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(2013). Psychodynamic Doctoral Dissertations Completed in 2011. Psychoanal. Psychol., 30(1):120-135.

(2013). Psychoanalytic Psychology, 30(1):120-135


Psychodynamic Doctoral Dissertations Completed in 2011

2011 Adelphi University Amrani, Petra Loving-kindness: Self-compassion, burnout and empathy among therapists.
2011 Adelphi University Andrei, Claudia G. A multi-perspective analysis of a psychodynamic treatment.
2011 Adelphi University Barr, Audrey The relationship between therapists' attitudes toward countertransference and preferred patient population.
2011 Adelphi University Bianucci, Violeta Linking self-representations with personality test responses: The effects of priming independent and interdependent selves in a bicultural sample.
2011 Adelphi University Bromley, Glenn G. Maternal anxiety and 12-month person plus object attention.
2011 Adelphi University Caplan, Stacie The mom study: Parenting stress and attachment in mothers of young children with and without comorbid special needs.
2011 Adelphi University Cassidy, Debra D. Exploration of unconscious priming inherent in self-report questionnaires.
2011 Adelphi University Danish, Susanne Yoga, attachment and well-being.
2011 Adelphi University Fisher, Julia The young adult role confusion coding system.
2011 Adelphi University Freeman, Amanda Working mothers and stay-at-home mothers: A comparison of experiences of anger, assertiveness, depression and masochism.
2011 Adelphi University Gold, Stephanie H. Effects of graduate clinicians' personal therapy on therapeutic alliance and outcome.
2011 Adelphi University Heiss, Andrea Theorizing the death instinct: Rejection, integration and the future of psychoanalysis.
2011 Adelphi University Khan, Shamaila The dilemma of the postcolonial subject and the notion of identity and being: An examination of the workings of identity in the art of Shahzia Sikander.
2011 Adelphi University Latchaw, Andrew The relationship between attachment style and degree of unresolved Oedipal conflicts.
2011 Adelphi University Lin, Anna L. Analysis of gender-neutral variables for depression in adolescent girls and boys.
2011 Adelphi University Marom, Adi Finding the past within the present: The significance of the Holocaust experience for the third generation.
2011 Adelphi University Menaker, John Interpersonal style and the therapeutic alliance: Patient and therapist perspectives early in treatment.
2011 Adelphi University Ogden, Emily Bonneville Alienation and impingement: An inquiry into masochism.
2011 Adelphi University Pavlinovic, Ljiljana The role of reported dreams in treatment.
2011 Adelphi University Pesale, Frank, P. Relation of patient-rated early session process to treatment outcome.
2011 Adelphi University Sakowicz, Katarzyna Rorschach correlates of childhood sexual abuse.
2011 Adelphi University Salvin-Mulford, Jenelle An open trial of Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in the treatment of anxiety spectrum disorders.
2011 Adelphi University Stepukhovich, Svetlana The study of subjectivity in young children of Russian immigrants.
2011 Adelphi University Vigliotti, Amy Forming a trauma narrative: The impact of emotion regulation on well-being in a population of breast cancer survivors.
2011 Adelphi University Zodan, Jennifer Rorschach assessment of childhood sexual abuse and Borderline Pathology: A comparison of clinical samples.
2011 Alliant International U, Fresno Jones, Jennifer Lynn Attachment, empathy and psychopathy in a sex offending sample.
2011 Alliant International U, Fresno Lanflisi, Kathleen Michelle Sibling oedipal triangles among individuals with eating disorders.
2011 Alliant International U, Fresno Salsbury, Peggie Infant feeding, self-regulation, attachment, emotional eating, body mass index, and exercise practices as predictors of type 2 diabetes in a general adult population.
2011 Alliant International U, Los Angeles Chatfield, Andria S. Attachment style and personality traits as predictors of probing behavior in adult romantic relationships.
2011 Alliant International U, Los Angeles McCown, Noelle L. The impact of loss on the therapeutic relationship in therapist-initiated termination.
2011 Alliant International U, Los Angeles Nakanishi, Benjamin The journey of therapy: Object Relations Theory and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.
2011 Alliant International U, Los Angeles Reuter-Kairys, Maryann Helen Effects of early attachment on adult attachment and adult self-soothing.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego Dun, Milena Father—daughter attachment and quality of relationships: Influencing daughters' choices of nontraditional careers.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego Gagnos, Theresa M. An analysis of adult children whose parents divorce: Connections among attachment, object relations, and coping style.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego McManus, Jennifer L. Transitional phenomena: The development of a multi-item rating scale on transitional objects and transitional tunes.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego Mortimer, Malia Adult Third Culture Kids: Common themes, relational struggles and therapeutic experiences.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego Sarno, Mcayla Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) as a primary intervention of change for a survivor of sexual abuse with co-occurring alcohol abuse.
2011 Alliant International U, San Diego Workman, Johanna R. Biracial daughters' perceptions of self—mother relationships and body image: An object-relations-informed study.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Ball, Ankhesenamun The effects of shame: Understanding shame as motivator of antisocial behavior in African American males.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Bauer, Debbie S. The impact of Holocaust experiences on a mother—daughter relationship: The separation-individuation process.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Carr, Leslie The influence of nonverbal behavior and empathic listening on the early development of the working alliance: Therapist reflections on first sessions.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Cashman, Caroline Maternal alexithymia and adult children's emotional regulation: A retrospective study with survivors of childhood exposure to intimate partner violence.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Chandler, Leah C. Starved of emotion: A path analysis examining relationships between emotion regulation, thin-ideal internalization, and problematic eating behavior.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Fernandez, Manuel The relationship between perceived pain with conscious and unconscious coping and depression among fibromyalgia patients.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Finholt, Andrey D. Romantic partner betrayal, attachment, dependency, and forgiveness as predictors of trauma and depression.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Fowler, Lisa Attachment theory applied to the clinical setting.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Fritz, Charles G. A conceptual-analytic study of military veterans' coping with killing: Inferences about defense mechanisms, developmental issues, and treatment implications.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Gray, Colleen Binge eating and overweight in childhood from an attachment perspective.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Hoffman, Cara Traumatic attachment disorder: A proposed alternative attachment disorder diagnosis.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco King, Loren C. Attachment, emotion regulation, and social support: Adjustment to the death of a companion animal.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Metz, Kevin P. The relationship between mindfulness and authenticity.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Sequerra, Einat Mothers' attachment, couple relationship, maternal self-efficacy in parenting, and child behavior.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Talmon, Renee J. Plethora and void: The absent mother in fairy tales.
2011 Alliant International U, San Francisco Torrez, Bernadette L. Psychological stress of infertility: A conceptual analytic study.
2011 Antioch University, New England Austin, Theodore M. A task analysis of metacommunication in Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy.
2011 Antioch University, New England Friedrich, Sherie What's missing? The intergenerational transmission of hysteria and the mother—daughter dyad.
2011 Antioch University, New England Hagan, Micheline S. On writing, playing, and self-experiencing.
2011 Azusa Pacific University Adelchanow, Lauren V. The moderating value of guiding life principles on the predicted attachment security and prosocial attitudes for moral personality.
2011 Azusa Pacific University Morris, Phillip E. Enhancing parent—child attachments in middle childhood: A clinical application dissertation.
2011 Azusa Pacific University Thompson-Jinariu, Melissa Positive factors leading to secure attachment in children adopted from foster care who experienced a break in attachment.
2011 Ball State University Boo, Jenelle N. The relationship between adult attachment and depression as mediated by social support, self-esteem, and optimism.
2011 Baylor University Dean, Grace E. Correspondence between caregiver relationship-specific attachment representations and child attachment representations in adoptive dyads.
2011 Baylor University Grace, Aaron J. Attachment style and underlying concerns in romantic relationship conflict.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Donnell, Michael R. The role of analytic love in therapeutic action.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Durant, Jason Dissociation and its discontents: An exploration of the role of dissociation in a retraumatization cycle among victims of repeated trauma.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Jalowiec, Barbara A. Psychotherapists as parents and providers: Parenthood and countertransference in treating traumatized children.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Lesperance, Julie M. Fear of eliciting envy: A potential obstacle to positive growth and healing.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Marchal, Stephanie Attachment to God image: A comparison of mind using the Adult Attachment Interview about parents and God.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Parker, Cheryl Ann Religious self-disclosure in informed consent describing a pragmatic and pluralistic psychodynamic approach.
2011 California Institute of Integral Studies Rainville, Laura A. Fighting to grow: A developmental approach to aggression among inner city, African American adolescent boys.
2011 California School of Professional Psychology Sawires, Margaret Psychotherapists' recall of early motivations for pursuing the profession.
2011 Capella University Chaffee-Bates, Kris M. A comparison of the role of task, goal and bond in the therapeutic alliance with clients diagnosed with ADHD.
2011 Capella University Jones, Denise J. Mothers, autism, and attachment: An exploration of parenting, perceived attachment, and maternal knowledge.
2011 Case Western Reserve University Houlihan, Lindsey Grey Child attachment at adoption and 3 months.
2011 Chestnut Hill College Kelly-Walker, Nicole Gift giving in psychotherapy: The perspective of psychologists as therapists.
2011 Chestnut Hill College Livney, Dan Keeping mind in mind: Reflection and mentalization in the service-learning classroom.
2011 Chestnut Hill College Riccio, Edmund The language of inference: The SWAP-200 and clinical judgment.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Belviso, Francesco Experiential avoidance and death anxiety of beginning therapists: The impact on theoretical orientation.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Crone, Katy A comparative application of developmental psychoanalytic theories of moral development to recent literature regarding morality and ethical behavior in female adolescents.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Gerhold, Christine The hero's journey through adolescence: A Jungian archetypal analysis of “Harry Potter.”
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Nedumchira, Christin A. Immigration and transitional space: The development of the intercultural third.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Reddy, Srishti Alexithymia and collectivism in survivors of domestic violence: An exploratory study.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Song, Iris The role of ego autonomy in the transcendence of trauma: A case study.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Smymeou, Joanna Of love and lust: Emerging adults and the road to commitment.
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Weigel, Amanda L. The applied psychoanalysis of Dorothy from “The wonderful wizard of oz.?”
2011 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology White, Paige G. An investigation of intuition and its implications for psychotherapy.
2011 City University of New York Block, Rebecca Carolyn The transformation of narrative: An exploration of alliteration's function in Vladimir Nabokov's autobiography.
2011 City University of New York Bly, Emily M. Unemployed and poor in New York: The impact of object relations, mentalization and psychopathology on job outcome.
2011 City University of New York Choksi, Komal The eye and the couch: Dialectical and metaphorical aspects of seeing and being seen in development and psychoanalytic treatment.
2011 City University of New York Clark, Jenifer Tekla Merit—Mentalization enhanced remediation: An integrated treatment—A comprehensive intervention for children
2011 City University of New York Dell'Aglio, Rebecca with autism. Couple communication, attachment status and relationship satisfaction.
2011 City University of New York Meyers, Amy Sibling abuse: Understanding developmental consequences through object relations, family systems, and resiliency theories.
2011 City University of New York Shagrin, Simon Sklan Primo Le vi: Traumatic memory, language and working through.
2011 Clark University Blair, Jonathan M. Integrating attachment and self-theory: A model for understanding relationship satisfaction and student well-being.
2011 Columbia University Bentley, Dana Frantz “I smile with my mind”: Reconceptualizing artistic practice in early childhood.
2011 Columbia University O'Shea, Sean Michael A study of school-phobic students on selected psychodynamic variables.
2011 Columbia University Plaza, Maria Beatriz Factors predicting maternal perceptions of child's temperament in a group of African American and Dominican women at risk for psychological distress: Constructing a model from recalled early maternal bonding, adult maternal attachment, and maternal demoralization.
2011 Columbia University Sawyer Cohen, Jeanette Mindfulness and self-compassion in the transition to motherhood: A prospective study of postnatal mood and attachment.
2011 Duquesne University Cuello, Diana Karen Horney's three character styles as responses to early maternal deprivation and unmanageable rage: Three illustrative case studies.
2011 Duquesne University Laurita, Cristina R. Working with the drive: A Lacanian psychoanalytic approach to the treatment of addictions.
2011 Duquesne University Swales, Stephanie Neurosis or perversion? A Lacanian psychoanalytic diagnosis and clinical approach to the treatment of paraphilia at a forensic outpatient setting: A case study and exegetical method.
2011 Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology—Yeshiva University Coll, Jantra Reexamination the cohabitation effect: An exploration of factors influencing relationship satisfaction for cohabitating couples.
2011 Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology—Yeshiva University Greene, Carolyn A qualitative investigation of the relationship between mentalization and resilience: Mentalization as a resilience factor.
2011 Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology—Yeshiva University Huh, Edwin Empathy in adults with a history of severe adversity.
2011 Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology—Yeshiva University Meyer Bellehsen Negotiating the traumatic impact of cancer.
2011 Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology—Yeshiva University Volper, Amanda Clinical supervision and the implications of boundary violations.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Kipper-Smith, Adriana What psychologists report learning from their clients: Crosscultural comparison of North American and Brazilian psychologists.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Mickel, Susan Funkhouser Attachment orientation in spouse caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease as it affects the experience of caregiving and behavior in the patient.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Palmer, Mark Thomas Object Relations themes in the symbolic play of children of depressed mothers; A Winnicottian perspective.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Ramsbottom, Heidi M. The influence of attachment style on perceptions of environmental protective factors of youth.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Robinson, Claude Jay, Jr. A validity study of projective drawings.
2011 Fielding Graduate University Winzinger, Mary Elizabeth Mothers' descriptions of creating emotional connections with their internationally adopted children.
2011 Fordham University Goodman, Sabrina Jill Perceptions of parent and child attachment in parents of children with autism spectrum disorders.
2011 Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Chavez, Olivia Adult daughters with an eating disorder and their mothers: An object relations perspective on body dissatisfaction.
2011 Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Heiman, Jessica A. The relationship between holocaust survivors' communication of their holocaust experience and secondary traumatic stress, their adult children's attachment styles and world views.
2011 Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Michaels, Linda L. The migration experience: Physical and psychic journeys of the immigrant therapist.
2011 Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Schneider, Sivan Broken self: Psychobiographical explorations of Heinz Kohut's concept of fragmentation.
2011 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Huston, Kathleen W. Cultivating late life potential: A heuristic study of 60- to 75-year-old adults in doctoral and psychoanalytic education.
2011 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Pederson, Wesley The embodied hero: A heuristic study of actualizing masculinity.
2011 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Shemesh, Keren Healing the child within: The study of attachment among parents enrolled in parent-child interaction therapy.
2011 Long Island University, Post Cantner, Christine Living beyond gender: Family experiences of transgender loved ones.
2011 Long Island University, Post Cantor, Daniel Grounded theory exploration of spirituality addiction, and recovery.
2011 Long Island University, Post Fiammenghi, Silvia Doctoral training in clinical psychology and intimate partner relationships: For better or for worse?
2011 Long Island University, Post Francois, Claude Jete Bliye, Ranmase Songe: Creating a coherent self by bridging the cultural divide.
2011 Long Island University, Post Keller, Christopher J. Integrating homosexual identity development into a theory of separation-individuation.
2011 Long Island University, Post Reich, Elisa Emotional abuse within young adult dating relationships: A qualitative study.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Atsidis, John Psychologist's perception of and countertransferential reactions towards victims of domestic violence.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Bertrand, Kelly The recognition of emotion from facial expressions: at judging affect?
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Brosnahan, Sheila Parental bonding, bicultural identity integration, and ego identify among ethnic minorities.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Dextrixe, Jonathan Solitude's paradox: The role of object relations and attachment in the capacity to be alone.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Ellis, James The impact of meditation training on the capacity for therapists-in-training to identify alliance ruptures.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Galligan, Robert P. Maternal disruptive behavior and depressive symptoms predict child distress in dyadic play interactions.
2011 2011 Long Island University, BrooklynLong Island University, Brooklyn Gorman, RachelHead, Cory Affect regulation and the representational world of emerging adulthood. Changes in mental activity and self-efficacy during doctoral psychology graduate training.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Laifer, Alexandra To eat and to like: The role of unconscious affect, self-regulation, and motivation in consumption behavior and preferences.
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Morrison, Matthew J. Separation-individuation and the development of psychological mindedness in late adolescence and
2011 Long Island University, Brooklyn Shah, Ami emerging adulthood. Schizophrenia: The relationship between phenomenology and quality of life in elderly schizophrenic outpatients.
2011 Loyola University Chicago Mestling, Barbara A. The complexities of attachment, peer rejection, and gender within a middle school dynamic: A glimpse at early adolescents and their significant relationships.
2011 Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Erhardt, Ingrid Relatedness and differentiation in the therapeutic dyad: Empirical investigation of differential change processes in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy and their association with patient personality configurations and therapeutic alliance.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Dotson, Jennifer Self-in-relation, shame-in-relation: Working with shame as a relational construct.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Ferdinand, Dorothie Examining the risk and resiliency factors associated with the development of secondary traumatic stress in mental health professionals.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Fields, Lesley Christina Psychodynamically oriented psychologists' experiences with therapy termination in private practice.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Fishman, Julianne E. An exploration of the clinician's experience of relational therapy when working with women with eating disorders.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Mund, Michelle Body and baby: The subjective experience of new motherhood for women with disordered eating.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Noonan, Kelly Attachment as a precursor to empathy: A proposed attachment-based offender treatment model.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Robertson, Anne M. An exploratory study examining the relationship between attachment and communication between college freshmen and their mothers.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Yarrow, Aliza C. Parental traumatic secrets: The relational dynamics of protection and parentification for children.
2011 Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Yuknat, Marcy Kerr Trainees' attitudes toward seeking personal psychotherapy: The influence of faculty and clinical supervisors.
2011 McGill University McClure, M. Joy Hopes of affiliation and fears of rejection: The effects of attachment anxiety on behaviour outcomes in initial interactions.
2011 Michigan School of Professional Psychology Jhaveri-Mehta, Sachi The slow dance: The therapists' experience of working with an Asian American client with a trauma history A transcendental phenomenological investigation.
2011 Michigan School of Professional Psychology Tacoma, Nicole D. The incremental validity of projective tests in the initial evaluation of child psychopathology.
2011 Michigan State University Bastanfar, Robert Babak An examination of the relationship between psychoanalytic development of the self and attributions and expectation for events: An attempt at bringing positive psychology and Kohut's self-psychology.
2011 Michigan State University Malone, Johanna Catherine Personality subtypes of individuals with traumatic childhood separations from attachment figures.
2011 New School University Banthin, David Clifford Study of alliance ruptures and resolution processes in high and low outcome cases using the Psychotherapy Process Q-Set (PQS).
2011 New School University Glick, Peter Experientially grounded exploration of relational themes in the context of alliance ruptures.
2011 New School University Horowitz, Julian Therapist mindfulness and flow in the clinical encounter.
2011 New School University Katzow, Adrienne Keeping a mind in mind: The role of Reflective Functioning in the process and outcome of Brief Relational Therapy.
2011 New School University Massin, January A multivariable treatment for personality disorders: The Center for Intensive Treatment of Personality Disorders' treatment effectiveness and its relationship to patient and therapist attachment dynamics.
2011 New School University Padilla, Anjannette Mindfulness in therapeutic presence: How mindfulness of therapist impact treatment outcome.
2011 New York University Heifetz, Samara Between sex and gender: The psychoanalytic movement in Imperial and Weimar Berlin.
2011 The Ohio State University Sheftall, Arielle Hope Attachment and suicidality in adolescents: An exploration of mediators and moderators.
2011 Oklahoma State University Bratkovich, Kristi Lyn The relationship of attachment and spirituality with posttraumatic growth following a death loss for college students.
2011 Pace University Abu-Sbaih, Rula Parental influences on ethnic identity development: Implications of parenting style, attachment, and ethnic socialization.
2011 Pace University Barowsky, Dana Relationship between pretreatment variables and working alliance in psychotherapy: Parental representations, ego functioning, and psychopathology as predictors.
2011 Pace University Canepa, Heather Need for belonging and attachment style in relation to college students' participation in negative group initiation practices.
2011 Pace University DeRoss, Kathryn Developmental processes and psychopathology: Separation-individuation and ego development.
2011 Pace University Dubbioso, Dani Parental representation and self-representation in the substance abuser.
2011 Pace University Steinwurtzel, Rochelle Progress through individuation and suicide risk factors in late adolescence and emerging adulthood.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Albro, Pamela The pregnance of space: A depth perspective on the merits of conscious enactment toward a phenomenological experience of psychical growth in psychoanalytic setting.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Bertucci, Nicole Relationship and individuation: The torture of love which ripens the soul.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Betty, Nicholas Stephen Creativity: The adaptive aspects of insecure attachment.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Brunner, Pamela Generative Eros: An exploration of the transformative function of erotic transference.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Causey, Phillip An investigation of psychotherapists' somatic experience in treatment of narcissistic disorders.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Evans, Allison Ruptured membranes: A depth psychological inquiry into childbirth.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Iverson, Ronald Lloyd Moved to tears by divine presence: Sacred experiencing, transference, and self-development.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Meltsner, Laura Dissociation: Meanings and metaphors.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Nuckols, Gregory Thomas On nature and the psyche: The psychological and spiritual significance of nature-based numinous experiences.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Parker, Cynthia Tending the life of the soul: The role of rhythm in the therapeutic encounter.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Ready, Trisha Music as container.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Reid, Kenneth The transcendent function, demystified: A theoretical and clinical integration.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Stoops, Brandi Sue Voices from the underworld: The shadow world of addiction.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Turner, Barbara L. The mirror of Dionysus: Fragmentation, linking, and container-contained in the transformation of psychological trauma.
2011 Pacifica Graduate Institute Weir-Ancker, Susan Mud madness: A depth psychological approach to art and soul-making.
2011 The Pennsylvania State University Davis, Daphne M. Relations among meditation experience, mindfulness, differentiation of self, and countertransference management.
2011 The Pennsylvania State University Wasserman, Rachel H. The role of working alliance in the treatment of borderline personality disorder.
2011 Pepperdine University Daneshvar, Elenor B. Disorganized attachment and externalizing behavior in early childhood: A metaanalysis.
2011 Pepperdine University Pakdaman, Shirley N. Supervisory alliance and countertransference disclosure of psychology doctoral students.
2011 Pepperdine University Turner, Joseph Prenatal psychic experience: A systematic psychoanalytic exploration of the emotional life of the fetus.
2011 Purdue University Munz, Elizabeth Ann Communication as preparation: An exploration of associations between caregiver confirmation, attachment security, and child elaboration during the transition to kindergarten.
2011 Purdue University Kaloustian, Garene Child attachment security, attachment representations and social competence in early school years.
2011 Purdue University Kim, Young Kyong The associations between attachment avoidance, perceived spousal support, and diabetes self-care.
2011 Queen's University, Canada Marques, Sandra Regina Freitas Relationship threat and self-regulation: The moderating effect of attachment anxiety.
2011 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Marganski, Alison J. Adult attachment as a mediator/moderator to early experiences of family violence victimization on adult physically violent behavior.
2011 Rutgers University, GSAPP Pass, Erica R. Combining expressive writing with an affect- and attachment-focused psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of a single-incident trauma survivor: The case of “Grace.”
2011 Rutgers University, GSAPP Riordan, Robert Williams The management of narcissistic vulnerability: Three case studies guided by Stephen Mitchell's integrated treatment model.
2011 Rutgers University, GSAPP Sasso, Stephanie L. A qualitative study of gender role identity and relationship satisfaction in adults raised in equal parenting households.
2011 Sam Houston State University Glass, Leah M. Grandparent—grandchild attachment and psychosocial adjustment among youth from divorced families.
2011 Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center Meyerhofer, Russell J. Emotion integration experienced by caregiving fathers.
2011 Seattle Pacific University Gunn, Ginger A. Attachment, shame, and childhood sexual abuse and the acquisition of sexual addiction.
2011 Seattle Pacific University Hoffman-Robinson, Gwynith E. Attachment and its effect on the correlation between opposite-sex parent and romantic partner personality.
2011 Seton Hall University Monaco, Karen V. Maternal representations of attachment as affected by conditions of proximity and separation.
2011 State University of New York at Stony Brook Brockmeyer, Susan Leigh Adult attachment representations and secure base use and support in couple problem solving interactions.
2011 Texas Christian University Ito-Jager, Sachiyo Attention focus and self-touch in toddlers: The moderating effect of attachment security.
2011 Texas Southern University Isaac, Sherin K. Attachment styles and acculturation of Christian Asian Indians: Impact on life satisfaction.
2011 Texas Woman's University Roblyer, Nicole R. Multitheoretical assessment with integrative and pure-form therapists: An exploratory study.
2011 Texas Woman's University Thomas, Marilyn K. Exploring attachment patterns and resilience levels of individuals who emancipated from institutional based care, kinship care, and nonkinship care.
2011 Texas Woman's University Williams, Robert Holden Adult attachment styles as predictors of posttraumatic stress severity and PTSD among U.S. Army soldiers.
2011 University of Chicago Jenness, Katherine The collapsing self: Psychoanalysis in American life, 1946 to present.
2011 University of Chicago Schechter, Kathryn A. Illusions of a future: Psychoanalysis and the biopolitics of desire.
2011 University of Detroit Mercy Heller, Grant Psychopathology, adaptive functioning and motivational needs as predictors of video game use and engagement.
2011 University of Detroit Mercy Ogando, Alejandra Supervisees' ethical sensitivity and professional wisdom.
2011 University of Detroit Mercy Pintar, Jamie Michael An examination of unconscious mental processes: Adaptive implications of permissive mental boundaries and primary process thinking.
2011 University of Florida Figley, Stephen Carroll The effects of attachment style and contextual activation of attachment security and attachment insecurity on partner empathy and distress responses to episodes of romantic partner distress.
2011 University of Indianapolis, School of Psychological Sciences Jones, Michael S. The selected story TAT: An objective form of the Thematic Apperception Test.
2011 The University of Iowa Turesky, Derek Geoffrey A descriptive analysis of alexithymia among patients with chronic back pain.
2011 University of Kentucky Macke, Caroline A. Adult romantic attachment as a risk factor for intimate partner violence in victimization.
2011 University of La Verne Devereaux, Timothy Robert Psychotherapists' attachment, burnout and empathy.
2011 University of La Verne Farr, Rebecca Anne The relationship between attachment, early maladaptive schemas, and rape and sexual assault perpetration.
2011 University of La Verne Masters, Kristen Attachment style and perceptions of mattering on college adjustment.
2011 University of La Verne Wong, Sayuli Si Yi An exploratory study of object relations and sociocultural influences on eating disordered behaviors in women.
2011 University of Louisville Grey, Sue Ann Vincent van Gogh, a formal and psychological analysis of the final years at Arles, Saint-Rémy, and Auvers.
2011 University of Manitoba, Canada Holens, Pamela L. Adult attachment styles: A comparison between psychologically maltreated and nonmaltreated individuals using self-report and projective methods.
2011 University of Maryland College Park Rector, Claudia A. Whose story is it anyway?: Constructing the stories and pathology of madness/mental illness in the contemporary U.S.
2011 University of Massachusetts Amherst Errazuriz Arellano, Paula A. The relationship between patient object relations and the therapeutic alliance in a naturalistic psychotherapy sample.
2011 University of Massachusetts Amherst MacEwan, Gregory Borderline personality disorder and object relations: Predicting self-injurious and suicidal behaviors.
2011 University of Minnesota Whaley, Gloria J.L. Factors related to the development, maintenance, and/or resolution of unresolved/disorganized states of mind regarding abuse in a sample of maltreated individuals.
2011 University of Minnesota Swinburne Romine, Rebecca Esther Interview codings of attachment style: Using profile analysis to understand the patterns involved.
2011 University of Minnesota Vrieze, Danielle Marie The role of parental reflective functioning in promoting attachment for children of depressed mothers in a toddler-parent psychotherapeutic intervention.
2011 University of New Delhi, India Kaul, Nilofer Masks and mirrors: Configurations of narcissism in selected short stories by women.
2011 University of North Texas Dodd, Zane Effects of adult romantic attachment and social support on resilience and depression in patients with acquired disabilities.
2011 University of North Texas Austin, Aubrey A. The role of attachment in the intergenerational transmission of abuse: From childhood victimization to adult re-victimization.
2011 University of North Texas Han, GiBaeg Adult attachment patterns, mental representations of self, and faith: Mediators of childhood trauma and affect-behavior regulations in adulthood.
2011 University of North Texas Schmalz, Jonathan Oh G-d, a borderline: Clinical diagnostics as fundamental attribution error.
2011 University of Notre Dame George, Melissa Renee Ward Parent—child attachment security and children's socioemotional adjustment during the early school years.
2011 University of Ottowa Blanchette, Arthur An introduction to psychoanalysis.
2011 University of Ottowa O'Connor, John Joseph Socialization and personality problems as dimensional constructs in the Freudian and Mowrerian hypotheses.
2011 University of Southern California Feres, Nashla Attachment, maltreatment and autonomic nervous system responsivity as predictors of adolescent anxiety and depression.
2011 University of Tennessee Colman, Lindsey K. Delving deeper into substance use: Affect regulation, defenses, and personality factors influencing drug choice in addictions.
2011 University of Texas at Dallas Hurst, Jamie Renee The development of adolescent autonomy: Contributions of the mother-child attachment relationship and maternal sensitivity.
2011 Utah State University LaMont, Mary Mother—child attachment and preschool behavior problems in children with developmental delay.
2011 University of Virginia Manning, Nell Newland Convergence and divergence of attachment and emotion regulation during adolescence.
2011 Vanderbilt University Zeman, Scott Placebos of development: A critique of modern health objectivity in Kant, Marx, and psychoanalysis.
2011 Walden University Allen, Kenneth D. Self object needs, homophobia, heterosexism among gay men during emerging adulthood.
2011 Walden University Bryson, Celeste H. Examining the impact of attachment, parental presence, and substance abuse treatment on male adolescent depression.
2011 Walden University Casto, Linda Nieman Adolescent clients' experiences with self-disclosures from their therapists.
2011 Walden University Cooke-Davis, Sebrina The effect of body image and parent—child interactions for adolescent mothers.
2011 Walden University Huston, Tara R. The effects of using hypnosis for treating anxiety in outpatients diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.
2011 Walden University Margolin, Levon Dream use and efficacy: A phenomenological study.
2011 Walden University Woods, Judith A. The relationship between deliberate self-harm and alexithymia.
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