
Papers for the International Journal: Future Editorial Policy  1091
David Tuckett
On Communication from Patient to Analyst: Not Everything is Projective Identification  1097
Joseph Sandler
Psychoanalysis Today and Tomorrow  1109
R. Horacio Ecthegoyen
What a Psychoanalyst Learned from the Holocaust and Genocide  1117
Judith S. Kestenberg
Two Discussions of 'The Inner Experiences of the Analyst' and a Response from Theodore Jacobs  1131
André Green
Two Discussions of 'The Inner Experiences of the Analyst' and a Response from Theodore Jacobs  1136
Leonardo Wender
Response  1140
Theodore J. Jacobs
Two Discussions of 'The Mind of the Analyst' and a Response from Madeleine Baranger  1147
Jacob A. Arlow
Two Discussions of 'The Mind of the Analyst' and a Response from Madeleine Baranger  1155
Janice De Saussure
Response  1159
Madeleine Baranger
Two Discussions of 'Theory in Vivo' by Dennis Duncan  1163
Roy Schafer
Two Discussions of 'Theory in Vivo' by Dennis Duncan  1167
Ricardo Bernardi
Some Thoughts on the Presentation and Discussion of the Clinical Material of Psychoanalysis  1175
David Tuckett
Contribution to Discussion of Pre-Published Papers at the 38th Congress of the IPA  1191
Charles Brenner
Some Comments on Baranger's Paper Using Jacobs's Clinical Example  1193
Marion Minerbo
Varieties of Envious Experience  1199
Elizabeth Bott Spillius
Envy and Admiration  1213
Rolf Sandell
The Patient's Discovery of the Psychoanalyst as a New Object  1223
Ronald Baker
Playing and Therapeutic Action in Child Analysis  1235
Linda C. Mayes and Donald J. Cohen
The Dictator and his Cure  1245
Patrick J. Mahony
The Dynamic Functions of the Act of Reading  1253
Vivian Dent and Stephen Seligman
Response to Maya Slater's Review of H. C. Halberstadt-Freud: Freud, Proust, Perversion and Love  1269
H. C. Halberstadt-Freud
Response to Maya Slater's Review of H. C. Halberstadt-Freud: Freud, Proust, Perversion and Love  1270
Maya Slater
Fifth IPA Conference of Training Analysts  1271
D. S. Werman, M.D.
'Father, Don't you See I'm Burning?' Reflections on Sex, Narcissism, Symbolism, and Murder: From Everything to Nothing: By Leonard Shengold. New Haven/London: Yale University Press. 1991. Pp. 185 + xiii.  1273
Alexandra M. Harrison
Melanie Klein: Vol. I, First Discoveries and First System. 1919- 1932. 1990. Pp. 313. Melanie Klein: Vol. II, the Ego and the Good Object. 1932-1960. 1991. Pp. 281: By Jean-Michel Petot. Translated by Christine Trollope. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press.  1274
Elizabeth Spillius
Ignatius of Loyola. The Psychology of a Saint: By W. W. Meissner. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. 1992. Pp. 480.  1281
Nina Coltart
Freud and his Critics: By Paul Robinson. Berkeley: University of California Press. 1993. Pp. 281.  1283
Gerald I. Fogel
Female Identity Conflict in Clinical Practice: By Doris Bernstein. Edited by Norbert Freedman & Betsy Ditsler. Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson. 1993. Pp. 197.  1286
Nadine A. Levinson
All the Mothers are One: Hindu India and the Reshaping of Psychoanalysis: By Stanley N. Kurtz, New York: Columbia University Press. 1992. Pp. 306.  1288
Theodore Lidz
The Electrified Tightrope: By Michael Eigen. Edited by Adam Phillips. Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson. 1993. Pp. 289 + xxviii.  1290
Steven H. Goldberg
Psychoanalytic Anthropology after Freud: Essays Marking the Fiftieth Anniversary of Freud's Death: Edited by David H. Spain. New York: Psyche Press. 1992. Pp. 332.  1292
Maurice Apprey
The Adaptive Design of the Human Psyche. Psychoanalysis, Evolutionary Biology, and the Therapeutic Process: By Malcolm O. Slavin & Daniel Kriegman. New York: Guilford Press. 1992. Pp. 336.  1295
Jacob G. Jacobson
The Doctor, the Patient and the Group: Bálint Re-Visited: By Enid Balint, Michael Courtenay, Andrew Elder, Sally Hull & Paul Julian. London: Routledge. 1993. Pp. 162.  1296
Kenneth Sanders
When the Body Speaks: Psychological Meanings in Kinetic Cues: Edited by Selma Kramer & Salman Akhtar. Northvale, NJ and London: Jason Aronson. 1992. Pp. 210.  1298
Alfred Margulies
Projective and Introjective Identification and the Use of the Therapist's Self: By Jill Savege Scharff. New Jersey and London: Jason Aronson. 1993. Pp. 340.  1301
Jane V. Kite
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