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Volume 3 (2016)

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Online and in-person setting: notes about the influence of their combination on analytic work in psychoanalysis over the Internet.  2016.39
Paola Freer
Latest Comment: 6/20/2016
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
A Laplanche-inspired translation of adolescent development  2016.77
Robert Riethmiller
Latest Comment: 2/7/2017
Mind the baby: The role of the nanny in infant observation  2016.53
Jessica Yakeley
Latest Comment: 8/4/2016
Invisible Punishment and Psychic Pain  2016.31
Joaquin Celis, Ana Puig and Maria Larrain
Latest Comment: 5/19/2016
On Targeting Emotion Regulation Deficits in Eating Disorders through Defense Analysis  2016.20
Timothy Rice
Latest Comment: 4/18/2016
Hormones: A letter from the future  2016.11
Oren Gozlan
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Clinical Communications
The changes in the analytic room: primary emotions dreamt together  2016.76
Cinzia Carnevali and Gabriella Vandi
Latest Comment: 2/7/2017
Transference Before Transference:The Transmigration Of One Patient’s Transference To Another With The Analyst As A Transponder  2016.72
Latest Comment: 10/11/2016
Hallucinosis and reverie. Pain in the consulting room.  2016.51
Maria Grazia Oldoini
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
“And What If It Was All In The Mind?” - Listening To Representations Of Infertility  2016.47
Françoise Cailleau
Latest Comment: 6/15/2016
The termination of the analysis: observation on theory, technique and clinic (the case of S. and the "dummy" little man).  2016.43
Stefano Lussana
Latest Comment: 5/18/2016
So there is no help save from the witch: A case study of bewitchment as a dissociative chronic catastrophe  2016.38
Keren Mintz Malchi
Latest Comment: 7/12/2016
How TO Decipher The Subjectivity of a Patient's Stereotypic Movements in the Last Stages of Alzheimer's Disease?  2016.28
Frederic Brossard
Latest Comment: 7/2/2016
Silenzio e immobilità nel transfert del negativo  2016.25
Rita Anna Manfredi
Latest Comment: 5/5/2016
i-Mortality Death and the Internet  2016.15
Matthew Rinaldi
Latest Comment: 4/22/2016
Too much - not enough. The representation of the body and the meaning of symptoms in patients with eating disorders  2016.12
Susanne Lunn and Signe Holm Pedersen
Latest Comment: 3/29/2016
Educational and Professional Issues
Ideology, curriculum and the self: the psychic rootedness of ideology and resistance in subjectivity  2016.44
Fernando Murillo
Latest Comment: 6/13/2016
On Clinical Courage  2016.42
David Potik
Latest Comment: 6/25/2016
Psychoanalytic Training Experience and Postgraduate Professional Development – Part II  2016.19
Molly Witten, Jorge Schneider, Douglas Clifton Wilkerson, Brenda Solomon, Caryle Perlman, Denise Duval and Dennis Shelby
Latest Comment: 4/4/2016
History of Psychoanalysis
Reviewing the History of Psychoanalysis in Australia Susan Isaacs’s Seven Week Australian Tour – 1 August – 20 September 1937.  2016.62
Christine Brett Vickers
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Freud's Proof Neurosis  2016.7
Austin Ratner
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Interdisciplinary Studies
Disgust, Horror and the Danish Girl: emotional responses to the transgendered  2016.80
Susan Miller
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Abuse and grievance as alternatives to conflict, mourning and social change  2016.73
Mark Cohen
Latest Comment: 2/7/2017
Contributions of Psychoanalysis for Psychosocial Interventions in Armed Conflict Scenarios  2016.49
Miguel Gutiérrez-Peláez
Latest Comment: 6/20/2016
Blind Cave of Eternal Night: The work of mourning in Tagore’s Play of Four  2016.45
Kamalika Mitra
Latest Comment: 6/3/2016
When 1+1=1: Truth and Blindness in the Oedipal Myth and the Film Incendies  2016.36
Gila Ofer, Michael Shoshani and Batya Shoshani
Latest Comment: 5/19/2016
Ways Psychological Defenses Infuse Worldviews  2016.30
James Crouse
Latest Comment: 4/22/2016
The Predicament of Psychoanalysis and Literature  2016.24
Benjamin Ogden
Latest Comment: 4/7/2016
Autism etiology: a traumatic hyphotesis  2016.5
Sebastião Abrão Salim
Latest Comment: 4/5/2016
The Restoration of the Father in Lacan's James Joyce  2016.4
Thomas Dalzell
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Transcendental Fallacy: A Study of Lolita’s Atrophy or Sublimation through Lacanian Symbolic  2016.1
Ali Reza Kargar and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Fard
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Original Articles
"I Could Eat You Up:" Philomela, Trauma, and Enactment  2016.78
Nanette Auerhahn
Latest Comment: 2/7/2017
Des terroristes au nom du Jihâd ! Et pourquoi pas une fonction β au service d‘éléments bêta? (Terrorists in the name of Jihâd! And why not a ß function in the service of the beta-elements?)  2016.35
Latest Comment: 6/2/2016
Rileggendo Bion: dalla trasformazione in allucinosi all'allucinatorio [Reading Bion: from transformation in hallucinosis to the hallucinatory]  2016.34
Luca Quagelli
Latest Comment: 5/19/2016
The contribution of the logic of the unconscious to the enlightening of the psychic functioning of the family. Rethinking new family structures.  2016.29
Amos Squverer
Latest Comment: 5/11/2016
Reconsidering Perversion - a Conceptial Proposal  2016.27
Ralf Binswanger
Latest Comment: 5/24/2016
Hysteria and Transgender: From Jacques Lacan to Bracha L. Ettinger  2016.23
Sheila Cavanagh
Latest Comment: 4/18/2016
Listening Beneath the Words: Parallel Processes in Music and Psychotherapy  2016.21
Yakov Shapiro, Terry Marks-Tarlow and Joseph Fridman
Latest Comment: 3/21/2016
The legacy of Winnicott: the co-associative processes the squiggle game and the group pictogram  2016.18
María Antonieta Pezo
Latest Comment: 3/21/2016
Thou Shalt to You Shalt: Returning Internal Conflict to Its External Origins  2016.17
Trevor Pederson
Latest Comment: 3/14/2016
The relation of the inflected guilt on the internal object permanency  2016.13
João Matos
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
The father’s function as a container for the male child during the pre-oedipal period  2016.82
Bennett Roth
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Problems in Human Development: How a Lack of Human Connections Leads to Dehumanization and Addiction  2016.75
Edward Khantzian and José Zusman
Latest Comment: 2/7/2017
Still harping on dissociation: From Janet to Bromberg, via Ferenczi  2016.74
Vittorio Lingiardi and Clara Mucci
Latest Comment: 10/25/2016
Obesity in a Female Borderline Patient with Encapsulated Features  2016.70
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
The Destiny of Free Association - Purloined Letter Re-Articulated  2016.69
Janne Kurki
Latest Comment: 10/30/2016
A Bionian formulation of shame: the terror of becoming one’s self  2016.68
Duncan Cartwright
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Some thoughts on the likely side effects of the psychoanalytical field model.  2016.67
Fulvio Mazzacane
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Art as a commitment to the Unconscious: Freudian concepts regarding art  2016.65
Ana-María Chávez-Hernández, Sara Muñoz-Villalvazo and Luciane Loss Jardim
Latest Comment: 8/15/2016
Equivalence in Freud’s Primary Process  2016.64
Anthony Badalamenti
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Is 'Sexualisation' a Defensive Operation?  2016.61
Latest Comment: 8/4/2016
Elders, Elder-speak, and the Third Ear  2016.59
Mary Longstaff Jacobus
Latest Comment: 8/1/2016
Diagnosis as symptom  2016.58
Fabienne de Bilbao
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
The Origin of So-called “Shadowy Personalities” in Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorders  2016.57
Kenichiro Okano
Latest Comment: 8/2/2016
Hélène Riazuelo, Rafika Zebdi and Guillemine Chaudoye
Latest Comment: 7/13/2016
Trajectories of separation in the encounter with narcissistic-identitary suffering  2016.54
Laura Balottin, Luca Quagelli, Michela Gatta and Maria Vittoria Costantini
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
O homem dos lobos: livre pensar  2016.52
Viviane Mondrzak
Latest Comment: 7/6/2016
Enactment and the Supervisory Field  2016.50
Germano Vollmer
Latest Comment: 6/25/2016
Los fenómenos psicosomáticos: el cuerpo tomado al pie de la letra  2016.48
Luciane Loss Jardim and Ana Maria Chavez-Hernandez
Latest Comment: 6/20/2016
Sobre Representar e Não Representar  2016.46
Latest Comment: 8/4/2016
Self-Analysis and the Development of an Interpretation  2016.41
Donald Campbell
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Transforming nondeclarative unconscious structures  2016.37
Serge Lecours
Latest Comment: 10/3/2016
Exploring 'Security and Freedom' in the psychoanalytic relationship  2016.33
Giovanna Di Ceglie
Latest Comment: 5/19/2016
The early times of the psychic structuring as presented in the clinical practice  2016.32
Izelinda Barros
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Bion, Freud and Klein: Interpretation as Freud’s Specific Action, and Bion’s Container- Contained  2016.26
Chris Mawson
Latest Comment: 4/25/2016
Trauma-based theoretical fictions.  2016.22
Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin, Maria Manuela Assunção Moreno , Marcio Leitão Bandeira, Adriana Barbosa Pereira and Nelson Ernesto Coelho Junior
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
The Analyst's Personality as An Element of Psychoanalytic Technique  2016.9
Neal Spira
Latest Comment: 3/22/2016
Object Relations in Late Singleness and Marriage  2016.6
Moran Keller and Tsemach Asif
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
“I-ness and the dissociative process” Freud and Janet together in the Analysis Room  2016.3
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
La intersubjetividad y los sueños telepáticos.  2016.2
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Controlling the uncontrollable. Self-regulation and the dynamics of addiction  2016.71
Joona Taipale
Latest Comment: 10/17/2016
Repression and Dissociation: A Conceptual Comparative Study  2016.60
Teresa Segura
Latest Comment: 7/26/2016
Which Diagnostic Approach is More Valid? The DSM or the Rational-Choice Theory of Neurosis  2016.40
Yacov Rofé and Yochay Rofé
Latest Comment: 5/19/2016
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