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List of Articles

Volume 64 (2016)

Issue 1
JAPA Prize Announcement  5
From the Editor
Comings and Goings  7
Bonnie E. Litowitz
Road Trips on the Via Regia: Introduction to Levy and Finnegan  9
Bonnie E. Litowitz
A Clinical Case Presentation: Understanding and Interpreting Dreams While Working through Developmental Trauma  13
Joshua Levy and Paul Finnegan
Commentary on Levy and Finnegan  47
Peter B. Dunn
Commentary on Levy and Finnegan  55
Antonino Ferro
Commentary on Levy and Finnegan  63
Henry J. Friedman
Commentary on Levy and Finnegan  71
Jeffrey Stern
Commentary on Levy and Finnegan  85
Lynne Zeavin
Response to Commentaries  93
Joshua Levy
Empirically Based Suggested Insights into the Concept of False-Self Defense: Contributions from a Study on Normalization of Children with Disabilities  107
Adva Eichengreen, Dan Hoofien and Eytan Bachar
The Psychoanalytic Mode of Thought and its Application to the Non-Normative Analysis of Sexuality and Gender  133
Brian Kloppenberg
Presidential Address
The Good Fight Continues  161
Robert L. Pyles
Panel Report
How Much Needs to Change in Analysis? How Do We Get There?  177
Beth Steinberg
Book Essay
Heather Macdonald's H is for Hawk: H is for Hawk. By Helen Macdonald. New York: Grove Press, 2014, 300 pp., $26.00 hardcover, $16.00 paperback.  195
Rebecca Chaplan
Book Reviews: Therapy and Theory
Mutuality, Recognition, and the Self: Psychoanalytic Reflections. By Christine C. Kieffer. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xxxiv + 203 pp., $39.95 paperback.  211
Stephen Atkins
Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition. Edited by Graham S. Clarke and David E. Scharff. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xxxiv + 519 pp., $80.95 paperback.  224
Monisha Nayar-Akhtar
The Interpersonal Tradition: The Origins of Psychoanalytic Subjectivity. By Irwin Hirsch. New York: Routledge, 2015, xii + 222 pp., $190.00 hardcover, $52.95 paperback.  228
Henry J. Friedman
Identity and the New Psychoanalytic Explorations of Self-Organization. By Mardi Horowitz. New York: Routledge, 2014, xx + 125 pp., $189.00 hardcover, $46.95 paperback.  233
Stuart W. Twemlow
The One and the Many: Relational Psychoanalysis and Group Analysis. By Juan Tubert-Oklander. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xx + 295 pp., $39.95 paperback.  237
David E. Scharff
Book Reviews: American Prospects
Illusions of a Future: Psychoanalysis and the Biopolitics of Desire. By Kate Schechter. Durham: Duke University Press, 2014, viii + 277 pp., $84.95 hardcover, $23.95 paperback.  245
David A. Carlson
The Americanization of Narcissism. By Elizabeth Lunbeck. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014, vi + 367 pp., $35.00 hardcover.  250
Richard L. Munich
Book Reviewers  253
Issue 2
JAPA Prize Announcement  vi
A Special Sort of Forgetting: Negation in Freud and Augustine  261
Daniel Rosengart
Assessment of Change in Psychoanalysis: Another Way of Using the Change after Psychotherapy Scales  285
António Pazo Pires, João Gonçalves, Vânia Sá, Andrea Silva and Rolf Sandell
Outcome Trajectories and Mediation in Psychotherapeutic Treatments of Major Depression  307
Günther Klug, Johannes Zimmermann and Dorothea Huber
Plenary Address
The Insane Look of the Bewildered Half-Broken Animal  345
Donald Moss
Rotten Apples and Ambivalence: Sexual Boundary Violations through a Psychocultural Lens  361
Muriel Dimen
The Group as Complicit in Boundary Violations: Commentary on Dimen  375
Glen O. Gabbard
Fear of Breakdown in the Psychoanalytic Group: Commentary on Dimen  381
Charles Levin
An Exchange with Thomas Nagel: The Mind-Body Problem and Psychoanalysis  389
Book Essay
Christopher Bollas on the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Schizophrenia: When the Sun Bursts: The Enigma of Schizophrenia. By Christopher Bollas. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015, xiv + 226 pp., $28.00 hardcover.  407
Steven Poser
Book Reviews: The Analyst's Sense and Sensibility
The Ethical Seduction of the Analytic Situation: The Feminine-Maternal Origins of Responsibility for the Other. By Viviane Chetrit-Vatine. Translated by Andrew Weller. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xxii + 215 pp., $39.95 paperback.  423
Marcia Cavell
Great River Road: Memoir and Memory. By Madelon Sprengnether. Moorhead, MN: New Rivers Press, 2015, 232 pp., $17.00 paperback.  427
Ann Lehman Katz
Book Reviews: Supervision
Clinical supervision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Edited by Jill Savege Scharff. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xvi + 176 pp., $39.95 paperback  431
Daniel Jacobs
Book Reviews: Back to Freud
The Hidden Freud: His Hassidic Roots. By Joseph H. Berke. London: Karnac Books, 2015, xiv + 235 pp., $42.95 paperback.  439
Arnold D. Richards
Freud, Psychoanalysis and Death. By Liran Razinsky. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, xxii + 303 pp., $114.99 hardcover, $41.99 paperback.  447
Anton O. Kris
On Freud's “Screen Memories.” Edited by Gail S. Reed and Howard B. Levine. London: Karnac Books, 2015, xii + 212 pp., $ 41.95 paperback.  452
Angela Cappiello
Book Reviewers  459
Issue 3
JAPA Prize Announcement  vi
Confronting the Legitimation Crisis: Introduction to Kernberg and Michels  467
Stephen H. Portuges
Thoughts on the Present and Future of Psychoanalytic Education  477
Otto F. Kernberg and Robert Michels
Commentary on Kernberg and Michels  495
Peter Fonagy and Elizabeth Allison
Commentary on Kernberg and Michels  501
Lynne Layton
Commentary on Kernberg and Michels  511
Steven T. Levy
Commentary on Kernberg and Michels  517
Nancy McWilliams
Commentary on Kernberg and Michels  525
Stephen Seligman
Response to Commentaries  535
Otto F. Kernberg and Robert Michels
The Intergenerational Transmission of Suicide: Moral Injury and the Mysterious Object in the Work of Walker Percy  541
Jane G. Tillman
Plenary Address
Come Hither, American Psychoanalysis: Our Complex Multicultural America needs What we Have to Offer  569
Dorothy Evans Holmes
Is There a Usable Heidegger for Psychoanalysts?  587
Lawrence Friedman
Book Essay
Of Rats and Men: The Defensive Human Brain/Mind: Anxious: Using therain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety. By Joseph LeDoux. New York: Viking, 2015, xii + 466 pp., $28.95 hardcover.  627
Leon Hoffman
Book Reviews
Varieties of Creativity: Theory, Procreation, Teaching Psychoanalysis: Creative Analysis: Art, Creativity and Clinical Process. By George Hagman. London: Routledge, 2015, xiv + 129 pages, $178.95 hardcover, $42.95 paperback.  645
Nancy Olson
Psychoanalytic Aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Edited by Mali Mann. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xxxiv +119 pp., $29.95 paperback.  652
Gabriela Legorreta
The Emerald Light in the Air: Stories. By Donald Antrim. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014, 176 pp., $22.00 hardcover.  656
Dawn Skorczewski
Freud's Enduring Legacy: Freud and the Spoken Word: Speech as a Key to the Unconscious. By Ana-Maria Rizzuto. New York: Routledge, 2015, xvi + 196 pp., $190.00 hardcover, $52.95 paperback.  661
David Goldenberg
War is Not Inevitable: On the Psychology of War and Aggression. By Henri Parens. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, xxiv + 288 pp., $90.00 hardcover, $ 44.99 paperback.  669
Arnold D. Richards
International Psychoanalysis: Argentina and Italy: El grupo interno: Psiquis y cultura (The Internal Group: Psyche and Culture). By Samuel Arbiser. Buenos Aires: Editiones Biebel, 2013, 320 pp., $42.00 paperback.  675
Marie-Ange Pongis-Khandjian
Il Sogno Necessario: Nuove teorie e techniche dell'interpretazione in psicoanalisi (The Necessary Dream: New Theories and Techniques of Interpretation in Psychoanalysis). By Giuseppe Civitarese. Milan: FrancoAngeli, 2013, 200 pp.I Sensi e l'inconscio (The Senses and the Unconscious). By Giuseppe Civitarese. Roma: Edizione Borla, 2014, 254 pp. 254.  679
Daria Colombo
Book Reviewers  687
Issue 4
JAPA Prize Announcement  iv
“Unavoidable Satisfactions”: The Analyst's Pleasure  697
Michael Shulman
The Relevance of Bionian Thinking to the Treatment of PTSD Patients  729
David Potik
Can Babies Remember Trauma? Symbolic Forms of Representation in Traumatized Infants  751
Susan W. Coates
Working through the “Caesura”: A Clinical Illustration  777
Luca Caldironi
Slouching towards Mortality: Thoughts on Time and Death  795
Warren S. Poland
University Forum
The Unseen and the Unheard in Fiction and Memoir  803
Gurmeet S. Kanwal
Research News & Reviews
Journal Watch: Rainer Leyh, Christine Heinisch, Johanna Behringer, Iris Reiner, & Gottfried Spangler (2016). Maternal attachment representation and neurophysiological processing during the perception of infants' emotional expressions. PLoS ONE 11(2), February 10.  817
Estephanie Bravo, Robert Melara and Eric Fertuck
Korean Translation
해석 과정: “그저 말 일뿐”이라고 불리는 것의 힘  NP1
알란 P. 스피박
Letters to the Editor
Training Analysts at William Alanson White  NP12
Nancy McWilliams
Using Heidegger  NP12
Robert D. Stolorow
Chen Yu & Linda B. Smith (2016). The social origins of sustained attention in one-year-old human infants. Current Biology 26:1235-1240.  820
Bonnie E. Litowitz
M. Maroun & S. Wagner (2015). Oxytocin and memory of emotional stimuli: Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. Biological Psychiatry 79:203-212.  822
Sonya Martin
Book Essays
Teaching Psychodynamic Principles to Mental Health Professionals: Handbook of Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology. Edited by Patrick Luyten, Linda C. Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target, and Sidney J. Blatt. New York: Guilford Press, 2015, xiv + 578 pp., $85.00.The Psychiatric Interview in Clinical Practice. By Roger A. MacKinnon, Robert Michels, and Peter J. Buckley. 3rd rev. ed. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2016, xvi + 707 pp., $79.00.  829
Leon Hoffman
Book Reviews
The Analyst's Attitude, Theory, and Technique: A Psychoanalyst in the Classroom: On the Human Condition in Education. By Deborah P. Britzman. Albany: SUNY Press, 2015, x + 178 pp., $49.99 hardcover, $23.95 paperback.  835
Jeffrey Berman and Paul W. Mosher
The Rupture of Serenity: External Intrusions and Psychoanalytic Technique. By Aisha Abbasi. London: Karnac Books, 2014, xviii + 166 pp., $39.95.  840
Megan Poe
Looking Back: Memoir of a Psychoanalyst. By Paul Ornstein with Helen Epstein. Mercer, WI: Plunkett Lake Press, 2015, 177 pp., $9.99 ebook.  847
David S. Solomon
Freud and the Buddha: The Couch and the Cushion. Edited by Axel Hoffer. London: Karnac Books, 2015, x + 184 pp., $40.95 paperback.  851
Jeffrey B. Rubin
The Power and Strength in Women: Dramen der Verlorenheit: Mutter-Tochter-Beziehungen in der Shoah: Zur Rezeption und zur narrativen Gestalt traumatischer Erfahrungen in Videozeugnissen. (Dramas of Forsakenness: Mother-Daughter Relationships during the Holocaust: The Reception and Narrative Gestalt of Traumatic Experiences in Video Testimonies). By Joanna Bodenstab. Göttingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht, 2015, 274 pp.; Basel: Schwabe Verlag, 2012, 287 pp., €29.99.  859
Christian Maetzener
Myths of Mighty Women: Their Application in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Edited by Arlene Kramer Richards and Lucille Spira. London: Karnac Books, 2015, xxvi + 246 pp., $42.95 paperback.  867
Nancy Kulish
Analytic Controversy: Le Psychanalyste apathique et le patient postmoderne (The Apathetic Psychoanalyst and the Postmodern Patient). By Laurence Kahn. Paris: Éditions de l'Olivier, 2014, 172 pp., €18.00 paperback.  871
Wilfried Ver Eecke
An Appreciation of the Many Contributions of Leon Hoffman  875
Rosemary H. Balsam and Paul Schwaber
Book Reviewers  879
Issue 5
JAPA Prize Announcement  iv
Masochism and Its Rhythm  885
Giuseppe Civitarese
Changes in Self-Representations following Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Young Adults: A Comparative Typology  917
Andrzej Werbart, Lars Brusell, Rebecka Iggedal, Kristin Lavfors and Alexander Widholm
Obsessionality: Modulating the Encounter with Emotional Truth and the Aesthetic Object  959
Avner Bergstein
Finding Control Cases and Maintaining Immersion: Challenges and Opportunities  983
Lena Theodorou Ehrlich
Research News & Reviews: Poster Summaries
Selected Poster Summaries from the 2016 Poster Session of the American Psychoanalytic Association: The Relationship between Defense Style and Intelligence  1013
Michelle A. Pievsky, Usha D. Persaud, Lana A. Tiersky, Benjamin D. Freer, Leila S. Abuelhiga, Kevin S. Mazzola and Evelina Eyzerovich
Mandarin Translation
精神分析师的欲望和自恋性阻抗问题  NP1
米切爾 威爾遜
Religious Coping and Defense Style in a Sample of Persons with Cognitive Complaints  1020
Leila S. Abuelhiga, Kevin Mazzola, Lana A. Tiersky, Benjamin Freer, Evelina Eyzerovich, Michelle A. Pievsky and Usha D. Persaud
Negative Self-Evaluating Emotions as Mediator in the Relationship between Childhood Emotional Trauma and Alexithymia in Adulthood  1027
Serge Lecours, Frédérick L. Philippe, Marie-Ève Boucher, Lola Ahoundova and Catherine Allard-Chapais
Book Essays
Laplanche: From the Enigmatic Message of the other to the Unconscious Alterity within: The Temptation of Biology: Freud's Theories of Sexuality. By Jean Laplanche. Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith. New York: The Unconscious in Translation, 2015, xii + 140 pp., $73.50 hardcover, $39.50 paperback.Between Seduction and Inspiration: Man. By Jean Laplanche. Translated and with an introduction by Jeffrey Mehlman. New York: The Unconscious in Translation, 2015, xxii + 304 pp., $68.50 hardcover, $48.50 paperback.  1037
Deborah L. Browning
The Struggle for Supremacy in Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen: The Breaking of the Father's Authority  1051
Ilany Kogan
Book Reviews
Las teorías sexuales en psicoanálisis: Qué permanence de ellas en la práctica actual? (Sexual Theories in Psychoanalysis: What Remains of Them in Today's Practice?). By Silvia Bleichmar. Buenos Aires: Paidós, 2014, 624 pp., $26.99 paperback.  1065
Rodrigo Barahona
Greed: Developmental, Cultural, and Clinical Realms. Edited by Salman Akhtar. London: Karnac Books, 2015, xviii + 245 pp., $43.95 paperback.  1069
Marcia Cavell
Psychoanalysis: Critical Conversations (Selected Papers by Arnold D. Richards, Volume 1). Edited by Arthur A. Lynch. New York: International Psychoanalytic Books, 2015, xxxiv + 411 pp., $35.00 paperback.  1075
Richard Tuch
Confidentiality and Its Discontents: Dilemmas of Privacy in Psychotherapy. By Paul W. Mosher and Jeffrey Berman. New York: Fordham University Press, 2015, xiv + 343 pp., $125.00 hardcover, $37.00 paperback.  1081
Elyn R. Saks
Book Reviewers  1089
Erratum  1090
Issue 6
JAPA Prize Announcement  iv
The Critique of Regression: The Person, the Field, the Lifespan  1097
Gregory S. Rizzolo
Will This Case Count? The Influence of Training on Treatment  1133
Rachel Blakeman and Marianne Goldberger
Ethical Implications of the Analyst as Person
The Fundamental Ethical Ambiguity of the Analyst as Person  1153
Jane V. Kite
The Analyst's Offer  1173
Humphrey Morris
The Ethical Foundation of Analytic Action  1189
Mitchell Wilson
Acknowledging the “Analyst as Person”: A Developmental Achievement  1207
Susan Kattlove
Me Here, You There—Now What? Commentary on Kite, Morris, Wilson, and Kattlove  1217
Donald Moss
Panel Report
Don't Fence Me in: What is American about American Psychoanalysis?  1225
Gavin Mullen
Book Essay
Freud and Minna: Facts and Fictions: Belle Vue: Sigmund Freud, Minna Bernays, and the Meaning of Dreams. By Barry G. Gale. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2013, 454 pp., $35.99 paperback.Love in Vienna: The Sigmund Freud / Minna Bernays Affair. By Barry G. Gale. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2016, xiv + 250 pp., $48.00 hardcover.  1237
Henry Zvi Lothane
Book Reviews
Psychoanalytic Process: The Play within the Play: The Enacted Dimension of Psychoanalytic Process. By Gil Katz. New York: Routledge, 2014, xxii + 185 pp., $180.00 hardcover, $55.95 paperback.  1255
Eugene J. Mahon
Micro-trauma: A Psychoanalytic Understanding of Cumulative Psychic Injury. By Margaret Crastnopol. New York: Routledge, 2015, xvi + 252 pp., $199.95 hardcover, $49.95 paperback.  1266
Carol B. Levy
Grief and Its Transcendence: Memory, Identity, Creativity. Edited by Adele Tutter and Léon Wurmser. New York: Routledge, 2016, xliv + 212 pp., $.190.00 hardcover, $52.95 paperback.  1274
Murray M. Schwartz
Joseph D. Lichtenberg: Psychoanalytic Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice: Reading Joseph D. Lichtenberg. Edited by Linda Gunsberg and Sandra G. Hershberg. New York: Routledge, 2016, xx + 322 pp., $190.00 hardcover, $52.95 paperback.  1283
Henry J. Friedman
The Burdens of Culture and Era: An Emotional State: The Politics of Emotion in Postwar West German Culture. By Anna M. Parkinson. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2015, viii + 251 pp., $70.00 hardcover, $30.00 paperback.  1289
Herbert A. Arnold
A Murder over a Girl: Justice, Gender, Junior High. By Ken Corbett. New York: Henry Holt, 2016, xiv + 273 pp., $27.00 hardcover.  1295
Bart Magee
Book Reviewers  1299
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