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Volume 3 (2016)

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Online and in-person setting: notes about the influence of their combination on analytic work in psychoanalysis over the Internet.  2016.39
Paola Freer
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
A Laplanche-inspired translation of adolescent development  2016.77
Robert Riethmiller
Mind the baby: The role of the nanny in infant observation  2016.53
Jessica Yakeley
Invisible Punishment and Psychic Pain  2016.31
Joaquin Celis, Ana Puig and Maria Larrain
On Targeting Emotion Regulation Deficits in Eating Disorders through Defense Analysis  2016.20
Timothy Rice
Hormones: A letter from the future  2016.11
Oren Gozlan
Clinical Communications
The changes in the analytic room: primary emotions dreamt together  2016.76
Cinzia Carnevali and Gabriella Vandi
Transference Before Transference:The Transmigration Of One Patient’s Transference To Another With The Analyst As A Transponder  2016.72
Hallucinosis and reverie. Pain in the consulting room.  2016.51
Maria Grazia Oldoini
“And What If It Was All In The Mind?” - Listening To Representations Of Infertility  2016.47
Françoise Cailleau
The termination of the analysis: observation on theory, technique and clinic (the case of S. and the "dummy" little man).  2016.43
Stefano Lussana
So there is no help save from the witch: A case study of bewitchment as a dissociative chronic catastrophe  2016.38
Keren Mintz Malchi
How TO Decipher The Subjectivity of a Patient's Stereotypic Movements in the Last Stages of Alzheimer's Disease?  2016.28
Frederic Brossard
Silenzio e immobilità nel transfert del negativo  2016.25
Rita Anna Manfredi
i-Mortality Death and the Internet  2016.15
Matthew Rinaldi
Too much - not enough. The representation of the body and the meaning of symptoms in patients with eating disorders  2016.12
Susanne Lunn and Signe Holm Pedersen
Latest Comment: 3/29/2016
Educational and Professional Issues
Ideology, curriculum and the self: the psychic rootedness of ideology and resistance in subjectivity  2016.44
Fernando Murillo
On Clinical Courage  2016.42
David Potik
Psychoanalytic Training Experience and Postgraduate Professional Development – Part II  2016.19
Molly Witten, Jorge Schneider, Douglas Clifton Wilkerson, Brenda Solomon, Caryle Perlman, Denise Duval and Dennis Shelby
Latest Comment: 4/4/2016
History of Psychoanalysis
Reviewing the History of Psychoanalysis in Australia Susan Isaacs’s Seven Week Australian Tour – 1 August – 20 September 1937.  2016.62
Christine Brett Vickers
Freud's Proof Neurosis  2016.7
Austin Ratner
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Interdisciplinary Studies
Ce qui faisait courir le monde antique  2016.81
Angélique Christaki
Disgust, Horror and the Danish Girl: emotional responses to the transgendered  2016.80
Susan Miller
The vanished last scream: Winnicott-Bion-Eigen  2016.79
Ofra Eshel
Abuse and grievance as alternatives to conflict, mourning and social change  2016.73
Mark Cohen
Contributions of Psychoanalysis for Psychosocial Interventions in Armed Conflict Scenarios  2016.49
Miguel Gutiérrez-Peláez
Blind Cave of Eternal Night: The work of mourning in Tagore’s Play of Four  2016.45
Kamalika Mitra
When 1+1=1: Truth and Blindness in the Oedipal Myth and the Film Incendies  2016.36
Gila Ofer, Michael Shoshani and Batya Shoshani
Ways Psychological Defenses Infuse Worldviews  2016.30
James Crouse
The Predicament of Psychoanalysis and Literature  2016.24
Benjamin Ogden
Latest Comment: 4/7/2016
Transcendental Fallacy: A Study of Lolita’s Atrophy or Sublimation through Lacanian Symbolic  2016.8
Ali Reza Kargar
Autism etiology: a traumatic hyphotesis  2016.5
Sebastião Abrão Salim
Latest Comment: 4/5/2016
The Restoration of the Father in Lacan's James Joyce  2016.4
Thomas Dalzell
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Transcendental Fallacy: A Study of Lolita’s Atrophy or Sublimation through Lacanian Symbolic  2016.1
Ali Reza Kargar and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Fard
Original Articles
"I Could Eat You Up:" Philomela, Trauma, and Enactment  2016.78
Nanette Auerhahn
Des terroristes au nom du Jihâd ! Et pourquoi pas une fonction β au service d‘éléments bêta? (Terrorists in the name of Jihâd! And why not a ß function in the service of the beta-elements?)  2016.35
Rileggendo Bion: dalla trasformazione in allucinosi all'allucinatorio [Reading Bion: from transformation in hallucinosis to the hallucinatory]  2016.34
Luca Quagelli
The contribution of the logic of the unconscious to the enlightening of the psychic functioning of the family. Rethinking new family structures.  2016.29
Amos Squverer
Reconsidering Perversion - a Conceptial Proposal  2016.27
Ralf Binswanger
Hysteria and Transgender: From Jacques Lacan to Bracha L. Ettinger  2016.23
Sheila Cavanagh
Listening Beneath the Words: Parallel Processes in Music and Psychotherapy  2016.21
Yakov Shapiro, Terry Marks-Tarlow and Joseph Fridman
Latest Comment: 3/21/2016
The legacy of Winnicott: the co-associative processes the squiggle game and the group pictogram  2016.18
María Antonieta Pezo
Latest Comment: 3/21/2016
Thou Shalt to You Shalt: Returning Internal Conflict to Its External Origins  2016.17
Trevor Pederson
Latest Comment: 3/14/2016
The Psychoanalytic Method of George Atwood  2016.16
Natalie Smolenski
The relation of the inflected guilt on the internal object permanency  2016.13
João Matos
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
The father’s function as a container for the male child during the pre-oedipal period  2016.82
Bennett Roth
Problems in Human Development: How a Lack of Human Connections Leads to Dehumanization and Addiction  2016.75
José Zusman and Edward Khantzian
Still harping on dissociation: From Janet to Bromberg, via Ferenczi  2016.74
Vittorio Lingiardi and Clara Mucci
Obesity in a Female Borderline Patient with Encapsulated Features  2016.70
The Destiny of Free Association - Purloined Letter Re-Articulated  2016.69
Janne Kurki
A Bionian formulation of shame: the terror of becoming one’s self  2016.68
Duncan Cartwright
Some thoughts on the likely side effects of the psychoanalytical field model.  2016.67
Fulvio Mazzacane
We need a translator... the translation process in the analytic session  2016.66
Zoe Andreyev
Art as a commitment to the Unconscious: Freudian concepts regarding art  2016.65
Ana-María Chávez-Hernández, Sara Muñoz-Villalvazo and Luciane Loss Jardim
Equivalence in Freud’s Primary Process  2016.64
Anthony Badalamenti
Is 'Sexualisation' a Defensive Operation?  2016.61
Elders, Elder-speak, and the Third Ear  2016.59
Mary Longstaff Jacobus
Diagnosis as symptom  2016.58
Fabienne de Bilbao
The Origin of So-called “Shadowy Personalities” in Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorders  2016.57
Kenichiro Okano
Guillemine Chaudoye, Hélène Riazuelo and Rafika Zebdi
Trajectories of separation in the encounter with narcissistic-identitary suffering  2016.54
Laura Balottin, Luca Quagelli, Michela Gatta and Maria Vittoria Costantini
O homem dos lobos: livre pensar  2016.52
Viviane Mondrzak
Enactment and the Supervisory Field  2016.50
Germano Vollmer
Los fenómenos psicosomáticos: el cuerpo tomado al pie de la letra  2016.48
Luciane Loss Jardim and Ana Maria Chavez-Hernandez
Sobre Representar e Não Representar  2016.46
Self-Analysis and the Development of an Interpretation  2016.41
Donald Campbell
Transforming nondeclarative unconscious structures  2016.37
Serge Lecours
Exploring 'Security and Freedom' in the psychoanalytic relationship  2016.33
Giovanna Di Ceglie
The early times of the psychic structuring as presented in the clinical practice  2016.32
Izelinda Barros
Bion, Freud and Klein: Interpretation as Freud’s Specific Action, and Bion’s Container- Contained  2016.26
Chris Mawson
Trauma-based theoretical fictions.  2016.22
Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin, Maria Manuela Assunção Moreno , Marcio Leitão Bandeira, Adriana Barbosa Pereira and Nelson Ernesto Coelho Junior
The Analyst's Personality as An Element of Psychoanalytic Technique  2016.9
Neal Spira
Latest Comment: 3/22/2016
Object Relations in Late Singleness and Marriage  2016.6
Moran Keller and Tsemach Asif
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
“I-ness and the dissociative process” Freud and Janet together in the Analysis Room  2016.3
La intersubjetividad y los sueños telepáticos.  2016.2
Controlling the uncontrollable. Self-regulation and the dynamics of addiction  2016.71
Joona Taipale
Repression and Dissociation: A Conceptual Comparative Study  2016.60
Teresa Segura
Which Diagnostic Approach is More Valid? The DSM or the Rational-Choice Theory of Neurosis  2016.40
Yacov Rofé and Yochay Rofé
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