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List of Articles

Volume 88 (2007)

Issue 1
The Analyst at Work
The Case of Stevie  1
Alice A. Jones
The Analyst as Eye Doctor and as Marine Mammal Specialist  9
Anna Ferruta
A Comment on ‘The Case of Stevie’  13
Raul Hartke
Theoretical and Clinical Papers
The Case Against Neuropsychoanalysis: On Fallacies Underlying Psychoanalysis' Latest Scientific Trend and its Negative Impact on Psychoanalytic Discourse  19
Rachel B. Blass and Zvi Carmeli
Sibling Loss, Guilt and Reparation: A Case Study  41
Christopher Christian
Dreaming as a Primordial State of the Mind: The Clinical Relevance of Structural Faults in the Body Ego as Revealed in Dreaming  55
Victor Manoel Andrade
From Symbolic Law to Narrative Capacity: A Paradigm Shift in Psychoanalysis?  75
Susann Heenen-Wolff
Thinking with, and About, Patients Too Scared to Think: Can Non-Interpretive Maneuvers Stimulate Reflective Thought?  91
Richard Howard Tuch
Psychoanalysis and Change: Between Curiosity and Faith  113
Jose Alberto Zusman, Elie Cheniaux and Sergio De Freitas
‘Talk to me Baby, Tell me What's the Matter Now’ Semiotic and Developmental Perspectives on Communication in Psychoanalytic Infant Treatment  127
Björn Salomonsson
The Paedophile and his Inner World: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations on the Analysis of a Patient  147
Franco De Masi
Hunger and Love: Schiller and the Origin of Drive Dualism in Freud's Work  167
Patricia Cotti
Educational and Professional Issues
The Coming Changes in Psychoanalytic Education: Part II  183
Otto F. Kernberg
The Educational Boundary  203
Stephen M. Sonnenberg and William A. Myerson
Monstrous Infants and Vampyric Mothers in Bram Stoker's Dracula  219
Barbara R. Almond
Letters to the Editors
Letters to The Editors: On: Art and Emotion in Psychoanalysis  237
Gilbert J. Rose
Letters to The Editors: Reply to Dr Rose  237
Elliot Jurist
Letters to The Editors: On: Analytic Impasse and The Third  238
Ruth Stein
Letters to The Editors: Response to Ruth Stein  240
Lewis Aron
Letters to The Editors: On: Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis  240
Nathan Szajnberg
Letters to The Editors: Reply to Nathan Szajnberg  241
Siegfried Zepf
Film Essay
Brodeuses [Sequins] (2005): The Sparkle in A Mother's Eyes  243
Director: Eléonore Faucher and Paola Golinelli
Infant Observation at The Heart of Training By Janine Sternberg London: Karnac. 2005. 267 p.  253
Lisa Miller
This art of psychoanalysis: Dreaming undreamt dreams and interrupted cries by Thomas H. Ogden New York: Routledge (New Library of Psychoanalysis). 2005. 143 p.  255
Emanuel Berman
Freuds Lektüren: Von Arthur Conan Doyle bis zu Arthur Schnitzler [Freud's reading: From Arthur Conan Doyle to Arthur Schnitzler] by Michael Rohrwasser Giessen: Psychosozial Verlag. 2005. 404 p.  262
Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff
The dissociative mind by Elizabeth Howell Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 2005. 307 p.  267
Richard M. Waugaman
Mother in psychoanalysis: A feminist view [in Hebrew] by Anat Palgi-Hecker Tel Aviv: Am Oved. 2005 358 p.  272
Shlomith Cohen
The body as mirror of the world by Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel Leighton S, translator. London: Free Association Books. 2005 165 p.  276
Jeanne Wolff Bernstein
Freud along the Ganges: Psychoanalytic reflections on the people and culture of India Edited by Salman Akhtar New York, NY: Other Press. 2005 451 p.  280
Robert A. Paul
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychoanalysis edited by Ethel Spector Person, Arnold M. Cooper, and Glen O. Gabbard Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing. 2005 602 p.  284
Daniel Jacobs
Issue 2
A Farewell Message from the Editors  287
Glen O. Gabbard and Paul Williams
Keynote Papers
Working Through the End of Civilization  291
Jonathan Lear
Between Memory and Destiny: Repetition  309
Norberto Carlos Marucco
Remembrance, Trauma and Collective Memory: The Battle for Memory in Psychoanalysis  329
Werner Bohleber
Theoretical and Clinical Papers
Reading Harold Searles  353
Thomas H. Ogden
Addressing Parts of the Self  371
Michael Feldman
Projective Identification: A Theoretical Investigation of the Concept Starting from ‘Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms’  387
Giovanna Regazzoni Goretti
The Work of the Psychoanalyst in the fIeld of Psychosis  407
Lina Balestriere
‘I Noticed’ The Emergence of Self-Observation in Relationship to Pathological Attractor Sites  423
Fred Busch
Winnicott's Rejection of the Basic Concepts of Freud's Metapsychology  443
Leopoldo Fulgencio
Trauma, Causality and Time: Some Reflections: Epistemology Study Group, Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society  463
Viviane Sprinz Mondrzak, Aldo Luiz Duarte, Alice Becker Lewkowicz, Anna Luiza Kauffmann, Eneida Iankilevich, Gisha Brodacz, Gustavo P. Soares and Luiz Ernesto Pellanda
The Goals of Psychoanalytic Treatment: Conceptual Considerations and Follow-up Interview Evaluation with a Former Analysand  475
Heike Westenberger-Breuer
Interdiciplinary Studies
Psychoanalysis, Science, and Art: Aesthetics in the Making of a Psychoanalyst  489
João A. Frayze-Pereira
Meeting Report
Approaches to Prevention of Intergenerational Transmission of Hate, War and Violence  507
Vivian B. Pender
Morning Sessions  507
Luncheon Discussion  508
Afternoon ‘Town Hall’ Meeting  509
Film Essay
Mulholland Drive (2001): A Self-Psychology Perspective  515
Director David Lynch, Joseph Barbera and Henry J. Moller
Book Reviews
L'enveloppe visuelle du Moi [The visual envelope of the ego] by Guy Lavallée Paris: Dunod. 1999. 266 p.  527
Denise Bouchet-Kervella
Freud by Jonathan Lear New York, NY: Routledge. (Routledge Philosophers series.) 2005. 278 p.  532
Marcia Cavell
När Orfeus vände sig om [When Orpheus looked back] By Johan Beck-Friis Stockholm: Naturoch Kultur. 2005. 330 p.  535
Henrik Lund
Die vergessene Kunst: Der Orpheusmythos und die Psychoanalyse der Musik [Forgotten art: The Orpheus myth and the psychoanalysis of music] by Sebastian Leikert Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag. 2005. 175 p.  538
Josef Dantlgraber
Psychotherapists as expert witnesses: Families at breaking point by Roger Kennedy London: Karnac. 2005. 235 p.  541
André Haynal
Sigmund Freud. Persönliche Erinnerungen [Sigmund Freud: Personal memories] by Isidor Sadger Tübingen: Diskord. (Huppke A, Schröter M, editors. Quellen und Abhandlungen zur Geschichte der Psychoanalyse [Sources of and treatises on the history of psychoanalysis], Vol. 4.) 2006. 160 p. Recollecting Freud by Isidor Sadger (Dundes A, editor and translator, Jacobsen JM, translator) Madison, WI: U Wisconsin Press. 2005. 138 p.  545
G. W. Pigman, III
Freud's library: A comprehensive catalogue/Freuds Bibliothek: Vollständiger Katalog edited by J. Keith Davies and Gerhard Fichtner Tübingen: Edition diskord. 2006. Introductory volume: 144 p.; CD-catalogue: 1049 p. (Quellen und Abhandlungen zur Geschichte der Psychoanalyse [Sources and treatises on the history of psychoanalysis], Vol. 2. Schröter M, editor.)  549
Ernst Falzeder
The Tavistock seminars; The Italian seminars by Wilfred R. Bion London: Karnac. 2006. 118 p.; 109 p.  551
Antonino Ferro
Issue 3
IJP Introductory Editorial  557
Dana Birksted-Breen and Robert Michels
Theoretical and Clinical Papers
‘Bound in a nutshell’: Thoughts on complexity, reductionism, and ‘infinite space’  559
Glen O. Gabbard
On talking-as-dreaming  575
Thomas H. Ogden
Creativity and dialectical phenomena: From dialectical edge to dialectical space  591
Ken Israelstam
The illumination of history  609
Michael Feldman
The impact of intrusive identification in the analytic process: Some implications of real trauma and phantasy  627
Jacó Zaslavsky
Lacan  643
Gilbert Diatkine
Educational and Professional Issues
Can research influence clinical practice?  661
Juan Pablo Jiménez
The supervisory field and projective identification  681
Germano Vollmer Filho, Antonio Carlos J. Pires, Gerson Isac Berlim, Raul Hartke and Sérgio Lewkowicz
Confidentiality, privacy, and the facilitating role of psychoanalytic organizations  691
Mary Kay O'neil
Education Section
Infant observation: A range of questions and challenges for contemporary psychoanalysis  713
Marina Altmann De Litvan
Interdisciplinary Studies
From Dream story (Schnitzler) to Eyes wide shut (Kubrick): From identity through meaning formation to identity through excitation  735
Joachim F. Danckwardt
The superego, narcissism and Great Expectations  753
Graham Ingham
Letters to the Editors
On: Julie's Museum: The Evolution of Thinking, Dreaming and Historicization in the Treatment of Traumatized Patients  769
Michael I. Good
Reply to Michael Good  771
Lawrence J. Brown
Mentalization, Insightfulness, and Therapeutic Action  772
Paolo Migone
Reply to Paolo Migone  773
Alan Sugarman, Ph.D.
Film Essay
Two faces of Thanatos: Broken flowers (2005) and Ai no corrida (1976)  777
Marion Minerbo, Directors: Jim Jarmusch and Nagisa Oshima
Book Reviews
Consapevolezza ed autoanalisi [Awareness and self-analysis] edited by Pia De Silvestris and Adamo Vergine Milan: Angeli. 2005. 158 p.  791
Andrea B. Baldassarro
Tonårstid. Utveckling, problem och psykoterapeutisk behandling [The teenage years. Development, problems and psychotherapeutic treatment] by Björn Wrangsjö and Majlis Winberg Salomonsson Falköping: Natur och Kultur. 2006. 397 p.  797
Bernadette Buhl-Nielsen
La fascinación del líder: En torno a un libro olvidado de S. Freud sobre el Presidente Wilson [The fascination with the leader: On a forgotten book by S. Freud about President Wilson] by Fanny Elman Schutt Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. 2005. 140 p.  800
Gracia Rodríguez Daimiel
Writing about patients. Responsibilities, risks, and ramifications by Judy Leopold Kantrowitz New York, NY: Other Press. 2006. 335 p.  803
Arnold Goldberg
Practical psychoanalysis for therapists and patients by Owen Renik New York, NY: Other Press. 2006. 179 p.  805
Alfred Margulies
Psykoanalys i Välfärdsstaten—Profession, kris och framtid [Psychoanalysis in the welfare state—Profession, crisis and future] by Jürgen Reeder Stockholm/Stehag: Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion. 2006. 344 p.  811
Henning Paikin
Contemporary psychoanalysis in America: Leading analysts present their work Edited by Arnold M. Cooper Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing. 2006. 759 p.  817
Maria Ponsi
Time driven: Metapsychology and the splitting of the drive by Adrian Johnston Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. 2005. 421 p.  819
Britt-Marie Schiller
Issue 4
Psychoanalytic Theory and technique
Some Technical Implications of Klein's Concept of ‘Premature Ego Development’  825
Judith L. Mitrani
The Foundational Level of Psychodynamic Meaning: Implicit Process in Relation to Conflict, Defense and the Dynamic Unconscious  843
Boston Change Process Study Group (BCPSG)
The Predicting Brain: Unconscious Repetition, Conscious Reflection and Therapeutic Change  861
Regina Pally
Freud's Baby: Beyond Autoerotism and Narcissism  883
Dodd W. Cohen
Supportive Interventions and Nonsymbolic Mental Functioning  895
Serge Lecours
Playing with Reality: IV. A Theory of External Reality Rooted in Intersubjectivity  917
Peter Fonagy and Mary Target
History of Psychoanalysis
Anna Freud: The Hampstead War Nurseries and the role of the Direct Observation of Children for Psychoanalysis  939
Nick Midgley
Clinical Communications
Recognizing the Infant as Subject in Infant-Parent Psychotherapy  961
Frances Thomson Salo
Educational and Professional Issues
Learning from Experience in Case Conference: A Bionian Approach to Teaching and Consulting  981
Jane B. Burka, Joan E. Sarnat and Cornelia St. John
Interdisciplinary Issues
Object Loss, Renewed Mourning, and Psychic Change in Jane Austen's Persuasion  1001
Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
The “Uncanny', the Sacred and the Narcissism of Culture: The Development of the Ego and the Progress of Civilization  1019
Victor Manoel Andrade
Marcel Duchamp: On the Fruitful use of Narcissism and Destructiveness in Contemporary Art  1039
Adela Abella
Letters To The Editors
On: Where are you, my Beloved? On Absence, Loss and the Enigma of Telepathic Dreams  1061
Moran Shoham
Response to Dr.Shoham  1062
Ofra Eshel
On: Die Vergessene Kinst: Der Orpheusmythos und die Psychoanalyse Der Musik [Forgotten Art: The Orpheus myth and the Psychoanalysis of Music]  1063
Alexander Stein
Contribution to Correspondence on ‘Analytic Impasse and the Third’  1064
Chris Milton
On: The Case Against Neuropsychoanalysis  1065
Mauro Mancia
On: The Case Against Neuropsychoanalysis  1067
Gilbert Pugh
Reply to Drs Mancia and Pugh  1068
Rachel B. Blass and Zvi Carmeli
Film Essay
The Return of the Erased: Memory and Forgetfulness in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (2004)  1071
Director: Michel Gondry
Book Reviews
La adopción: Un tema de Nuestro Tiempo [Adoption: A Contemporary Topic] edited by Milagros Cid edited by Silvia Pérez-Galdós Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. 2006. 222 p.  1083
María Angeles Albamonte
La Peau [The Skin] Edited by Gérard Szwec Paris: PUF [Rev Fr Psychosom (29)]. 2006. 192 p.  1087
Clarisse Baruch
Entrevista e Indicadores en Psicoterapia y psicoanalisis [Interview and indicators in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis] Antonio Pérez Sánchez Valencia: Promolibro 2006. 269 p.  1094
Luis Jorge Martín Cabré
The art of Interpretation: Deconstruction and new Beginning in the Psychoanalytic Process Wolfgang Loch edited by Peter Wegner London: IPA. 2006. 124 p  1097
Jorge Canestri
Psychoanalytic Collisions by Joyce Anne Slochower Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press 2006. 182 p.  1102
Ralph Kaywin
Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual PDM Task Force Silver Spring, MD: Alliance of Psychoanalytic Organizations. 2006 857 p.  1105
Robert Michels
Vulnerabilità Alla Psicosi [Susceptibility to Psychosis] by Franco De Masi Milan: Cortina. 2006. 266 p.  1108
Claudia Peregrini
Saber y no Saber: Curiosidad Sexual Infantil [To know and not to know: the sexual curiosity of children] by Mariela Michelena Madrid: Síntesis. 2006. 176 p.  1114
Elina Weschler
Issue 5
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Performance as Annihilation or Integration?  1117
Joachim F. Danckwardt and Peter Wegner
The Intersubjective Links in Perversion  1135
Alberto Eiguer
Bodily Centered Protections in Adolescence: An Extension of the work of Frances Tustin  1153
Judith L. Mitrani
On the Edge: The Psychoanalyst's Transference  1171
Aira Laine
Elements of Analytic Style: Bion's Clinical Seminars  1185
Thomas H. Ogden
Semiotic Transformations in Psychoanalysis with Infants and Adults  1201
Björn Salomonsson
History of Psychoanalysis
A Perfectly Staged ‘Concerted Action’ Against Psychoanalysis: The 1913 Congress of German Psychiatrists  1223
Ernst M. Falzeder and John C. Burnham
Educational and Professional Issues
Authors who have an Impact on Candidates' Training: Cultural Differences and Theoretical Languages  1245
Andrea M. Rodríguez Quiroga De Pereira, M. Rita Ragau, Laura V. Borensztein De Weinstein and Silvia G. Jadur
Supervision, Transference and Countertransference  1263
Klaus Fink
Losing a Training Analyst for Ethical Violations: A Candidate's Perspective  1275
Elizabeth M. Wallace
Letters to the Editors
On: Projective Identification  1289
James S. Grotstein
Reply to Dr Grotstein  1290
Giovanna Regazzoni Goretti
Book Review
Adozione e oltre [Adoption and beyond] by Claudia Artoni Schlesinger Rome: Borla. 2006. 232 p.  1293
Franco Borgogno
The poetics of psychoanalysis: In the wake of Klein by Mary Jacobus Oxford: Oxford UP. 2006. 318 p.  1295
Michael Brearley
Seeds of illness, seeds of recovery By Antonino Ferro Translated by Philip Slotkin New York: Brunner-Routledge 2002. 125 p.Psychoanalysis as therapy and storytelling By Antonino Ferro Translated by Philip Slotkin London and New York: Routledge, 2006. 148 p.  1299
Irene Cairo
The legacy of tragedy. The tragic from Aristotle to our days edited by Andreas Giannakoulas and Sarantis Thanopulos Rome: Borla. 2006. 200 p.  1304
Giovanna Regazzoni Goretti
La sfida dell'irrapresentabile. La prospettiva ermeneutica nella psicoanalisi clinica [The challenge of the ‘un-representable’. The hermeneutic perspective in psychoanalysis] By Giuseppe Martini Milano: Angeli. 2005.  1311
Alessandro Grispini
Awakening the dreamer: Clinical journeys by Philip M. Bromberg Mahwah, NJ: The Analytic Press. 2006. 223 p.  1316
Melvin Lansky
Freud's requiem: Mourning memory and the invisible history of a summer walk by Matthew von Unwerth London: Continuum. 2006. 256 p.  1320
David H. Morgan
André Green: Associations (presque) libres d'un psychanalyste Entretiens avec Maurice Corcos [(Almost) Free associations of a psychoanalyst: Interview with Maurice Corcos] by Maurice Corcos Paris: Albin Michel. 2006. 345 p.  1322
Eléana Mylona
Le parole ritrovate. Le parole dalle immagini. Rifl essioni teoriche e percorsi analitici dalle psicosi [Words rediscovered, words from images: Psychosis: theoretical refl ections and analytic approaches] by Marina Breccia Roma: Borla. 2006. 232 p.  1325
Livia Tabanelli
Issue 6
Theoretical and Clinical
Narcissistic Mortification of Ageing Men  1329
Martin Teising
Freud's Prehistoric Matrix—Owing ‘Nature’ a Death  1345
Joan Raphael-Leff
Psychoanalytic Transformations  1375
Fernando Riolo
Utopic Ideas of Cure and Joint Exploration in Psychoanalytic Supervision  1391
Andrzej Werbart
A Technique for Facilitating the Creation of Mind  1409
Neville Symington
Forgiveness, Acceptance and the Matter of Expectation  1423
Shahrzad Siassi
Raiding the Inarticulate: The Internal Analytic Setting and Listening Beyond Countertransference  1441
Michael Parsons
Thinking Extreme Social Violence: The Model of The Literary Plague  1457
Beatriz Priel
Space and Time in Psychoanalytic Listening  1473
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
Are you a Woman—Or a Flower?’: The Capacity to Experience Beauty  1491
Annie Sweetnam
Learning from Experience: Bion's Concept of Reverie and Buddhist Meditation: A Comparative Study  1507
Esther Pelled
The Influence of Extreme Traumatization on Body, Mind and Social Relations  1527
Bent Rosenbaum and Sverre Varvin
Panel Report
Psychoanalytic Reflections on the Body in Racism, Homophobia and Misogyny  1543
Janice S. Lieberman
Letters to the Editors
Further Thoughts on: Julie's Museum: The Evolution of Thinking, Dreaming and Historicization in the Treatment of Traumatized Patients  1551
Robert Withers
Reply to Dr Withers on Traumatic Memories  1552
Michael I. Good
Book Review
Psykoanalysen i ny belysning [Psychoanalysis in a new light] by Gunnar Karlsson Stockholm: Symposion. 2004. 229 p.  1555
Søren Aagaard
Lives across time: Growing up by Henry Massie and Nathan Szajnberg Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris Corporation. 2005. 300.  1558
Andres F. Arteaga and Linda C. Mayes
La difficile identità … [The difficult identity] by Pia De Silvestris Roma: Borla. 2006. 154 p.  1562
Domenico Chianese
Ipotesi Gay. Materiali per un confronto [The gay hypothesis. Material for comparative study] Edited by Olga Pozzi and Sarantis Thanopulos Roma: Borla. 2006. 219 p.  1565
Manuela Fraire
Figure del dialogo tra antropologia e psicoanalisi [Figures of the dialogue between anthropology and psychoanalysis] by Alfredo Lombardozzi Roma: Borla. 2006. 200 p.  1569
Giovanna Regazzoni Goretti
Psicoanalisi e neuroscienze [Psychoanalysis and neuroscience] Edited by Mauro Mancia Milan: Springer. 2007. 460 p.  1573
Luca Imeri
Learning from life by Patrick Casement London and New York: Routledge. 2006. 212 p.  1577
Mario Marrone
Psychoanalytische Traumatologie—Das Trauma in der Familie [Psychoanalytic traumatology—trauma in the family] By Mathias Hirsch Stuttgart: Schattauer Verlag. 2004. 308 p.Trauma und Paranoia. Individuelle und kollektive Angst im politischen Kontext [Trauma and paranoia. Individual and collective anxiety in the political context] edited by Rotraut De Clerck Gießen: Psychosozial Verlag. 2006. 147 p.  1581
Peter Schraivogel
L'être-bébé by Bernard Golse PUF: Paris. (Le fil rouge series.) 2006. 331 p.  1587
Joyceline Siksou
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