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List of Articles

Volume 86 (2005)

Issue 1
Après-coup  1
Haydée Faimberg
‘As I was walking down the stair, I saw a concept which wasn't there …’ Or, après-coup: A missing concept?  7
Ignês Sodré
Response to Ignês Sodré  11
Haydée Faimberg
On psychoanalytic writing  15
Thomas H. Ogden
Does anything go? Towards a framework for the more transparent assessment of psychoanalytic competence  31
David Tuckett
Projective identification and consciousness alteration: A bridge between psychoanalysis and neuroscience?  51
Cristiana Cimino and Antonello Correale
The preconscious and psychic change in Fairbairn's model of mind  61
Graham Clarke
What is the function of faith and trust in psychoanalysis?  79
Claudio Neri
Freud's metapsychological speculations  99
Leopoldo Fulgencio
Psychoanalytic application and psychoanalytic integrity  125
Sylvia O'neill
Psychoanalysis on the frontiers of terror: Experiences in the USA, Israel and Peru  147
Kristina C. MacGaffin and Moderator Nancy R. Goodman
Can psychoanalysis and systematic research work productively together?  151
Moderator Guillermo De La Parra and Marta Del Río
Biography, autobiography and history  155
Laurie Wilson and Moderator Harold P. Blum
Framing and interpretation in the analysis of adolescents  159
Primitivo Gómez and Moderator Juan Manzano
Personality disorders: Actings and rescue fantasies in cinema and psychoanalysis  163
Ana Sloninsky de Groba and Moderator Liliana Pendrón de martin
Psychosexuality: The uses and abuses of excitement and its objects  167
Irene Cairo and Moderator Jorge Canestri
Child psychoanalysis: How we workClinical models in practice: Two clinical cases with detailed session material  171
Renate Kelleter and Moderator Peter Blos, Jr.
Donald Meltzer (1922-2004)  175
Alberto Hahn
β-Mentality in The matrix trilogy  179
Director Larry Wachowski, Director Andy Wachowski and Duncan Cartwright
Trauma, violence and psychoanalysis: September 11: Trauma and human bonds Edited by Susan W. Coates, Jane L. Rosenthal and Daniel S. Schechter Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press (Relational Perspectives Book Series, Vol 23). 2003. 312 pp.  191
Roberta J. Apfel and Bennett Simon
Experiences of depression: Theoretical, clinical, and research perspectives By Sidney J. Blatt Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 2004. 359 pp.  203
Jennifer J. Stuart
Idées directrices pour une psychanalyse contemporaine: Méconaisssance et reconnaissance de l'inconscient [Key ideas for a contemporary psychoanalysis: Misrecognition and recognition of the unconscious] By André Green Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2002. 400 pp.  207
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
Via regia zum Unbewussten: Freud und die Traumforschung im 19. Jahrhundert [The royal road to the unconscious. Freud and 19th-century dream research] By Stefan Goldmann Gießen: Psychosozial-Verlag. 2003. 286 pp.  213
Wolfgang Hegener
Dark continents: Psychoanalysis and colonialism by Ranjana Khanna Durham, NC: Duke U Press. 2003. 310 pp.  217
Muriel Dimen
L'imprévu en séance [The unforeseen in sessions] by Jacques André Paris: Gallimard. 2004. 186 p.  222
Nathalie Zilkha
Psichiatria prossima. La psichiatria territoriale in un'epoca di crisi [New directions in psychiatry. Psychiatric care in the community in a time of crisis] By Giuseppe Riefolo Turin: Bollati Boringhieri. 2001. 154 pp.  226
Gabriela Tavazza
Issue 2 - Keynote papers from the 44th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 28–31 July 2005
New internet method for paper and review submission  231
Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Two hours at work, with Amanda  233
Commentary 1  241
Werner Bohleber
Commentary 2  245
Roger Kennedy
Variations on the concept of traumatism: Traumatism, traumatic, trauma  251
Thierry Bokanowski
The basic traumatic situation in the analytical relationship  267
Raul Hartke
Los Degradados: Out, down, dead: Transmitted and inflicted trauma as encountered in the analysis of a 6-year-old girl  291
James M. Herzog
The specificity of torture as trauma: The human wilderness when words fail  311
Marcelo N. Viñar
Psychodynamic assessment of changes in children with autism under Psychoanalytic treatment  335
Geneviève Haag, Sylvie Tordjman, Andrée Duprat, Simone Urwand, Françoise Jardin, Marie-Christine Clément, Annick Cukierman, Catherine Druon, Anik Maufras Du ChâTellier, Jacqueline Tricaud and Anne-Marie Dumont
Destruction and guilt: Splitting and reintegration in the analysis of a traumatised patient  353
Franziska Henningsen
Confidentiality with respect to third parties: A psychoanalytic view  375
Allannah Furlong
Leonardo's phantasy and the importance of Freud's slip: The role of the analyst's phantasies in applied psychoanalysis and in the analytic relation  395
Sarantis Thanopulos
A disturbance of interpreting, of symbolisation and of curiosity in the analyst-analysand relationship: (The patient without insight)  413
Jorge Luis Maldonado
The Göttingen study of psychoanalytic therapy: First results  433
Falk Leichsenring, Joachim Biskup, Reinhard Kreische and Hermann Staats
In the shadow of a controversy: Freud and Ferenczi 1925-33  457
André E. Haynal
Analytical space and work in Russia: Some remarks on past and present  467
Igor M. Kadyrov
Submission, inhibition and sexuality: Masochistic character and psychic change in Austen's Mansfield Park  483
Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
Psychoanalytical teamwork in a day hospital: Revisiting some preconditions for patients' subjective appropriation  503
Bernard Penot
Intergenerational transmission of psychopathology  517
Marina Altmann De Litvan and Moderator Juan Manzano
Psychoanalysis and the academic world  521
M. Philip Luber and Moderator Robert Michels
Adolescent psychoanalysis: How we work—Clinical models in practiceTwo clinical cases with detailed session material  525
Anders Zachrisson and Moderator Agneta Sandell
An update on time  531
Konstantinos I. Arvanitakis and Moderator John S. Kafka
Freud and Jung today: Oedipus and symbolisation  535
Ester Hadassa Sandler and Moderator Marcio de Freitas Giovannetti
Artist and model: Psychoanalytic perspectives  539
J. David Miller and Moderator Gilbert J. Rose
Developing psychoanalysis under socio-political pressure: Viewpoints from Eastern Europe  543
Václav Mikota and Moderator Tamara Stajner-Popovic
On: Incorporation of an invasive object  547
Candy Aubry
Response to Dr Aubry  547
Paul Williams
On: Incorporation of an invasive object  548
Ioannis Vartzopoulos
On: What can we learn from psychoanalysis and prospective studies about chemically dependent patients?  549
Manuela Fleming
Reply to Dr Fleming  550
Lance M. Dodes
On: A boycott by passport [Editorial]  551
Martin Kemp
On: Projective identification and consciousness alteration  553
Mauro Mancia
Response to Professor Mancia  554
Cristiana Cimino and Antonello Correale
On the threshold of the creative imagination: Swimming Pool (2003)  557
Britt-Marie Schiller
Préhistoires de famille [Family prehistories] by Alain de Mijolla Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. (Series: Le fil rouge.) 2004. 238 pp.  567
Dominique Bourdin
Forme dell'interpretare. Nuove prospettive nella teoria e nella clinica psicoanalitica [Forms of interpretation. New perspectives on psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice] Edited by Paolo Fabozzi Milan: Angeli. 2003. 217 pp.  569
Stefano Bolognini
From the eclipse of the body to the dawn of thought By Armando B. Ferrari, translated by Isabella Chigi London: Free Association Books. 2004. 251 pp.  579
Riccardo Lombardi
Il counselling psicodinamico [Psychodynamic counselling] By Andreas Giannakoulas and Santa Fizzarotti Selvaggi Roma: Borla. 2003. 398 pp.  584
Cinzia Lucantoni
My life in theory, By Leo Rangell New York: Other Press. 2004. 320 pp.  587
Shelly Orgel
The couch and the silver screen: Psychoanalytic reflections on European cinema Edited by Andrea Sabbadini Hove: Brunner-Routledge. 2003. 280 pp.  594
Serge Frisch
Un año para toda la vida: El secreto mundo emocional de la madre y su bebé [A year for the rest of life: The secret emotional world of mother and baby] Mariela Michelena Madrid: Temas de Hoy. 2002. 214 pp.  600
Marisa Muñoz
Samuel Beckett and the primacy of love By John Robert Keller Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. 2002. 226 pp.  603
Helen Taylor Robinson
Addendum  607
Issue 3
IJP Rio Conference, June 2004  609
Elias Da Rocha Barros, Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Conferencia de Río del IJP, Junio 2004  613
Elias Da Rocha Barros, Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Conferência no Rio de Janeiro do IJP, Junho 2004  618
Elias Da Rocha Barros, Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Will psychoanalytic pluralism be an enduring state of our discipline?  623
Robert S. Wallerstein
The illusion of common ground and mythical pluralism  627
André Green
Dialogue or illusion? How do we go from here? Response to André Green  633
Robert S. Wallerstein
Who is ‘who’ in dissociation? A plea for psychodynamics in a time of trauma  639
Siri Erika Gullestad
Early trauma and narcissism-autism bipolarity  657
Anna Oliva de Cesarei
Affect and the therapeutic action of psychoanalysis  677
Victor Manoel Andrade
From bastion to enactment: The ‘non-dream’ in the theatre of analysis  699
Roosevelt M. Smeke Cassorla
From mimesis to agency: Clinical steps in the work of psychic two-ness  721
Luisa C. Busch De Ahumada and Jorge L. Ahumada
The many faces of lying  737
Alessandra Lemma
Perverse relationships: The perspective of the perpetrator  755
Sandra Filippini
Why perversion? ‘False love’ and the perverse pact  775
Ruth Stein
Metaphor and the violent act  801
Donald Campbell and Henrik Enckell
Experiences in K and − K  825
John A. Schneider
Are psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies effective? A review of empirical data  841
Falk Leichsenring
Melanie Klein in Buenos Aires: Beginnings and developments  869
Horacio R. Etchegoyen and Samuel Zysman
On: The cause is worse: Remeeting Jocasta  895
M. Kim Sarasohn
Reply to Ms Sarasohn  896
Barbara Stimmel
On: Dogville: A parable on perversion  897
Angela Sheppard
Response to Dr Sheppard  899
Adela Abella and Nathalie Zilkha
On: Projective identification and consciousness alteration  900
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Reply to Dr Schwaber  901
Cristiana Cimino and Antonello Correale
On: A boycott by passport [Letter]  902
Warren S. Poland
Hable con ella [Talk to her]  905
Director Pedro Almodovar and David Lichtenstein
Le famiglie di Edipo [The families of Oedipus] By Gilda De Simone Roma: Borla. 2004. 123 pp.  915
Maria Adelaide Lupinacci
Visiones de España. Reflections de un psicoanalista [Visions of Spain. Reflections of a psychoanalyst] By Cecilio Paniagua Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. 2004. 302 pp.  919
José María Erroteta
Tra il sapere e la cura. Un itinerario freudiano [Between knowledge and treatment. A Freudian journey] by Francesco Conrotto Milan: Angeli. 2000. 218 pp.  922
Angelique Costis
Secrets of the soul: A social and cultural history of psychoanalysis By Eli Zaretsky New York: Knopf. 2004. 429 + xv pp.  926
Gerald N. Izenberg
Lire Freud. Découverte chronologique de l'oeuvre de Freud [Reading Freud. A chronological exploration of Freud's writings] by Jean-Michel Quinodoz Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2004. 325 pp.  931
Anne-Marie Sandler
The blind man sees: Freud's awakening and other essays By Neville Symington London: Karnac. 2004. 226 pp.  934
Stanley Schneider
Curare con la psicoanalisi. Percorsi e strategie [Curing with psychoanalysis. Routes and strategies] by Giuseppe Di Chiara Milano: Cortina. 2003. 143 pp.  938
Riccardo Lombardi
Ferenczi oggi [Ferenczi today] Franco Borgogno Torino: Bollati Boringhieri. 2004. 407 pp.  942
Paola Golinelli
Book Notices  949
Issue 4
The relevance of psychoanalysis to an understanding of terrorism  957
Stuart W. Twemlow
Rejoinder  963
Lawrence Friedman
Response  969
Stuart W. Twemlow
20 Years is not long enough  975
Lucía Korol
‘Yes, we have bananas!’  993
Ana Maria Andrade Azevedo, Ana Maria Stucchi Vannucchi and Ester Hadassa Sandler
New interpretative styles: Progress of contamination? Psychoanalysis and phenomenological psychopathology  1011
Mario Rossi Monti
Trauma, narcissism and the two attractors in trauma  1033
Shmuel Gerzi
‘Projective transidentification’ An extension of the concept of projective identification  1051
James S. Grotstein
Pentheus rather than Oedipus: On perversion, survival and analytic ‘presencing’  1071
Ofra Eshel
Approaching countertransference in psychoanalytical supervision: A qualitative investigation  1099
Jacó Zaslavsky, Maria Lúcia Tiellet Nunes and Cláudio Laks Eizirik
No reconciliation, but self-searching in the sense of rapprochement: Hillel Klein's Holocaust research in Germany 40 years after  1133
Carl Nedelmann
The Emperor's clothes: Some serious problems in psychoanalytic training  1143
Patrick Casement
Missing what was true: Problems of seeing and knowing in Henry James's The wings of the dove  1161
Jill Boswell
Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy: A long and troubled relationship  1175
Kenneth Eisold
On: Editors' note for the Analyst at work feature  1197
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Reply to Dr Schwaber  1197
On: Confidentiality with respect to thrid parties  1198
Andrea Marzi
Reply to Dr Marzi  1200
Allannah Furlong
On: Metaphor and the violent act  1200
Candy Aubry and Adela Abella
Response to Drs Aubry and Abella  1201
Donald Campbell and Henrik Enckell
Erratum  1203
Anders Zachrisson
Perversion annihilates creativity and love: A passion for destruction in The Piano Teacher  1205
Director Michael Haneke and Harriet Wrye
Between emotion and cognition: The generative unconscious by Joseph Newirth New York: Other Press. 2003. 255 pp.  1213
Hazel R. Ipp
Le mal des idéologies [The ills of ideology] by François Duparc Paris: Presses Universitaires de France (Le fil rouge series). 2004. 288 pp.  1216
Dominique Bourdin
The confusion of tongues: The primacy of sexuality in Freud, Ferenczi, and Laplanche by Philippe Van Haute and Tomas Geyskens New York: Other Press. 2004. 158 pp.  1219
Lewis A. Kirshner
Suffering insanity: Psychoanalyic essays on psychosis R.D. Hinshelwood Hove: Brunner Routledge. 2004. 200 pp.  1223
Leonard Fagin
Cures d'enfance [Curing Childhood] By Laurence Kahn Paris: Gallimard (Connaissance de l'inconscient series). 2004. 197 pp.  1228
Sabine Cann-Olewkowiez
The ethic of honesty: The fundamental rule of psychoanalysis By M. Guy Thompson New York, NY: Rodopi. 2003. 193 pp.  1232
Ernest Wallwork
Misunderstanding Freud By Arnold Goldberg New York: Other Press. 2004. 260 pp.  1237
Mitchell Wilson
Traumi di guerra. Un'esperienza psicoanalitica in Bosnia-Erzegovina [War traumas. A psychoanalytic experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina] By Patrizia Brunori, Gianna Candolo, Maddalena Donà dalle Rose and Maria Chiara Risoldi with an Introduction by Silvia Amati Sas San Cesario di Lecce: Manni. 2003. 254 pp.  1241
Flavia Donati
Issue 5
Four sessions with Lisa  1247
Antonino Ferro
Thoughts catalyzed by Ferro's paper  1257
Charles Spezzano
The door to being preserved and alive  1261
Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
On psychoanalytic supervision  1265
Thomas H. Ogden
‘Weaving thoughts’ A method for presenting and commenting psychoanalytic case material in a peer group  1281
Johan Norman† and Björn Salomonsson
Fire at the theatre: (Un)reality of/in the transference and interpretation  1299
Giuseppe Civitarese
Traumatic effects of political repression in Chile: A clinical experience  1317
Margarita Díaz Cordal
Oneiric activity and the analytical process: A semiotic perspective on Willy Baranger's theory of dreams  1329
Susana Vinocur-Fischbein
Validation of psychoanalytic theories: Towards a conceptualization of references  1353
Anders Zachrisson and Henrik Daae Zachrisson
When the analyst is physically ill: Vicissitudes in the analytical relationship  1373
Maria Grazia Vassallo Torrigiani and Andrea Marzi
On aggressiveness and violence in adolescence  1391
Silvia Flechner
Notes for a dialogue between psychoanalysis and neuroscience  1405
Franco Scalzone
A successful trial utilizing the Leuzinger-Bohleber methodology for evaluation of psychoanalytic treatment: Preliminary report  1425
Socorro Ramonet RascÓn, Pablo Cuevas Corona, Teresa Lartigue, Josefina Mendoza Rios and David LÓpez Garza
The patient's private construction of meaning and canons of science: Freud's case studies noch einmal  1441
Andrzej Werbart
The four antinomies of the death instinct  1463
Ignacio Matte-Blanco
On: Biography, autobiography and history  1477
James Hamilton
On: Experiences in K and −K  1477
Richard P. Alexander
Reply to Dr Alexander  1479
John A. Schneider
On: The relevance Of Psychoanalysis to an understanding of terrorism  1479
Stephen M. Sonnenberg
Film Review
Real women have curves (2002) Director: Patricia Cardoso  1481
Steven H. Cooper and Adrienne Harris
Authenticité du faux. Lectures psychanalytiques [The authenticity of the fake. Psychoanalytic readings] By Murielle Gagnebin Paris: Presses Universitaires de France (Le fil rouge series). 2004. 320 pp.  1489
Dominique Baudesson
Making death thinkable Franco De Masi London: Free Association Books. 2004. 157 pp.  1493
Michael Brearley
Sentire le parole. Archivi sonori della memoria implicita e musicalità del transfert [Feeling the words. Resonant archives of implicit memory and musicality of the transference] By Mauro Mancia Turin: Bollati Boringhieri, 2004. 214 pp  1497
Antonio Di Benedetto
Il viaggio con i bambini nella psicoterapia [The psychotherapeutic journey with children] By Maria Luisa Algini Rome: Borla, 2004. 214 pp.  1501
Maria Grazia Fusacchia
Ubi maior. Il tempo e la cura delle lacerazioni del Sé [Ubi maior. The time and cure of lacerations of the self] By Roberto Speziale-Bagliacca Rome: Astrolabio. 2004. 224 pp.  1505
Almatea Usuelli Kluzer
Psykoanalyyttisia tutkielmia 2 [Psychoanalytic essays 2] By Pentti Ikonen Helsinki: Helsinki Univ. Press. 2004 199 pp.  1510
Esa Roos
Essere neonati: Questioni psicoanalitiche [Being a newborn baby: Psychoanalytic issues] Dina Vallino and Marco Macciò Rome: Borla. 2004. 261 pp.  1515
Giuliana Bruno
Hysteria by Christopher Bollas Routledge 2000. 192 pp.  1518
Jonathan Sklar
Issue 6
Whose Bion?  1523
Edna O'Shaughnessy
Whose Bion? Who is Bion?  1529
Elizabeth Tabak De Bianchedi
Bion: Theoretical and clinical observations  1535
Antonino Ferro
The countertransference dream  1543
Susann Heenen-Wolff
Identifying marks of Latin American psychoanalysis: Towards the definition of a River Plate model  1559
Ana María Viñoly Beceiro
False memories, negative affects, and psychic reality: The role of extra-clinical data in psychoanalysis  1573
Michael I. Good, Max Day and Eve Rowell
The theory of transformations and autistic states: Autistic transformations: A proposal  1595
Celia Fix Korbivcher
The analyst: His professional novel  1611
Laura Ambrosiano
Permeability and demarcation in the psychoanalytic process: Functions of the contact-barrier  1627
Martin Teising
Vis-à-vis the couch: Where is psychoanalysis?  1645
Andrea Celenza
Infantile sexuality, primary object-love and the anthropological significance of the Oedipus complex: Re-reading Freud's ‘Female sexuality’  1661
Philippe Van Haute
Anxiety, attributional thinking, and the primary process  1679
Linda A.W. Brakel and Howard Shevrin
Jules Verne's Journey to the centre of the Earth: The secret of counterdepressive narratives  1695
Michel Sanchez-Cardenas
On: Psychoanalytic pluralism  1713
René Epstein
Response to Dr Epstein  1714
Robert S. Wallerstein
Perversion in La mala educación [Bad education] (2004)  1715
Director Pedro Almodóvar and Judith A. Yanof
Contemporary controversies in psychoanalytic theory, techniques and their applications by Otto Kernberg New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 2004. 342 pp. Aggressivity, narcissism and self-destructiveness in the psychotherapeutic relationship: New developments in the psychopathology and psychotherapy of severe personality disorders by Otto Kernberg New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 2004. 271 pp.  1725
Jorge L. Ahumada
How analysts think and why they think the way they do: Reflections on three psychoanalytic hours Edited by Arden Aibel Rothstein and Samuel Abrams Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 2003. 165 pp.  1735
Paula B. Fuqua
Mellemværende. En diskussion af begrebet borderline [Being in between. A discussion of the concept of borderline] By Judy Gammelgaard Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag. 2004. 256 pp.  1737
Sverre Varvin
Interpréter le transfert [Interpreting the transference] Edited by Félicie Nayrou and Georges Pragier Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2004. 176 pp.  1740
Marc Babonneau
Gustav Mahler: A life in crisis Stuart Feder New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 2004. 315 pp.  1744
Penny M. Freedman
Jouer avec Winnicott [Playing with Winnicott] André Green Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 2004. 128 pp.  1748
Jean-François Rabain
Clinical values: Emotions that guide psychoanalytic treatment By Sandra Buechler Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 2004. 188 pp.  1755
Andrea Celenza
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