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List of Articles

Volume 36 (2019)

Issue 1
Treatment Process and Patient Characteristics
Patient Characteristics in Psychodynamic Psychotherapies  1
Miriam Henkel, MSc, Dorothea Huber, M.D., Ph.D., Silke Wiegand-Grefe, Ph.D., Jörg Frommer, M.D., Ph.D., Johannes Zimmermann, Ph.D., Hermann Staats, M.D., Ph.D., Svenja Taubner, Ph.D. and Cord Benecke, Ph.D.
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Therapist-Client Language Matching: Initial Promise as a Measure of Therapist-Client Relationship Quality  9
Jessica L. Borelli, Ph.D., BingHuang A. Wang, B.A, Lucas Sohn, B.A, Kajung Hong, B.A, Cindy DeCoste, M.S. and Nancy E. Suchman, Ph.D.
Lacanian Talking Therapy Considered Closely: A Qualitative Study  19
Dries Dulsster, MSCP, Stijn Vanheule, Ph.D., Joachim Cauwe, MSCP, Junior Ingouf, MSCP and Femke Truijens, MSCP
On Objects of Identification
Patients' Use of Dogs as Objects of Identification, Projection, and Displacement  29
JoAnn Ponder, Ph.D.
Domestic Violence
Women Subjected to Domestic Violence: The Impossibility of Separation  36
Claire Metz, Ph.D., Jérémy Calmet, MSc and Anne Thevenot, Ph.D.
Bringing a Psychoanalytic Mindset to Neuropsychological Testing: From Parameters and Testing the Limits to the “Something More”  44
Sharon Leak, Ph.D.
Understanding the Selfobject Needs Inventory: Its Relationship to Narcissism, Attachment, and Childhood Maltreatment  53
Nicole Nehrig, Ph.D., Scarlett Siu Man Ho, Ph.D. and Philip S. Wong, Ph.D.
Attachment Research
Defense Mechanisms, Remembered Parental Caregiving, and Adult Attachment Style  64
Antonio Prunas, Ph.D., Rossella Di Pierro, Ph.D., Julia Huemer, M.D. and Angela Tagini, Ph.D.
Patient Attachment and Therapist Countertransference in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  73
Thomas W. Westerling, III, Ph.D., Holly Laws, Ph.D., Shelby Ortega, Ph.D., Robert Drinkwater, Ph.D., Helen Stevens, PsyD, David Goodman, Ph.D., Jack Beinashowitz, Ph.D. and Rebecca L. Drill, Ph.D.
Does Maternal Reflective Functioning Mediate Associations between Representations of Caregiving With Maternal Sensitivity in a High-Risk Sample?  82
Mauricio Alvarez-Monjarás, Msc, Thomas J. McMahon, Ph.D. and Nancy E. Suchman, Ph.D.
Book Reviews
The New Analyst's Guide to the Galaxy: Questions About Contemporary Psychoanalysis, by Antonino Ferro and Luca Nicoli, London, England: Karnac Books Ltd., 2017, 176 pp., $26.95  93
Steven J. Ellman, Ph.D.
Chimeras and other Writings: Selected Papers of Sheldon Bach, by Sheldon Bach, New York: IPBooks, 2016, 318 pp., $35.00  99
Neal Vorus, Ph.D.
Parenting: Contemporary Clinical Perspectives, by Steven Tuber (Ed.), Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016, 245 pp., $75.00  104
David Oppenheim, Ph.D.
Teenage Suicide Notes: An Ethnography of Self-Harm, by Terry Williams, New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2017, 288 pp., $30.00  108
Katie C. Lewis, Ph.D.
Issue 2 - The Alliance in Psychotherapy—Papers in Honor of Jeremy D. Safran
Issue Editors: Kevin B. Meehan, Ph.D. and Catherine F. Eubanks, Ph.D.
The Alliance in Psychotherapy—Papers in Honor of Jeremy D. Safran  113
Catherine F. Eubanks, Ph.D. and Kevin B. Meehan, Ph.D.
Investigating Therapist Reflective Functioning, Therapeutic Process, and Outcome  115
Romy A. Reading, Ph.D., Jeremy D. Safran, Ph.D., Amy Origlieri, Ph.D. and J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D.
Trainees’ Experiences in Alliance-Focused Training: The Risks and Rewards of Learning to Negotiate Ruptures  122
Catherine F. Eubanks, Ph.D., J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D., Danielle Dreher, M.A., Joey Sergi, M.A., Erica Silberstein, PsyD and Melissa Wasserman, M.A.
Secure In-Session Attachment Predicts Rupture Resolution: Negotiating a Secure Base  132
Madeleine Miller-Bottome, M.A., Alessandro Talia, Ph.D., Catherine F. Eubanks, Ph.D., Jeremy D. Safran, Ph.D. and J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D.
Ambivalence, Resistance, and Alliance Ruptures in Psychotherapy: It's Complicated  139
Adelya A. Urmanche, M.A., João Tiago Oliveira, Ph.D., Miguel M. Gonçalves, Ph.D., Catherine F. Eubanks, Ph.D. and J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D.
Characteristics of Trainees’ Early Sessions: A Naturalistic Process-Outcome Study Tribute to Jeremy D. Safran  148
Lisa Wallner Samstag, Ph.D. and Kara Norlander, M.A.
On Clinical Theory
States of Self-Surrender  159
Sheldon Bach, Ph.D.
Reflections on Kohut's Theory of Self Psychology and Pathological Narcissism—Limitations and Concerns  166
Orna Afek, M.A.
Patients’ Unconscious Testing Activity in Psychotherapy: A Theoretical and Empirical Overview  173
Francesco Gazzillo, Ph.D., Federica Genova, Ph.D., Francesco Fedeli, M.S., Marshall Bush, Ph.D., John T. Curtis, Ph.D., George Silberschatz, Ph.D. and Nino Dazzi, Ph.D.
Brief Report
The Shifting Prevalence of Conflict in Psychoanalytic Literature: A Brief Report of a Corpus-Based Text Analysis  184
Loren Dent, Ph.D. and Christopher Christian, Ph.D.
Book Reviews
Relationships in Development: Infancy, Intersubjectivity, and Attachment, by Stephen Seligman, New York: Routledge, 2018, 358 pp., $44.95  189
Jared Russell, Ph.D.
Political Freud: A History, by Eli Zaretsky, New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2015, 228 pp., $25 (paperback)  193
Peter Wolson, Ph.D.
Feminine Law: Freud, Free Speech, and the Voice of Desire, by Jill Gentile and Michael Macrone, London, England: Karnac Books, 2016, 330 pp., $44.06  198
Chiara Bottici, Ph.D.
Core Concepts in Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Clinical, Research Evidence, and Conceptual Critiques, by Morris N. Eagle, New York, NY: Routledge, 2018, 318 pp., $44.95  200
Elliot Jurist, Ph.D.
The Lacan Tradition, by Lionel Bailly, David Lichtenstein, and Sharmini Bailly (Eds.), New York, NY: Routledge, 2018, 244 pp., $47.95  203
Joseph Newirth, Ph.D., ABPP
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Issue 3
On Clinical Theory and Technique
The Role of Humor in Priming Intersubjectivity  207
Keith Irving, Ph.D.
In the Forests of the Night: Psychodynamic Treatment of Schizophrenia through the Lens of Matte-Blanco's Bi-Logic  216
Paul S. Saks, Ph.D. and Maria Tsepilovan Edman, PsyD
Interview, Peter Fonagy
“Trust Comes from a Sense of Feeling One's Self Understood by Another Mind”: An Interview with Peter Fonagy  224
Robbie Duschinsky, Ph.D., Jordan Collver, Ph.D. and Havi Carel, MSc
Interview, Peter Fonagy: Commentary
Commentary on “‘Trust Comes from a Sense of Feeling One's Self Understood by Another Mind’: An Interview with Peter Fonagy”  228
Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., Elizabeth Allison, DPhil and Chloe Campbell, Ph.D.
A Commentary on Duschinsky's Interview with Peter Fonagy and Fonagy's Response  229
Elliot Jurist, Ph.D.
Attachment and the Oedipus Complex: Attachment Orientations Moderate the Effects of Priming Oedipal Representations on Sexual Attraction  230
Limor Biton-Bereby, Ph.D., Mario Mikulincer, Ph.D. and Phillip R. Shaver, Ph.D.
Empirical Evidence for Psychic Transparency in Pregnancy  239
Ariane Bazan, Ph.D., Julie Antoine-Moussiaux, M.A., Sandra Jorge Mendes, M.A. and Déborah Prys Mendes, M.A.
Assessing Mentalization: Development and Preliminary Validation of the Modes of Mentalization Scale  249
Giulia Gagliardini, Ph.D. and Antonello Colli, Ph.D.
Brief Report
Defensive Functioning in Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors, and Controls  259
Trisha N. Zimmerman, B.S., John H. Porcerelli, Ph.D., ABPP and V. Elayne Arterbery, M.D.
Book Reviews
Freud: An Intellectual Biography, by Joel Whitebook, Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 497 pp., $39.99  263
Morris N. Eagle, Ph.D.
The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment, by Beatrice Beebe and Frank M. Lachmman, New York, NY: Routledge, 2014, 231 pp., $57.95  268
John S. Auerbach, Ph.D., PRRTP
Saving Talk Therapy: How Health Insurers, Big Pharma, and Slanted Science Are Ruining Good Mental Health Care, by Enrico Gnaulati, Boston, MA: Beacon, 2018, 264 pp., $27.95  276
William H. Gottdiener, Ph.D.
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Book Reviews
Stories From Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: A Curious Space, by Henry Kronengold, New York, NY: Routledge, 2017, 122 pp., $36.95  278
Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.
How to Be a Better Child Therapist: An Integrative Model for Therapeutic Change, by Kenneth Barish, New York, NY: Norton, 2018, 320 pp., $35.00  280
Kira Boesch, Ph.D.
The Greening of Psychoanalysis: Andre Green's New Paradigm in Contemporary Theory and Practice, by Rosine Jozef Perelberg and Gregorio Kohon (Eds.), London, England: Karnac Books Ltd., 2017, 192 pp., $32.95  283
Elliot M. Kronish, Ph.D., FIPA
Issue 4 - Special Section: Papers in Honor of Sidney J. Blatt
Issue Editor: John S. Auerbach
Sidney J. Blatt's Contributions to Psychoanalytic Psychology: Introduction to the Special Section  287
John S. Auerbach, Ph.D.
Relatedness, Self-Definition, Mental Representation, and Internalization in the Work of Sidney J. Blatt: Scientific and Clinical Contributions  291
John S. Auerbach, Ph.D.
Perceptual Sensitivity to Facial Self Perception Associated with Pathological Narcissism  303
Esen Karan, MSc, Jack Grinband, Ph.D., Diana Diamond, Ph.D. and Eric A. Fertuck, Ph.D.
Do Relational and Self-Definitional Traits Influence Deep Brain Stimulation Device Preference?  313
Andrea L. Crowell, M.D., Stefanie L. Speanburg, Ph.D., LCSW, FABP, Lydia N. Denison, B.S., Helen S. Mayberg, M.D. and Nadine J. Kaslow, Ph.D.
Personality Organization and Maternal Addiction: A Structural-Developmental Psychodynamic Contribution  321
Mauricio Alvarez-Monjaras, DClinPsy, Helena J. V. Rutherford, Ph.D. and Linda C. Mayes, M.D.
Reflections on the Contributions of Sidney J. Blatt: The Dialectical Needs for Autonomy, Relatedness, and the Emergence of Epistemic Trust  328
Patrick Luyten, Ph.D., Chloe Campbell, Ph.D. and Peter Fonagy, Ph.D.
Relatedness and Self-Definition: From Typology to Dialectics to Living-in-the-World  335
Paul L. Wachtel, Ph.D.
2019 Stephen A. Mitchell Award
Towards a Tender Sexuality: From Freud's Implicit Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel's Clinical Practice  342
Stephanie Koziej, M.A., MPhil
Book Reviews
Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Legacy of the Third Reich: History, Memory, Tradition, by Emily A. Kuriloff, New York, NY: Routledge, 2014, 182 pp., $47.95  351
Arnold D. Richards, M.D.
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Book Reviews
Psychoanalysis in the Barrios: Race, Class, and the Unconscious, by Patricia Gherovici and Christopher Christian (Eds.), New York, NY: Routledge, 2019, 244 pp., $39.95  355
David Lichtenstein, Ph.D.
Psychodynamic Perspectives on Asylum Seekers and the Asylum Seeking Process: Encountering Well-Founded Fear, by Barbara K. Eisold, New York, NY: Routledge, 2019, 150 pp., $39.95  357
Peter A. Meiland, Ph.D.
History of Countertransference: From Freud to the British Object Relations School, by Alberto Stefana, New York, NY: Routledge, 2017, 172 pp., $55.00  360
Leslie Wells, JD, LP
The Voice of the Analyst: Narratives on Developing a Psychoanalytic Identity, by Linda Hillman and Therese Rosenblatt (Eds.), London, England: Routledge, 2017, 216 pp., $50.95  365
Jenny Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Developmental Perspectives in Child Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, by Christopher Bonovitz and Andrew Harlem (Eds.), London, UK: Routledge, 2018, 298 pp., $39.95  367
Sujatha Subramanian, Ph.D.
Psychology in the Bathroom, by Nick Haslam, New York, NY: Palgrave McMillan, 2012, 174 pp., $24.99  371
William H. Gottdiener, Ph.D.
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