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List of Articles

Volume 101 (2020, 2019)

Issue 1
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Learning from Don Quixote  1
John Steiner
Incommensurability between paradigms, revolutions and common ground in the development of psychoanalysis  13
Leopoldo Fulgencio
A psychoanalytic look at repetitive outbreaks of brief psychosis  42
Juan Francisco Artaloytia, Teresa Olmos de Paz and Begoña Gómez-Moly
The otherness of sexuality: Exploring the conflicted nature of drive, desire and object choice  64
Siri Erika Gullestad
Interdisciplinary Studies
The inner world of Beethoven’s ninth symphony: Masculine and feminine?  84
Francis Grier
Contemporary Conversations
Bipolarity of the scenic and lexical modes of analytic listening: Commentary on Gabriel Sapisochin’s paper “Enactment: Listening to Psychic Gestures”  110
Ralf Zwiebel
Panel Report
IPA 51st Congress London—24–27 July 2019, panel “Enactment: The feminine position of the analyst in the encounter”  122
L. Viviana Strauss
Publishers’ Note
Publishers’ Note  127
Education Section
Three contributions on psychosis: A brief introduction  128
Heinz Weiss
Psychosis and psychotic functioning in adolescence  136
Catalina Bronstein
Psychosis and analytic therapy: A complex relationship  152
Franco De Masi
Gisela Pankow (1914–1998): Towards a psychoanalytic treatment of the psychoses  169
Philippe Valon
Letter to the Editor
A difference in security between the classical and telecommunicative settings  186
John Churcher
Reply to “Reading Italian Psychoanalysis” (The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2018 (99), 1253–1258)  187
Franco Borgogno, Alberto Luchetti and Luisa Marino-Coe
Tribute to Alain de Mijolla (1933–2019)  188
Denys Ribas
Film Essay
Waltz with Bashir – The dialectic of escaping and confronting traumatic experiences  196
Noa Heiman and Boaz Shalgi
Book Reviews
Working in the dark: understanding the pre-suicide state of mind: by Don Campbell and Rob Hale, Abingdon, Routledge, 2017, 120 pp., £93.99 (hardback), ISBN: 978-0-415-6452-3; £23.99 (paperback), ISBN: 978-0-415-6453-0; £21.59 (ebook), ISBN: 978-1-315-73149-0  210
John Keene
I and you: by Donald Moss, New York: Second Story Press, 2017, vi + 179pp., $20.00 (paperback)  217
Giuseppe Civitarese
Countertransference and alive moments: by R. D. Hinshelwood, London, Process Press, 2016, 239 pp., £19-95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-899209-17-0  221
Karen Stobart
The empty couch: the taboo of ageing and retirement in psychoanalysis: edited by Gabriele Junkers, London and New York, Routledge, 2013, 186 pp., £32.99 (paperback), ISBN: 978-0-415-59862  224
Michael Mercer
The psychoanalytic reason, an Oedipal reason: by Jaime I Szpilka, Madrid, Editorial Mentecata Ediciones, 2014, 238 pp., 18.00€, ISBN 978-84-941144-2-7  227
Leonardo Peskin
Changing notions of the feminine: Confronting psychoanalysts’ prejudices: edited by Margarita Cereijido, London and New York, Routledge, 2019, $39.95 (paperback), 136 pp., ISBN 978-1-138-36051-8.  230
Michael J. Diamond
Estructuración psíquica y subjetivación del niño de escolaridad primaria. El trabajo de la latencia [Psychic structuration and subjectivization of the elementary school age child: The latency work]: by Rodolfo Urribarri, Buenos Aires, Colección Conjunciones, Ed. Novedades Educativas, 2008, 296 pp., $745 (argentinian pesos, paperback, Conjunciones directed by Marcela Pereira; Translations of quotes are by Julieta Paglini), ISBN 978-987-538-213-8  235
Julieta Paglini
Issue 2
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
On the logic of the unconscious  239
Amit Saad
History of Psychoanalysis
Vygotsky’s inner language and its relation to the unconscious system of Freud  257
Nicolás Suárez Delucchi and Pablo Fossa Arcila
Interdisciplinary Studies
Wagner’s Parsifal and Bion’s theory of thinking: Compassion as an “element of psychoanalysis”  273
Moshe Bergstein
Necessary violence, necessary pleasure: The common ground of literature and psychoanalysis  288
Rachel Chaplin
Professional and Educational Issues
Becoming a Training and Supervising Analyst: Interviews from the Columbia Postgraduate Analytic Practice Study  300
Sabrina Cherry, Gregory Mann and Ruth Graver
Psychoanalysis with adults inspired by parent–infant therapy: Reconstructing infantile trauma  320
Björn Salomonsson
The Hayman Prize - winning papers
The last witnesses: Learning about life and death from aging survivors  340
Ira Brenner
Probing the Minds of Nazi Perpetrators: The Use of Defensive Screens in Two Generations  355
Dori Laub, M.D. and Nanette C. Auerhahn, Ph.D.
Letter to the Editors
Relational polemics  375
Jon Mills
Response to Jon Mills  377
Eyal Rozmarin
Dori Laub, MD (1937–2018)  379
Nanette Auerhahn
Film Essay
The uncanny encounter or the encounter with the uncanny other. The work of identity and its transformations in Fuocoammare: From being lost at sea to coming into being  388
Giuseppina Antinucci
Book Reviews
Attacks on Linking revisited: a new look at Bion’s classic work: edited by Catalina Bronstein and Edna O’Shaughnessy, London, Karnac Books Ltd., 2017, 118 pp., £26.67.  402
Kate Pugh
Meaning and melancholia: Life in the age of bewilderment: by Christopher Bollas, London and New York, Routledge, 2018, 142 pp., $19.95. ISBN 978-1138497535  406
Ben Kafka
The infinity of the unsaid: Unformulated experience, language, and the nonverbal: by Donnel B. Stern, London and New York, CRC press, 2018 $105 (hardcover), $44.95 (paperback), 190 pp. ISBN: 9781138604995  411
Nelson Ernesto Coelho
On the couch: A repressed history of the analytic couch from Plato to Freud: by Nathan Kravis, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2017, 224 pp., ISBN 978-0-26203-661-0  415
Michal Shapira
Book Review
Class and psychoanalysis: landscapes of inequality: by Dr Joanna Ryan, London and New York, Routledge, 2017, £28.79 (paperback), 202 pp., ISBN 978-1-138- 88551-6  418
David Morgan
The paranormal surrounds us: Psychic phenomena in literature, culture and psychoanalysis: by Richard Reichbart, Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2019, US $45 (hardback), $14.74 (e-book), 232 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4766-3368-8  423
Fonya Lord Helm
Vanda Shrenger Weiss. La prima psicoanalista in Italia. La psicoanalisi a Roma in epoca fascista: [Vanda Shrenger Weiss: The First Psychoanalyst in Italy. Psychoanalysis in Rome during the Fascist Era], by Rita Corsa, Rome, Alpes, 2017, 380 pp., 353 pp., €21.25, ISBN 9788865314159  427
Ambra Cusin
Issue 3
Writing in the time of Covid-19  433
Dana Birksted-Breen
Psychic time as occasion for enactment  436
Sara Collins
Reading Winnicott: return to the concept of regression to dependence  456
Luca Quagelli
Driven to re-member: André Green’s use of the negative in the work of Berlinde de Bruyckere  479
Lesley Marks
Walking the middle ground between hermeneutics and science: A research proposal on psychoanalytic process  496
Carolina Altimir and Juan Pablo Jimenez
Sex, subtext, ur-text: Freud, Dora and the suggestive text  523
Adele Tutter
“Bringing the plague”: Groundwork for a transformative outreach of psychoanalysis  549
Luca Nicoli and Stefano Tugnoli
The current sociosanitary coronavirus crisis: remote psychoanalysis by Skype or telephone  572
Delphine Miermont-Schilton and François Richard
Practising as an analyst in Berlin in times of the coronavirus: The core components of psychoanalytic work and the problem of virtual reality: A commentary on the paper: “Clinical Issues in Analyses over the Telephone and Internet” by Jill Savege Scharff (Int J Psychoanal (2012) 93: 81–95) in the light of the present crisis  580
Kristin White
In response to Kristin White “Practising as an analyst in Berlin in times of the coronavirus”  585
Letter From Vienna  589
Christine Diercks and August Ruhs
Leonard Shengold, M. D.  595
Harold P. Blum
The Last of the Unjust: Test case of a screen confession  597
Dana Amir
Freud: an intellectual biography: by Joel Whitebook, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge University Press, 2017, 484 pp., $39.99 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-521-86418-3  611
Lawrence Levenson
Authenticity in the psychoanalytic encounter. The work of Irma Brenman Pick: Edited and Introduced by M. Fakhry Davids and Naomi Shavit, London, Published by Routledge, in Association with the Institute of Psychoanalysis, by The New Library of Psychoanalysis, 2018, 234 pp., £30.99 (paperback), ISBN 13:9780815395462/ISBN 10:0815385463  616
Susan Cockett
The analyst’s reveries: by Fred Busch, London and New York, Routledge, 2019, 106 p., £34,99 (paperback), ISBN-978-0-367-13417-4  621
Fulvio Mazzacane
Dark times: psychoanalytic perspectives on politics, history and mourning: by Jonathan Sklar, Bicester, Oxon: Phoenix Publishing House, 2019, £19.99, 96 pp. ISBN 97812691005  624
Steven Groarke
The body in adolescence: psychic isolation and physical symptoms; Analytic engagements with adolescents: sex, gender, and subversion: by Mary T. Brady, London, Routledge, 2016, 118 pp., £27.99 (paperback), ISBN 978-1138797765  628
Drew Tillotson
The clinical paradigms of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott: Comparisons and Dialogues: by J. Abram and R. D. Hinshelwood, London and New York, Routledge, 2018, 230 pp., £22.99p, ISBN: 978-1-78220-310-0  634
Denis Flynn
Parentalidades y género. Su incidencia en la subjetividad: [Parenting and gender: their impact on subjectivity], edited by Patricia Alkolombre and Cândida Sé Holovko, Buenos Aires, Letra Viva, 2016, 327 pp., 30€ (paperback), ISBN 9789506496609  638
Ester Palerm
The unobtrusive relational analyst: Explorations in psychoanalytic companioning, by Robert Grossmark, London & New York, Routledge, 2018, 207 pp., £32.99 (paperback), ISBN-978-1-138-89906-3  641
Riccardo Lombardi
Issue 4
Editorial  647
Dana Birksted-Breen
Priority of the other: Psychosis through the lens of Laplanche’s general theory of seduction  649
Antoni Grzybowski, Dariusz Grabowski and Miłosz Wujek
Confusion of tongues: Chinese/English/German psychoanalytic dialogues  667
Yikun Wu, Nathan Szajnberg and Edward Kenny
Multitemporal materialism. History and unconscious memory, between Freud and Benjamin  685
Leandro Drivet
Sabina Spielrein’s theory of the origin and development of language  706
Fatima Caropreso
A brief history of the super-ego with an introduction to three papers  724
Heinz Weiss
The perverse and the psychotic superego  735
Franco De Masi
Conceptions of the superego in sociological and socio-psychological analyses  740
Vera King and Gunzelin Schmid Noerr
Developments on the concept of the super-ego in Bion’s work  757
João Carlos Braga
The case of J: Working as a psychoanalyst during the Pandemic  769
The case of J: Working as a psychoanalyst during the Pandemic  778
Francis Grier
The case of J: Working as a psychoanalyst during the Pandemic  784
Bernard Chervet
The case of J: Working as a psychoanalyst during the Pandemic  791
Lena Theodorou Ehrlich
The case of J: Working as a psychoanalyst during the Pandemic  797
Abbot A. Bronstein, Ph.D.
Neville Symington  805
Michael Brearley
Response to commentaries by John Steiner and Ralph Zwiebel on my paper “Enactment: Listening to psychic gestures”  809
Gabriel Sapisochin MD
Response to the letter of Dr Sapisochin  811
Ralf Zwiebel
Response to the letter to the editor from Dr Sapisochin  813
John Steiner
On revoking the subject of work: Psychoanalytic interpretations of the American television series The Office  814
Gianluca Crepaldi
The hands of gravity and chance: by Thomas H. Ogden, London, Sphinx Books, 2018, 300 pp., $16.95 (paperback), ISBN: 9781782203575  828
Sara Boffito
When the sun bursts: The enigma of schizophrenia: by Christopher Bollas, Yale, University Books, 2015, 212 pp., $18 (hardback), ISBN: 9780300223651  830
Kathy Taylor
On adolescence: inside stories: by Margot Waddell, Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge, 2018, 282 pp., £32.99 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-78220-526-5  835
Lesley Maroni
Balint matters: psychosomatics and the art of assessment: by Jonathan Sklar, London, Karnac Books, 2017, 232 pp., £30.99, ISBN 9781782204862  838
Megan Virtue
Reading Bion: by Rudi Vermote, London, Routledge, 2019, 273 pp, £29.99, ISBN: 9780415413336, The New Library of Psychoanalysis: Teaching Series, Series Editor Dana Birksted-Breen  842
Walter Gibson
The new analyst’s guide to the galaxy: questions about contemporary psychoanalysis: by Antonino Ferro and Luca Nicoli, London, Karnac, 2017, 158 pp., £20.99, ISBN 978-1-78220-542-5  849
Karen Roos
Contemporary Bionian theory and technique in psychoanalysis: edited by Antonino Ferro, Oxon: Routledge, 2018, 258pp, £33.99, ISBN 9781138820586.  853
Karen Roos
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