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List of Articles

Volume 76 (1995)

Psychic Reality: Its Impact On The Analyst And On The Patient Today  1
León Grinberg
Psychic Reality And Clinical Technique  3
Isidoro Berenstein
Misunderstanding And Psychic Truths  9
Haydée Faimberg
Psychoanalytic Realities And The Analytic Goal  15
Leo Rangell
Psychic Reality And Unconscious Belief  19
Ronald Britton
Psychic Reality In Psychoanalytic Theory  25
Lawrence Friedman
Psychic Reality Or Various Realities  29
Janine Puget
Addressing The Psychic Reality Of The Borderline Child  35
Yecheskiel Cohen
Playing With Reality: The Development Of Psychic Reality And Its Malfunction In Borderline Personalities  39
Peter Fonagy
Analysing Children's Dreams  45
Carmen Medici De Steiner
Trauma And Termination  51
Fausta Ferraro
Analytic Listening And The Experience Of Surprise  67
Henry F. Smith
A Silenced Indian: More On The Secret Fantasy Of Being An Exception  79
Antonie Ladan
On The Difficulty Of Making A Mutative Interpretation  91
Robert Caper
Triangular Space And The Development Of A Working Model In The Analysis  103
Helen Schoenhals
‘No Greater, Richer, More Mysterious Subject [...] Than The Life Of The Mind’ An Early Exchange Of Letters Between Freud And Einstein  115
Ilse Grubrich-Simitis
Jones On Ice: Psychoanalysis And Figure Skating  123
Todd Dufresne and Gary Genosko
Psychoanalysis In Britain: Points Of Cultural Access, 1893-1918  135
R. D. Hinshelwood
Anna Freud's Adult Psychoanalytic Technique: A Defence Of Classical Analysis  153
Arthur S. Couch
Obituary: Erik Erikson (1902-1994)  173
Robert S. Wallerstein
The Autonomous Self: The Work of John D. Sutherland. : Edited by Jill Savege Scharff. Northvale, New Jersey/London: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp. xxv + 454.  177
John Padel
Transmission de la Vie Psychique Entre Générations. : By R. Kaës, H. Faimberg, M. Enriquez and J.-J. Baranes. Paris: Dunod. 1993. Pp. 208.  179
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
The Babel of the Unconscious. Mother Tongue and Foreign Languages in the Psychoanalytic Dimension. : By Jacqueline Amati-Mehler, Simone Argentieri and Jorge Canestri. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press. 1993. Pp. 322.  182
Luis Rodriguez De La Sierra
Autism and the Development of Mind. : By R. Peter Hobson. Hillsdale, NJ (USA) and Trowbridge (UK): Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 1993. Pp. 246.  187
Robert M. Emde
Subject and Agency in Psychoanalysis—Which is to be Master? : By Frances M. Moran. New York and London: New York University Press. 1993. Pp. 198.  189
Raymond Cahn
Le Vertige entre Angoisse et Plaisir. : By Danielle Quinodoz. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1994. Pp. 238.  191
Andrea Sabbadini
In Defense of Schreber: Soul Murder and Psychiatry. : By Zvi Lothane. Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 1992. Pp. 550.  193
Sanford Gifford
Narcissism—A New Theory. : By Neville Symington. London: Karnac Books. 1993. Pp. xix + 137.  196
Martin Kinston
Psychodynamic Treatment Research: A Handbook for Clinical Practice. : Edited by Nancy E. Miller, Lester Luborsky, Jacques P. Barber and John P. Docherty. New York: Basic Books. 1993. Pp. 577.  198
Roger A. MacKinnon and Susan C. Vaughan
The Psyche and the Social World: Developments in Group-Analytic Theory. : Edited by Dennis Brown and Louis Zinkin. London/New York: Routledge. 1994. Pp. 280 + xii.  201
D. Wilfred Abse
Unimaginable Storms: A Search For Meaning in Psychosis. : By Murray Jackson and Paul Williams. Karnac Books. London. 1994. Pp. 248.  205
Richard Lucas
The Fragile Self: The Structure of Narcissistic Disturbance. : By Phil Mollon. London: Whurr Publishers. 1993. Pp. 206.  207
John Keene
Psychoanalytic-Marxism: Groundwork. : By Eugene Victor Wolfenstein. New York and London: The Guilford Press. 1993. Pp. 468.  208
Donald Moss
How to Survive as a Psychotherapist. : By Nina Coltart. London: Sheldon Press. 1993. Pp. 114.  212
Jean Arundale
Peer Review  217
Robert Michels
In The Wake Of Heinz Hartmann  223
Roy Schafer
Freud And The History Of Empathy  237
George W. Pigman
Concern: Spurious Or Real  257
Irma Brenman Pick
The Psychoanalyst's Mind: From Listening To Interpretation—A Clinical Report  271
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
The Unfinished Manuscript In The Drawer: Observations On The Analysis Of A Type Of Symptom  283
Donald M. Kaplan
The Beneficial Aspects Of The Patient-Analyst Match  299
Judy L. Kantrowitz
The Role Of The Father In A Pre-Suicide State  315
Donald Campbell
A Surrogate Carries A Fertilised Ovum: Multiple Crossings In Ego Boundaries  325
Eva P. Lester
Analytic Listening And The Analyst's Self-Analysis  335
Stephen M. Sonnenberg
The Analytic Process: Clinical And Research Definitions  343
Susan C. Vaughan and Steven P. Roose
Common Ground, Uncommon Methods  357
Cecilio Paniagua
Constitutive Signifiers Or Fetishes In Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice?  373
B. J. Sokol
Bion's Use Of Modern Logic  389
Ross M. Skelton
Obituary  399
Robert S. Wallerstein
In Vienna Veritas  403
James Naiman
Letter  403
Riccardo Steiner
The Idea of the Past: History, Science and Practice in American Psychoanalysis. By Leonard Jonathan Lamm. New York: New York University Press. 1993. Pp. 310 + xix.  405
Donald P. Spence
Reconstruction in Psychoanalysis: Childhood Revisited and Recreated. : By Harold P. Blum. Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 1994. Pp. 196 + x.  407
Paul A. Dewald
Between Author and Reader: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Writing and Reading. : By Stanley J. Coen. New York: Columbia University Press. 1994. Pp. 210.  410
Robert A. Paul
Freud, Race, and Gender. : By Sander L. Gilman. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. 1993. Pp. 277 + xvi.  411
John S. Kafka
Psychoanalysis, Mind, and Art: Perspectives on Richard Wollheim. : Edited by Jim Hopkins & Anthony Savile. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 1992. Pp. 383.  415
Andrew Brook
Psychoanalytical Therapy in the Hospital Setting. : By Paul Janssen. London and New York: Routledge. 1994. Pp. 204 + ix.  416
Paul Williams
Essential Papers on Literature and Psychoanalysis. : Edited by Emanuel Berman. New York: New York University Press. 1993. Pp. 516.  417
Helen Taylor Robinson
Entrevista y Diagnóstico en Psiquiatría y Psicología Infantil Psicoanalítica. : By Eulàlia Torras de Beà. Barcelona; Buenos Aires and Mexico: Paidós. 1991, Pp 207.  420
Raquel Zac De Goldstein
On Freud's ‘Observations on Transference-Love’. : Edited by Ethel Spector Person, Aiban Hagelin and Peter Fonagy. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. 1993. pp194  423
Marilia Aisenstein
Cultivating Intuition. An Introduction to Psychotherapy. : By Peter Lomas. New York & London. Jason Aronson. 1993. Pp. 223.  426
Nina Coltart
Wilfred Bion: His Life and Work, 1897—1979. By Gérard Bléandonu, translated by Claire Pajaczkowska; foreword by R.D. Hinshelwood. New York: The Guilford Press. 1994. pp 303 + xii.  428
Aaron H. Esman
Psychotic Metaphysics : By Eric Rhode. London: The Clunie Press (Karnac Books). 1994. Pp 326 + xiv.  429
Paul Williams
Hermeneutics Or Hermes-Mess?  435
Riccardo Steiner
The Three ‘W's: What, Where And When: The Rationale Of Interpretation  447
Ruth Riesenberg-Malcolm
The Concept Of ‘Early Triangulation’ As A Key To A Unified Model Of Hysteria  457
Ute Rupprecht-Schampera
Countertransference: The Emerging Common Ground  475
Glen O. Gabbard
Understanding The Violent Patient: The Use Of The Body And The Role Of The Father  487
Peter Fonagy and Mary Target
Affirmation In Psychoanalysis  503
Bjørn Killingmo
Explanation In The Hermeneutic Science  519
Andrew Brook
The Specificity Of Hermeneutics In Psychoanalysis: Leaps On The Path From Construction To Recollection  533
Marc-André Bouchard
How Secure Are Grünbaum's Foundations?  547
Murray L. Wax
Towards A Definition Of The Term And Concept Of Interaction  557
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Unprovoked Assaults—Making Sense Of Apparently Random Violence  565
Leslie Sohn
The Mutual Search For Self In The Analytic Dyad  577
Julia Fabricius
The Importance Of Facial Expressions In Dreams  591
Marianne Goldberger
The Effects Of Trauma On Young Children: A Case Of 2-Year-Old Twins  595
Joyd. Osofsky, Geraldine Cohen and Martin Drell
Resistance To Awareness Of The Supervisor's Transferences With Special Reference To The Parallel Process  609
Barbara Stimmel
Obituary  619
Aaron Coleman
The Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Sándor Ferenczi. : Volume 1, 1908-1914. Edited by Eva Brabant, Ernst Falzeder, Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch, under supervision of André Haynal. Transcribed by Ingeborg Meyer-Palmedo. Translated by Peter T. Hoffer. Introduction by André Haynal. Cambridge, Mass. and London: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 1993. Pp. 584.  623
Judith Dupont
The Rhetorical Voice of Psychoanalysis: Displacement of Evidence by Theory. : By Donald P. Spence. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1994. Pp. 228.  625
Joseph Caston
Hans Keller: Essays on Music. : Edited by Christopher Wintle. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1994. Pp. 269.  629
Michael Parsons
The Healing Bond: The Patient-Practitioner Relationship and Therapeutic Responsibility. : Edited by Susan Budd and Ursula Sharma. London and New York: Routledge. 1994. Pp. 231.  630
Isabel Menzies-Lyth
A Triumph of the Eye over the Gaze? Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan but were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock. Edited by Slavoj Zizek. London: Verso Books. 1992. Pp. 279.  632
Thomas Elsaesser
The Unconscious at Work. Individual and Organizational Stress in the Human Services. : Edited by Anton Obholzer and Vega Zagier Roberts. London: Routledge. 1994. Pp 224.  636
Tim Dartington
From Dependency to Autonomy: Studies in Organisation and Change. : By Eric Miller. London: Free Association Books. 1993. Pp. 342.  638
Alexander Pollock
The Curve of Life: Correspondence of Heinz Kohut : 1923-1981. Edited by Geoffrey Cocks. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1994. Pp. 443 (including 15 illustrations).  641
Ernest Wolf
Psychoanalysis in Transition: A Personal View. : By Merton M. Gill. Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 1994. Pp. 179 + xvii.  644
Sydney E. Pulver
The Ego and Analysis of Defense. : By Paul Gray. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp. 254 + xxvi.  646
Steven Levy
The Conceptualisation And Communication Of Clinical Facts In Psychoanalysis  653
David Tuckett
Seduction, Persecution, Revelation  663
Jean Laplanche
Counter Transference Effects Of Absence  683
Louise De Urtubey
Analysing Forms Of Aliveness And Deadness Of The Transference-Countertransference  695
Thomas H. Ogden
A Particular Perspective On Impasses In The Clinical Situation: Further Reflections On Psychoanalytic Listening  711
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Intersubjectivity In Psychoanalysis: A Critical Review  723
Jonathan Dunn
‘Et In Arcadia Ego … ?’  739
Riccardo Steiner
Popularise And/Or Be Damned: Psychoanalysis And Film At The Crossroads In 1925  759
Paul Ries
The Concept Of Psychic Homosexuality  793
Thierry Bokanowski
Love And The Heritage Of The Past  805
Ilany Kogan
Creativity And The Third Age  825
Adam Limentani
The Problem Of Originality And Imitation In Psychoanalytic Thought:  835
Elias Mallet Da Rocha Barros, []
Charisma And Attachment Theory: A Crossdisciplinary Interpretation  845
David Aberbach
Wilfred Bion: His Life and Work, 1897-1979. : By Gérard Bléandonu. Translated by Claire Pajaczkowska, with a foreword by R.D. Hinshelwood. New York: Guildford Press. 1994. Pp. 303 + xii.  857
Edna O'Shaughnessy
The Spectrum of Psychoanalysis: Essays in Honor of Martin S. Bergmann. : Edited by Arlene Kramer Richards and Arnold D. Richards. Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 1994. Pp. 409.  859
Daniel A. Goldberg
Body, Blood and Sexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study of St. Francis's Stigmata and their Historical Context. By Nitza Yarom. Studies in History and Culture, Volume 4. Edited by Norman Cantor. New York: Peter Lang. 1992. Pp. 148.  862
Nina Coltart
Dynamic Psychiatry: Explorations in Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Psychosomatic Medicine. : By Pietro Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 1991. Pp. 460.  863
Milton Viederman
Psychoanalytic Patterns in the Work of Graham Greene. : By Roland A. Pierloot. Amsterdam and Atlanta, GA: Rodopi. 1994. Pp. 264.  865
Emanuel Berman
Feminism and Psychoanalysis; A Critical Dictionary. : Edited by Elizabeth Wright et al. Oxford: Blackwell. 1992. Pp. 485.  867
Susan Lipshitz-Phillips
Has Sexuality Anything To Do With Psychoanalysis?  871
André Green
Psychological Vicissitudes Of Theory In Clinical Work  885
William I. Grossman
On Facts And Ideas In Psychoanalysis  901
Charles Hanly
Mourning: A Review And Reconsideration  909
George Hagman
Recall And Repetition Of A Severe Childhood Trauma  927
Hildegard Adler
The Formation Of The German Psychoanalytical Association (Dpv): Regaining The Psychoanalytical Orientation Lost In The Third Reich  945
Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff
Ferenczi’s Clinical Diary: On Loving And Hating  957
John A. Friedman
Ethical And Unethical Conduct In Psychoanalysis. Correlations Between Logic, Ethics And Science  977
Gregorio Klimovsky, Susana Dupetit and Samuel Zysman
Art And Trauma  991
Dori Laub and Daniel Podell
The Yiddish Theatre, The Oklahoma Theatre And Kafka's Salvation  1007
William D. Jeffrey
The Little Mermaid: An Icon Of Woman’s Condition In Patriarchy, And The Human Condition Of Castration  1017
Efrat Tseëlon
Obituary: Adam Limentani 1913 - 1994  1031
Mervin Glasser, Pearl King, Moses Laufer and Anne Hayman
Obituary: Ignacio Matte Blanco 1908-1995  1035
Juan Francisco Jordan-Moore
Obituary: Lionel Ovesey 1915-1995  1042
Ethel Spector Person
Confusion of tongues  1045
Emanuel Berman
Letter  1046
Peter T. Hoffer
Reply to Drs Emanuel Berman and Peter Hoffer  1047
Harold P. Blum
Sincerity and Other Works. Collected Papers of Donald Meltzer. : Edited by Alberto Hahn. London: Karnac Books. 1994. Pp. 604.  1049
Jean Bégoin
Mahler and Kohut. Perspectives on Development, Psychopathology, and Technique. : Edited by Selma Kramer and Salman Akhtar. Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp. 182 + xiv.  1053
Steven L. Ablon
Sigmund Freud et Romain Rolland, Correspondance 1923-1936. : By Henri Vermorel and Madeleine Vermorel. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. In Collection Histoire de la Psychanalyse. Edited by Alain de Mijolla. 1993. Pp. 657 + xvi.  1056
Jean Guillaumin
Emotion and Spirit: Questioning the Claims of Psychoanalysis and Religion. : By Neville Symington. London: Cassell. 1994. Pp. 197 + viii.  1060
Robert A. Paul
Wanderungen Zwischen Kontinenten. Gesammelte Schriften zur Psychoanalyse. [Journeys Between Continents. Collected Works on Psychoanalysis.] : By Erich Simenauer. Edited with a bibliographical postscript by Ludger M. Hermanns. With an introduction by Hermann Beland. 2 volumes. Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog. 1993. Pp. 667.  1061
Caroline Neubahr
Frances Tustin. : By Sheila Spensley. London and New York: Routledge. 1995. Pp. 154.  1063
Kate Barrows
Freedom to Relate: Psychoanalytic Explorations. : By Roger Kennedy. London: Free Association Books. 1992. Pp. 200.  1066
Chris Holland
On Trying To Teach: The Mind in Correspondence. : By M. Robert Gardner. Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 1994. Pp. 163.  1068
James T. McLaughlin
Personal Relations Therapy: The Collected Papers of H. J. S. Guntrip. : Edited by Jeremy Hazell. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp 430.  1070
Eric Rayner
John Bowlby and Attachment Theory. : By Jeremy Holmes. London: Routledge. 1993. Pp. 249.  1071
Michael Brearley
Mental Space. : By Salomon Resnik. London: Karnac Books. 1995. Pp. 111 + xxi.  1073
Victor Sedlak
Crisis at Adolescence. Object Relations Theory with the Family. : Edited by Sally Box et al. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp. 275.  1074
Luigi Caparrotta
Clinical Klein. : By Robert D. Hinshelwood. London: Free Association Books. 1994. Pp. 241.  1076
Priscilla B. Roth
Beckett et le Psychanalyste. : By Didier Anzieu. Thise/Besançon: L’Aire Archimbaud. 1994. Pp. 264.  1078
Monique Cournut-Janin
The Infantile In The Analytic Relationship  1083
Florence Guignard
Interpretation And Affect: Aliquis  1095
François Sirois
Temporality And Modes Of Language  1109
Anne Denis
A Psychoanalytical Theory Of ‘Drug Addiction’: Unconscious Fantasies Of Homosexuality, Compulsions And Masturbation Within The Context Of Traumatogenic Processes  1121
Earl Hopper
The Importance Of Dreams And Action In The Adolescent Process  1143
François Ladame
The Personal Myth As A Clinical Concept  1155
Siri Erika Gullestad
Facts Is Facts—Or Is They?  1167
Herbert J. Schlesinger
The Conceptualisation And Communication Of Clinical Facts: A Consideration Of The 75th Anniversary Edition IJPA  1179
Jean Roiphe
Considerations On Anatomical And Psychic Reality In Relation To An Intersexual Patient  1191
Agnès Oppenheimer
The Ring Of The Narcissist  1205
Leonard Shengold
A Core Phantasy In Violence  1215
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
The Anal World Of A Six-Year-Old Boy  1233
John Rosegrant
Prototypical Expectations Of Safety: A Developmental Approach To The Assessment Of The Psychoanalytic Process  1245
Andrea Seganti
The Diffident Narcissist: A Character-Type Illustrated In The Beast In The Jungle By Henry James  1257
Winslow Hunt
In Memoriam: Commemorative Address For Wolfgang Loch, 1915-1995  1269
Carl Nedelmann
Desire in the Renaissance: Psychoanalysis and Literature. : Edited by Valeria Finucci and Regina Schwartz. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1994. Pp. 270 + viii.  1273
Peter L. Rudnytsky
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities: Freud and Beyond. : By Nancy J. Chodorow. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky and London: Free Association Books. 1994. Pp. 132.  1276
Ethel Spector Person
Posttraumatic Nightmares: Psychodynamic Explorations. : By Melvin R. Lansky with Carol R. Bley. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 1995. Pp. 188.  1279
Howard B. Levine
Human Feelings; Explorations in Affect Development and Meaning. : Edited by Steven L. Ablon, Daniel Brown, Edward J. Khantzian and John E. Mack. Hillsdale, NJ and London: Analytic Press. 1993. Pp. 431.  1281
Anna Ornstein
Three Instances of Injustice. : By K. R. Eissler. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, Inc. 1994. Pp. 265.  1283
Lorraine D. Siggins
Concerning the Rites of Psychoanalysis. : By Bice Benvenuto. Cambridge: Polity Press. 1994. Pp. 169.  1284
Giuseppina Antinucci-Mark
Self-Analysis: Critical Inquiries, Personal Visions. : Edited by James W. Barron. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 1993. Pp. 328.  1286
Kenneth Calder
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