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List of Articles

Volume 90 (2009)

Issue 1
The Analyst at Work
The Analyst at Work Boys only! No Mothers Allowed  1
Ann G. Smolen, Ph.D.
The Analyst at Work Comments on ‘Boys only! No Mothers Allowed’  13
Viviane Abel Prot
The Analyst at Work: Triadic Reality, same Sex Parents and Child Analysis: A Response to Ann Smolen's ‘Boys only! No Mothers Allowed’  19
James M. Herzog
The Analyst at Work a Contemporary Child-Case Discussion  27
Virginia Ungar
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
‘Reverberation Time’, Dreaming and the Capacity to Dream  35
Dana Birksted-Breen
‘Can You Push a Camel through the Eye of a Needle?’ Reflections on how the Unconscious Speaks to us and its Clinical Implications  53
Fred Busch
On Understanding Projective Identification in the Treatment of Psychotic States of Mind: The Publishing Cohort of H. Rosenfeld, H. Segal and W. Bion (1946–1957)  69
Joseph Aguayo
The Reality of the Other: Dreaming of the Analyst  93
Anna Ferruta
What Kind of Research in Psychoanalytic Science?  109
Robert S. Wallerstein
Film Essay
Behind the sun: From Blind Vengeance to Freedom  135
Michael Brearley
Book Review Essays
Reading Memoirs of Childhood: Childhood by Leo Tolstoy translated by Michael Scammell. Modern Library, New York, NY, 2002W, or The Memory of Childhood by Georges Perec translated by David Bellos David R. Godine, Boston, MA, 1988Rue Ordener, Rue Labat by Sarah Kofman translated by Ann Smock University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE, and London, 1996Childhood by Nathalie Sarraute translated by Barbara Wright George Braziller, New York, NY, 1984  145
Stanley J. Coen
Book Reviews
Psychoanalyse in Selbstdarstellungen [Self-Portraits in Psychoanalysis] edited by Ludger M. Hermanns Brandes & Apsel, Frankfurt, 2007; vol. V, 208 pp, vol. VI, 208 pp; €19.90 per vol.  157
Nina Bakman
Cliniques de la délinquance [Clinical Studies of Delinquency] by August Aichhorn Champ social Editions, Nîmes, 2007; 240 pp; €15  160
Anouk Driant
The Vitality of Objects edited by Anthony Molino, Lilia Baglioni and Joseph Scalia Borla, Rome, 2007; 269 pp; €25  167
Giuliana Bruno
Le visioni di uno psicoanalista [A Psychoanalyst's Visions] by Giuseppe Riefolo Antigone, Torino, 2006; 176 pp; €13  169
Andrea Sabbadini
Disorders of the Self: A Personality-Guided Approach by Marshall L. Silverstein Series Editor: Theodore Million American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 2007; 315 pp; $49.95  172
Jeffrey K. Halpem
Psychanalyse de l'imposture [Psychoanalysis of Imposture] by Andrée Bauduin PUF, Paris, 2007; 315 pp; €28  177
Denis Bouchet Kervella
Attachment, Play and Authenticity: A Winnicott Primer by Steven Tuber Jason Aronson, New York, 2008; 236 pp; $75  185
Wendy Wiener Katz
Emotion as an Infinite Experience: Matte Blanco and Contemporary Psychoanalysis edited by Alessandra Ginzburg and Riccardo Lombardi Franco Angeli, Milan, 2007; 311 pp; €26.50  189
Sarantis Thanopulos
Comments on León Grinberg's Life and Work  195
R. Etchegoyen Horacio
Issue 2
Letter From…
Letter from Chicago  205
David M. Terman
IPA Chicago Congress Keynote Papers
Transformations in Dreaming and Characters in the Psychoanalytic Field,  209
Antonino Ferro
Grasping Psychoanalysts' Practice in its Own Merits  231
Juan Pablo Jiménez
Problems of Collegial Learning in Psychoanalysis: Narcissism and Curiosity  249
Warren S. Poland
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
The Death Drive: Conceptual Analysis and Relevance in the Spanish Psychoanalytic Community  263
Frank García-Castrillón Armengou
Truth as a way of Developing and Preserving the Space for Thinking in the Minds of the Patient and the Analyst  291
Anette Blaya Luz
On Becoming a Psychoanalyst  311
Glen O. Gabbard and Thomas H. Ogden
Education Section
Editor's Introdction  329
Jorge Canestri
Is Truth an Illusion? Psychoanalysis and Postmodernism  331
David Bell
Truth, Human Relatedness, and the Analytic Process: An Interpersonal/Relational Perspective  347
Philip M. Bromberg
On Truth and Clinical Psychoanalysis  363
Charles Hanly
Letters to the Editors
On: The Concept of Therapeutic Regression: In Response to Laurence Spurling  375
Lesley Caldwell
On: The Comments of Lesley Caldwell  377
Laurence Spurling
On: Unraveling the Riddle of Exhibitionism  377
Louis Weisberg
On: Dr Weisberg's Reactions to ‘Unraveling the Riddle of Exhibitionism’  379
Richard Tuch
On: Repression and Splitting: Towards a Method of Conceptual Comparison  381
Cecilio Paniagua
On: The Comments of Dr Paniagua  382
Robert Hinshelwood
Film Essay
The Transformation of Sociogenic Autistic Defences in The Lives of Others  387
Beatriz Priel
Book Review Essay
The self in and Out of Time: Time, Self and Psychoanalysis by William W. Meissner Jason Aronson, Lanham, MD, 2007; 286 pp; $36.95  395
Dominique Scarfone
Book Reviews
Life is With Others: Selected Writings on Child Psychiatry by Donald J. Cohen; edited by Andres Martin and Robert King Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 2006; 277 pp; $35  405
Karen Gilmore
The Traumatic Area and the Institutional Field by Antonello Correale Borla, Rome, 2007; 339 pp; €32  408
Cristiana Cimino
La honte, ses figures et ses destins [Shame: Its Configurations and Vicissitudes] by Claude Janin PUF, Paris, “Le fil rouge”, 2007; 169 pp; €20  411
Dominique Bourdin
Psychotherapy and Medication: The Challenge of Integration by Frederic N. Busch and Larry S. Sandberg The Analytic Press, New York, NY, 2007; 177 pp; $35.96  416
Alan Z. Skolnikoff
Forme del delirio e psicopatologia [Forms of Madness and Psychopathology] by Mario Rossi Monti Cortina, Milano, 2008; 268 pp; €19.80  420
Giovanni Stanghellini
La cure psychanalytique classique by Maurice Bouvet PUF, Paris, 2007; 322 pp; €28  422
Ellen A. Sparer
Attualità del transfert [The Transference Today] edited by Anna Maria Nicolò Franco Angeli, Milan, 2007; 347 pp; €35  426
Stefano Bolognini
Obsession: A History by Lennard J. Davis University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2008; 290 pp; $27.50  431
Sander L. Gilman
Issue 3
Psychoanalytic Controversies On the Idea that Analysts Should Acknowledge to their Patients that they have Failed Them: A Clinical Debate
An Introduction  437
Rachel B. Blass
A Relational Psychoanalysis Perspective on the Necessity of Acknowledging Failure in order to Restore the Facilitating and Containing Features of the Intersubjective Relationship (the Shared Third)  441
Jessica Benjamin
Discussion  451
Vic Sedlak
Response  457
Jessica Benjamin
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Reexamination of Benjamin Wolstein's Interlock and the Emergence of Intersubjectivity  463
Christopher Bonovitz
The ‘Body-Container’: A New Perspective on the ‘Body-Ego'  487
Tamar Pollak
A Confusion of Tongues between Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: Is the Controversy over Drive versus Relational Theory a Philosophical One?  507
Gadi Taub
Symmetric Frenzy and Catastrophic Change: A Consideration of Primitive Mental States in the Wake of Bion and Matte Blanco  529
Riccardo Lombardi
History of Psychoanalysis
The Relevance of Castration and Circumcision to the Origins of Psychoanalysis: 1. The Medical Context  551
Carlo Bonomi
Interdisciplinary Studies
The Ironic Detachment of Edward Gibbon  581
Harry Trosman
‘The Healing Power of Love’: The Literary/Analytic Bond of Marriage in Freud's Essay on Gradiva  595
Dorit Ashur
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
On Boredom: A Close Encounter with Encapsulated Parts of the Psyche  613
Avner Bergstein
Letters to the Editors
On: The Mother in the Text: Metapsychology and Fantasy in the Work of Interpretation  633
Michel Sanchez-Cardenas
On: The comments of Michel Sanchez-Cardenas  637
Fausto Petrella
On: Leaps of Faith: Is Forgiveness a Useful Concept?  640
Martin S. Bergmann
On: The Comment of Martin Bergmann  641
Henry F. Smith
On: Leaps of Faith: Is Forgiveness a Useful Concept?  642
Shahrzad F. Siassi
On: The Comments of Dr Siassi  645
Henry F. Smith
Film Essay
The Skin House: A Psychoanalytic Reading of 3-Iron  647
Simonetta Diena
Film Note
A Note on Mafia Movies  661
James P. Frosch
Book Reviews
Joseph Conrad: le premier commandement [Joseph Conrad: The First Command] by André Green Editions in Press, Paris, 2008; 136 pp; €22.00  665
Bertrand Colin
The Language of Bion: A Dictionary of Concepts by Paulo César Sandler Karnac, London, 2005; 853 pp; £44.65  672
João Carlos Braga
Das Höhlenhaus der Träume: Film, Kino und Psychoanalyse [The Cavern of Dreams: Films, Cinema and Psychoanalysis] by Mechthild Zeul Brandes and Apsel Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2007; 166 pp; €17.90  675
Herbert Kley
La Perversion, Se Venger pour Survivre [Perversion, Vengeance as Survival] by Gérard Bonnet Editions PUF, bibliothèque de psychanalyse, Paris, 2008; 242 pp; €24  679
Denise Bouchet-Kervella
Coasting in the Counter-Transference: Conflicts of Self-interest Between Analyst and Patient by Irwin Hirsch Analytic Press, Hillsdale, NJ, 2008; 220 pp; $90  685
Mitchell Wilson
Chaplin: A Life by Stephen Weissman Arcade Publishing, New York, 2008; 315 pp; $27.99  689
Leonard Shengold
Hysteria and the Field of Dissociation by Filippo M. Ferro and Giuseppe Riefolo Borla, Rome, 2006; 232 pp; €22  692
Alessandro Garella
Issue 4
On love, hate and knowledge  697
Yair Neuman
Murdered father; dead father: Revisiting the Oedipus complex  713
Rosine J. Perelberg
Dreaming as a ‘curtain of illusion’: Revisiting the ‘royal road’ with Bion as our guide  733
James S. Grotstein
Being seen or being watched? A psychoanalytic perspective on body dysmorphia  753
Alessandra Lemma
Growing old: A psychoanalyst's point of view  773
Danielle Quinodoz
The War Memoirs: Some origins of the thought of W. R. Bion  795
Kay M. Souter
Being in Berlin: A large group experience in the Berlin Congress  809
H. Shmuel Erlich, Mira Erlich-Ginor and Hermann Beland
Immersion in the surface  827
Erika Krejci
Analysis of the creation of ‘emptiness’, of ‘nothingness’, in certain types of psychosis  843
Mireille Ellonen-Jéquier
Is feminine masochism a concept worth reviving?  867
Lesley Steyn
Education Section
Education Section  883
Jorge Canestri
The status of developmental curriculum in North American psychoanalysis  885
Karen Gilmore
Letters to the Editors
On: Can you push a camel through the eye of a needle?  905
Stanley Schneider and Joseph H. Berke
On: Life and death in Freudian metapsychology  906
Jon Mills
On: The comments of Dr Jon Mills  907
Fátima Caropreso and Richard Theisen Simanke
Film Essay
Temporal transformations in cinema and psychoanalysis: On Philip Groenig's Into Great Silence  909
Henry Schwartz
Book Reviews
Le transitionnel, le sexuel et la réflexivité [Transitionality, Sexuality and Reflexivity] by René Roussillon Dunod, Paris, 2008; 257 pp; €27  917
Dominique Bourdin
The Crescent and the Couch: Cross-Currents between Islam and Psychoanalysis edited by Salman Akhtar Jason Aronson, New York, NY, 2008; 414 pp; $69.95  923
Alan Z. Skolnikoff
The Struggle Against Mourning by Ilany Kogan Jason Aronson, New York, NY, 2007; 262 pp; $39.95  928
Jane V. Kite
Humain/Déshumain: Pierre Fédida, la parole de l'œuvre by Pierre Fédida et al. PUF, Paris, 2007; 250 pp; €12.00  930
Brigitte Eoche-Duval
How Infants Know Minds by Vasudevi Reddy Harvard University Press, London, UK, 2008; 273 pp; £25.95  936
Alexandra M. Harrison, M.D.
Repenser la psychanalyse avec les sciences [Rethinking Psychoanalysis with the Sciences] by Georges Pragier Sylvie Faure-Pragier PUF, Paris, Le fil rouge, 2007; 253; €24  940
Michèle Jung-Rozenfarb
Time, Space and Phantasy by Rosine Jozef Perelberg Routledge, Hove, East Sussex, the New Library of Psychoanalysis, 2008; 221 pp; £22.99 (paperback)  945
James Rose
Book Notices
Book Notices  949
Charles Brenner, M.D.  953
Theodore Jacobs
Search for European Editor of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis  957
Issue 5
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Thinking in the Space between Winnicott and Lacan  957
Deborah Anna Luepnitz
Good Vibrations: Analytic Process as Coupled Oscillations  983
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
The Concept of the Death Drive: A Clinical Perspective  1009
Otto Kernberg
Alienating Identifications and the Psychoanalytic Process  1025
Giuseppe Scariati
Some Aspects of the Psychoanalytic Psychology of Physicians  1039
Eugene Halpert
Memory in Dreams  1057
Gabriella Giustino
The Pragmatics of Therapeutic Interaction: An Empirical Study  1075
Georgia Lepper
Educational and Professional Issues: Emory Special Section
Psychoanalysis in the University: The Clinical Dimension  1095
Dana Birksted-Breen and Robert Michels
Psychoanalysis and its Place in the Evolutionary Chain of Academic Disciplines  1097
James W. Wagner
Psychoanalysis in the University: The Clinical Dimension  1103
Sander L. Gilman
Psychoanalysis in the University: A Full-Time Vision  1107
Robert S. Wallerstein
‘My Capital Secret’: Literature and the Psychoanalytic Agon  1123
Vera J. Camden
IUSAM-APdeBA: A Higher Education Institute for Psychoanalytic Training  1139
Hector Ferrari
Letters to the Editors
On: On Becoming a Psychoanalyst  1155
Warren S. Poland
On: The Comments of Warren Poland  1156
Glen Gabbard and Thomas Ogden
Film Essays
Colonial Aggression and Collective Aggressor Trauma  1157
Beate West-Leuer
Book Review Essays
Constructing Ernest Jones: Freud's Wizard: Ernest Jones and the Transformation of Psychoanalysis Brenda Maddox Da Capo Press, New York, NY, 2007; 354 pp; $18.95  1169
Fred L. Griffin
Book Reviews
Psychanalyse de I'imposture [The Psychoanalysis of Imposture] by Andrée Bauduin PUF, Paris, Le fil rouge, 2007; 217 pp; €28  1181
Dominique Bourdin
Building Out into the Dark: Theory and Observation in Science and Psychoanalysis by Robert Caper Routledge, Hove, East Sussex, New York, NY, 2009; 107 pp; $29.95  1186
Howard B. Levine, M.D.
Underteksten. Psykoanalytisk terapi i praksis [The Subtext: Psychoanalytic Therapy in Practice] by Siri Erika Gullestad, Bjørn Killingmo Universitetsforlaget Oslo, 2005; 257 pp; 300kr  1190
Tove Mathiesen
The Academic Face of Psychoanalysis: Papers in Philosophy, the Humanities and the British Clinical Tradition by Louise Braddock and Michael Lacewing Routledge, London, 2007; 264 pp; $22.99  1192
Francesco Capello
Sullivan rivisitato: La sua rilevanza per la psichiatria, la psicoterapia e la psicoanalisi [Sullivan Revisited: His Relevance to Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis] by Marco Conci Massari Bolsena, 2000; 672 pp; €17.04  1200
Marco Armellini
Partita pour Glenn Gould: Musique et forme de vie [Partita for Glenn Gould. Music and Mode of Life] by Georges Leroux Presses de I'Université de Montreal, Montreal, 2007; 331 pp; C$27.95  1202
Jacques Mauger
A Story of Her Own: The Female Oedipus Complex Reexamined and Renamed by Nancy Kulish Deanna Holtzman Aronson, Lanham, MD, 2008; 219 pp; $39.95 (paperback)  1207
Jennifer Stuart
Issue 6
Reviewers for 2009  1213
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Trauma theory in Sándor Ferenczi's writings of 1931 and 1932  1217
Miguel Gutiérrez Peláez
The Presence of Spinoza in the Exchanges between Sigmund Freud and Romain Rolland  1235
Henri Vermorel
Child versus Adult Psychoanalysis: Two Processes or One?  1255
Alan Sugarman
The Relationship of the Inner and the Outer in Psychoanalysis  1277
Olavi Hämäläinen
Technique and Final Cause in Psychoanalysis: Four ways of Looking at One Moment  1299
Jonathan Lear
Working with Victims of Trauma
Postponing Trauma: The Dangers of Telling  1319
Rachel Rosenblum
When the Third is Dead: Memory, Mourning, and Witnessing in the Aftermath of the Holocaust  1341
Samuel Gerson
Performative and Enactive Features of Psychoanalytic Witnessing: The Transference as the Scene of Address  1359
Bruce Reis
Thoughts on Representation in Therapy of Holocaust Survivors  1373
Yael Moore
Archival Studies
Melanie Klein's Letters Addressed to Marcelle Spira  1393
Jean-Michel Quinodoz
Educational and Professional Issues
The French Model of Psychoanalytic Training: Ethical Conflicts  1419
Claire-Marine François-Poncet
Letters to the Editors
On: On Understanding Projective Identification in the Treatment of Psychotic States of Mind  1435
Riccardo Steiner
On: The comments of Dr Steiner  1437
Joseph Aguayo
On: Boys only! No Mothers Allowed  1438
Janis A. Baeuerlen and Lee Grossman
On: The Comment of Drs Baeuerlen and Grossman  1439
Ann G. Smolen
Film Essays
Between Physical Desire and Emotional Involvement: Reflections on Frédéric Fonteyne's film Une Liaison Pornographique  1441
Andrea Sabbadini
Book Reviews
Mind to Mind: Infant Research, Neuroscience, and Psychoanalysis edited by E.L. Jurist, A. Slade, S. Bergner Other Press, New York, NY, 2008; 454 pp; US $28.00  1449
E. Virginia Demos
Mozart: Eine musikpsychoanalytische Studie by Bernd Oberhoff Psychosozial-Verlag, Giessen, 2008; 618 pp; €69.90  1455
Josef Dantlgraber
Minding the gap between clinical practice and empirical research in psychoanalysis From Psychoanalytic Narrative to Empirical Single Case Research: Implications for Psychoanalytic Practice by Horst Kächele, Joseph Schachter, Helmut Thomä Routledge, New York, NY, 2009; 470 pp; Amazon $40.42 (Karnak £29.99)  1459
Andrzej Werbart
Seduction and Desire: The Psychoanalytic Sexual Theory After Freud by Ilka Quindeau Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart, 2008; 320 pp; €34  1467
Wolfgang Hegener
Rediscovering Psychoanalysis: Thinking and Dreaming, Learning and Forgetting by Thomas H. Ogden Routledge, London, 2009; 168 pp; £22.99  1471
Gerald I. Fogel
Desire, Self, Mind, and the Psychotherapies: Unifying Psychological Science and Psychoanalysis by R. Coleman Curtis Aronson, New York, NY, 2009; 263 pp; $60  1476
Ellen Rees
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