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List of Articles

Volume 52 (2004)

Issue 1
Our Literature  5
Steven T. Levy
Arnold Richards: An Appreciation  11
Lawrence Friedman
Paul H. Ornstein  14
Paul H. Ornstein
The Elusive Concept of the Psychoanalytic Process  15
Paul H. Ornstein
Mourning Beyond Melancholia: Freud's Psychoanalysis of Loss  43
Tammy Clewell
Writing About Patients: I. Ways of Protecting Confidentiality and Analysts' Conflicts Over Choice of Method  69
Judy L. Kantrowitz
Writing about Patients: II. Patients' Reading about Themselves and their Analysts' Perceptions of its Effect  101
Judy L. Kantrowitz
Down to Cases: The Ethical value of “Non-Scientificity” in Dyadic Psychoanalysis  125
Molly Anne Rothenberg
Analytic Neutrality, Anonymity, Abstinence, and Elective Self-Disclosure  151
Merton A. Shill
Insight, Working Through, and Practice: The Role of Procedural Knowledge  189
Allan Rosenblatt
The Psychoanalytic Research Interview: Preliminary Suggestions  209
Duncan Cartwright
Resistance: How Do We Think Of It In The Twenty-First Century?  243
Eslee Samberg
Clarification  254
Review in Retrospect: THE INTERPERSONAL THEORY OF PSYCHIATRY. By Harry Stack Sullivan; edited by Helen Swick Perry and Mary Ladd Gawel. New York: W. W. Norton, 1953, 393 pp., $12.95.  257
Irwin Hirsch
Power: Feeling Strong: The Achievement of Authentic Power. By Ethel S. Person. New York: William Morrow / Harper-Collins, 2002, 432 pp., $25.95.  267
Frederic J. Levine
Freud's Theory of Culture: Eros, Loss, and Politics. By Abraham Drassinower. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2003, xi + 208 pp., $65.00 hardbound, $29.95 paperback.  273
Robert A. Paul
Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalysts Past: Commitment and Compassion in Psychoanalysis: The Collected Papers of Edward M. Weinshel. Edited by Robert M. Wallerstein. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2003, $59.95.  279
Shelley Orgel
Family Romance, Family Secrets: Case Notes from an American Psychoanalysis, 1912. By Elizabeth Lunbeck and Bennett Simon. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003, 333 pp., $45.00.  289
Fern W. Cohen
Not the Thing I was: Thirteen Years at Bruno Bettelheim's Orthogenic School. By Stephen Eliot. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002, 288 pp., $24.95.  293
Michael Beldoch
Why do Women Love Men and Not their Mothers? By Marie-Christine Hamon; translated by Susan Fairfield. New York: Other Press, 2000, 260 pp., $22.00 paperback.  295
Paula P. Bernstein
Psychoanalysis and the Humanities: The Preference for the Primitive: Episodes in the History of Western Taste and Art. By E.H. Gombrich. London: Phaidon Press, 2002, 324 pp., $59.95.  301
Martin S. Bergmann
Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic, and the Man. By Laurie Wilson. Yale University Press, 2003, 363 pp., $40.00.  307
Janice Coco
Schnitzler's Century: The Making of Middle-Class Culture 1815-1914. By Peter Gay. New York: W. W. Norton, 2002, 334 pp., $27.95. Night Games and Other Stories and Novellas. By Arthur Schnitzler; translated by Margret Schaefer, with a foreword by John Simon. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2002, 288 pp., $28.50.  311
James W. Barron
Wool-Gathering or how I Ended Analysis. By Dan Gunn. New York: Brunner-Routledge, 2002, 161 pp., $40.00 hardcover, $15.95 paperback.  317
Ellen Pinsky
JAPA Journal Awards for 2003  329
Theodore Shapiro  330
Theodore Shapiro
Issue 2
Use Your Words!  331
Theodore Shapiro
Another Look at Dreaming: Disentangling Freud's Primary and Secondary Process Theories  355
Michael Robbins
Creative Alliances: Enhancing Interfaces Between Psychoanalysis and Research  385
Hauser T. Stuart
Psychoanalysis—with whom, for what, and how? Comparisons with Psychotherapy  393
Sidney J. Blatt and Golan Shahar
Abstracts of the annual poster session of the American Psychoanalytic Association  449
Deborah L. Cabaniss, Nicholas R. Forand and Steven P. Roose
The Elephant in the Consulting Room: Managed Care and the Practice of Psychotherapy  451
Julie Cohen, Jane Gillham and Jeanne Marecek
Symptoms, Defenses, and the Therapeutic Alliance: Findings after one year of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  452
Edith M. Cooper, Lisa A. Mellman, Anna Kramarsky and Jill Harkavy Friedman
Factors Associated with Outcome of Psychoanalysis: Intensity, Analyst Status, Analyst Immersion  454
Sheila Hafter Gray and Lee David Brauer
Posttermination Contact: A Survey Of Prevalence, Characteristics, And Analyst Attitudes  455
Steven P. Roose, Suzanne Yang, Eve Caligor, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Bruce Luber, Justine Donovan, Paul Rosen and Nicholas R. Forand
A Comparison of the Supervisory Climate at Two Psychoanalytic Institutes: Big and Little  457
Marcia Kaplan, Karl W. Stukenberg, Deborah L. Cabaniss and Mary Grace
The Impact of Graduation from Analytic Training  459
Sabrina Cherry, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Nicholas R. Forand and Steven P. Roose
Personal Psychiatric Treatment Among Psychiatric Residents in Manhattan: Evidence of Stigma  460
Sylvia Emmerich, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Eve Caligor, Nicholas R. Forand, Bruce Luber and Steven P. Roose
Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Urban African American Mental Health Patients  464
Ann Schwartz, Rebekah Bradley, Kerry Ressler, Melissa Sexton and Alissa Sherry
Perceived Parental Cultural Conflict and the Psychosocial Adjustment of Arab American College Students  466
Hani M. Henry and Mia W. Biran
An Information Feedback Theory of the Functions of Emotions and an Empirically Testable System for their Classification  468
Hartvig Dahl
A New Clinical Measure of Overdependence, Detachment, and Healthy Dependency: The Relationship Profile Test  470
Robert F. Bornstein and Mary A. Languirand
The Influence of Prenatal Triadic Capacities on Early Mother-Father-Infant Interaction Patterns  471
Agnes von Wyl, Kai von Klitzing, Sonja Perren and Dieter Bürgin
The Development of a Computerized Linguistic Analysis Instrument of the Reflective Functioning Measure  473
Eric A. Fertuck, Mary Target, Erhard Mergenthaler and John F. Clarkin
Patterns of Schizophrenic Language, Analyzed by Computerized Content Analysis  475
Yuko Hanakawa
Defense Mechanisms and Violence toward Partners and Strangers: Defense Mechanism Manual and Defense Mechanisms Rating Scale  477
Rosemary Cogan, John H. Pocerelli, Ray Kamoo and Susan Leitman
Strange Bedfellows: Relationship Satisfaction and Domestic Violence  478
Robert J. Waldinger, Daniel Fishman, Cynthia Moore and Laura Chivers
The Role of Shame and Guilt in Male Aggression toward Partners  480
Cynthia Moore, Erika Dunkelberg, Laura Chivers, Jacqueline O'Berg and Robert J. Waldinger
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  483
Stuart T. Hauser
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  483
Michael H. Levinson
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  486
Mortimer Ostow
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  489
Edward Wolpert
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  490
Larry S. Sandberg
On the Therapeutic Action of SSRI Medications  492
Frederic J. Levine
Richard M. Gottlieb Responds  493
Richard M. Gottlieb
Points on a Compass: Four Views on the Developmental Theories of Margaret Mahler and John Bowlby  499
Phyllis Tyson
Mahler's Concepts of “Symbiosis” and Separation-Individuation: Revisited, Reevaluated, Refined  511
Fred Pine
Separation-Individuation Theory and Attachment Theory  535
Harold P. Blum
Revisiting Rapprochement in the Light of Contemporary Developmental Theories  555
Anni Bergman and Ilan Harpaz-Rotem
John Bowlby and Margaret S. Mahler: Their Lives and Theories  571
Susan W. Coates
Research: An Open Door Review of Outcome Studies in Psychoanalysis (second revised edition). Edited by Peter Fonagy. London: International Psychoanalytical Association, 2002, xv + 330 pp., $30.00.  605
Stuart J. Ablon
Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research: Roots of a Controversy. Edited by Joseph Sandler, Anne-Marie Sandler, and Rosemary Davies. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, 2001, $30.55 hardcover, $27.00 paperback.  610
Jonathan Shedler
Child Development: Twins: From Fetus to Child. By Alessandra Piontelli. London: Routledge 2002, 244 pp., $27.95.  619
Susan P. Sherkow
On Being and Having a Mother. By Erna Furman. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, 2001, 242 pp., $ 29.95 paperbac.  625
Howard S. Benensohn
Affect Regulation, Mentalization, and the Development of the Self. By Peter Fonagy, Gyorgy Gergely, Elliot L. Jurist, and Mary Target. New York: Other Press, 2002, 480 pp., $65.00..  628
Phyllis Tyson
Treating Attachment Disorders: From Theory to Therapy. By Karl Heinz Brisch. Translated by Kenneth Kronenberg. New York: Guilford Press, 2002, xxvi + 294 pp., $40.00..  637
Sara S. Tucker
Sexuality: Sexual Orientation and Psychoanalysis: Sexual Science and Clinical Practice. By Richard C. Friedman and Jennifer I. Downey New York: Columbia University Press, 2002, 363 pp., $36.50.  643
Henry J. Friedman
Issue 3
Negotiations of Surface: Archaeology within the Early Strata of Psychoanalysis  653
Diane O'Donoghue
Success and Succession  673
Irwin H. Marill and Everett R. Siegel
How can we know what we need to know? Reflections on Clinical Judgment Formation  689
Fred Busch and Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
Psychoanalytic Understanding of Terrorism and Massive Social Trauma  709
Stuart W. Twemlow
Conducting Analysis After September 11: Implications for Psychoanalytic Technique  717
Deborah L. Cabaniss, Nicholas Forand and Steven P. Roose
The Role of the Analyst in the Analytic Cure During Times of Chronic Crises  735
Ilany Kogan
Healing After Columbine: Reflections of Psychoanalytic Responders to Community Trauma  759
Mary Ann Levy, Pamela Haglund, Linda Plaut, Robert Emde, Marguerite Stewart, Ronnie Shaw, Carol Ilvonen, Cathy Krown Buirski, Mel Singer, Rebecca Hea and William Edwards
Music, Mourning, and Consolation  783
Alexander Stein
Does Psychoanalysis have Anything to Offer an Understanding of Terrorism?  813
George Hough
Psychoanalytic Education And The New Analyst  829
Robert Alan Glick
The Impact of Graduation from Psychoanalytic Training  833
Sabrina Cherry, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Nicholas Forand and Steven P. Roose
Psychoanalytic Practice in the Early Postgraduate Years  851
Sabrina Cherry, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Nicholas Forand, Dana Haywood and Steven P. Roose
Boundaries and Postanalytic Contacts in Institutes  873
Howard B. Levine and Judith A. Yanof
Letters: On the Patient's Right to Tell  903
Tamara Feldman
Rachel Blass Responds  905
Rachel Blass
Psychoanalytic Reflections on 9/11, Terrorism, and Genocidal Prejudice: Roots and Sequels  911
Leon Wurmser
Culture and Subjectivity: Aboriginal Populations in the mind. By Celia Brickman. New York: Columbia University Press, 2003, 293 pp., $59.50.  927
Robert L. Bergman
Violence and Subjectivity. Edited by Veena Das, Arthur Kleinman, Mamphela Ramphele, and Pamela Reynolds. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000, 387 pp., $55.00.  934
Judith Filc
Complexity and Group Process: A Radically Social Understanding of Individuals. By Ralph D. Stacey. New York: Brunner-Routledge, 2003, 356 pp., $47.95.  939
Kenneth Eisold
THE QUEST FOR VOICE IN CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOANALYSIS. By Carlo Strenger. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, 2002. 276 pp. $29.95.  947
Luisa C. Busch de Ahumada
Treatment: Infecting The Treatment: Being an Hiv-Positive Analyst. By Gilbert Cole. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2002, 210 pp., $39.95.  953
Henry J. Friedman
Affect Intolerance in Patient Analyst. By Stanley Coen. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 2002, 313 pp., $55.00.  957
Jeremy R. Mack
Letter: Art and “Regression in the Service of the Ego”  963
James W. Hamilton
Issue 4
Splendid Isolation  971
Steven T. Levy
The Role of an Early-Life Variant of the Oedipus Complex in Motivating Religious Endeavors  975
Marvin P. Osman
The Death of The Analyst: Patients Whose Previous Analyst Died While They Were in Treatment  999
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
Life Changes, Analytic Changes Revisited: Current Perspectives on their Relationship  1025
Jonathan Easton
Analytic Preparation: The Creation of an Analytic Climate with Patients not Yet in Analysis  1041
Arnold Wilson
The Analyst's Reluctance to Begin a New Analysis  1075
Lena Theodorou Ehrlich
The Dark Side of Analytic Conviction: Impasses of Omniscience and Complacency  1095
Steven Goldberg and Zenobia Grusky
Continued Dialogues in Search of New Knowledge  1127
Stuart T. Hauser
The Psychoanalytic Assumption of the Primary Process: Extrapsychoanalytic Evidence and Findings  1131
Linda A. W. Brakel
Change After Long-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  1163
Alexander Wilczek, Jacques P. Barber, J. Petter Gustavsson, Marie Åsberg and Robert M. Weinryb
Assessing Progress in Analysis Interminable  1185
Lawrence Josephs, Eric Anderson, Amy Bernard, Kristine Fatzer and Jodi Streich
Abstracts of the Annual Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Initial Validity of a Computerized Text Analysis Measure of Reflective Function  1215
Mary Target, John F. Clarkin, Eric A. Fertuck and Erhard Mergenthaler
Does Mentalizating Capacity Mediate the Relationship Between Developmental Adversity and Adult Social Functioning?  1217
Helen Stein, Peter Fonagy, Kristine Wheat, Michelle Kipp and Andrew Gerber
Reaching Beneath the Uncertainty Of Self-Report Measures: Referential Activity as a Moderator Between Bdi and Ccrt Applied to Early Memories  1221
Michal Ben-Meir and Wilma S. Bucci
The Structured Interview For Personality Organization (Stipo): Reliability and Validity  1223
Barry L. Stern, Eve Caligor, Steven P. Roose and John F. Clarkin
Level Of Personality Organization As A Predictor Of Referral For Analysis: A Preliminary Report  1225
Eve Caligor, Barry Stern, Margaret S. Hamilton, Dana Haywood and Steven P. Roose
The Feasibility Of Doing Empirical Research in the Psychoanalytic Training Clinic  1226
Margaret S. Hamilton, Eve Caligor, Verna MacCornack and Steven P. Roose
Assessing Outcomes Of Psychoanalyses By Applying Standard Outcome Rating Scales to Recorded Psychoanalytic Sessions  1228
John A. Lundin and Sherwood Waldron, Jr.
Personality Pathology, Adaptive Functioning, and Strengths at The Beginning and end of Psychoanalysis  1230
Rosemary Cogan and John H. Porcerelli
Patient factors associated with outcome of psychoanalysis  1231
Sheila Hafter Gray and Lee D. Brauer
Premature Termination From Psychoanalysis: An Investigation of Factors Contributing to Early Endings  1233
Edith M. Cooper, Margaret S. Hamilton, Dinu Gangure and Steven P. Roose
Structural and symptomatic change in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy of young adults: A quantitative study of process and outcome  1235
Andrew J. Gerber, Peter Fonagy, Anthony Bateman and Anna Higgitt
A single-case study on the process and outcome of psychoanalysis  1236
Imre Szecsody and Jan Stoker
Quality of Therapist Communications and Impact on Patients in Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Short-term Therapy using the Aps  1239
Sherwood Waldron, Jr. and Kenneth Winarick
The Sense of Self in Anorexia Nervosa Patients: A Psychoanalytically Informed Method for Studying Self-Representation  1241
Susan A. Bers, Sidney J. Blatt and Ann Dolinsky
Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer: Regression in Early Memories in the Face of Danger  1242
Rosemary Cogan, Allen C. Stringer, Jann Aldredge-Clanton and John H. Porcerelli
Medication Management During Psychoanalysis  1243
Naomi Gwynn and Steven P. Roose
Quantitative Studies of Psychoanalytic Transcripts Using Data that can be Processed with a Personal Computer and Safely Shared  1244
George H. Klumpner and Thomas Klumpner
The Multimedia Database for Developmental Studies at the Pacella Parent Child Center'S Observational Nursery  1246
Ezequiel M. Galarce, Cheryl Williams, Andres Roussos and Wilma S. Bucci
Psychoanalytic Practice in the Early Postgraduate Years  1248
Sabrina Cherry, Deborah L. Cabaniss, Dana Haywood, Nicholas Forand and Steven P. Roose
Psychoanalysis and Culture: EXPLORING THE INVISIBLE: ART, SCIENCE, AND THE SPIRITUAL. By Lynn Gamwell. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002, 344 pp., $49.95.  1253
Janice M. Coco
WRITING AND MADNESS: LITERATURE/PHILOSOPHY/PSYCHOANALYSIS. By Shoshana Felman. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2003, viii + 294 pp., $55.00 hardcover, $19.95 paperback.  1257
Lois Oppenheim
DISAPPEARING PERSONS: SHAME AND APPEARANCE. By Benjamin Kilborne. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2002, 192 pp., $54.50.  1262
Leon Wurmser
Reflections on Clinical Experience: THE ANALYST'S ANALYST WITHIN. By Laura Heims Tessman. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2003, viii + 363 pp., $57.50.  1269
Jeffrey H. Golland
FAILURES IN PSYCHOANALYTIC TREATMENT. Edited by Joseph Reppen and Martin Schulman. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, 2003, 365 pp., $39.95.  1273
James Hansell
SUPERVISING AND BEING SUPERVISED: A PRACTICE IN SEARCH OF A THEORY. Edited by Jan Wiener, Richard Mizen, and Jenny Duckham. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003, 272 pp., $35.00.  1275
Stephen Rosenblum
CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION THROUGH THE PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. By Robert E. Hooberman. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 2002, 320 pp., $50.00.  1279
Mardi J. Horowitz
NEW CLINICAL REALMS: PUSHING THE ENVELOPE OF THEORY AND TECHNIQUE. By Salman Akhtar. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 2003, xvi + 283 pp., $45.00.  1281
Herbert I. Gomberg
Psychoanalytic Theory: UNCONSCIOUS PHANTASY. Edited by Riccardo Steiner. London: Karnac Books, 2003, 240 pp., $23.50.  1285
Ana-Maria Rizzuto
KEY CONCEPTS IN PSYCHOANALYSIS. By Stephen Frosh. New York: New York University Press, 2003, 112 pp., $60.00 hardcover, $18.00 paperback.  1290
Ronald Baker
Sylvia Brody on the Development of Anorexia Nervosa  1299
Bordy Sylvia
Nathan Szajnberg Responds  1301
Nathan Szajnberg
Art History and Psychoanalysis  1303
Taylor Sue
Janice S. Lieberman Responds  1304
Janice S. Lieberman
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