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List of Articles

Volume 57 (2009)

Issue 1
From the Editor
More Better  5
Steven T. Levy
Theorizing About Theorizing: An Examination of the Contributions of William I. Grossman to Psychoanalysis  9
Arnold Wilson
”In the Same Way a Poem Contains the Alphabet”: The Significance of Translation in William I. Grossman's Freud  37
Gail S. Reed
Through the Eye of the Needle: The Unfolding of the Unconscious Body  61
Riccardo Lombardi
Toward a Neuropsychological Reconstruction of Projective Identification  95
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
Research Section
A Study Demonstrating Efficacy of a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Panic Disorder: Implications for Psychoanalytic Research, Theory, and Practice  131
Fredric N. Busch, Barbara L. Milrod and Larry S. Sandberg
Psychic Structure: Exploring an Empirically Still Unknown Territory  149
Günther Klug and Dorothea Huber
Research Section: Poster Summaries
Summaries of the Sixth Annual Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Part I: Prototypes of Psychodynamic and CBT Psychotherapy with Adolescents: Development and Applications for Training  175
Michael Bambery, John H. Porcerelli and J. Stuart Ablon
The Language of Anorexia Nervosa: Implications for the “Talking Cure”  181
Michal Ben-Meir, Wilma Bucci and Susan A. Bers
The Training Analyst: Anayst, Teacher, Mentor  188
Hillery Bosworth, Karen H. Aizaga and Deborah L. Cabaniss
The Multi-Center Assessment Project (MAP): The Development of a Collaborative Multi-Center Educational Consortium  191
Deborah L. Cabaniss, Karen H. Aizaga, Mary Kay O'Neil, Alana Spiwack and Jan Van Schaik
The Columbia Longitudinal Study of Postgraduate Career Development and Psychoanalytic Practice: Four Years of Experience  196
Sabrina Cherry, Karen H. Aizaga and Steven P. Roose
A Controlled Trial of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Co-Occurring Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol use Disorder: Six-Month Outcome  199
Robert J. Gregory, Anna L. Remen, Maureen Soderberg and Robert J. Ploutz-Snyder
Developing a Consultative Model Using Videotape to Support Institutional Caregivers Worldwide  205
Alexandra M. Harrison and Sarah Measures
Measuring Reflective Function with a Multidimensional Rating Scale: Comparison with Scoring Reflective Function on the AAI  208
Kevin B. Meehan, Kenneth N. Levy, Joseph S. Reynoso, Lindsay L. Hill and John F. Clarkin
Panel Report
Uncommon Misery: Modern Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Infertility  215
Jack Giuliani
Book Essay: On Empiricism and Psychoanalysis
Psycho-News: Briefe zur Empirischen Verteidigung der Psychoanalyse, Volume 1. [Letters on the Empirical Defense of Psychoanalysis]. By Michael B. Buchholz. Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 2004, 451 pp., 36€.Psycho-News: Briefe zur Empirischen Verteidigung der Psychoanalyse, Volume 2. [Letters on the Empirical Defense of Psychoanalysis]. By Michael B. Buchholz. Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 2006, 355 pp., 34€.  229
Léon Wurmser
Book Reviews: On Presuppositions
Apprehending the Inaccessible: Freudian Psychoanalysis and Existential Phenomenology. By Richard Askay and Jensen Farquhar. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2006, 480 pp., $29.95.  237
Robert D. Stolorow
Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Gender-Free Case: Into the Void. Edited By Ellen L. K. Toronto, Gemma Ainslie, Molly Donovan, Maurine Kelly, Christine C. Kieffer and Nancy McWilliams. East Sussex, UK: Routledge, 2005, 326 pp., $52.95.  241
Barbara Stimmel
Adolescent Identities: A Collection of Readings. Edited By Deborah L. Browning. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2008, 360 pp., $59.95.  245
Colleen L. Carney
Reluctant Warriors: Israelis Suspended between Rome and Jerusalem. By Nathan Szajnberg. Philadelphia: Xlibris Corporation, 2006, 272 pp., $21.99.  251
Nancy Sherman
Imagination and Play in the Electronic Age. By Dorothy G. Singer and Jerome L. Singer. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2005, 210 pp., $33.00.  257
Ellen Blumenthal
Issue 2
Original Papers
The Interpretive Process in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Pathology  271
Eve Caligor, Diana Diamond, Frank E. Yeomans and Otto F. Kernberg
The Ordinary and the Extraordinary Countertransference  303
Norbert Freedman, Richard Lasky and Jamieson Webster
Time and Timelessness: Inscription and Representation  333
Howard B. Levine
Review Paper
JAPA Review Articles: An Introduction  357
Steven P. Roose and Andrew J. Gerber
The Neurobiology of Personality Disorders: Implications for Psychoanalysis  361
Larry J. Siever and Lissa N. Weinstein
Research Section
Changes in Defensive Functioning in Completed Psychoanalyses: The Penn Psychoanalytic Treatment Collection  399
Carmella A. Roy, J. Christopher Perry, Lester Luborsky and Elisabeth Banon
Poster Summaries: Summaries of the Sixth Annual Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Part 3
Longitudinal Study of Psychoanalysis: The Mid-Phase Begins  417
Rosemary Cogan and John H. Porcerelli
Dependency as a Resilience Factor for Relationship Satisfaction when Confronted with Interpersonal Stress: A One-Year Prospective Study in the Community  418
Benedicte Lowyck, Patrick Luyten, Koen Demyttenaere and Jozef Corveleyn
Patients' Adult Attachments and Attitudes about Group Therapy  423
Cheri Marmarosh, Rachel Whipple, Sandra Pinhas, Melanie Schettler, Jami Wolf, Sinan Sayit and Roi Wohl
Therapist and Patient Mental Representations: The Early Therapy Relationship in Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  432
Cheri Marmarosh, Rachel Whipple, Melanie Schettler, Sandra Pinhas, Jami Wolf and Sinan Sayit
Evaluation of Psychoanalytic Treatment Notes using Language and Theme Measures  439
Ljiljana Pavlinovic, Wilma Bucci, Leon Hoffman and Bernard Maskit
Psychoanalysis of Avoidant Personality Disorder: A Systematic Case Study of Process and Outcome  444
John Porcerelli, Barry Dauphin, J. Stuart Ablon, Susan Leitman and Michael Bambery
Analytic Practice Patterns Among Psychoanalytic Institute Graduates: A Bicoastal Comparison  450
Joshua E. Pretsky, Karen Aizaga and Sabrina Cherry
Treatment Monitoring: Changes in Affective Distress and Dependency Following Symptom Alleviation of Eating Disorders  451
Lily Rothschild and Daniel Stein
Mind over Medicine: The Influence of Expectations on Antidepressant Response  456
Bret R. Rutherford, Steven P. Roose and Joel Sneed
Using the Rorschach Reality-Fantasy Scale (RFS) for Assessing Mental Functioning in Adults Exposed to Constant Threat of Terror  461
Shira Tibon
Panel Report
Parent-Infant Psychotherapy  467
Corinne Masur
Book Essay: Psychoanalysis and Religious Mysticism
Crucified with Christ: Meditation on the Passion, Mystical Death, and the Medieval Invention of Psychotherapy. By Dan Merkur. New York: State University of New York Press, 2007, 156 pp., $55.00. Centers of Power: The Convergence of Psychoanalysis and Kabbalah. By Joseph H. Berke and Stanley Schneider. New York: Jason Aronson, 2008, 254 pp., $29.95.Into the Mountain Stream: Psychotherapy and Buddhist Experience. Edited by Paul C. Cooper. New York: Jason Aronson, 2007, 192 pp., $41.95.  477
Stanley A. Leavy
Book Reviews
A Story of Her Own: The Female Oedipus Complex Reexamined and Renamed. By Nancy Kulish and Deanna Holtzman. New York: Jason Aronson, 2008, 219 pp., $39.95.  491
Christine C. Kieffer
Awakening the Dreamer: Clinical Journeys. By Philip M. Bromberg. Mahwah, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2006. 223 pp., $55.00.  496
Lois Oppenheim
Language, Symbolization, and Psychosis: Essays in Honour of Jacqueline Amati Mehler. Edited by Giovanna Ambrosio, Simona Argentieri, and Jorge Canestri. London: Karnac Books, 2007, 299 pp., $43.95.  502
Siobhan O'Connor
Coasting in the Countertransference: Conflicts of Self Interest between Analyst and Patient. By Irwin Hirsch. New York: The Analytic Press, 2008, 240 pp., $34.95.  507
Richard M. Waugaman
Hurry Down Sunshine. By Michael Greenberg. New York: Other Press, 2008, 234 pp., $22.00.  511
Aaron H. Esman
Issue 3
Original Papers
Leaping from Brain to Mind: A Critique of Mirror Neuron Explanations of Countertransference  525
Jeanine M. Vivona
Leap Carefully from Brain to Mind—But it can be Done: Commentary on Vivona  551
David D. Olds
Mirror Neurons and Mind: Commentary on Vivona  559
Morris N. Eagle, Vittorio Gallese and Paolo Migone
Response to Commentaries  569
Jeanine M. Vivona
What is a “Good Enough” Termination?  575
Glen O. Gabbard
“After a Long Pause”: How to Read Dora as History  595
Karin Ahbel-Rappe
Romantic Fantasies of Madness and Objections to Psychotropic Medication  631
Adele Tutter
Psychoanalytic Education Section
Empirical Research, Psychoanalytic Training, and Psychoanalytic Attitudes  657
Robert Alan Glick and Steven P. Roose
The Training Analyst: Analyst, Teacher, Mentor  663
Hillery Bosworth, Karen Aizaga and Deborah L. Cabaniss
Why we Recommend Analytic Treatment for Some Patients and not for Others  677
Eve Caligor, Barry L. Stern, Margaret Hamilton, Verna MacCornack, Lionel Wininger, Joel Sneed and Steven P. Roose
Dropout Rate of Training Cases: Who and When  695
Margaret Hamilton, Lionel Wininger and Steven P. Roose
A Prospective Study of Career Development and Analytic Practice: The First Five Years  703
Sabrina Cherry, Lionel Wininger and Steven P. Roose
Book Essay: Sexuality and Shame
Sensuality and Sexuality across the Divide of Shame. By Joseph Lichtenberg. Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series, Volume 25. New York: The Analytic Press, 2008, 160 pp., $34.95. Shame and Sexuality: Psychoanalysis and Visual Culture. Edited by Claire Pajaczkowska and Ivan Ward. London: Routledge, 2008, 242 pp., £19.99.  723
Rosemary H. Balsam
Book Reviews: Perspectives
Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation. By Jonathan Lear. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006, 208 pp., $22.95.  741
Gregory D. Graham
Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique: A Lacanian Approach for Practitioners. By Bruce Fink. New York: W. W. Norton, 2007, 301 pp., $35.00.  745
Lewis A. Kirshner
Polarities of Experience: Relatedness and Self-Definition in Personality Development, Psychopathology, and the Therapeutic Process. By Sidney J. Blatt. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2008, 404 pp., $69.95.  746
Stanley I. Greenspan
Self-Organizing Complexity In Psychological Systems. Edited by Craig Piers, John P. Muller, and Joseph Brent. Psychological Issues Monograph 67. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2007, 186 pp., $28.60.  749
Brenda Clorfene Solomon and David S. Solomon
Book Reviews: Winnicott
Attachment, Play, and Authenticity: A Winnicott Primer. By Steven Tuber. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2008, xiii + 237 pp., $35.95 paperback.  755
Rona Knight
The Gaddini-Winnicott Correspondence, 1964–1970. Edited by Andrea Sabbadini. Psychoanalysis and History 5:1-69, 2003.  761
M. Nasir Ilahi
Book Reviews: The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society
Vienna Psychoanalytic Society: The First Hundred Years. Edited by Andrea Bronner. Vienna: Christian Brandstatter Verlag, 2008, 96 pp., $19.90  767
Nellie L. Thompson
Issue 4
Plenary Address
Privacy and Disclosure in Psychoanalysis  787
Judy L. Kantrowitz
Original Papers
The Question of Drive vs. Motive in Psychoanalysis: A Modest Proposal  807
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
Studying The Interpretation of Dreams in the Company of Analytic Candidates  847
Joshua Levy
Child Analysis and Development Section
Child Development and Child Psychoanalysis: Research and Education  871
Phyllis Tyson
Innovation in Child Psychoanalytic Training: An Implementation Study  881
Jill M. Miller and Robert N. Emde
Child Analytic Training: The Establishment of a Separate Training Track at Institutes of the American Psychoanalytic Association  895
Julio Morales and Arthur J. Farely
A Cross-Sectional Survey of Child and Adolescent Analysts in New York City  911
Leon Hoffman, Ruth K. Karush, Michael S. Garfinkle, Steven P. Roose and Sabrina Cherry
Research in Child Psychoanalysis: Twenty-Five-Year Follow-Up of a Severely Disturbed Child  919
Phyllis Tyson
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Early Trauma: Interviews with Thirty Analysts who Treated an Adult Victim of a Circumscribed Trauma in Early Childhood  947
Theodore J. Gaensbauer and Leslie Jordan
Panel Report
Internet Interaction: The Effects on Patients' Lives and Analytic Process  979
Kourosh Dini
Book Reviews
Recent and Contemporary Kleinians: Rosenfeld in Retrospect: Essays on his Clinical Influence. Edited by John Steiner. London: Routledge, 2008, 176 pp., $21.99.  991
Roy Schafer
Listening to Hanna Segal: Her Contributions to Psychoanalysis. By Jean-Michel Quinodoz. New York: Routledge, 2008, 171 pp., $31.95.  998
Howard B. Levine
Envy and Gratitude Revisited. Edited by Priscilla Roth and Alessandra Lemma. London: International Psychoanalytical Association, 2008, 252 pp., £25.99.  1002
Kay M. Long
Theory of Mind: Mind To Mind: Infant Research, Neuroscience, and Psychoanalysis. Edited by Elliot L. Jurist, Arietta Slade, and Sharone Bergner. New York: Other Press, 2008, 454 pp., $28.00 paperback.  1011
Jeanine M. Vivona
Forms of Knowledge: A Psychoanalytic Study of Human Communication. By Anna Aragno. Baltimore: Publish America, 2008, 428 pp., $29.95.  1020
Robert S. White
Marking the Mind: A History of Memory. By Kurt Danziger. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008, 305 pp., $120.00 hardbound, $45.00 paperback.  1026
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Issue 5
Plenary Address
Doublethinking Our Way to “Scientific” Legitimacy: The Desiccation of Human Experience  1043
Irwin Z. Hoffman
Original Papers
Meditation on Lovesickness, Loss, and Temporality  1071
Allannah Furlong
Writing about Patients: What Clinical and Literary Writers Share  1097
Elise Miller
Introduction  1121
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Volition and Will in Psychoanalysis  1123
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
The Role of Unconscious Volition in Psychoanalysis: Commentary on Meissner  1157
Leo Rangell
Response to Rangell  1167
W. W. Meissner, S.J.
Research Section
Selected Posters from the 2008 Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: A Profile of Analytic Practice Across the Country: Immersion Data for Three Institutes  1169
Marcia Kaplan, Josh Pretsky, Lionel Wininger, Steven P. Roose and Sabrina Cherry
Development of the Mentalizing Stories for Adolescents (MSA)  1174
Ioanna Vrouva and Peter Fonagy
Borderline Personality Disorder Features and Anxiety are Associated with Enhanced “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” in Nonclinical Adults  1179
Bertram Wyman, Eric A. Fertuck and Barbara Stanley
Panel Reports
Termination  1185
Alice Feller
Sex and Shame: Clinical Dilemmas  1197
Susan Jaffe
Bending the Frame and Judgment Calls in Everyday Practice  1209
Alisa R. Levine
The Role of Dream Work in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Practice  1217
Alana Spiwak
Book Essay
Finding Your Way Through Chaos, Fractals, and other Exotic Mathematical Objects: A Guide for the Perplexed  1227
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
Book Reviews: Ranges of Psychoanalytic Interest
Consulting Psychology: Selected Articles by Harry Levinson. Edited by Arthur M. Freedman and Kenneth H. Bradt. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2008, 334 pp., $59.95.  1251
Kenneth Eisold
Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective. By Mark Epstein. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007, 261 pp., $14.00  1255
Carolyn Kovel
The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure and Human Evolution. By Denis Dutton. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009, 278 pp., $25.00  1259
Aaron H. Esman
Projected Shadows: Psychoanalytic Reflections on the Representation of Loss in European Cinema. Edited by Andrea Sabbadini. New York: Routledge, 2007, 190 pp., hardcover $99.00, paperback $36.95.  1263
Bruce H. Sklarew
Radical Evil: A Philosophical Interrogation. By Richard J. Bernstein. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2002, xi + 289 pp., $29.95.  1271
Robert D. Stolorow
Before Freud: Hysteria and Hypnosis in Later Nineteenth-Century Psychiatric Cases. By Lilian R. Furst. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2008, 207 pp., $43.50.  1274
George Drinka
Psychotherapy and Medication: The Challenge of Integration. By Fredric N. Busch and Larry S. Sandberg. New York: The Analytic Press, 2007, 177 pp., $39.95.  1279
Brian Tobin
Issue 6
Plenary Address
Psychoanalytic Education Then and Now  1295
Steven T. Levy
Van Gogh's Fantasies of Replacement: Being a Double and a Twin  1311
Harold P. Blum
Embodied Language in Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis  1327
Jeanine M. Vivona
Value Reprioritization in Psychoanalysis  1361
Mardi J. Horowitz
Psychoanalytic Education Section
Supervision and Self-Disclosure: Modes of Supervisory Interaction  1379
Leo S. Weinstein, Jerome A. Winer and Eric Ornstein
Child Analysis and Development Section
The Deathly Hallows: Harry Potter and Adolescent Development  1401
John Rosegrant
The Complex Nature of Exposure to Early Childhood Trauma in the Psychoanalysis of a Child  1425
Judith M. Chertoff
Research Section: Poster Summaries
Selected Posters from the 2009 Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: Attachment and Cognition in Borderline Personality Disorder  1459
Lois W. Choi-Kain and Julie Ackerman
A Prototypical Profile of Borderline Personality Organization Using the Structured Interview of Personality Organization (Stipo)  1464
Susanne Hörz, Barry Stern, Eve Caligor, Kenneth Critchfield, Otto F. Kernberg, Wolfgang Mertens and John F. Clarkin
Comparison of Reflective Functioning as Measured on the Adult Attachment Interview and the Object Relations Inventory in Patients with a Personality Disorder: A Preliminary Study  1469
Benedicte Lowyck, Rudi Vermote, Patrick Luyten, Marcel Franssen, Yannic Verhaest, Hans Vertommen and Jozef Peuskens
Symptom-Specific Reflective Functioning: Incorporating Psychoanalytic Measures into Clinical Trials  1473
Marie G. Rudden, Barbara Milrod, Kevin B. Meehan and Fredrik Falkenstrom
Book Essay
Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Handbook of Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice. Edited by Raymond A. Levy and J. Stuart Ablon. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press, 2009, xxii + 399 pp., $99.50.  1481
Leon Hoffman
Book Reviews
Practice and Theory: Promises, Oaths, and Vows: On the Psychology of Promising. By Herbert J. Schlesinger. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, 2008, 232 pp., $49.95.  1489
Calvern E. Narcisi
Listening to the Melody of the Mind: The Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. By Rima Brauer and Gerald Faris. New York: Jason Aronson, 2009, 169 pp., $50.00.  1494
David A. Carlson
Deconstructing the Feminine: Psychoanalysis, Gender and Theories of Complexity. By Leticia Glocer Fiorini. London: Karnac Books, 2007, 158 pp., £19.99.  1499
Jorge Schneider
Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of Self. By Daphne Simeon and Jeffrey Abugel. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006, 242 pp., paperback $16.95.  1504
Richard M. Waugaman
Sexual Boundary Violations: Therapeutic, Supervisory, and Academic Contexts. By Andrea Celenza. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2007, xxi + 267 pp., $29.95.  1508
Ernest Wallwork
Life and Art: Bettelheim: Living and Dying. By David James Fisher. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008, ix + 181 pp., $57.00.  1515
Irwin C. Rosen
Adaptations: Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis 1997-2006. By Phillip Freeman. Boston: Word Association Publishers, 2007, 89 pp., $15.00.  1521
Wendy L. Stern
Chaplin: A Life. By Stephen M. Weissman. New York: Arcade Publishing, 2008, 315 pp., $27.99.  1523
Harry Trosman
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