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List of Articles

Volume 55 (2007)

Issue 1
From the Editor
Comings and Goings  5
Steven T. Levy
Academic Exchange: Original Paper
Poetic Closure, Psychoanalytic Termination, and Death  7
Joseph Caston
Academic Exchange: Commentaries
Ephemera—Unfinished Thoughts on Psychoanalysis, Poetry, Endings, and Death: Commentary on Caston  31
Warren S. Poland
A Working Poet Comments on Caston's “Poetic Closure, Psychoanalytic Termination, and Death”  43
Irene Willis
Endnote to Termination and Renaissance: Response to Commentaries  47
Joseph Caston
Technique: Original Papers
To Coerce and Be Coerced  55
Sybil A. Ginsburg and Lawrence S. Cohn
Nothing but the Truth: Self-Disclosure, Self-Revelation, and the Persona of the Analyst  81
Susan S. Levine
The Patient'S Experience of Validation in Psychoanalytic Treatment  105
Mark Schechter
Theory: Original Papers
Intentional Attunement: Mirror Neurons and the Neural Underpinnings of Interpersonal Relations  131
Vittorio Gallese, Morris N. Eagle and Paolo Migone
A Contemporary Integration of Modern and Postmodern Trends in Psychoanalysis  177
Mark Leffert
Unconscious Fantasy: A Once And Future Concept  199
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Theory: Panel Report
Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: Fifty Years Later  229
Kathryn J. Zerbe
Research Section: Introduction
Summaries of the Fifth Annual Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Parts II and III  239
Stuart T. Hauser
Research Section: Poster Summaries
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Psychoanalytic Research Using Longitudinal Studies: an Inquiry on the Developmental Impact of Early Maternal Projections  243
Filipa de Castro
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Maternal and Fetal Representations, Dimensions of Personality, and Prenatal Attachment in Women Hospitalized with High-Risk Pregnancy  253
Anna R. Brandon, Sandra Pitts, Richard Robinson and C. Allen Stringer
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Changes in Adolescent Attachment Relationships as a Response to Wilderness Treatment  259
Joanna Bettmann
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: It's Hard to Say: The Challenge of Connecting Emotions and Language for First-Time Mothers  265
Gregory Lowder, Wilma Bucci, Bernard Maskit and Christopher Christian
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Do Mothers of Secure Infants Speak Differently than Mothers of Avoidant Infants in Natural Conversations? An Interpersonal Exploration of Language Differences  269
Michael Ritter, Wilma Bucci, Beatrice Beebe, Joseph Jaffe and Bernard Maskit
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Exploration of Women's Body Experiences Surrounding First Childbirth  275
Caroline Hall
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Facilitating Effective Coping in Children Following Disasters: A Psychoanalytically Informed Guided Narrative Intervention  279
Gilbert Kliman, Saul Rosenberg and Grif Samples
Poster Summaries II. Human Development: Intersections with Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Parental Influences on Social Anxiety: The Sources of Perfectionism  282
Mia Weinburger Biran and Caitlin Reese
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: The Creation of a Coding Scheme Assessing Curiosity Expression in Adolescent Interviews: Preliminary Findings  287
Ayelet R. Barkai and Stuart T. Hauser
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Differential Selectivity of Patients Assigned to Long-Term Psychoanalytic Treatment  294
Caspar C. Berghout and Jolien Zevalkink
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Psychometric Properties of a Chinese Version of the Psychological Mindedness Scale  300
Wang Hua, Mark Beitel, Zev Schuman-Olivier and Declan Barry
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalytic Analysis of Texts by Adam Smith (1723-1790)  305
Sule Ozler and Edith Kuiper
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Reliability of a Multidimensional Measure For Scoring Reflective Function  309
Lindsay L. Hill, Kenneth N. Levy, Kevin B. Meehan and Joseph S. Reynoso
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Helplessness in Depression: The Unbearable Riddle of the Other  314
Stijn Vanheule and Stuart T. Hauser
III. Dimensions and New Measures Relevant to Psychoanalysis: Development of the Dyadic Reflective Functioning Questionnaire (DRFQ)  318
David Younger
Book Essay
After Great Pain: Memories of the Holocaust: Renewal of Life: Healing from the Holocaust. By Henri Parens. Rockville: Schreiber Publishing, 2004, 273 pp., $25.95.My Mother's Eyes: Holocaust Memories of a Young Girl. By Anna Ornstein. Illustrated by Stewart Goldman. Cincinnati: Emmis Books, 2004, 174 pp., $20.00.Doctor 117641: A Holocaust Memoir. By Louis Micheels. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1989, 216 pp., $22.00.  327
Daniel Jacobs
Book Review
Psychoanalysis and Trauma: History Beyond Trauma: Whereof One Cannot Speak, Thereof One Cannot Stay Silent. By Françoise Davoine and Jean-Max Gaudillière. Translated by Susan Fairfield. New York: Other Press, 2004, 288 pp., $30.00.  335
Dori Laub and Johanna Bodenstab
Überleben und Versuche der Wiederbelebung. By Hillel Klein. Edited by Christoph Biermann and Carl Nedelmann. Translated by Barbara Strehlow. Stuttgart: Frommann Holzboog, 2003, 319 pp., €52.00.  341
Marion M. Oliner
To Redeem One Person Isto Redeem the World: The Life of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann. By Gail A. Hornstein. New York: Other Press, 2005, 512 pp., $22.00.  347
Barbara Almond
Psychoanalysis and Women
The Annual of Psychoanalysis: Volume 32. Psychoanalysis and Women. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2004, 272 pp., $55.00.  353
Nancy H. Wolf
What do Mothers Want? Developmental Perspectives, Clinical Challenges. Edited by Sheila Feig Brown. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2005, 288 pp., $49.95.  359
Dale Mendell
Maternal Desire. By Daphne de Marneffe. New York: Little, Brown, 2004, xiii+402 pp., $14.96.  367
Arlene Kramer Richards
International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis. Edited by Alain de Mijolla. 3 vols. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2005, cxxxvii+2196 pp., $395.00.  371
Peter L. Rudnytsky
Issue 2
Plenary Address
Hamlet and Psychoanalytic Experience  389
Paul Schwaber
Development: Introduction
Lost and Found in Translation: Introduction to Fonagy and Target  407
Lucy LaFarge
Development: Original Paper
The Rooting of the Mind in the Body: New Links between Attachment Theory and Psychoanalytic Thought  411
Peter Fonagy and Mary Target
Development: Commentaries
Attachment Theory and Cognitive Science: Commentary on Fonagy and Target  457
Philip Robbins and Jeffrey M. Zacks
Contextualizing Bowlby: Commentary on Fonagy and Target  469
Theodore Robbins
The Clinical Implications of an Integrative Theory: Commentary on Fonagy and Target  479
Peter B. Dunn
Embodiment and our Immersion with Others: Commentary on Fonagy and Target  485
Robert N. Emde
In Defense of the Bridge to Attachment Theory: Response to Commentaries  493
Peter Fonagy and Mary Target
Clinical Topics: Original Papers
The Almost Untreatable Narcissistic Patient  503
Otto F. Kernberg
What if There is an Ethical Dimension in Psychoanalysis?  541
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
Unbearable Shame, Splitting, and Forgiveness in the Resolution of Vengefulness  571
Melvin R. Lansky
Revenge—the Hate That Dare not Speak its Name: A Psychoanalytic Perspective  595
Irwin C. Rosen
Research Section: Introduction
Inspiring Inquiries: Introduction to Falkenström Et Al.  621
Stuart T. Hauser
Research Section: Original Paper
Self-Analysis and Post-Termination Improvement After Psychoanalysis and Long-Term Psychotherapy  629
Fredrik Falkenström, Johan Grant, Jeanette Broberg and Rolf Sandell
Book Essays
Truth, Growth, and Deception: The Late Seminars of Wilfred Bion: The Italian Seminars. By Wilfred R. Bion. London: Karnac Books, 2005, 109 pp., $23.95.The Tavistock Seminars. By Wilfred R Bion. London: Karnac Books, 2005, 118 pp., $23.95.  677
Howard B. Levine
Lacan Reconsidered: History beyond Trauma: Whereof One Cannot Speak, Thereof One Cannot Stay Silent. By Fran¸oise Davoine and Jean-Max Gaudillière. New York: Other Press, 2004, 282 pp., $30.00.Lacan's Seminar on “Anxiety”: An Introduction. By Roberto Harari Translated by Jane C. Lamb-Ruiz. Edited by Rico Franses. New York: Other Press, 2001, 282 pp., $27.00.Lacan and Contemporary Film. Edited by Todd McGowan and Sheila Kunkle. New York: Other Press, 2004, 246 pp., $28.00.  687
John Muller
Book Reviews: Clinical Theory and Practice
Curare con la Psicoanalisi: Percorsi e Strategie (Curing with Psychoanalysis). By Giuseppe Di Chiara. Milan: Raffaello Cortina, 2003, 143 pp., €14.00.  695
Anna Badini, Ph.D.
The Internal World and Attachment. By Geoff Goodman. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2002, 339 pp., €57.50.  701
Ronnie M Shaw
Psychosis and Near Psychosis: Ego Function, Symbol Structure, Treatment. By Eric R. Marcus Madison, CT: International Universities Press, 2003, xix + 412 pp., €49.95.M  705
Alan Sugarman
Psychoanalysis and Its Relations: Secrets of the Soul: ASocial and Cultural History of Psychoanalysis. By Eli Zaretsky. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004, 447 pp., $15.95 paperback.  711
Bennett Simon
Freud. By Jonathan Lear. New York: Routledge, 2005, 278 pp., $95.00 hardcover, $24.95 paperback.  720
Peter Gay
The Psychoanalysis of Science: the Role of Metaphor Paraprax, Lacunae and Myth. By Yehoyakim Stein. Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2005, vii + 190 pp., $67.50.  724
Lois Oppenheim
Is Oedipus Online? Siting Freud after Freud. By Jerry Aline Flieger. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005  727
Stephen E. Sternbach
Issue 3 - Child Development and Analysis
Looking Back and Moving Forward in Child Analysis: An Introduction  743
Phyllis Tyson
Little Hans Revisited: Original Paper
Little Hans: A Centennial Review and Reconsideration  749
Harold P. Blum
Little Hans “Analyzed” in the Twenty-First Century  767
Judith Fingert Chused
Trauma and Abuse in the Case of Little Hans: A Contemporary Perspective  779
John Munder Ross
Little Hans and Freud's Self-Analysis: A Biographical View of Clinical Theory in the Making  799
Jennifer Stuart
Attachment and Sibling Rivalry in Little Hans: The Fantasy of the Two Giraffes Revisited  821
Jerome C. Wakefield
Little Hans Revisited: Commentary
Postscript: Reconstructing Our Collective Past  851
Jennifer Stuart
Contributions to Understanding Therapeutic Change: Now We have a Playground  853
Alexandra M. Harrison and Edward Z. Tronick
Nonverbal Communication in Psychoanalysis: Commentary on Harrison and Tronick  875
Judith Fingert Chused
The Importance of Being Fuzzy and the Importance of Being Precise: Commentary on Harrison and Tronick  883
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
Response to Commentaries  891
Alexandra M. Harrison and Edward Z. Tronick
The Anatomy of a Symptom: Concept Development and Symptom Formation in a Four-Year-Old Boy  899
Anne Erreich
Little Hans Revisited: Panel Report
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Work with Children with Severe Developmental and Biological Disorders  923
Charles E. Parks
Play in the Psychoanalytic Situation  937
Frances Lang
Psychoanalytic Education Section: Introduction
Psychoanalytic Education Needs to Change: What's Feasible? Introduction to Wallerstein  949
Robert A. Glick
Psychoanalytic Education Section: Original Paper
The Optimal Structure for Psychoanalytic Education Today: A Feasible Proposal?  953
Robert S. Wallerstein
Psychoanalytic Education Section: Commentary
Optimal Education Requires an Academic Context: Commentary on Wallerstein  985
Robert Michels
On “The Optimal Structure for Psychoanalytic Education”: Commentary on Wallerstein  991
Robert A. Paul
A Shared Vision: Response to Commentaries  999
Robert S. Wallerstein
Emptiness in Agoraphobia Patients  1007
Barbara Milrod
Emptiness in Agoraphobic Patients: Commentary on Milrod  1027
Peter B. Dunn
Psychoanalytic Education Section: Panel Report
Telephone Analysis  1033
Cecile R. Bassen
Book Essay
The Plastic Brain Creates: The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Genius. By Nancy C. Andreasen. New York: Dana Press, 2005, 197 pp., $23.95.  1045
Elisabeth Young Bruehl
Book Reviews: International
Truth, Reality, and the Psychoanalyst: Latin American Contributions to Psychoanalysis. Edited by Sergio Lewkowicz and Silvia Flechner. London: The International Psychoanalysis Library, 2005, 308 pp., $66.58.  1055
Ana-María Rizzuto
Ser Humano: La Inconsistencia, Los Vinculos, La Crianza (Human Being: Inconsistency, Links, Raising Children). By Julio Moreno. Buenos Aires: Libros del Zorzal, 2002, 285 pp., $14.30.  1064
Irene Leonor Cairo
Freud Along the Ganges. Edited by Salman Akhtar. New York: Other Press, 440 pp., 2005, $27.00.  1073
Charles Hanly
Psychoanalysis: Aparadigm for Clinical Thinking. By André Green; translated by Andrew Weller. London: Free Association Books, 2005, 324 pp., $35.00 paperback.  1079
Elizabeth Brett
Book Reviews: History
Dreaming by the Book: F Reud's The Interpretation Of Dreams and the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement. By Lydia Marinelli and Andreas Mayer; translated by Susan Fairfield. New York: Other Press, 2003, 264 pp., $28.00.  1085
Arnold D. Richards
Freud's Library: A Comprehensive Catalogue. Compiled and edited by J. Keith Davies and Gerhard Fichtner. London: The Freud Museum / Tübingen: Edition Discord, 2006, 144 pp. + CD catalogue, $50.70.  1090
Zvi Lothane
Love After Auschwitz: the Second Generation in Germany. By Kurt Grunberg. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2006, 352 pp., $39.95 paperback.  1092
Jacob D. Lindy
Book Reviewers
Book Reviewers  1097
Jacob D. Lindy
Issue 4
Plenary Address
Training Analysis and Reanalysis in the Development of the Psychoanalyst  1103
Jon K. Meyer
Clinical Theory: Original Papers
The Second Person  1129
Bonnie E. Litowitz
The Reality Principle, Tragic Knots, and the Analytic Process  1151
Roy Schafer
Narcissistic Temptations to Cross Boundaries and how to Manage them  1169
Stanley J. Coen
Sibling Differentiation, Identity Development, and the Lateral Dimension of Psychic Life  1191
Jeanine M. Vivona
Academic Exchange: Original Papers
The Reassembly of the Body from Parts: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Death, Resurrection, and Cannibalism  1217
Richard M. Gottlieb
Academic Exchange: Commentary
Cannibalism and the Work of Culture in Bereavement: Commentary on Gottlieb  1253
Beth A. Conklin
Response to Commentary  1265
Richard A. Conklin
Research Section: Introduction
Innovative Frontiers in Psychoanalytic Research: Pursuing Underlying Processes and their Trajectories of Change  1269
Stuart T. Hauser
Research Section: Original Papers
Individual Differences in Melancholy Gender Among Women: Does Ambivalence Matter?  1279
Meg Jay
The Dynamics of Empirically Derived Factors in the Therapeutic Relationship  1321
Eric J. Nuetzel, Randy J. Larsen and Zvjezdana Prizmic
Beneath the Surface of the Therapeutic Interaction: The Psychoanalytic Method in Modern Dress  1355
Wilma Bucci and Bernard Maskit
Book Reviews: Critical Dialogue
Writing About Patients: Responsibilities, Risks, and Ramifications. By Judy Leopold Kantrowitz. New York: Other Press, 2006, 335 pp., $26.00.  1401
Stephen B. Bernstein
Writing About Patients: Responsibilities, Risks, and Ramifications. By Judy Leopold Kantrowitz. New York: Other Press, 2006, 335 pp., $26.00.  1406
Peter L. Rudnytsky
Book Reviews
Bernstein: Response to Rudnytsky  1412
Stephen B. Bernstein
Rudnytsky: Response to Bernstein  1413
Peter L. Rudnytsky
Book Reviews: Psychoanalytic History
Putnam Camp: Sigmund Freud, James Jackson Putnam, and the Purpose of American Psychology. By George Prochnik. New York: Other Press, 2006, 455 pp., $29.95.  1417
Sanford Gifford
Freud's Wizard: Ernest Jones and the Transformation of Psychoanalysis. By Brenda Maddox. DaCapo Press, 2007, 368 pp., $26.00.  1423
George Moraitis
Book Reviews: Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, Spirituality
Aesthetic Experience: Beauty, Creativity and the Search for the Ideal. By George Hagman. Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2005, $52.00.  1431
Francis Baudry
Death and the Fear of Finiteness in Hamlet. By Jerome Oremland. San Francisco: Lake Street Editions, 2005, 147 pp., $30.00..  1438
Jeffrey Stern
Psyche, Self and Soul: Rethinking Psychoanalysis, the Self and Spirituality. By Gerald J. Gargiulo. London: Whurr Publishers, 2004, 168 pp., $45.00.  1444
Stanley A. Leavy
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