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List of Articles

Volume 99 (2018)

Issue 1
Looking back and moving forward  1
Dana Birksted-Breen
Letters from Warsaw
The European Psychoanalytical Federation and the conference in Warsaw 2018  4
Heribert Blass
The beginning of psychoanalysis in Poland  6
Ewa Glod
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Extracts from the Revised Standard Edition of Freud’s complete psychological works  11
Mark Solms
Freud's ‘transference’: Clinical technique in the ‘Rat Man’ case and theoretical conceptualization compared  58
Michael Diercks
Winnicott’s theory of playing: a reconsideration  82
Marie Lenormand
Contemporary Conversations
Hypochondria as an actual neurosis  103
Bernd Nissen
Unrepresented states and the challenge of historicization  125
Jane G. Tillman
Hypochondria as a self-destructive attack on the subject’s vitality  140
Ute Rupprecht-Schampera
Clinical Communications
From somatic pain to psychic pain: The body in the psychoanalytic field  159
Thomas Hartung and Michael Steinbrecher
Child and Adolescent
From the unrepresentable to the intersubjective: the case of a high-functioning autistic adolescent  181
Mauro Manica
History of Psychoanalysis
Freud’s “selected fact”: His journey of mourning  208
Paul Schimmel
Interdisciplinary Studies
Sándor Ferenczi’s multiple confusions of tongues and their influence on psychoanalytical thinking  230
Nicolas Evzonas
Film Essay
The incestual in Xavier Dolan’s cinematographic works  248
Bella Habip
Book Reviews
Myths of termination: What patients can teach psychoanalysts about endings  260
Sara S. Tucker
Pulsiones y desarrollo cultural [Drives and cultural development]  262
Sara Zusman de Arbiser
La formulación psicodinámica de caso. Su valor para la práctica clínica [Psychodynamic case formulation: Its value for clinical practice]  266
Andrea Rodríguez Quiroga
Freuds Atheismus im Widerspruch: Freud, Weber und Wittgenstein im Konflikt zwischen säkularem Denken und Religion [Freud's atheism in contradiction: Freud, Weber and Wittgenstein in the conflict between secular thought and religion]  271
Eckhard Frick
Hymenality in psychoanalysis: A reading of Boundaries and bridges: Perspectives on time and space in psychoanalysis  275
Giuseppe Civitarese
The work of psychoanalysis: Sexuality, time and the psychoanalytic mind  286
Ronald Britton
Issue 2
Psychoanlytic Theory and Technique
Thin-skinned or vulnerable narcissism and thick-skinned or grandiose narcissism: similarities and differences†  291
Ricardo Bernardi and Mónica Eidlin
Common sense: Its uses, misuses, and pitfalls  314
Richard B. Zimmer
Hallucinosis and reverie: Alices pain and its transformations in the consulting room  334
Maria Grazia Oldoini
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
From the “squiggle game” to “games of reciprocity” towards a creative co-construction of a space for working with adolescents  355
Alberto Stefana and Alessio Gamba
Clinical Communications
Projective identification and “telepathic dreams”  380
Alfonso Sánchez-Medina
Paths of the countertransference in the analyst—clinical examples of working through  391
Delaram Habibi-Kohlen
Interdisciplinary Studies
Object Relations in a Love Poem. A psychoanalytic reading of Neruda  411
Ricardo Readi
A cat is not a battleship: thoughts on the meaning of “neuropsychoanalysis”  425
Brett H. Clarke
History of Psychoanalysis
Origins of a theory of psychic temporality in Freud: The study of eels and the Darwinist influence of Carl Claus  450
Rodrigo Cornejo
Key Papers
Mentalisation and passivity by Michel Fain  468
Marilia Aisenstein and Marina Papageorgiou
Mentalization and passivity  479
Michel Fain
Comment on Mentalisation et passivité by Michel Fain  485
Fernando Riolo
On being consoled: Engaging with Michel Fain’s paper ‘Mentalization and passivity’  487
Richard B. Simpson
Education Section
An introduction to Michel Fain’s thought  495
Marilia Aisenstein
Film Essay
Psychic movement from revenge to redemption in Götz Spielmann’s Revanche (2008)  510
Orit Dudai
Book Reviews
Psychoanalytic education at the crossroads, by Otto  525
David G Millar
The Unpast, by Dominique Scarfone  531
Howard B. Levine
The Greening of psychoanalysis. Andre Green’s new paradigm in contemporary theory and praxis, edited by R.J. Perelberg and G. Kohon  535
Howard B. Levine
Making room for madness in mental health, by Marcus Evans  539
Ed Beveridge
The Skin-Ego, by Didier Anzieu  542
Ellen A. Sparer
La realidad, el sujeto y el objeto [Reality, the subject and the object], by Leonardo Peskin  546
Jaime Szpilka
Dire ce qui vient. Association libre et transfert [Saying what comes to mind: free association and transference]  550
Catherine Chabert
Issue 3
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
The trauma and disillusionment of Oedipus  555
John Steiner
Searching for the analyst’s reveries  569
Fred Busch
From seriousness to reality in play: Some considerations on the psychic mechanisms involved in play and their applications in clinical practice  590
Sébastien Bogajewski
Termination of a psychoanalysis: Some notes on theory, technique, and clinical material  603
Stefano Lussana
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Repetition in the service of the erotisation of suffering. When addiction enters into the relationship to work: Theoretical considerations on a clinical case  627
E. Pelladeau and J.-B. Marchand
Interdisciplinary Studies
Can psychoanalysis contribute to the understanding of fundamentalism? An introduction to a vast question  642
Adela Abella
“Psyche is extended”: from Kant to Freud  665
Paolo Carignani
History of Psychoanalysis
Questions and worries: On the correspondence between Grete Bibring and Anna Freud 1949–1975  690
Nina Bakman
Education Section
Object relations approaches to autism  702
Maria Rhode
Autism and psychoanalysis in the French context  725
Didier Houzel
Letter to the Editor
‘I do not care to remember’  746
Leopoldo Bleger
Response to letter from Leo Bleger  751
Adrienne Harris
Letter to the Editor  754
Joseph Aguayo
Film Essay
Reality and fiction – Tarantino’s filmography on the couch  756
Ana Cristina Pandolfo, Carla Brunstein, Cristiano Frank, Jorge Almeida, Laura Meyer and Nyvia Sousa
Book Reviews
The collected works of D. W. Winnicott  765
Rachel Chaplin
Psychoanalysis in China  769
Dorinda L. Welle, PhD
Formless infinity. Clinical explorations of Matte Blanco and Bion. Preface by Owen Renik  775
Michel Sanchez-Cardenas
Laplanche, an introduction by Dominique Scarfone  778
Avgi Saketopoulou
La jeune fille et le psychanalyste [The girl and the psychoanalyst]  787
Françoise Neau, Pr
Issue 4
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Language and speech in Melanie Klein’s work  793
Gordana Vulevic
The riddle of anxiety: Between the familiar and the unfamiliar  810
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
Interdisciplinary Studies
Embodying disillusionment: Poussin’s blinded giants  828
Adele Tutter
Interdisciplinary Study
Blind cave of eternal night: The work of mourning in Tagore's Play of Four  855
Kamalika Mitra
History of Psychoanalysis
Critical and reasoned review of the psychosomatic question in French-speaking psychoanalysts  877
Valérie Boucherat-Hue, Adeline Hulin and Carla Machado
Archival Studies
England–France–South America: Melanie Klein's correspondence (1951–1960)  905
Alejandro Dagfal
From the Melanie Klein archive: Klein’s further thoughts on loneliness  929
Jane Milton
Introduction to “A special section on Lectures on Technique by Melanie Klein”  947
Rachel B. Blass
The surprising modernity of Klein’s Lectures on Technique and Clinical Seminars: Putting them in context  952
Heinz Weiss
Lectures on technique by Melanie Klein: The return of feelings  962
Jean-Michel Quinodoz
Klein yesterday, today and tomorrow: Reflections on her 1936 lectures in Lectures on Technique  968
Elias M. da Rocha Barros and Elizabeth Lima da Rocha Barros
Klein’s technique  979
Jay Greenberg
Lectures on technique by Melanie Klein: A commentary  990
Michael Feldman
Education Section
The relevance of Evelyne Kestemberg today  993
Antoine Nastasi
Letter to the Editor
In memoriam: Albert Mason  1003
Jon Tabakin, PhD, FIPA
Film Essay
Game of Thrones—A psychoanalytic interpretation including some remarks on the psychosocial function of modern TV series  1004
Gerald Poscheschnik
Book Reviews
Metà prigioniero, metà alato. La disssociazione corpo‐mente in psicoanalisi [Half prisoner, half winged: The body‐mind dissociation in psychoanalysis] by Riccardo Lombardi  1017
Andrea Sabbadini
Space & Psyche  1020
Vera J. Camden
Creative listening and the psychoanalytic process: Sensibility, engagement and envisioning, by Fred L. Griffin  1025
Sharone Bergner
Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina's Diccionario de Psicoanalisis Argentino [Dictionary of Argentine Psychoanalysis] edited by Claudia Lucia Borensztejn, Andrés Rascovsky, Gilda Sabsay de Foks, Eduardo Safdie and Beatriz Zelcer  1030
Alfonso Pola
Transference and countertransference today edited by Robert Oelsner  1035
Ricardo Stramer
Unzustellbar. Psychoanalytische Studien zu Philosophie, Trieb und Kultur [Undeliverable: Psychoanalytic studies on philosophy, instinct and culture] by Wolfgang Hegener  1043
Friedrich‐Wilhelm Eickhoff
Reading Klein by Margaret Rustin and Michael Rustin  1049
Kay M. Long
Issue 5
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Delusion and reparation  1057
Catalina Bronstein
An analysis of the evolution of delusion in a Chinese case of paraphrenia  1075
Tao Zhang
Psychoanlytic Psychotherapy
Trans-itory identities: some psychoanalytic reflections on transgender identities  1089
Alessandra Lemma
Child and Adolescent
“Psychoanalysis partagé”: Winnicott, The Piggle, and the set-up of child analysis  1107
Marie Lenormand
Educational and Professional Issues
Psychoanalytic training—who is afraid of evaluation?  1129
Shmuel Erlich and Mira Erlich-Ginor
Interdisciplinary Studies
The construction of sadomasochism: Vicissitudes of attachment and mentalization  1144
Douglas A. Chavis
Interdisiplinary Study
Achilles: A Homeric hero enamoured with the absolute  1165
Nicolas Evzonas
Towards psychoanalytic contribution to linguistic metaphor theory  1186
Tair Caspi
Letter to the Editor
The debate on frequency: Can low-frequency psychoanalysis be free-floating?  1212
Bernd Nissen
Book Reviews
Pensamiento vivo. En la obra de Carlos Sopena [Living thought in the work of Carlos Sopena] edited by Asociación Psicoanalítica de Madrid (APM)  1221
Milagros Cid Sanz
The unhappy divorce of sociology and psychoanalysis: Different perspectives on the psychosocial edited by Lynn Chancer and John Andrews  1226
Michael Rustin
I sensi e l'inconscio [Truth and the unconscious in psychoanalysis] by Giuseppe Civitarese  1231
Fulvio Mazzacane
A forgotten Freudian: The passion of Karl Stern by Daniel Burston  1240
Kevin Kelly
“The Unconscious in Translation” (Jonathan House general editor)  1245
Claire Nouvet
Los sueños de Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Sus teorías sobre el ensueño desde la crítica a las teorías críticas de Freud [The dreams of Santiago Ramón y Cajal: His theories on dreaming from the critique of Freud's critical theories] by J. Rallo Romero, F. Marti Felipo, M. A. Jiménez Armero  1249
Marisa Muñoz
Reading Italian Psychoanalysis edited by Franco Borgogno Alberto Luchetti and Luisa Marino Coe  1253
Benedetta Guerrini Degl’Innocenti and Adam Elgar
Le Narcissisme: Que sais-je? by Paul Denis  1258
Françoise Coblence
On De l’exaltation by Paul Denis  1263
Aline Cohen de Lara
Correction  1268
Issue 6
Contributors and Reviewers for 2018
Thank you to Contributors and Reviewers 2018  1269
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Time and the Garden of Eden Illusion  1274
John Steiner
The feeling of real: On Winnicott’s “Communicating and Not Communicating Leading to a Study of Certain Opposites”  1288
Thomas H. Ogden
Microprocesses at the body-mind border in the psychoanalysis of psychosis  1305
Uta Karacaoğlan and Riccardo Lombardi
Clinical Communications
The Lara case: A group analysis of initial psychoanalytic interviews using systematic clinical observation and empirical tools  1327
Andrea Rodríguez Quiroga de Pereira, Laura Borensztein, Valeria Corbella and Juan Carlos Marengo
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Passivity, non-expression and the Oedipus in Japan  1353
Kenichiro Okano
Interdisciplinary Studies
Overview on the case of a seriously ambiguous patient: Some reflections on ambiguity and good faith  1366
Marina Montagnini
The ecological war: A reflection on the conflictive dimension of humankind’s relations with its environment  1391
Maud H. Devès
History of Psychoanalysis
John Rickman behind the scenes: The influence of Lewin's field theory on practice, countertransference, and W.R. Bion  1409
R.D. Hinshelwood
Analyst at Work
On analytic endings  1424
Abbot A. Bronstein
Ending analysis  1427
Betty Joseph
Ending analysis: The case of Karl  1435
Bernard Feinberg
Discussion of ‘Ending Analysis: The Case of Karl’  1444
Ricardo Bernardi
Discussion of ‘Ending Analysis: The Case of Karl’  1453
Michael Feldman
Letter to the Editor
Busch, F. 2018. “Searching for the Analyst’s Reveries.” The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 99:569–598  1458
Barbara Stimmel, Ph.D.
Letter to the Editor  1460
Joseph Aguayo
Roy Schafer, 1922–2018  1462
Jay Greenberg
Michel de M’Uzan  1465
Béatrice Ithier
Book Reviews
A review of Cold War Freud: Psychoanalysis in an age of catastrophes, by Dagmar Herzog  1468
Daniel E. Greenberg
Freuds Traum von einer neuen Wissenschaft. Chemie und Bakteriologie im Traum von Irmas Injektion. Johann Georg Reicheneder  1473
Wolfgang Hegener
L’analyse avec fin [Analysing to an end] by Jean-Louis Baldacci  1477
Bertrand Colin
In Writing, by Adam Phillips  1481
Susanne Lansman
Quatre essais sur la vie de l’âme by Jean-Claude Rolland  1485
Bertrand Colin
Briefe an Jeanne Lampl-de Groot 1921–1939 [Sigmund Freud—Letters to Jeanne Lampl-de Groot 1921–1939], by Sigmund Freud  1490
Lothar Springmann
Thinking in cases, by John Forrester  1494
Steven Groarke
Psicologia Dinamica, by G. Amadei, D. Cavanna, and G.C. Zavattini  1499
Paola Marion and Adam Elgar
The new Klein–Lacan dialogues, edited by Julia Borossa, Catalina Bronstein, Clare Pajaczkowska  1502
Neil Morgan
Intersubjectivity in psychoanalysis: A model for theory and practice, by Lewis Kirshner  1506
Michael Shulman
Death and fallibility in the psychoanalytic encounter: Mortal gifts, by Ellen Pinsky  1509
Sharone Bergner
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