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List of Articles

Volume 1 (1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1984)

Issue 1
Being a Parent  7
Alan Shuttleworth
A View from the Sand  24
Dorothy Hamilton
The Tiger and ‘O’  33
Meg Harris Williams
The Establishment of Female Genital Sexuality  57
Joan Cornwell
Sexual Contradictions: on Freud, Psychoanalysis and Feminism  76
Janet Sayers
Psychoanalysis and the Deconstruction of Psychology  105
Barry Richards
Sins of the Fathers  113
Joel Kovel
Therapeutic Intervention in Working Class Communities  125
Paul Hogget and Julian Lousada
Issue 2
Questions of Training  7
R. D. Hinshelwood
Objects Are Not People  19
Gregorio Kohon
The Ego Ideal and the Psychology of Groups  31
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel
True and False Aesthetics  61
Prince Masud Khan
The Babel of Therapies  64
Rosemary Davies
The Bridge Foundation: for Psychotherapy and the Arts Clifton, Bristol  71
Sally Box
Face Values: A Preliminary Look at One Aspect of Adolescent Subculture  75
Valerie Sinason
On Love and Language  94
Claire Pajaczkowska
Fantasy and History in the Study of Childhood  110
L. J. Jordanova
Mental Management: The Origins of Psychiatry?  123
Roger Smith
A Defence of Children's Fiction: Another Reading of Peter Pan  128
Michael Rustin
Correspondence  149
Dave Pilgrim
Issue 3
Editorial  6
Robert M. Young
Winnicott working in areas where Psychotic Anxieties predominate: A personal record  9
Margaret I. Little
The Politics of the Self  43
Barry Richards
Freedom and independence: On the psychoanalysis of political commitment  65
Paul Parin, M.D.
The Idealization of Dying  80
Anna Witham
Questions of ‘Training’? A contribution from a peripatetic cousin  92
Deryck Dyne
Issue 4
Lolita and Kleinian psychoanalysis  7
B. J. Sokol, Ph.D.
The experience of having a baby: a developmental view  22
Dana Birksted-Breen
A ‘dual materialism’  36
R. D. Hinshelwood
Literary criticism and psychoanalysis: partners or millstones?  51
Valerie Sinason
Freud and philosophy  64
Ian Craib
Why Freud or Reich?  80
Joel Kovel
Marriages brought into the consulting-room and the transference interpretation  100
Roderick M. Peters, M.B., MRCP, M.SC
Aspects of longing  120
Paul Hoggett
On not knowing all the answers  139
Margaret Arden
Issue 5
A chance for psychoanalysis to change: the Zürich Psychoanalytical Seminar as an Example  7
Emilio Modena
Eclecticism: the impossible project — a response to Deryck Dyne  23
R. D. Hinshelwood
The Milan systemic approach to family therapy: an overview  28
Marco Chiesa
On the psychodynamics of drug dependence  48
A. Limentani
Psychoanalysis in non-clinical contexts: on The Art of Captaincy  65
Isabel Menzies Lyth
Schizophrenia and history  79
Terry A. Kupers
Interpretation: fresh insight or cliché?  90
Patrick Casement
Psychological practice and social democracy  105
Barry Richards
Winnicott Studies (1985) 1, edited by John Fielding and Alexander Newman, The Squiggle Foundation, 19 Chalcot Road, London NW1 8LL  137
W. Ralph Layland
My Kleinian Home: A Journey through Four Psychotherapies, Nini Herman, Quartet, 1985, 146 pages, hb £8.95  138
Judy Cooper
Women and the Psychiatric Paradox, P. Susan Penfold and Gillian A. Walker, Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1984, 340 pages, pb £5.95  140
Joan Busfield
The novels of Larry McMurtry  143
Robert M. Young
Psychoanalytic Criticism: Theory in Practice (1984), by Elizabeth Wright. Methuen, xii + 208 pages, hb £8.95, pb £3.95  144
Jean Radford
Letters  147
Robert M. Young
Issue 6
Freud: Scientist and/or Humanist  7
Robert M. Young
An interview with John Bowlby on the origins and reception of his work  36
John Bowlby, Karl Figlio and Robert M. Young
Mental health reforms: Some contrasts between Britain and Italy  65
Anne Rogers and David Pilgrim
The dual potential of brief psychotherapy  80
Terry A. Kupers
In the analytic theatre  100
Stephen A. Kurtz
‘The Ancient Mariner’ opium, the saboteur of self-therapy  123
Arthur Hyatt Williams
Jung and the Post-Jungians, Andrew Samuels, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985, x + 293 pages, hb £14.95, pb £5.95  145
Joel Ryce-Menuhin
Issue 7
Mourning, the analyst, and the analysand  7
W. Clifford M. Scott
Military mobilizations of the unconscious  11
Barry Richards
A masterpiece on murder  27
A. Hyatt Williams
Beyond the analytic attitude: Radical aims and psychoanalytic psychotherapy  38
Stephen Frosh
The formation and deformation of identity during psychoanalytic training  59
J. Stelzer
Squid and projective identification  75
Jan Benowitz Eigner
An overview of self-psychology  79
Ronald Baker
Grief and mourning in Tennyson's ‘In Memoriam’  87
Victoria Hamilton
Notes and commentary: The Poem as Patient  111
Elaine Jordan
‘True’ and ‘False’ Creativity?  117
Rachel Cunningham, M.A.
Analysis of Transference, vol. 1, Theory and Technique, by Merton M. Gill, New York: IUP, 1982, i + 197 pages, $22.50. Analysis of Transference, vol. 2, Studies of Audio-Recorded Psychoanalytic Sessions, by Merton M. Gill and Irwin Z. Hoffman, New York: IUP, 1982, vii + 241 pages, $22.50.  124
David Riley
Autistic Barriers in Neurotic Patients, Frances Tustin, Karnac Books, 1986, x + 326 pages, hb £19.95, pb £9.95.  127
Nini Herman
Theatres of the Mind: Illusion and Truth on the Psychoanalytic Stage, Joyce McDougall, Free Association Books, 1986, XIV + 301 pages, hb £25, pb £9.95.  133
Eric Rayner and Dilys Daws
Freud for Historians, by Peter Gay, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985, xx + 252 pages, £16.50/$17.95  142
Robert M. Young
Issue 8
What does it mean to be a man?  7
Sean Cathie
Analytic group work in a boys' comprehensive school  34
Jane Ellwood and Margaret Oke
Hypnosis in psychotherapy in the 1980s  58
Hellmut W. A. Karle
Dementia and its pathology: in brain, mind or society?  81
Tom Kitwood
Some thoughts on torture  94
Silvia Amati, M.D.
When the doodling stops or the analyst and his/her health  115
Joanne Wieland-Burston
A Discussion of ‘Mourning, the Analyst and the Analysand’, by W. Clifford M. Scott  132
J. B. Boulanger
The Mind's New Science: A History of the Cognitive Revolution, by Howard Gardner, New York: Basic Books, 1985, xv + 423 pages, £15.95  137
J. Jacques Vonèche
Issue 9
Charles Darwin's ‘insufferable grief’  7
Ralph Colp,, JR
The Marilyn Monroe Children's Fund and the work of the Tavistock Clinic  45
The year 2000: a psychoanalytic perspective on the fantasy of the new millennium  56
Andrea Sabbadini
The crisis of fatherhood  72
Gavin Smith
Bruce Springsteen and the crisis of masculinity  91
Barry Richards
A triumph of the will  95
Trista Selous
Psychoanalysis, philosophical realism, and the new sociology of science  102
Michael Rustin
Against the State of Nuclear Terror, by Joel Kovel, Free Association Books, 1987, 240 pages, pb £3.95.  137
Hanna Segal
Citizen Hughes, by Michael Drosnin, Hutchinson, 1985, xii + 532 pages, pb £3.50.  142
Robert M. Young
Final Cut: Dreams and Disaster in the Making of Heaven's Gate, by Steven Bach, Jonathan Cape, 1985, 432 pages, £12.50.  144
Robert M. Young
Issue 10
On the value of regression to dependence  7
Margaret I. Little
An interview with Herbert Rosenfeld  23
Phyllis Grosskurth
The psychodynamics of theory  32
Ian Craib
An encounter between the ‘wise baby’ and one of his grandsons: (Ferenczi and Bion)  57
J. Chasseguet-Smirgel
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: In place of an introduction Book I. Freud's Papers on Technique, 1953-1954  63
John Forrester
Shifting the pavement: Thoughts from the patient's side of the couch  94
Catherine Kober
Some biographical contributions to psychoanalytic theories  102
Jonathan R. Pedder
Explaining senile dementia: The limits of neuropathological research  117
Tom Kitwood
The Reign of Error: Psychiatry, Authority and Law, by Lee Coleman, MD, Boston, MA; Beacon Press, 1984, xvi + 300 pages, $18.95  141
Roger Smith
Issue 11
Freud's break with Jung: the crucial role of Ernest Jones  7
R. Andrew Paskauskas
The ‘black hole’ a significant element in autism  35
Frances Tustin
The challenge of Robert Langs  51
David Livingstone Smith
Psychotherapy in British Special Hospitals: A case of failure to thrive  58
David Pilgrim
The pattern which connects  73
Margaret Arden
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: In place of an introduction. Book II. The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis, 1954-1955  86
John Forrester
Biography: The basic discipline for human science  108
Robert M. Young
In Search of a Past, by Ronald Fraser, Verso/New Left Books, 1984, 187 pages, hb £15, pb £4.95  131
J. Ann Duncan
The Psychoanalytic Study of Literature edited by Joseph Reppen and Maurice Charney, Hillsdale, New Jersey: Analytic Press, 1985, v + 290 pages, £25.50  138
Trista Selous
Issue 12
Michael Fordham in discussion with Karl Figlio  7
Michael Fordham
The first institution of society and second—order institutions  39
Cornelius Castoriadis
On kissing  52
Adam Phillips
Reflections on mature love and countertransference  60
Irwin Hirsch and Paul Kessel
Repairing broken links between the unconscious, sleep and instinct: and the conscious, waking and instinct  84
W. Clifford M. Scott
The place of the parents in psychoanalytic theory  92
Linda Colman
Science-fiction et psychanalyse. L'Imaginaire social de la S.F., by Marcel Thaon, Gérard Klein, Jacques Goimard, Tobie Nathan and Ednita P. Bernabeu, Paris: Dunod, 1986, 243 pages, 142 f.  126
David Macey
A Dark Science: Women, Sexuality and Psychiatry in the Nineteenth Century, by Jeffrey M. Masson, New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1986, 199 pages, $15.95  130
Christopher Fortune
Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy, by Sidney Bloch and Eric Crouch, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985, 342 pages, £16  134
David Wood
Psychoanalysis and Beyond, by Charles Rycroft, (ed. Peter Fuller), Chatto & Windus/Hogarth, 1985, 310 pages, pb £5.95  137
Peter Shoenberg
Issue 13
Isabel Menzies Lyth in conversation with Ann Scott and Robert M. Young  7
Ann Scott and Robert M. Young
Femininity as neurosis  48
Christina Wieland
After the Fall: Original loss and the limits of redemption  59
Warren Colman
Social violence and psychoanalysis in Argentina: The unthinkable and the unthought  84
Janine Puget
My Kleinian Home: A Journey through Four Psychotherapies, by Nini Herman, Quartet Books, 1985; Free Association Books, 1988 (with new Postscript), 176 pages, pb £9.95: Why Psychotherapy?, by Nini Herman, Free Association Books, 1987, 158 pages, hb £20.00, pb £8.95  141
W. Clifford M. Scott
Religion, Morality and the Person, by M. Fortes, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987, 368 pages, hb £27.50, pb £9.95  148
Elizabeth Bott Spillius
Consider Laius  150
Robert M. Young
Issue 14
Child abuse, counselling and apartheid: The work of the Sanctuary Counselling Team  7
Gill Straker
Surplus humanism and healing power  39
Stephen Frosh
Psychoanalysis and business: Alliance for profit  57
Richard U'ren
Psychodynamic and systemic approaches: Some areas of convergence  62
Marco Chiesa
Logic and infinity in primitive processes  79
Ross Skelton
The Holding  90
Robert Pringle
Writing on the history of psychology  96
Roger Smith
Views of psychohistory  111
Ralph Colp, Jr
The case of the feminist detective  124
Marion Bower
Living with the Sphinx: Papers from the Women's Therapy Centre, edited by Sheila Ernst and Marie Maguire, Women's Press, 1987, x + 265 pages, £5.95  136
Jean White
Issue 15
Psychoanalysis and the public sphere: 1988 Conference report  7
Les Levidow, Ann Scott and Robert M. Young
Living in two worlds: Psychodynamic theory and social work practice  11
Margot Waddell
Voices in Memories: To Marie Langer  36
Manuel Martinez
Marie Langer  37
Paul Hoggett and Arturo Varchevker
Marie Langer 1910-1987  39
Janine Puget
Psychoanalysis and revolution in Latin America: Marie Langer interviewed by Arturo Varchevker  44
Arturo Varchevker
Psychoanalysis without the couch  60
Marie Langer
Intonational elements as communication in psychoanalysis  67
Michael Ian Paul
‘The labour of love’ and ‘a primary social medium’ Two problematics in contemporary psychoanalysis  87
Paul Hoggett
Asylum to Anarchy, by Claire Baron, Free Association Books, 1987, xii + 288 pages, hb £27.50, pb £9.95  108
Chris Oakley
Germans and Jews since the Holocaust: The Changing Situation in West Germany, by Anson Rabinach and Jack Zipes, New York: Holmes & Meier, 1986, viii + 365 pages, hb $37.50, pb $17.50  126
George M. Kren
Language and the Origins of Psychoanalysis, by John Forrester, Macmillan, 1980, xvi + 285 pages, hb £33, pb £9.95  131
Martin Weegmann
Talking to a Stranger: A Consumer's Guide to Therapy, by Lindsay Knight, Fontana, 1986, 330 pages, £2.95  134
J. Ann Duncan
Issue 16
Melting into air: Psychoanalysis and social experience  7
Stephen Frosh
Visions of freedom: The subject in market relations  31
Barry Richards
Post-modernizing psychoanalysis/Psychoanalysing post-modernity: For Maria Kapuscinska  43
Marike Finlay, Ph.D., M.Sc(Psychiatry)
Post-modernism and the subject: Pessimism of the will  81
Robert M. Young
Car bodies  97
Barry Richards
A question of judgement: ‘He was a Cabinet Minister and I was merely a candidate’  106
Ann Scott
Sophie  119
Louis Couture
The role of aggressiveness in the work of John Bowlby  123
Marco Bacciagaluppi, M.D.
Changes of Heart: Reflections on Women's Independence, by Liz Heron, Pandora Press, 1986, 241 pages, £4.95  135
Amal Treacher, Ph.D.
Issue 17
Experience and identification in George Eliot's novels  7
Margot Waddell
James Greene in Conversation with John padel: John Donne's ‘The Extasie’  29
James Greene and John Padel
The Grail Quest and the analytic setting  39
Louis Zinkin
Electra in bondage: On symbiosis and the symbiotic illusion between mother and daughter and the consequences for the Oedipus complex  58
H. C. Halberstadt-Freud, Ph.D.
Growing up  90
Margot Waddell
Correspondence  106
Wilhelmina Kraemer-Zurné
Correspondence  108
Warren Colman
Choice of Victim: Further Ideas  113
Arthur Hyatt-Williams
The Evolution of a Psychiatrist: Memoirs of a Woman Doctor, by Beulah Parker, Yale University Press, 1987, 224 pages, £22.50  115
Margaret Arden
Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature, edited by Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, London/New York: Methuen, 1987, xvi + 240 pages, pb £8.95  126
Toril Moi
The Comforts of Madness by Paul Sayer, Constable, £9.95 (1988 Whitbread Book of the Year Winner of the 1988 Constable Trophy for fiction)  132
Meira Likierman
Doubles: Studies in Literary History, by Karl Miller, Oxford University Press, 1985, xii + 468 pages, hb £19.50  135
Dennis Brown
Two Views of Mrs Klein: Mrs Klein by Nicholas Wright, Nick Hern Books, 1988, 61 pages, pb £4.95; directed by Peter Gill, Apollo Theatre, London  140
Meira Likierman
Two Views of Mrs Klein  146
Robert M. Young
Issue 18
‘Re-embodiment of the disembodied eye’ The constitution of a psychoanalytic space for a schizophrenic patient  7
Julien Bigras
On narcissism  22
Stephen Frosh
The place of the actual in psychotherapy  49
Hans W. Cohn
Notes on instrumental dissociation and psychosomatic pathology  62
Joseph Stelzer
On methods and principles of hermeneutics: With references to the psychoanalytic study of small groups  73
Sigmund Karterud
On Kleinian language  90
Elisabeth Bott Spillius
Dictionary of Analytical Psychology, by C.G. Jung, Ark Paperbacks, 1987, 183 pages, pb £3.95  111
Richard Carvalho
Freud: A Life for our Time, by Peter Gay, Dent, 1988, xxii + 810 pages, hb£ 16.95  119
Robert M. Young
Free Association. Method and Process, by Anton O. Kris, New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 1982, xiv + 113 pages, pb £6.95  122
David Riley
The Origins of Love and Hate, by Ian Suttie, foreword by John Bowlby, introduction by Dorothy Heard, Free Association Books, 1988, xlviii + 275 pages, pb £9.95  128
John M. Heaton
The Spontaneous Gesture-Selected Letters of D.W. Winnicott, edited by F. Robert Rodman, Harvard University Press, 1987, xxxiii + 211 pages, hb £15.95  133
Margaret I. Little
Winnicott and Paradox — from Birth to Creation by Anne Clancier and Jeannine Kalmanovitch, translated by Alan Sheridan, Tavistock, 1987, xvii + 174 pages, pb £8.95  138
Nina Farhi
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, edited by Jacques-Alain Miller: vol. 1, ‘Freud's Papers on Technique 1953-1954’, translated by John Forrester, and vol. 2, ‘The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954-1955’, translated by Sylvana Tomaselli (notes for volumes 1 and 2 by John Forrester) Cambridge University Press, 1988, ix + 314 and x + 343 pages respectively, each volume hb £35.00, pb £12.50  142
Martin Stanton
Issue 19
Reparation and Civilization: A Kleinian account of the large group  7
C. Fred Alford
Illusion and the stock market crash: Some psychoanalytic aspects  31
Douglas Kirsner
Understanding senile dementia: A psychobiographical approach  60
Tom Kitwood
The group therapies in perspective  77
Mark Aveline, FRC Psych
Letter to Helen  103
Daniel Silberman-Sladek
Religion and psychoanalysis  105
Neville Symington
Massification  117
Robert Hinshelwood
Inside the Leviathan  124
E. Victor Wolfenstein
The Psychohistorian's Handbook, by Henry Lawton, London/New York: The Psychohistory Press, 241 pages, $25.95 hb  135
Ralph Colp, Jr
The Uses of Countertransference, by Michael Gorkin, New Jersey: Jason Aronson, 248 pages, £21.50 hb  140
Gregorio Kohon
Suicide in Victorian and Edwardian England, by Olive Anderson, Oxford University Press, 1987, xiii + 475 pages, £40.00 hb  143
Charlotte MacKenzie
R.D. Hinshelwood, What Happens in Groups. Free Association Books, 1987, 278 pages, £27.50 hb, £9.95 pb  147
Michael Allingham
R.D. Hinshelwood, What Happens in Groups. Free Association Books, 1987, 278 pages, £27.50 hb, £9.95 pb  148
Mark Aveline
Issue 20
Miss Alice M and her dragon: Recovery of a hidden talent  7
Margaret I. Little
‘How my mother's embroidered apron unfolds in my life’ A study on Arshile Gorky  49
Prophecy Coles
The visible invisible: Picturing madness  75
Nikolas Rose
Mystics and professionals in the culture of American psychoanalysis  85
Douglas Kirsner
Psychoanalysis in British universities: The Kent Case  104
Martin Stanton
Training Analyis and Power: The Transformation of a Method of Training and Learning into an Instrument of Power in Institutionalized Psychoanalysis  114
Johannes Cremerius
On setting up a psychotherapy training scheme  139
Peter Lomas
Group phantasies and ‘the individual’ A critical analysis of psychoanalytic group psychology  150
Eugene Victor Wolfenstein
Mental health in China: A personal account  181
Andrea Sabbadini
Voices: Psychoanalysis. From the Channel 4 Television Series, edited by Bill Bourne, Udi Eichler and David Herman, Nottingham: Spokesman; and Atlantic Highlands, NJ: The Hobo Press, 1987, 105 pages, pb £ 4.95  198
Barry Richards
The Psycho-Analyst in Psychiatry, by Thomas Freeman, Karnac, 1987, x + 198 pages, pb £11.95  202
Kenneth Sanders
Our Need for Others and its Roots in Infancy, by Josephine Klein, Tavistock, 1987, xviii + 444 pages, pb £14.95  208
Anna Witham
The Formation of a Persecuting Society, by R.I. Moore, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1987, 168 pages, hb £27.50  213
Roy Porter
Human Behaviour in the Concentration Camp, by Elie A. Cohen, translated from the Dutch by M.H. Braaksma, Free Association Books, 1988, xxiv + 295 pages, pb £9.95  215
George Kren
Male Fantasies, by Klaus Theweleit, Cambridge: Polity, 1987, xxii + 517 pages, pb £8.95  220
Joel Ryce-Menuhin
The Forgotten Man: Understanding the Male Psyche, by Reuben Fine, New York: The Haworth Press, 1987, 423 pages, $35.95 hb, $19.95 pb: Male Order: Unwrapping Masculinity, edited by Rowena Chapman and Jonathan Rutherford, Lawrence & Wishart, 1988, 331 pages, £7.95  223
Paul Gordon
Editorial  5
Radical Science Collective
No Easy Answers  8
Robert M. Young
Remembering ‘Social Amnesia’  16
Russell Jacoby
Our Own Worst Enemies: Unconscious Factors in Female Disadvantage  23
Jane Temperley
The Ambivalence of Psychoanalysis  39
David Ingleby
The Long Weekend  72
Margot Waddell
Civil Defence and Psychic Defence  85
Barry Richards
Psychoanalysis and Social Justice  98
Michael Rustin
Freud's Exegesis of the Soul  113
Karl Figlio
The Art of the Possible  122
Stephen Robinson
On Being a Marxist Psychoanalyst (and a Psychoanalytic Marxist)  149
Joel Kovel
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