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List of Articles

Volume 83 (2002)

Issue 1
New Initiatives  1
Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Remembering a Depressive Primary Object: Memory in the Dialogue Between Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Science  3
Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber and Rolf Pfeifer
The Relationship between Mothering in Infancy, Childhood Experience and Adult Mental Health: Results of the Brody Prospective Longitudinal Study from Birth  35
Henry Massie, M.D. and Nathan Szajnberg, M.D.
‘The Crisis in Psychoanalysis’ What Crisis are We Talking About?  57
Céasar Garza-Guerrero
Psychoanalysis and Infertility: Myths and Realities  85
Roberta J. Apfel and Rheta G. Keylor
Marion Milner, Mysticism and Psychoanalysis  105
Janet Sayers
Non-Discursive Expressive Elements and Their Role in the Construction of Meaning in the Analytical Situation: A Clinical Discussion  121
Estevam Vaz De Lima
‘Never Twice Without Thrice’ an Outline for The Understanding of Traumatic Neurosis  137
Dianne Casoni
Wittgenstein's Personality and His Relations with Freud's Thought  161
Mauro Mancia
A Terminating Case  179
Cecilio Paniagua
Commentary on ‘A Terminating Case’ by Cecilio Paniagua  189
Ronald Britton
Commentary on Cecilio Paniagua's ‘A Terminating Case’  193
Robert Michels, M.D.
Presidential Address  197
Otto F. Kernberg
Presidential Address  205
Daniel Widlöcher
Creating the Psychoanalytical Process Incorporating Three Panel Reports: Opening the Process, Being in the Process and Closing the Process  211
Moderated and Reported by Henry F. Smith
Psychoanalysis and Allied Therapies: What Does A Psychoanalyst Do When He/She Thinks or Says he/she is Doing Psychotherapy?  229
Abby Adams-Silvan
Neurosciences and Psychoanalysis  233
Bianca Lechevalier
The Discourse and the Psychoanalytic Method  239
Licenciada Susana Vinocur De Fischbein
Changing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy into Psychoanalysis  245
Hermann Beland and Anni Bergman
Changing Nature of Family Structure: Developmental Theories Under Challenge  249
Lucy LaFarge
In-Patient Treatment of Substance Abuse  253
Lee Jaffe
New Perspectives from an Overview of the Congress  257
M. Nasir Ilahi
Colour and Music: Voices of the Unconscious  263
Andrea Sabbadini
Reply to Norman and Thomson-Salo  267
Per-Olof Flink
A final response to Dr Flink  269
Johan Norman
Saving the International Review  270
Neil Maizels
Response to Maizels  271
Krin Gabbard
Response to Internet Discussion  272
Jorge L. Ahumada
Response to ‘Psychoanalysis without Descartes’  273
Giovanna Regazzoni Goretti
William Gillespie ((1905-2001)  277
Robert S. Wallerstein
Psychoanalytic Case Formulation: Nancy McWilliams NY: The Guilford Press. 2000. Pp. 240.  283
Jerome A. Winer, M.D.
Le Divan bien tempéré. [The well-tempered couch.]: J. L. Donnet Paris: Presses Univ. France. 1995. Pp. 308.  284
René Roussillon
Ordinary People and Extra-Ordinary Protections: A Post-Kleinian Approach to the Treatment of Primitive Mental States: Judith Mitrani London: International Library of Psychoanalysis/Routledge 2001. 186 pp.  287
R. D. Hinshelwood
Trauma: A Genealogy: Ruth Leys London: University of Chicago Press, 2000. Pp. 312.  290
David Lindy, M.D. and Stanley Bone, M.D.
Le vampirisme. De la Dame Blanche au Golem: Essai sur la pulsion de mort et sur l'irreprésentable [Vampirism. From the White Lady to the Golem: An Essay on the Death Drive and the Unrepresentable.]: Pérel Wilgowicz. 2nd, revised and expanded edition. Meyzieu: Césura. 2000. Pp. 354.  294
Dominique Bourdin
Melanie Klein: Her Work in Context: Meira Likierman. London: Continuum. 2001. Pp. 202.  297
Elizabeth Spillius
Cracking Up. The Work of the Unconscious Experience: Christopher Bollas. London: Routledge. 1995. Pp. 264.  304
Vincenzo Bonaminio
The Therapeutic Alliance: Steven T. Levy M.D. Madison, CT: Int. Univ. Press. 2000. Pp. 137.  309
George H. Allison
Film Review Essay, Sous le Sable [Under the Sand], (2001): Directed by: Francois Ozon; Distributed by: Winstar Cinema  313
Rita V. Frankiel, Ph.D.
Erratum  323
Issue 2
The Psychodynamics of Orgasm  325
Georges Abraham
The External Observer and the Lens of the Patient-Analyst Match  339
Judy L. Kantrowitz
Homosexuality or Homoeroticism? ‘Narcissistic Eroticism’  351
Jean Bergeret
Primitive Mental States and the Body: A Personal View Of Armando B. Ferrari's Concrete Original Object  363
Riccardo Lombardi
The Language of Schizophrenia and the World of Delusion  383
Michael Robbins
The Thread of Depression Throughout the Life and Works of Leo Tolstoy  407
Annie Anargyros-Klinger
‘It Seemed to Have to do With Something Else …’ Henry James's What Maisie Knew and Bion's Theory of Thinking  419
Sasha Brookes
Who Killed Laius? On Sophocles' Enigmatic Message  433
Beatriz Priel
Edmund Engelman: Photographer of Sigmund Freud's Home and Offices  445
Arnold Werner
‘Controversial Discussions’ the Issue of Differences in Method  453
Dominique Scarfone
Ethics of Psychoanalysis: Confidentiality  457
Ruth F. Lax
The Clinical Value of The Ideas of Wilfred Bion  463
Rita V. Frankiel, Ph.D.
Plenary Panel on Postmodern Psychoanalysis  468
Brian M. Robertson
Child Psychoanalysis: Cathecting and Verbalising Affects in a New Relationship Aspects of the Analytic Method in Work With Children  473
Karen Gilmore
Contrasting Aims in Transference Interpretation  478
Helen K. Gediman
History of Psychoanalysis: Freud and Dream Contributing to and Celebrating the Centenary of the Interpretation of Dreams as The Origin of the Psychoanalytic Method  483
John S. Kafka
Chaos Theory as a New Paradigm in Psychoanalysis a Contribution to the Discussion of Models  487
Warren R. Procci
The Psychoanalytic Method From an Epistemological Viewpoint  491
Nancy Kulish
History of the Vicissitudes in the Application of Psychoanalytic Method During the Last Fifty Years  496
Doris K. Silverman
Working With Traumatised People  501
Lewis A. Kirshner, M.D.
From the Theory of Seduction to Traumatic Seduction: Incest  504
Guillermo Bodner
Response to Ahumada  509
Bernard Cullen
Comments on Millar's ‘A psychoanalytic view of biblical myth’  511
James Bott
Response to Bott  512
David Millar
Comments on Paniagua's ‘The attraction of the topographical technique’  514
Harold W. Wylie, Jr, M.D.
Response to Wylie  515
Cecilio Paniagua
Psychoanalysis in China  516
Teresa Yuan
Costruzioni e campo analitico. Storia, scene e destino [Constructions and the analytic field. History, scenes and fate]: Domenico Chianese. Rome: Borla. 1997. Pp. 267  519
Stefano Bolognini
Reverie and Interpretation: Sensing Something Human: Thomas Ogden. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1997. Pp. 286  521
Theodore J. Jacobs
Negotiating the Therapeutic Alliance: A Relational Treatment Guide: Jeremy D. Safran and J. Christopher Muran. New York: The Guilford Press. 2000. Pp. 260  523
Fredric N. Busch
Objects of Hope: Exploring Possibility and Limit in Psychoanalysis: Steven H. Cooper. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 2000. Pp. 321  526
Barbara Stimmel
Mad Men and Medusas. Reclaiming Hysteria and the Effects of Sibling relationships on the Human Condition: Juliet Mitchell. London: The Penguin Press. 2000. Pp. 381  529
Phil Mollon
Changing Conceptions of Psychoanalysis. The Legacy of Merton Gill: Doris K. Silverman and David L. Wolitzky. The Analytic Press. 2000. Pp. 336  533
Robert Michels
The Dove that Returns, The Dove that Vanishes: Paradox and Creativity in Psychoanalysis: Michael Parsons. London and Philadelphia: Routledge. 2000. Pp. 226  534
Salman Akhtar
Le passé recomposé, pensées, mythes, praxis [The Past Reconstructed: Thoughts, Myths and Practice]: Francis Pasche. Foreword by Didier Anzieu. Collection: Le fil rouge. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1999. Pp. 270  537
Marie-Lise Roux
‘Gulliver's Virtual Travels’ A Review of the Browser's Delight: Pep Cd Rom Archive 1, Version 3  543
Robert L. Tyson
Making Psychoanalytic Scholarship Accessible: A Review of the Pep Cd Rom (Archive 1, Versions 2 and 3)  547
Mary Target
‘The Meaning of Dreams in the Psychotic State: Theoretical Considerations and Clinical Applications’ Paola Capozzi and Franco de Masi  551
Andrzej Werbart
Erratum  569
Issue 3
The Analyst at Work: Editors' Introduction  569
Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
First Interview and one Session with ‘Ana’  569
Elias M. Da Rocha Barros
Wishing for the Impossible: An Essay in Comparative Psychoanalytic Practice  575
Dominique Scarfone
Commentary on Barros's ‘First Interview and one Session with “Ana”’  578
Vincenzo Bonaminio
Jumping from the Couch: An Essay on Phantasy and Emotional Structure  583
Jonathan Lear
Some Implications of Bion's Thought: The Waking Dream and Narrative Derivatives  597
Antonino Ferro
Pathways of Pleasure: The Channel of Primary Anality  609
Anna Potamianou
A 9-Year-Old with Conversion Disorder, Successfully Treated with Psychoanalysis  623
Barbara Milrod
Reporting a Dream Accompanying an Enactment in the Transference Situation  633
Heinz Weiss
Borges, Immortality and the Circular Ruins  647
Catalina Bronstein
The Sense of Beauty  661
George Hagman
The Psychoanalytic Method Working with Mental and Physical Impairment  675
Jorge De La Torre
Psychoanalysis and Art: A Psychoanalytic View of the Life and Work of Cézanne  678
Ana-María Rizzuto
Plenary Session: ‘The Link and the Other’  682
Jane Milton
Cathecting Body and Mind in a New Relationship: Aspects of the Analytic Method in Work with Adolescents  685
Björn Salomonsson
The Nature of the Problems of Psychoanalysis with So-Called ‘Difficult’ Patients  689
Rudi Vermote
Psychoanalysis Across Cultural and Linguistic Difference: Conceptual and Technical Issues  695
Igor Kadyrov
Research: Presentations from Research Advisory Board Funded Projects  702
Nicola Abel-Hirsch and Maggie Mills
The Problems of Technique with Severely Ill Patients  704
Viviana Minerbo
‘The Analyst at Work’  709
Cecilio Paniagua
The Logics of the Mind: Jorge L. Ahumada. London: Karnac Books. 2001. Pp. 167.  711
Viviana Minerbo
Foundations for Conceptual Research in Psychoanalysis: Anna Ursula Dreher, London: Karnac. 2000. Pp. 208  712
Mary Target, Ph.D.
De la guérison psychanalytique [On the Psychoanalytic Cure]: Nathalie Zaltzman Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1998.  716
Marie-Françoise Laval-Hygonenq
A Mind of One's Own: A Kleinian View of Self and Object. Robert Caper New Library of Psychoanalysis 32. London: Routledge. 1999.  719
Richard Rusbridger
Epitre aux insensés [Epistle to the Insane]. Gérard Bayle Collection: Epitres. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1998. Pp. 189.  722
Albert Louppe
The Musical Edge of Therapeutic Dialogue. Steven H. Knoblauch Hillsdale, NJ and London: The Analytic Press. 2000. Pp. 184.  724
Ana-María Rizzuto, M.D.
Hat och kärlek i psykoanalytiska institutioner: En professions dilemma [Hatred and love in psychoanalytic institutions: The dilemma of a profession]. Jurgen Reeder Stockholm: Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion. 2001. Pp. 397.  727
Anders Zachrisson
Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis: An Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology. Karen Kaplan Solms and Mark Solms London: Karnac Books. Pp. 320.  731
Morton F. Reiser, M.D.
The Captive Muse: On Creativity and its Inhibition. Susan Kolodny Madison, Connecticut: Psychosocial Press. 2000. Pp. 154.  736
Katherine Dalsimer
Terrifying Transferences: Aftershocks of Childhood Trauma. Lawrence E. Hedges Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 1999. Pp. 497.  739
Moisy Shopper, M.D.
Book Notices  743
Issue 4
The Analyst at Work: Two Sessions with Alba  753
Stefano Bolognini
Discussion of Stefano Bolognini  759
Janine Puget
Discussion of Dr Bolognini's Case Presentation  762
Jay Greenberg
A New Reading of the Origins of Object-Relations Theory  767
Thomas H. Ogden
Termination of a Fe/Male Transsexual Patient's Analysis: An Example of General Validity  783
Danielle Quinodoz
From Knowledge to Competence: Reflections on Theoretical Work  799
Jurgen Reeder
The Triadic Intersubjective Matrix in Supervision: The Use of Disclosure to Work Through Painful Affects  811
Lawrence J. Brown and Martin Miller
Considerations on Depressive Conflict and its Different Levels of Intensity: Implications for Technique  825
Francisco Palacio Espasa
Body, Mother, Mind: Anorexia, Femininity and the Intrusive Object  837
Marilyn Lawrence
The Need for True Controversies in Psychoanalysis: The Debates on Melanie Klein and Jacques Lacan in the Río de la Plata  851
Ricardo Bernardi
Max Eitingon and the Struggle to Establish an International Standard for Psychoanalytic Training (1925-1929)  875
Michael Schröter
The Rape of Medusa in the Temple of Athena: Aspects of Triangulation in the Girl  895
Beth J. Seelig, M.D.
Bion's Perspectives on Psychoanalytic Method  913
Susan Davison
The Psychoanalytic Method and its Borders: The Interface with the Outside World  918
Shmuel Erlich
Gender and Psychoanalytic Method  922
Gabriele Junkers
El Impacto De Nuevas Técnicas Y Nuevas ‘Realidades’ En Psicoanalisis: [The Impact of new Technologies and new Realities in Psychoanalysis]  926
Enrique Nuñez Jasso
A Critical Enquiry into the Psychoanalytic Theories and Approaches to Psychosomatic Conditions  931
Nicholas Temple
Authority in the Analytic Relationship  935
Paul Williams
As to the Paper of Richard Skues: (‘On the Dating of the Aliquis Slip’, Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 2001, Pp. 1185-1204)  941
Marco Rivalta
Response to Marco Rivalta  945
Richard Skues
Response to Bergeret's ‘Homosexuality or Homoeroticism: “Narcissistic Eroticism”’ (Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 83:351-362)  949
Ralph Roughton
Response to Ralph Roughton  952
Jean Bergeret
Reply to Jean Bergeret's ‘Response to Ralph Roughton’  953
Ralph Roughton
‘It is a New Kind Of Diaspora.’ Explorations in the Sociopolitical and Cultural Context of Psychoanalysis: Riccardo Steiner. London: Karnac Books. 2000. Pp. 212.  955
Graciela Abelin-Sas
Tradition, Change, Creativity. Repercussions of the New Diaspora on Aspects of British Psychoanalysis. Riccardo Steiner. London: Karnac Books. 2000. Pp. 362.  958
Graciela Abelin-Sas
On Freud: Michael S. Trupp, M.D. Belmont, California: Wadsworth, Thomson Learning. 2000. Pp. 84.  960
Elizabeth L. Auchincloss, M.D.
Errant Selves: A Casebook of Misbehavior: Arnold Goldberg. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 2000. Pp. 212.  963
Edward J. Khantzian, M.D.
Stepchildren of Nature: Krafft-Ebing, Psychiatry, and the Making of Sexual Identity: Harry Oosterhuis. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2000. Pp. 321.  966
Eric J. Engstrom
Pourquoi Les Hommes Ont Peur Des Femmes? [Why are Men Afraid of Women?]: Jean Cournut. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2001. Pp. 304.  970
J. F. Rabain
The Work of the Negative: André Green. Trans. A. Weller. London: Free Association Books. 1999. Pp. 317.  974
Antonino Ferro
Who is the Dreamer who Dreams the Dream? A Study of Psychic Presences: James S. Grotstein. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. 2000. Pp. 304.  982
Barnet D. Malin
Otto Weininger: Sex, Science, and Self in Imperial Vienna: Chandak Sengoopta. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2000. Pp. 239.  986
Léon Wurmser
Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958: C. A. Meier. Preface by Beverley Zabriskie. Trans. David Roscoe. London: Routledge. 2001. Pp. 250.  990
David M. Black
Issue 5
Special Editorial: A Boycott by Passport  1001
The Analyst at Work: Sara in her Fourth Analytic Year  1003
Tomas Böhm
Commentary on Dr Böhm's ‘Sara in her Fourth Analytic Year’  1008
Thomas H. Ogden
Commentary on Tomas Böhm's ‘Sara in her Fourth Analytic Year’  1012
John Steiner
Indeterminacy & Compromise Formation: Implications for a psychoanalytic Theory of Mind  1017
Bradley S. Peterson
Some Thoughts on Psychoanalysis and Ethics  1037
Jaime Szpilka
Explicating The Implicit: The Local Level and The Microprocess of Change In The Analytic Situation  1051
The Boston Change Process Study Group (CPSG), Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, Alexandra M. Harrison, Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Alexander C. Morgan, Jeremy P. Nahum, Louis W. Sander, Daniel N. N. Stern and Edward Z. Tronick
A Brief History of Illusion: Milner, Winnicott and Rycroft  1063
John F. Turner
An Essay on Dreaming, Psychical Working out and Working Through  1083
Elias M. Da Rocha Barros
Recrimination in the Analytic Situation: A Hypothesis about Its Influence on Psychoanalytical Groups  1095
Manuel José Gálvez and Jorge Luis Maldonado
Parents and Their Child—and The Analyst in the Middle: Working with A Transgenerational Mandate  1111
Marta Badoni
Reassessing the Clinical Affinity Between Melanie Klein and D. W. Winnicott (1935-51): Klein's Unpublished ‘Notes on Baby’ In Historical Context  1133
Joseph Aguayo
A Lacanian Look at English Elegance: Some Reflections on Ian Mcewan's Enduring Love  1153
Olga Cox Cameron
Psychology and Literature: The Question of Reading Otherwise  1169
Inmaculada Jauregui
Psychoanalysis at the Crossroads  1181
Gottfried Heuer
Remembering a depressive primary object  1184
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Answer to letter concerning our paper: ‘Remembering a depressive primary object’  1186
Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber and Rolf Pfeifer
On ‘The analyst at work’  1188
Judith Fingert Chused, M.D.
Response  1188
Dominique Scarfone
On ‘The analyst at work’  1189
Antonio Carlos Pacheco E Silva Filho
Film Review Essay: Fight Club  1191
Jeanne Wolff Bernstein
The Neurodynamics of Personality. Jim Grigsby and David Stevens New York, NY: Guilford Press. 2000.  1201
Lissa Weinstein and Larry J. Siever, M.D.
Untying the Knot: Working with Children and Parents.A. H. Brafman, London: Karnac. 2001. Pp. 166.  1205
Athol Hughes
Muhammad and the Rise of Islam: The Creation of Group Identity. Subhash C. Inamdar. Madison, CT: Psychosocial Press. 2001. Pp. 226.  1207
Vamik Volkan
Freud in the Pampas: The Emergence and Development of a Psychoanalytic Culture in Argentina. Mariano Ben Plotkin. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 2001. Pp. 314.  1211
Maria Rodriguez Boulan
La clínica y el proceso psicoanalítico. Pedro Guillem Nácher. Valencia: Promolibro. 2001. Pp. 276.  1215
Jaime Tabares Pujante
La vie opératoire [Operative life]. Claude Smadja. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2001. Pp. 272.  1217
Alain Fine
Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis. Peter Fonagy. New York: Other Press. 2001a. Pp. 190.  1220
Glen O. Gabbard
Impact of Narcissism: The Errant Therapist in a Chaotic Quest. Peter Giovacchini, Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson. 2000. Pp. 324.  1222
Salman Akhtar
The Violence of Interpretation. Piera Aulagnier. Paris: P.U.F. Collection Le fil rouge. 1975. Pp. 363.  1225
Helene Troisier
Issue 6
The Analyst at Work: Nina  1233
Giovanna Ambrosio
Comments on the Case of Nina  1238
Clifford Yorke
A Hypothetical Reconstruction Unveiling a Family Secret  1242
Viviana Minerbo
The Trajectory of Psychoanalysis: A Prognostication  1247
Robert S. Wallerstein
Why Aggression?: Metapsychological, Clinical and Technical Considerations  1269
Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
The Exclusion of the Other: A Clinical Contribution to an Object-Relations Theory of Obsessional Defence  1291
Hans Asseyer
The Repressed and Implicit Knowledge  1311
Vesa Talvitie and Juhani Ihanus
Speech Events, Language Development and the Clinical Situation  1325
Ana-María Rizzuto
Perverse Thought  1345
Alfonso Sánchez-Medina
‘Actual Neurosis’ and Psychosomatic Medicine: The Vicissitudes of an Enigmatic Concept  1361
Peter Hartocollis
Freud's ‘Problem’ Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychoanalysis Working Together on Memory  1375
Gilbert Pugh
The Didactics of Psychoanalytic Education  1395
Jürgen Körner
Organisational and Educational Internal Impediments of Psychoanalysis: Contemporary Challenges  1407
César Garza-Guerrero
On Abraham's ‘The psychodynamics of orgasm’  1435
Tamara Feldman
Response to Tamara Feldman  1436
Georges Abraham
Response to Special Editorial (Vol. 83, Pt. 5, p. 1001)  1437
Marco Chiesa
Response to Annie Anargyros-Klinger's ‘Depression and Leo Tolstoy’  1438
Neville Symington
Response to Dr Neville Symington's letter on the article on ‘Tolstoy's depression’ (2002, 83: 407-18)  1441
Annie Anargyros-Klinger
On Film Review Essay: Fight Club  1442
Michael Sinason
Film Review Essay Blue Velvet: David Lynch's Primal Scene  1445
Danielle Knafo and Kenneth Feiner
A review essay concerning the following three books: Adolescence et désenchantement [Adolescence and disenchantment]. Jean Guillaumin. ‘Perspectives Psychanalytiques’ series, ed. Alain-Julien Brun. Bordeaux: L'Esprit du Temps. 2001. Pp. 160.La dépression à l'adolescence [Depression in adolescence]. By Dominique Arnoux. Preface by Roger Misès. Vol. 1, ‘Adolescence et Psychanalyse’ series, eds Rémy Puyuelo and Kati Varga. Paris: In Press. 1999. Pp. 170.La passion adolescente [Adolescent passion]. By Elsa Schmid-Kitsikis. Preface by Jean Cournut. Vol. 2, ‘Adolescence et Psychanalyse’ series, eds Rémy Puyuelo and Kati Varga. Paris: In Press. 2001. Pp. 184.  1453
Florence Guignard
Analisis terminable: Estudio de la terminación del proceso analítico. Antonio Pérez-Sánchez. Valencia: Editorial Promolibro. 1997. Pp. 264.  1457
Jose Luis Marti Quiros
Releasing the Self: The Healing Legacy of Heinz Kohut. Phil Mollon. London and Philadelphia: Whurr Publishers. 2001. Pp. 278.  1460
Paul H. Ornstein
Melting the Darkness: The Dyad in Clinical Practice: Warren Poland. New York: Aronson. 1996. Pp. 310  1463
Irene Cairo
Art, Creativity, Living. Lesley Caldwell. London: Karnac. 2001. Pp. 160  1468
Jennifer Johns
Psykoanalyyttisia tutkielmia [Psychoanalytic essays]. Pentti Ikonen. Helsinki: University Press. 2000. Pp. 193.  1469
Turo Reenkola
The Patient–Therapist Relationship: The Field of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy. [La relación paciente terapeuta: El campo del psicoanálisis y la psicoterapia psicoanalítica.]: Joan Coderch. Ed. Paidós and Fundació Vidal i Barraquer. 2001. Pp. 271.  1473
Guillermo Bodner
The Importance of Fathers: A Psychoanalytic Re-Evaluation. Edited by Judith Trowell and Alicia Etchegoyen. London: Routledge. The New Library of Psychoanalysis. 2002. Pp. 256.  1477
Mauro Morra
Book Notices  1481
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