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Rhees, J. (1969). Scott, R. D. and Ashworth, P. L. (London). ‘“Closure” at the first schizophrenic break-down: a family study’, Brit. J. Med. Psychol., 40 (1967).. J. Anal. Psychol., 14(1):83-84. […]
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Rhees, J. (1969). D'Agostino, E. and Trevi, M. (Rome). ‘Struttura e tensione dialettica: note sulla concezione del Selbst nella psicologia dell'individuazione’ (‘Structure and dialectic tension: notes on the concept of the self in the psychology of individuation’) Clin. Psichiatr., 6 (1968).. J. Anal. Psychol., 14(1):82. […]
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