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List of Articles

Volume 58 (2010)

Issue 1
Announcing the JAPA New Author Prize  5
From the Editor: Comings and Goings  7
Steven T. Levy
Original Papers
Psychoanalytic and Musical Ambiguity: The Tritone in Gee, Officer Krupke  9
Julie Jaffee Nagel
Treatment Preparatory to Psychoanalysis: A Reconsideration after Twenty-Five Years  27
Stephen B. Bernstein
Plying the Steel: A Reconsideration of Surgical Metaphors in Psychoanalysis  59
Gavin Ivey
Psychoanalytic Education Section
Ethics Education in Psychoanalytic Training: A Survey  83
Paul M. Ransohoff
Developing Psychoanalytic Cases and the Candidates Who will Analyze Them: An Educational Initiative  101
Arden Rothstein
Journal Watch
Introduction  137
Steven P. Roose and Bret R. Rutherford
A. Caspi, K. Sugden, T.E. Moffitt, A. Taylor, I.W. Craig, H. Harrington, J. McClay, J. Mill, J. Martin, A. Braithwaite, & R. Poulton (2003). Influence of life stress on depression: Moderation by a polymorphism in the 5-HTT gene. Science 301:386-389.N. Risch, R. Herrell, T. Lehner, K.-Y. Liang, L. Eaves, J. Hoh, A. Griem, M. Kovacs, J. Ott, & K.R. Merikangas (2009). Interaction between the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR), stressful life events, and risk of depression: A meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association 301:2462-2471.  137
Aaron Krasner, Bret R. Rutherford and Steven P. Roose
B.M. Rottman, W. Ahn, C.A. Sanislow, & N.S. Kim (2009). Can clinicians recognize DSM-IV personality disorders from five-factor model descriptions of patient cases? American Journal of Psychiatry 166:427-433.  139
J. Stuart Ablon
L.J. Young (2009). Being human: Love: neuroscience reveals all. Nature 457(7226): 148, January 8.  141
Tim Rice and Andrew J. Gerber
D. Bike, J. Norcross, & D. Schatz (2009). Process and outcomes of psychotherapists' personal therapy: Replications and extension 20 years later. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training 46:19-31.J. Norcross, D. Bike, & K. Evans (2009). The therapist's therapist: A replication and extension 20 years later. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training 46:32-41.  142
Stephanie Gold and Mark Hilsenroth
H.W. Koenigsberg, L.J. Siever, H. Lee, S. Pizzarello, A.S. New, M. Goodman, H. Cheng, J. Flory, & J. Prohovnik (2009). Neural correlates of emotion processing in borderline personality disorder. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 172:192-199.  143
Jeffrey K. Erbe and Eric A. Fertuck
Book Essay: Stoller, Erotics, Sexual Excitement
Sexual Excitement: Dynamics of Erotic Life. By Robert J. Stoller. New York: Pantheon Books, 1979, 281 pp.  147
David James Fisher
Book Reviews: Violent Actuality and Psychotherapeutics
Therapy after Terror: 9/11, Psychotherapists, and Mental Health. By Karen M. Seeley. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008, 242 pp., $35.00.  169
Bennett Simon
Rache: Zur Psychodynamik einer unheimlichen Lust und ihrer Zähmung [Revenge: The Psychodynamics of an Eerie Drive and Its Taming]. By Tomas Böhm and Suzanne Kaplan. 2006. Translated into German from the Swedish by Stefanie Busam Golay. Glessen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 2009, 265 pp., € 29.90  175
Marion M. Oliner
Theory, Practice, and Story: Dare to Be Human: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Journey. By Michael Shoshani Rosenbaum. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2009, 215 pp., $34.95.  179
Richard G. Honig
Rediscovering Psychoanalysis: Thinking and Dreaming, Learning and Forgetting. By Thomas H. Ogden. London: Routledge/Institute of Psychoanalysis, 2009, 168 pp., $107.95 hardcover, $36.95 paperback.  184
Andreas Kraebber
Psychoanalysis and Narrative Medicine. Edited by Peter L Rudnytsky and Rita Charon. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2008, xii + 308 pp., $89.50 hardcover, $29.95 paperback.  190
Aaron H. Esman
Issue 2
Announcing the JAPA New Author Prize  205
Plenary Address
Beyond the Dyad: Individual Psychology, Social World  207
Nancy J. Chodorow
Original Papers
Clinical Implications of Contemporary Gender Theory  231
Nancy Kulish
Against Understanding: Why Understanding Should not Be Viewed as an Essential Aim of Psychoanalytic Treatment  259
Bruce Fink
Putting Practice into Theory: Making the Training Analyst System Coherent  287
Mitchell Wilson
Whose Analysis is it, Anyway? Commentary on Wilson  313
Eric J. Nuetzel
Selectively Questioning Orthodoxies: Commentary on Wilson  321
Deborah L. Cabaniss and Hillery Bosworth
Paradoxes of the Self: The Contrapuntal Style of Arnold Modell  327
Lewis A. Kirshner
Book Essays
The first Century of Psychoanalytic Ideas: Toward Greater Scientific Empiricism: One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis, a Timeline: 1900-2000. By Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Christine Dunbar. Designed by Isabelle Roussel. Toronto: Caversham Productions,, 2009, 24 pp., $29.95 (Canadian).  349
Leon Hoffman
The Work of Héctor Juan Fiorini:  359
Graciela Abelin-Sas Rose
Book Reviews
Theory and Practice: Handbook of Attachment: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications. 2nd ed. Edited by Jude Cassidy and Phillip R. Shaver. New York: Guilford Press, 2008, 1020 pp., $125.00.  369
Jill M. Miller
Passaggi Segreti: Teoria e Tecnica Della Relazione Interpsichica. By Stefano Bolognini. Torino: Bollati Boringhieri, 2008, 251 pp., €20.00.  380
Delia Battin
Spur und Umschrift: Die Konstitutive Bedeutung von Erinnerung in Der Psychoanalyse [Trace and Retranscription: The Constitutive Significance of Memory in Psychoanalysis]. By Ilka Quindeau. Munchen: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2004, 238 pp., €42.90.  384
Rita K. Teusch
The Struggle against Mourning. By Ilany Kogan. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2007, 263 pp., $39.95.  391
Brenda Clorfene Solomon
Flights of Fancy: The Brightening Glance: Imagination and Childhood. By Ellen Handler Spitz. New York: Pantheon Books, 2006, 250 pp., $25.00 hardcover, $14.95 paperback.  399
Lynn Reiser
Hidden Gifts: The Mystery of Angus MacPhee. A film by Nick Higgins Icarus Films, 2005, 25 minutes.  405
Sander L. Gilman
Issue 3
Academic Exchange
Introduction: Creativity, Psychopathology, and Clinical Theory  419
Bonnie E. Litowitz
“You, I, We Created the Poet”: Anne Sexton's Recorded Therapy, November 1963  421
Dawn Skorczewski
Anne Sexton's Recorded Therapy: Commentary on Skorczewski  445
Paula M. Salvio
Listening with A Different Theory: Commentary on Skorczewski  453
Kenneth M. Newman
Original Papers
“My Story for my Better Self”: Love, Loss, and Working Through in the Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning  459
Wendy Wiener Katz
Treating Patients who are Parents: The Good Grandparent Transference and Countertransference  489
Ruth R. Imber
Clinical Theory
Introduction: How Should Psychoanalysis Adapt to Certain Challenges of Contemporary Culture?  513
Richard M. Gottlieb
The Analyst's Ambivalence about Continuing and Deepening an Analysis  515
Lena Theodorou Ehrlich
The Lure of the Symptom in Psychoanalytic Treatment  533
Thomas H. Ogden and Glen O. Gabbard
Research Section
Selected Posters from the 2010 Annual Poster Session: Maternal Attributions of Intentionality: Measuring Adaptive and Pathological Maternal Projections  545
Filipa de Castro, Nora Hinojosa Ayala and Linda C. Mayes
A Comparison of the Dependent Variables in CBT and PDT Outcome Research: Toward Measuring Symptom States, Personality Traits, and Mental Capacities  556
Alla Gordon and Sanjay Nath
Dynamic Deconstructive Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder Comorbid with Alcohol use Disorders: 30-Month Follow-up  560
Robert J. Gregory, Evan DeLucia-Deranja and Jacqueline A. Mogle
The Effect of Attachment-Related Stress on the Capacity to Mentalize: An Fmri Investigation of the Biobehavioral Switch Model  566
Tobias Nolte, Caitlin Hudac, Linda C. Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Sidney J. Blatt and Kevin Pelphrey
Journal Watch
A. Bateman & P. Fonagy (2009). Randomized controlled trial of outpatient mentalization-based treatment versus structured clinical management for borderline personality disorder. Am. J. Psychiatry 166:1355-1364.  575
Aaron Krasner
J.K. Shedler (2010). The efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy. American Psychologist 65:98-109.  577
Bret R. Rutherford
B. Stanley & L.J. Siever (2010). The interpersonal dimension of borderline personality disorder: Toward a neuropeptide model. Am. J. Psychiatry 167:24-39.  580
Jeffrey K. Erbe and Eric A. Fertuck
T.Z. Tang, R.J. DeRubeis, S.D. Hollon, J. Amsterdam, R. Shelton, & B. Schalet (2009). Personality change during depression treatment: A placebo-controlled trial. Arch. Gen. Psychiat. 66:1322-1330.  582
Kevin S. McCarthy
Book Essay
Primary Process and Research: Primary Process Thinking: Theory, Measurement, and Research (Volume 1 and 2). Robert R. Holt. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2009, 153 pp. + CD, $60.00.  587
J. Christopher Fowler
Book Reviews
Psyche and Soma: La Petite Maison De L'Âme. By Laurence Kahn. Paris: Èditions Gallimard, 1993, 284 pp., €17.00.  593
Lewis A. Kirshner
Music in the Head: Living at the Brain-Mind Border. By Leo Rangell. London: Karnac Books, 2009, xxxv + 93 pp., £14.99.  596
Gilbert J. Rose
Vulnerability to Psychosis: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Nature and Therapy of the Psychotic State. By Franco De Masi. Translated by Philip Slotkin et al. London: Karnac Books, 2009, 312 pp., $39.95.  599
Gregorio Hautmann
Experience of Learning: Learning from Life: Becoming a Psychoanalyst. By Patrick Casement. New York: Routledge, 2006, 202 pp., $35.00.  607
Sybil Houlding
The Very Thought of Education: Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Professions. By Deborah P. Britzman. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2009, 166 pp., $60.00 hardcover, $23.95 paperback.  611
Dawn Skorczewski
Breaking Up Blues: A Guide to Survival and Growth. By Denise Cullington. Sussex, UK: Routledge, 2008, 296 pp., $79.95 hardcover, $18.00 paperback.  614
Joan Wexler
Issue 4
Plenary Address
The Missing Tombstone: Reflections on Mourning and Creativity  631
Anna Ornstein
Original Papers
Melodies in My Mind: The Polyphony of Mental Life  649
Julie Jaffee Nagel
Child Analysis and Development Section
Introduction: Not for Child Analysts' Eyes Only  663
Lee I. Ascherman
Losing a Father All over Again: The Termination of an Analysis of an Adolescent Boy Suffering from Father Loss  667
Alan Sugarman
An Order of Pure Decision: Growing up in a Virtual World and the Adolescent's Experience of Being-in-A-Body  691
Alessandra Lemma
“This Strange Disease”: Adolescent Transference and the Analyst's Sexual Orientation  715
John K. Burton and Karen Gilmore
Research Section
Falling behind and Catching up with Contemporary Research on Personality Disorders: Introduction to Lenzenweger  737
Eric A. Fertuck
Current Status of the Scientific Study of the Personality Disorders: An Overview of Epidemiological, Longitudinal, Experimental Psychopathology, and Neurobehavioral Perspectives  741
Mark F. Lenzenweger
Book Reviews
Varieties of Psychoanalytic Experience: The Red Book: Liber Novus. By C. G. Jung. Edited by Sonu Shamdasani. Translated by Mark Kyburz, John Peck, and Sonu Shamdasani. New York: W. W. Norton, 2009, 416 pp., $195.00.  781
Leon Hoffman
Growing Old: A Journey of Self-Discovery. By Danielle Quinodoz. Translated by David Alcorn. New York: Routledge, 2009, xiv + 218 pp., $27.50 paperback.  786
Stanley A. Leavy
Endings: On Termination in Psychoanalysis. By Fausta Ferraro and Alessandro Garella. Translated by Dorothy L. Zinn. Contemporary Psychoanalysis Studies 10. New York: Rodopi, 2009, x + 203 pp., $56.00.  792
Jack Novick
Partners in Thought: Working with Unformulated Experience, Dissociation, and Enactment. By Donnel B. Stern. New York: Routledge, 2009, xx + 229 pp., $90.00 hardcover, $34.95 paperback.  797
Karin Ahbel-Rappe
Spontaneity: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry. By Gemma Corradi Fiumara. New York: Routledge, 2009, 149 pp., $36.95.  804
Stephen Leibow
Thinking for Clinicians: Philosophical Resources for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic Psychotherapies. By Donna M. Orange. New York: Routledge, 2010, 168 pp., $29.99 paperback.  809
Robert S. White
Film Review
Documentary Films: Between Madness and Art. A film by Christian Beetz. Icarus Films, 75 minutes.Hidden Gifts: The Mystery of Angus MacPhee. A film by Nick Higgins. Icarus Films, 25 minutes.  819
Janice S. Lieberman
Issue 5
Original Papers
“Worthless Female Material”: Nursemaids and Governesses in Freud's Cases  835
Daria Colombo
The Role of the Couch in Psychoanalysis: Proposed Research Designs and Some Preliminary Data  861
Ira Lable, John M. Kelley, Julie Ackerman, Raymond Levy, Sherwood Waldron, Jr. and J. Stuart Ablon
Psychoanalytic Education Section
Two Surveys: An Introduction  889
Robert Alan Glick
Between Paranoia and Creativity: Candidates' Experience of Psychoanalytic Training  891
Anne Ward, Walter Gibson and Christine Miqueu-Baz
Can Psychiatry Residents Be Attracted to Analytic Training? A Survey of Five Residency Programs  927
Debra A. Katz and Marcia Kaplan
Research Section
Defensive Projection, Superimposed on Simplistic Object Relations, Erodes Patient-Provider Relationships in High-Risk Pregnancy: An Empirical Investigation  953
Golan Shahar, John H. Porcerelli, Ray Kamoo, C. Neill Epperson, Kathryn A. Czarkowski, Urania Magriples and Linda C. Mayes
Journal Watch
R. De La Fuente-Fernandez, T.J. Ruth, V. Sossi, V. M. Schulzer, D.B. Calne, & A.J. Stoessl (2001). Expectation and dopamine release: Mechanism of the placebo effect in Parkinson's disease. Science 293:1164-1166.S.C. Lidstone, M. Schulzer, K. Dinelle, E. Mak, V. Sossi, T.J. Ruth, R. de la Fuente-Fernandez, A.G. Phillips, & A.J. Stoessl (2010). Effects of expectation on placebo-induced dopamine release in Parkinson disease. Archives of General Psychiatry 67:857-865.  975
Bret R. Rutherford
C.A. Webb, R.J. DeRubeis, & J.P. Barber. (2010). Therapist adherence-competence and treatment outcome: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology 78:200-211.  977
Kevin S. McCarthy and Bret R. Rutherford
T.R. Insel (2010). Psychiatrists' relationships with pharmaceutical companies: Part of the problem or part of the solution? Journal of the American Medical Association 303:1192-1193.  979
David B. Merrill and Steven P. Roose
Panel Reports
The Interpretation of Action in Psychoanalysis  983
Dominique Scarfone
How do Contemporary Psychoanalysts Treat the Past?  995
Melvin Bornstein
Book Essay
Rereading Masud Khan Today: Have His Writings Fallen with Him?  1005
Stanley J. Coen
Book Reviews
Clinical Situations: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Schizophrenic Psychoses: Past, Present and Future. Edited by Yrjö O. Alanen, Manuel González de Chávez, Ann-Louise S. Silver, and Brian Martindale. New York: Routledge, 2009, xx + 398 pp., $43.95.  1021
Robert Stern
Understanding Addiction as Self-Medication: Finding Hope behind the Pain. By Edward J. Khantzian and Mark J. Albanese. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008, xvii + 157 pp., $42.95.  1028
William H. Gottdiener
Psychoanalytic Theories: Trauma and Human Existence: Autobiographical, Psychoanalytic, and Philosophical Reflections. By Robert D. Stolorow. New York: The Analytic Press, 2007, 62 pp., $19.95.  1033
Dori Laub
The Crisis in Psychoanalysis: In Search of a Lost Doctrine. By Ahmed Fayek. Austin, TX: Bridgeway Books, 2010, 282 pp., $49.95.  1038
Dale Boesky
Guide to Psychoanalytic Developmental Theories. By Joseph Palombo, Harold K. Bendicsen, and Barry J. Koch. New York: Springer, 2009, xlviii + 416 pp., $119.00.  1041
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Brain and Culture: Neurobiology, Ideology, and Social Change. By Bruce E. Wexler. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006, 320 pp., $34.00 hardcover, $18.00 paperback.  1044
Steven P. Roose
Issue 6
Original Papers
Psychoanalytic Lexicography: Notes from Two “Harmless Drudges”  1059
Eslee Samberg and Elizabeth L. Auchincloss
Incest Avoidance: Oedipal and Preoedipal, Natural and Cultural  1087
Robert A. Paul
The Singularity of Being: Lacan and the Immortal Within  1113
Mari Ruti
Life is Not a Dream: The Importance of Being Real  1139
Marion M. Oliner
Research Section
Toward Developing a Scale to Empirically Measure Psychotic Defense Mechanisms  1159
Stephen M. Beck
Panel Reports
Behind the Couch: Uses and Misuses of Temptation  1189
Wendy Jacobson
Is Infant Research Useful in Clinical Work with Adults?  1201
Sarah Ackerman
Book Reviews
Freud in Contexts: The Jewish World of Sigmund Freud: Essays on Cultural Roots and the Problem of Religious Identity. Edited by Arnold D. Richards, Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2010, 196 pp., $45.00.  1215
Robert A. Burt
Mirrors of Memory: Freud, Photography, and the History of Art. By Mary Bergstein. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2010, 335 pp., $29.96.  1220
Ellen Handler Spitz
Perspectives: The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers. By Nancy Sherman. New York: W. W. Norton, 2010, 338 pp., $27.95.  1227
Prudence L. Gourguechon
The Work of Confluence: Listening and Interpreting in the Psychoanalytic Field. By Madeleine Baranger and Willy Baranger. Edited by Leticia Glocer Fiorini. London: Karnac Books, 2009, 254 pp., £24.99.  1231
Howard B. Levine
My Teaching. By Jacques Lacan. Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller. Translated by David Macey. New York: Verso, 2008, 126 pp., $16.95.  1237
John Muller
What You Don't Know You Know: Our Hidden Motives in Life, Business, and Everything Else. By Kenneth Eisold. New York: Other Press, 2010, 272 pp., $23.95.  1242
Susan Jaffe
A Dictionary of Psychoanalysis: Comprehensive Dictionary of Psychoanalysis. By Salman Akhtar. London: Karnac Books, 2009, xiii + 404 pp., £60.00.  1249
Peter L. Rudnytsky
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