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List of Articles

Volume 52 (1971)

On the Contributions of Psychoanalysis to Psychiatry: Mechanism and Meaning  1
Denis Hill
Issues in Research in the Psychoanalytic Process  11
Robert S. Wallerstein and Harold Sampson
On the Development of the Concept of Defence  51
P. J. Van Der Leeuw
Some Considerations on Repetition and Repetition Compulsion  59
Hans W. Loewald
Psychoanalytic Technique in the Treatment of Certain Characterological and Schizophrenic Disorders  67
L. Bryce Boyer
Some Complications in Self-Esteem Regulation Caused by Using an Archaic Image of the Self as an Ideal  87
Janice De Saussure
A Developmental Approach to Disturbances of Sex-Specific Identity  99
Judith S. Kestenberg
The Aim of Psychoanalysis  103
R. Money-Kyrle
Vicissitudes of the Transitional Object in a Borderline Child  107
Robert T. Fintzy
Ordinal Language and Superego Genesis: A Hitherto Unnoticed Influence of Language on the Formation of Psychic Structure  115
Maurice N. Walsh
The Psychoanalyst and the Psychoanalytic Process  127
Olivier Flournoy
The Psychoanalytic Concept of Aggression  137
Charles Brenner
Within the Realm of the Death Instinct  145
Ángel Garma
Aggression and Instinct Theory  155
W. H. Gillespie
Psychoanalysis and the Aggression of Large Groups  161
Alexander Mitscherlich
A Clinical Approach to the Psychoanalytic Theory of the Life and Death Instincts: An Investigation Into the Aggressive Aspects of Narcissism  169
Herbert Rosenfeld
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: ALEXANDER MITSCHERLICH (Sigmund-freud-Institut, 6 Frankfurt am Main, Myliusstrasse 20, Germany). Protest und Revolution (Protest and revolution)  179
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: ISIDORE ZIFERSTEIN (1819 North Curson Ave., Los Angeles). Der Psychoanalytiker vor den Problemen der Gesellschaft (The psychoanalyst and the problems of society)  179
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: ANNA FREUD (20 Maresfield Gardens, London). Probleme der Lehranalyse (Problems of training analysis)  179
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: MARGARETE MITSCHERLICH-NIELSEN (6 Frankfurt am Main, Myliusstrasse 20, Germany). Was macht einen guten Analytiker aus? Literaturübersicht und kritische Erwägungen (What makes a good analyst? Literature review and critical thoughts)  179
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: TOBIAS BROCHER (6 Frankfurt am Main, Myliusstrasse 20, Germany). Aktuelle Probleme der psychoanalytischen Ausbildung in den USA (Problems of psychoanalytic training)  180
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: LUTZ ROSENKÖTTER (79 Ulm, Schulinstrasse 6, Germany). Die Verwendung des Strukturmodells und des Symbolbegriffes in der Psychoanalyse (The utilization of the structural model and of the symbol concept in psychoanalysis)  180
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: HANS MLLER-BRAUNSCHWEIG (63 Giessen, Ludwigstrasse 76, Germany). Zur Genese der Ich-Störung (The genesis of ego disturbances)  180
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: HELM STIERLIN (Psychotherapy Unit, Adult Psychiatry Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda). Die Familienbeziehungen (Family relationships)  180
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: H. JUNKER AND H. ZENZ (63 Giessen, Ludwigstrasse 76, Germany). Der Einsatz datenspeichernder undverarbeitender Apparate für die Erforschung psychotherapeutischer Prozesse (The use of data storage and processing equipment in research on psychotherapeutic processes)  180
Psyche, 24, Nos. 7–9, 1970: HENRY LOWENFELD AND YELA LOWENFELD (350 Central Park West, New York). Die permissive Gesellschaft und das berich (The permissive society and the superego)  181
Attachment Behaviour, Object Relations and the Dynamic-Economic Points of View—Critical Review of Bowlby's Attachment and Loss  183
George L. Engel
Attachment and Loss, Vol. 1 Attachment: By John Bowlby. London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis; New York: Basic Books. 1969. Pp. xx + 428.  197
Ignacio Matte-Blanco
The Mentally Abnormal Offender: A Ciba Foundation Symposium: Edited by A. V. S. de Reuck and Ruth Porter. London: Churchill. 1968. Pp. 260.  199
A. Hyatt Williams
S. J. R. De Monchy—1893-1969  201
L. Hornstra
S. J. R. De Monchy—1893-1969  202
Lajos Székely
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 52, pp. 203-508  203
Pre-Congress Scientific Programme 1971  206
Clinical Essay Prize  206
John Klauber
A Pagination Converter Relating the Gesammelte Werke to the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud  207
George H. Klumpner and Ernest S. Wolf
Donald W. Winnicott  225
M. Masud R. Khan
Donald W. Winnicott  226
J. P.M. Tizard
Donald W. Winnicott  227
W. H. Gillespie
Elizabeth R. Zetzel  229
Leo Rangell
Max Schur—1897–1969  231
Maurice R. Friend
Ludwig Eidelberg—27 December 1898–13 November 1970  232
Sandor Lorand and Henry I. Schneer
Object-Relationships in Schizophrenia and Perversion  235
Robert C. Bak
The Concept of Stimulus Barrier: Its Review and Reformulation as an Adaptive Ego Function  243
Helen K. Gediman
Identificatory Styles in Depression and Grief  259
Joseph H. Smith
Some Specific Transference, Countertransference and Supervisory Problems in the Analysis of a Narcissistic Personality  267
Jerome D. Oremland and Emanuel Windholz
More about Rats and Rat People  277
Leonard Shengold
Factors in Autofellatio Formation  289
Frank Orland
Fetishism and Exhibitionism in the Female and their Relationship to Psychopathy and Kleptomania  297
George Zavitzianos
A Case of Congenital Spina Bifida: Imprint of the Defect on Psychic Development  307
Beulah Parker
Dictators and Disciples. From Caesar to Stalin. A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of History  321
Henry Lowenfeld
Man and his Culture: Psychoanalytic Anthropology after Totem and Taboo: Edited by Warner Muensterberger. London: Rapp & Whiting. 1969. Pp. 397.  323
Rhona Rapoport
Psycho-Analytic Insight and Relationships (A Kleinian Approach): By Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1970. Pp. 178.  324
A. Hyatt Williams
The Therapy of the Word in Classical Antiquity: By Pedro Laín Entralgo. Translated by L. J. Rather and John M. Sharp. New Haven and London: Yale Univ. Press. 1970. Pp. xxii + 253.  325
John Padel
Children as Individuals: By Michael Fordham. London: Hodder & Stoughton. 1969. Pp. 223.  327
Murray Jackson
Susan Isaacs: The First Biography: By D. E. M. Gardner. London: Methuen. 1969. Pp. 190.  328
T. F. Main
Correspondence  329
Lilla Veszy-Wagner
Correspondence  329
Louis Paul
Michael Bálint (1896–1970)  331
John D. Sutherland
Bertram D. Lewin (1896–1971)  333
M. Royden C. Astley
Annie Reich (1902–1971)  334
Edith Jacobson
The Origin of Certain Forms of Pre-Oedipal Guilt and the Implications for a Psychoanalytic Theory of Affects  337
Arnold H. Modell
Can Affects be Unconscious?  347
Sydney E. Pulver
The Psychoanalysis of Shame  355
Sidney Levin
The Evolving Psychoanalytic Theory of Motivation: An Ego-Psychological Point of View  363
Mary F. Whiteside
The Role of Ego Modification and the Task of Structural Change in the Analysis of a Case of Hysteria  375
Daniel S. Jaffe
Postscript to the Analysis of a Case of Hysteria  395
Daniel S. Jaffe
The Artist and his Objects  401
Philip Weissman
A Critical Note on Secondary Revision  407
Shlomo Breznitz
On Waiting  413
Arnold Goldberg
An Autobiographical Legacy of Victor Tausk  423
Mark Kanzer
The Context and Unique Function of Dreams in Psychoanalytic Therapy: Clinical Approach  431
Alan Roland
A Clinical Contribution to the Analysis of a Perversion  441
Betty Joseph
On the Defensive Organization  451
Joseph D. Lichtenberg and Joseph William Slap
The Emergence of New Themes: A Contribution to the Psychoanalytic Theory of Therapy  459
Joseph Weiss
Sexual Masochism: A Case Report  469
Henry Lihn
Observations on Mania  479
Thomas Freeman
Technique of Child Analysis: Problems of Countertransference  487
Robert Kohrman, Henry H. Fineberg, Renee L. Gelman and Samuel Weiss
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: PETER KUTTER (7 Stuttgart 80, Brenntenhau 20). Aspekte der Gruppentherapie (Aspects of group therapy)  499
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: ROLF KLWER (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20, Sigmund Freud Institute). ber die Orientierungsfunktion eines Fokus bei der psychoanalytischen Kurztherapie (On the orienting function of a 'focus' in psychoanalytic brief therapy)  499
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: HELM STIERLIN (National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20014, U.S.A.). Familientherapie mit Adoleszenten im Lichte des Trennungsprozesses (Family therapy with adolescents in the light of the separation process)  499
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: JOHN E. GEDO AND ERNEST WOLF (233 E. Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, U.S.A.). Die Ichthyosaurusbriefe (The Ichthyosaurus letters)  499
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: IMRE HERMANN (Budapest II, Lorántffy Zs. u. 5, Hungary). Perversion und Hörwelt (Perversions and the world of sound: on the dynamics of perversion)  499
Psyche, 24, Nos. 10–12, 1970: ALFRED LORENZER (6 Frankfurt/Main, Myliusstr. 20, Sigmund Freud Institute). Symbol, Sprachverwirrung und Verstehen (Symbol, language confusion and understanding)  500
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: HAROLD LINCKE (Zürich 1, spiegelgasse 11, Switzerland). Der Ursprung des Ichs (The origins of the ego)  500
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: GERTRUDE R. TICHO (The Menninger Foundation, Box 829, Topeka, Kansas 66601, U.S.A.). Selbstanalyse als Ziel der psychoanalytischen Behandlung (The termination of psychoanalysis in the light of self-analysis)  500
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: ERNST A. TICHO (The Menninger Foundation, Box 829, Topeka, Kansas 66601, U.S.A.). Probleme des Abschlusses der psychoanalytischen Therapie (The termination of psychoanalysis)  500
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: ISABELLA BIELICKI (Jugendpsychiatrische Klinik, 627 Idstein/Taunus, Post Box 1268. Die Psychotherapie des Waisensyndroms bei kleinen Kindern (Psychotherapy of the orphan syndrome in small children)  500
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: INGEBORG ZIMMERMANN (6 Frankfurt/Main, Liebigstr. 18). ber den Zugang zu frühen unbewussten Persönlichkeitsanteilen (On access to early unconscious personality components)  501
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: ARNO VON BLARER (Ch 8032, Zürich 7, Neptunstr. 4, Switzerland). Zur Psychodynamik des Syndroms der primaär-bedingten Infantilität (On the psychodynamics of primary infantilism)  501
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: WILHELM SCHUMACHER (Psychiatrische Klinik der Universität Düsseldorf, 4 Düsseldorf, Bergische Landstr. 2). Gestaltdynamik und Ich-Psychologie (Gestalt dynamics and ego psychology)  501
Psyche, 25, Nos. 1–3, 1971: GNTHER BITTNER (74 Tübingen, Zeppelinstr. 28). ber Erschrecken, Fallengelassenwerden und objektlose Reaktion (On startle, being dropped, and pre-object reactions)  501
Correspondence  503
Ralph B. Little
The Hampstead Child-Therapy Course & Clinic  504
Conference of English-Speaking European Psychoanalysts  504
The International Association for Child Psychiatry and Allied Professions—8th International Congress  504
Clinical Essay Prize—Revised Conditions  509
John Klauber
Maurice Bouvet Prize  510
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