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List of Articles

Volume 40 (1992)

Some Thoughts on the Psychoanalytic Situation  3
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel
Hierarchies, Boundaries, and Representation in a Freudian Model of Mental Organization  27
William I. Grossman, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and its Neighboring Sciences: Paradigms and Opportunities  63
Philip S. Holzman, Ph.D. and Gerald Aronson, M.D.
The Analyst's Mistakes  89
Judith Fingert Chused, M.D. and David L. Raphling, M.D.
Model Scenes: Implications for Psychoanalytic Treatment  117
Frank M. Lachmann, Ph.D. and Joseph Lichtenberg, M.D.
Interpretive Methodology: Some Problems, Limitations, and Remedial Strategies  139
Philip Rubovits-Seitz, M.D.
The Analyst's Style and its Impact on the Analytic Process: Overcoming a Patientanalyst Stalemate  169
Judy L. Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
A Case of Premenstrual Distress: Bisexual Determinants of a Woman's Fantasy of Damage to her Genital  195
Owen Renik, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy—Similarities and Differences: Therapeutic Technique  211
Phyllis Tyson, Ph.D. and James L. Morris, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy—Similarities and Differences: Indications, Contraindications, and Initiation  223
Henry M. Bachrach, Ph.D. and Edith R. McNutt, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy—Similarities and Differences: Conceptual Overview  233
Robert S. Wallerstein, M.D. and Samuel Hoch, M.D.
Freud's Vision: Key Issues in the Methodology of Applied Psychoanalysis  239
Mark J. Gehrie, Ph.D.
Psychodynamic Psychiatry: Theory and Practice: By John Frosch. Madison, Conn.: Int. Univ. Press, 1990. Vol. 1, xxi + 359 pp., $50.00; Vol. 2, xiv + 503 pp., $60.00.  247
George L. Ginsberg, M.D.
Traduire Freud: By André Bourguignon, Pierre Cotet, Jean Laplanche and François Robert. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1989, 379 pp., Fr. 195.  251
Patrick J. Mahony, Ph.D.
Psychoanalytic Treatment: An Intersubjective Approach: By Robert D. Stolorow and Bernard Brandchaft. Hillsdale, N.J.: Analytic Press, 1987, x + 188 pp., $24.95.  256
Arnold M. Richards, M.D.
The Emergence of Morality in Children: Edited by Jerome Kagan and Sharon Lamb. Chicago: Univ. Chicago Press, 1987, 354 pp., $24.95.  261
Henri Parens, M.D.
Sigmund Freud: Oeuvres Complêtes/psychanalyse. Vol. 3 (1894–1899): Edited and translated by André Bourguignon, Pierre Cotet, Jean Laplanche, et al. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1989, 304 pp., Fr. 195.  267
Patrick J. Mahony, Ph.D.
A Fresh Look at Psychoanalysis: The View from Self Psychology: By Arnold Goldberg. Hillsdale, N.J.: Analytic Press, 1988, xvii + 275 pp., $29.95.  270
Norman B. Atkins, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Migration and Exile: By Leon Grinberg and Rebeca Grinberg. New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1989, ix + 230 pp., $30.00.  273
Henry J. Friedman, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Process Research Strategies: Edited by Hartvig Dahl, Horst Kächele, and Helmut Thomä. Berlin: Springer, 1988, 334 pp., $35.00.  278
Mardi Horowitz, M.D.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of Borderline Patients: By Otto F. Kernberg, Michael A. Selzer, Harold W. Koenigsberg, Arthur C. Carr and Ann H. Appelbaum. New York: Basic Books, 1989, ix + 210 pp., $22.95.  281
Lester Luborsky, Ph.D.
Introspection in Biography: The Biographer's Quest for Self-Awareness: Edited by Samuel H. Baron and Carl Pletsch. Hillsdale, N.J.: Analytic Press, 1985, 366 pp., $45.00.  286
Milton Viederman, M.D.
Halo in the Sky: Observations on Anality and Defense: By Leonard Shengold. New York: Guilford Press, 1988, XVII + 184 pp., $25.00.  295
Alex H. Kaplan, M.D.
Memory as Resistance, and the Telling of a Dream  307
Paul Gray, M.D.
Therapeutic Technique in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  327
Edward M. Weinshel, M.D.
An Investigation Into Some Implications of a Vygotskian Perspective on the Origins of Mind: Psychoanalysis and Vygotskian Psychology, Part I  349
Arnold Wilson, Ph.D. and Lissa Weinstein, Ph.D.
From Analytic Surface to Analytic Space  381
Warren S. Poland, M.D.
On the Clinical Utility of the Concept of Depressive Affect as Signal Affect  405
Leon Hoffman, M.D.
Psychoanalytic and Biological Approaches to Mental Illness: Schizophrenia  425
Michael Robbins, M.D.
A Variation on Freud's Theme in "A Child is Being Beaten"—Mother's Role: Some Implications for Superego Development in Women  455
Ruth F. Lax, Ph.D.
The Role of Support in Psychoanalysis  475
F. De Jonghe, M.D., P. Rijnierse, M.D. and R. Janssen, M.D.
Art Alone Endures  501
John E. Gedo, M.D.
The Concept of Phylogenetic Inheritance in Freud and Jung  517
Peter T. Hoffer, Ph.D.
A Research-Based Reconsideration of the Psychoanalytic Theory of Dreaming  531
Ramon Greenberg, M.D., Howard Katz, M.D., Wynn Schwartz, Ph.D. and Chester Pearlman, M.D.
When Theory and Practice Diverge: Gender-Related Patterns of Referral to Psychoanalysts  551
Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. and Daphne De Marneffe
Analysis of the Transference Neurosis in a Child with Transsexual Symptoms  587
Loretta R. Loeb, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Ecumenism and Varieties of Psychoanalytic Experience  643
Homer C. Curtis, M.D.
Followup in Psychoanalysis: What Happens to Treatment Gains?  665
Robert S. Wallerstein, M.D.
The Differential Effect of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis with Anaclitic and Introjective Patients: The Menninger Psychotherapy Research Project Revisited  691
Sidney J. Blatt, Ph.D.
Language and the Psychoanalytic Process: Psychoanalysis and Vygotskian Psychology, Part II  725
Arnold Wilson, Ph.D. and Lissa Weinstein, Ph.D.
G. C. Lichtenberg: Dreams, Jokes, and the Unconscious in Eighteenth-Century Germany  761
Craig Tomlinson, M.D.
Freudian and Kleinian Theory: A Dialogue of Comparative Perspectives  801
Sidney E. Pulver, M.D. and Howard B. Levine, M.D.
Enactments in Psychoanalysis  827
James T. McLaughlin, M.D. and Morton Johan, M.D.
The Anatomy of Loving: The Story of Man's Quest to Know what Love is: By Martin S. Bergmann. New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 1987, 302 pp., $37.00; paperback, $14.50.  845
Ethel S. Person, M.D.
Metapsychologie Du Sens: By Daniel Widlocher. Paris: Presses Univ. France, 1986, 172 pp., Fr. 48.  849
Francis Baudry, M.D.
Masochism: Current Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Edited by Robert Glick and Donald I. Meyers. Hillsdale, N. J.: Analytic Press, 1988, 238 pp., $29.95.  853
Leon N. Shapiro, M.D.
Psychoanalysis and Motivation: By Joseph D. Lichtenberg. Hillsdale, N. J.: Analytic Press, 1989, 422 pp., $39.95.  856
Newell Fischer, M.D.
Dimensions of Psychoanalysis: Edited by Joseph Sandler. London: Karnac, 1989, 263 pp., £15.  860
Aaron H. Esman, M.D.
Motivation and Explanation: An Essay on Freud's Philosophy of Science. Psychol. Issues, Monogr. 56: By Nigel Mackay. Madison, Conn.: Int. Univ. Press, 1989, 254 pp., $35.00.  862
Charles Hanly, Ph.D.
Psychoanalytic Studies of Biography: Edited by George Moraites and George H. Pollock. Madison, Conn.: Int. Univ. Press, 1987, 582 pp., $55.00.  869
Robert A. Nemiroff, M.D.
Psychoanalysis: Toward the Second Century: Edited by Arnold M. Cooper, Otto F. Kernberg, and Ethel S. Person. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, 1989, 282 pp., $27.50.  870
Owen Renik, M.D.
The Primitive Edge of Experience: By Thomas H. Ogden. Northvale, N. J.: Aronson, 1989, 256 pp., $25.00.  874
Jerome B. Katz, M.D.
Self, Symptoms and Psychotherapy: By N. Cheshire and H. Thomä. New York: Wiley, 1987, 300 pp., $79.95.  877
Ernest S. Wolf, M.D.
Chaos: Making a New Science: By James Gleick. New York: Viking, 1987 (Penguin, 1988), 354 pp., $22.95.  880
Leon Hoffman, M.D.
The Apprehension of Beauty: The Role of Aesthetic Conflict in Development, Art and Violence: By Donald Meltzer and Meg Harris Williams. Strath Tay, Scotland: Clunie Press, 1988, 240 pp., $15.00.  885
Martin S. Bergmann
Passion of Youth: An Autobiography (1897-1922): By Wilhelm Reich, edited by Mary Boyd Higgins and Chester M. Raphael. London: Pan Books, 1989, 178 pp., £10.95.  888
Steven Marcus, Ph.D.
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Male Homosexuality: By Kenneth Lewes. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1988, 301 pp., $19.95.  892
Richard C. Friedman, M.D.
Cultivating Freud's Garden in France: By Marion Michel Oliner. Northvale, N. J.: Aronson, 1988, xvii + 332 pp., $30.00.  896
Richard B. Zimmer, M.D.
Nuances of Technique in Dynamic Psychotherapy: By Mardi J. Horowitz. Northvale, N. J.: Aronson, 1989, xii + 274 pp., $30.00.  902
Howard Klar, M.D.
The Need to have Enemies and Allies: From Clinical Practice to International Relationships: By Vamik D. Volkan. Northvale, N. J.: Aronson, 1988, xix + 298 pp., $25.00.  904
Abraham Zaleznik
The Selected Correspondence of Karl A. Menninger, 1919-1945. Edited and with an Introduction by Howard J. Faulkner and Virginia D. Pruitt. New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1988, xiii + 432 pp., $40.00.  907
Abraham Zaleznik
Narcissism: Socrates, the Frankfurt School, and Psychoanalytic Theory: By C. Fred Alford. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, 1988, 242 pp., $28.00.  911
Sander L. Gilman
Treatment of Patients in the Borderline Spectrum: By W. W. Meissner. Northvale, N. J.: Aronson, 1988, xiii + 625 pp., $55.00.  913
Harold W. Koenigsberg
Effective Psychotherapy with Borderline Patients: By R. J. Waldinger and J. G. Gunderson. Washington, D. C.: Psychiatric Press, 1987, 222 pp., $27.50.  917
Richard L. Munich, M.D.
Fairbairn's Journey Into the Interior: By John D. Sutherland. London: Free Association Books, 1989, xiv + 191 pp., £27.50.  920
Lucy Lafarge
Psychoanalysis and Discourse: By Patrick J. Mahony. London: Tavistock, 1987, xi + 259 pp., $39.95.  925
Stanley J. Coen, M.D.
The Freudians: A Comparative Perspective: By Edith Kurzweil. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, 1989, 371 pp., 35.00.  928
Arnold L. Gilberg, M.D.
Children's Phantasies: The Shaping of Relationships: By Otto Weininger. London: Karnac, 1989, xx + 314 pp., £15.  932
Ruth K. Karush, M.D.
Reshaping the Psychoanalytic Domain: The Work of Melanie Klein, W. R. D. Fairbairn, and D. W. Winnicott: By Judith M. Hughes. Berkeley, Calif.: Univ. California Press, 1989, 244 pp., $12.95 (paperback).  936
Eva P. Lester
Soul Murder: The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation: By Leonard Shengold. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, 1989, 342 pp., $35.00.  941
Alexis Burland, M.D.
Multiple Realities in Clinical Practice: By John S. Kafka. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, 1989, 199 pp., $22.50.  944
Michael Sacks, M.D.
"Incest—See Under Oedipus Complex": The History of an Error in Psychoanalysis  955
Bennett Simon, M.D.
Neutrality, Interpretation, and Therapeutic Intent  989
Steven T. Levy, M.D. and Lawrence B. Inderbitzin, M.D.
Paranoid Character and the Intolerance of Indifference  1013
Elizabeth L. Auchincloss, M.D. and Richard W. Weiss, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Theory and its Relation to Clinical Work  1039
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber, M.D.
The Concept of the Therapeutic Alliance  1059
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
Recurring Thoughts on Unconscious Ego Resistances  1089
Fred Busch, Ph.D.
The Absence of the Father  1117
Lewis A. Kirshner, M.D.
Connectivity and Condensation in Dreaming  1139
Stanley R. Palombo, M.D.
Acting up and Physical Illness: Temporal Patterns and Emerging Structure  1161
James W. Hull, Ph.D., Jean Okie, Ph.D., Beverly Gibbons, Ph.D. and Daniel Carpenter
Psychoanalytic Training Today  1185
James Morris, M.D.
Interactional Paradigms and the Self in Psychoanalysis  1225
Jay S. Kwawer, Ph.D.
Response to Dr. Kwawer's Letter  1226
Lewis A. Kirshner, M.D.
On Enactment  1228
Helen Rosen, Ph.D.
Response to Dr. Rosen's Letter  1229
James T. McLaughlin, M.D.
A Possible Hereditary Factor in the Isakower Phenomenon  1229
Wayne A. Myers, M.D.
Why Did Freud Drop the Theme of Group Psychology  1230
Saul Scheidlinger, Ph.D.
Psychoanalysis' Resistance to New Ideas  1232
Eric Gillette, M.D.
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