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List of Articles

Volume 32 (1984)

Editor's Introduction  1
Theodore Shapiro, M.D.
An Example of Self-Analysis  3
Helen R. Beiser, M.D.
A Psychoanalytic Study of Migration: Its Normal and Pathological Aspects  13
León Grinberg, M.D. and Rebeca Grinberg, M.D.
Pathological Narcissism in Childhood  39
James Egan, M.D. and Paulina F. Kernberg, M.D.
A Note on Loss, Pain, and Masochism in Children  63
Jules Glenn, M.D.
Narcissism and Superego Development  75
Phyllis Tyson, Ph.D. and Robert L. Tyson, M.D.
Fear of Humiliation  99
Arnold Rothstein, M.D.
Tearfulness: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation  117
Edwin C. Wood, M.D. and Constance D. Wood, Ph.D.
The Value of Extratransference Interpretation  137
Leo Stone, M.D. and Eugene Halpert, M.D.
Value Judgments in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice  147
Joseph D. Lichtenberg, M.D. and Sidney M. Lytton, M.D.
The Clinical Use of the Manifest Dream  157
Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. and Owen Renik, M.D.
The Selected Papers of Margaret S. Mahler (2 Vols.): New York: Aronson. 1979, VOL. 1, xxiii + 306 pp., VOL. 2, vi + 263 pp., $40.000.  165
Hans Loewald, M.D.
Freud and his Patients: Edited by Mark Kanzer and Jules Glenn. New York: Aronson, 1980, 452 pp., $25.00.  175
Peter Blos, Jr., M.D.
Clinical Psycholinguistics: By Theodore Shapiro. New York: Plenum, 1979, xiv + 179 pp., $22.50.  180
David A. Freedman, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Explorations of Technique: Discourse on the Theory of Therapy: Edited by Harold P. Blum. New York: International Universities Press, 1980, viii + 468 pp., $25.00.  182
Joseph Sandler, Ph.D.
Beyond Insight: Deep Rhymes, Deeper Reasons: By Sumner L. Shapiro. New York: International Universities Press, 1979, $20.00.  186
Lawrence Deutsch, M.D.
Starving to Death in a Sea of Objects. The Anorexia Nervosa Syndrome: By John A. Sours. New York: Aronson, 1980, 443 pp., $25.00.  187
George Gero, M.D.
The Listening Process: By Robert Langs. New York: Aronson, 1978, 661 pp., $35.00.  191
James T. McLaughlin, M.D.
Psychoanalysis in France: Edited by Serge Lebovici and Daniel Widlöcher. New York: International Universities Press, 1980, xiv + 451 pp., $35.00.  195
Burness E. Moore, M.D.
Narcissism: Psychoanalytic Essays: By Béla Grunberger. New York: International Universities Press, 1979, xix + 311 pp., $22.50.  199
Arnold Richards, M.D.
Technik Zur Dialektik Der Psychoanalytischen Praxis: By Fritz Morgenthaler. Frankfurt am Main: Syndikat Autoren-und Verlagsgesellschaft, 1978, 149 pp.  204
Hilda S. Rollman-Branch, M.D.
Il Senso Della Disperazione. La Problematica Della Depressione Nella Teoria Psicoanalitica: By Andre Haynal. Milan, Italy: Feltrinelli, 1980, 219 pp., 10,000 L. it.  208
Renato J. Almansi, M.D.
The Oceanic Feeling: The Origins of Religious Sentiment in Ancient India: By J. Moussaieff Masson. Dordrecht, Holland: D. Reidel, 1980, 213 pp.  211
Irving B. Harrison, M.D.
Existentialism and Psychoanalysis: By Charles Hanly. New York: International Universities Press, 1979, 298 pp., $25.00.  212
Gilbert J. Rose, M.D.
Attachment and Loss, Vol. 3. Loss, Sadness and Depression: By John Bowlby. New York. Basic Books, 1980, 472 pp., $22.50.  216
Sol Altschul, M.D.
The Policing of Families: By Jacques Donzelot. New York: Random House, 1979, 242 pp., $4.95 (paperback).  218
C. Philip Wilson, M.D.
The Dream in Clinical Practice: Edited by Joseph M. Natterson, New York: Aronson, 1980, 498 pp., $30.00.  221
Frederick M. Lane, M.D.
Psychoanalysis at One Hundred: Beginnings of Maturity  245
Arnold M. Cooper, M.D.
On Neutrality  269
Theodore Shapiro, M.D.
On the Analyst's Neutrality  283
Warren S. Poland, M.D.
Son and Father  301
Peter Blos, Ph.D.
The Multiple Meanings of Masochism in Psychoanalytic Discourse  325
Franklin G. Maleson, M.D.
Psychic Trauma and Masochism  357
Jules Glenn, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Emptiness  387
Steven T. Levy, M.D.
Deconstructing the Manifest Dream  405
Stanley R. Palombo, M.D.
An Appreciation of Dr. Harold P. Blum  451
Jacob A. Arlow, M.D.
Character: A Concept in Search of an Identity  455
Francis Baudry, M.D.
Working with Shame in Psychoanalytic Treatment  479
Andrew P. Morrison, M.D.
Oedipus in the Stone Age  507
Theodore Lidz, M.D. and Ruth W. Lidz, M.D.
Rational Versus Anagogic Interpretation: Xenophon's Dream and Others  529
Martin H. Stein, M.D.
The Two Concepts of Action and Responsibility in Psychoanalysis  557
Wynn Schwartz, Ph.D.
The Neutrality of the Analyst in the Analytic Situation  573
Ernest S. Wolf, M.D. and Robert J. Leider, M.D.
The Relation Between Psychoanalytic Theory and Psychoanalytic Technique  587
Robert Wallerstein, M.D. and Arnold Richards, M.D.
The Relation Between Masochism and Depression  603
Arnold Rothstein, M.D. and Joseph Caston, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and Language  617
Stanley L. Olinick, M.D.
Book Reviews
Internal World and External Reality: Object Relations Theory Applied: By Otto Kernberg. New York: Aronson, 1980, 376 pp., $27.50.  655
Calvin F. Settlage, M.D.
Object and Self: A Developmental Approach: Edited by Saul Tuttman, Carol Kaye, and Muriel Zimmerman. New York: International Universities Press, 1980, 548 pp., $40.00.  661
Nathan Schlessinger, M.D.
Plea for a Measure of Abnormality: By Joyce McDougall. New York: International Universities Press, 1980, 493 pp., $32.50.  664
Edward D. Joseph, M.D.
Schizophrenic Disorders: By Ping-Nie Pao. New York: International Universities Press, 1977, xv + 456 pp., $32.50.  667
Daniel P. Schwartz, M.D.
Borderline Disorders. Psychiatric Clinics of North America. Edited by Michael Stone. Philadelphia: Saunders, 1981, 200 pp., $19.50.  674
Peter Hartocollis, M.D.
Paradox and Counterparadox. By Mara Selvini Palazzoli, Gianfranco Cecchin, Giuiana Prata, and Luigi Boscolo. New York: Aronson, 1979, 189 pp., $17.50.  677
Bernard L. Pacella, M.D.
The Development of Aggression in Early Childhood: By Henri Parens. New York: Aronson, 1979, 399 pp., $30.00.  680
Robert L. Tyson, M.D.
The Adolescent: A Psychological Self-Portrait: By Daniel Offer, Eric Ostrov and Kenneth I. Howard. New York: Basic Books, 1981, 195 pp., $14.95.  683
Aaron H. Esman, M.D.
Adolescent Psychiatry. Developmental and Clinical Studies, Vol. 6: Edited by Sherman C. Feinstein and Peter L. Giovacchini. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1979, x + 521 pp., $25.00.  685
Humberto Nagera, M.D.
Adolescent Psychiatry: Developmental and Clinical Studies, Vol. 7: Edited by Sherman C. Feinstein and Peter L. Giovacchini. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1979, 571 pp., $25.00.  688
Melvin A. Scharfman, M.D.
The Course of Life: Adulthood and the Aging Process, Vol. 3: Edited by Stanley Greenspan and George Pollock. Adelphi, Md.: NIMH—Mental Health Study Center, 1980, xiv-608 pp.  693
Nathan P. Segel, M.D.
Freud's Unfinished Journey: By Louis Breger. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981, 220 pp., $15.00.  696
Alan Z. Skolnikoff, M.D.
The Literary Use of the Psychoanalytic Process: By Meredith Anne Skura. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1981, viii + 280 pp., $25.00.  698
Aaron H. Esman, M.D.
Anti-Judaism: A Psychohistory: By Ernest A. Rappaport. Chicago: Perspective Press, 1975, 312 pp., $12.50.  701
Mortimer Ostow, M.D.
The Psychoanalysis of Organizations: By Robert de Board. London: Tavistock, 1978, 158 pp., $16.50 (paperback, $6.95).  704
Harry Levinson, Ph.D.
Observations on Assessment of Analyzability by Experienced Analysts  715
Joan B. Erle, M.D. and Daniel A. Goldberg, M.D.
The End Phase of Analysis: Indicators, Functions, and Tasks of Termination  739
Morton Shane, M.D. and Estelle Shane, Ph.D.
Peer Review, Third-Party Payment, and the Analytic Situation: A Case Report  773
Howard S. Rudominer, M.D.
Some Theoretical and Technical Considerations Concerning the Emergence of a Symptom of the Transference Neurosis: An Empirical Study  797
Erik Gann, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Dream Theory and Recent Neurobiological Findings about Rem Sleep  831
Marvin D. Wasserman, M.D.
Further Reflections on Freud and his Writing  847
Patrick J. Mahony, Ph.D.
Denial in Fantasy and Hypomania: An Exploration  865
Norman F. Bley, M.D.
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