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List of Articles

Volume 56 (1975)

The Analyst, Symbolization and Absence in the Analytic Setting (On Changes in Analytic Practice and Analytic Experience)—In Memory of D. W. Winnicott  1
André Green
The Death of a Twin: Mourning and Anniversary Reactions. Fragments of 10 Years of Self-Analysis  23
George L. Engel
Psychoanalysis without Psychodynamics  41
Roy Schafer
The Ego and the Id: Fifty Years Later  57
Arnold H. Modell
The Effect on the Transference of 'Special Events' Occurring During Psychoanalysis  69
Stanley S. Weiss
Narcissism, Continuity and the Uncanny  77
Sheldon Bach
Psychoanalysis and the Process of Change—An Essay on the Past, Present and Future  87
Leo Rangell
Lois Munro 1907–1973  99
Sigmund Freud and Lou Andreas-Salomé, Letters: Edited by Ernst Pfeiffer. Translated by William and Elaine Robson-Scott. London: Hogarth Press. 1972. Pp. 244.  101
Werner Muensterberger
The Language of Psycho-Analysis: By J. Laplanche and J.-B. Pontalis. Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith. London: Hogarth Press; New York: Norton. 1973. Pp. 510.  103
Robert J. Stoller
Psychoanalysis and the Bible: A Study in Depth of Seven Leaders: By Dorothy F. Zeligs. New York: Bloch. 1973.  104
Kurt O. Schlesinger
Autism and Childhood Psychosis: By Frances Tustin. London: Hogarth Press; New York: Science House. 1972.  106
Martin James
Progress in Group and Family Therapy: Edited by Clifford J. Sager and Helen Singer Kaplan. New York: Brunner/Mazel; London: Butterworth. 1972. Pp. xix + 935.  111
J. D. Sutherland
Personality: The Human Potential: By Melvin L. Weiner. New York: Pergamon Press. 1973. Pp. 185.  112
Joseph Afterman
Human Destructiveness: By Anthony Storr. London: Chatto & Heinemann for Sussex Univ. Press. 1972. Pp. 115.  113
A. Hyatt Williams
Parenthood, its Psychology and Psychopathology: Edited by E. James Anthony and Therese Benedek. Boston: Little Brown. 1970. Pp. 603.  113
Eric H. Rayner
Focal Psychotherapy: An Example of Applied Psychoanalysis: By Michael Balint, Paul H. Ornstein and Enid Balint. London: Tavistock Publications, 1972. Pp. 166.  115
D. H. Malan
Freud: Living and Dying: By Max Schur. New York: Int. Univ. Press; London: Hogarth Press. 1972. Pp. 587.  118
William Gillespie
Twelve Therapists: How they Live and Actualize Themselves: By Arthur Burton and Associates. San Francisco, Washington and London: Jossey-Bass. 1972. Pp. 326.  118
Philip M. Spielman
Letters to the Editor  123
Lawrence Friedman
Letters to the Editor  128
Emanuel Peterfreund
Letters to the Editor  129
H. M. Southwood
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 56, pp. 133-135  133
Current Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory and its Clinical Implications  137
Leonard J. Friedman
On Empathic Perception and the Problems of Reporting Psychoanalytic Processes  147
Stanley L. Olinick
Tact as a Psychoanalytic Function  155
Warren S. Poland
The Borderline Syndrome: The Role of the Mother in the Genesis and Psychic Structure of the Borderline Personality  163
James F. Masterson and Donald B. Rinsley
Toward a Functional Definition of Narcissism  179
Robert D. Stolorow
A Case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The Problem of Treatment  187
Leon L. Altman
Theoretical Notes on the Manifest Dream  197
C. Brooks Brenneis
A Dream Resembling the Isakower Phenomenon: A Brief Clinical Contribution  207
Alvin B. Blaustein
The 'Day Precipitate' of Dreams: The Morris Hypothesis  209
Harvey Kelman
The Intuitive Psychoanalytic Perspective of Galdós in Fortunata and Jacinta: a Reply to the Discussion by José Rallo  219
George H. Allison
A Borderline Case: Ego Synthesis and Cognition: A Reply to the Discussion by Janice De Saussure  221
Samuel Atkin
Purgation Through Pity and Terror: A Reply to the Discussion by Clifford Yorke  225
William A. Binstock
Depression, Anxiety and Affect Theory: A Reply to the Discussion by Paula Heimann  229
Charles Brenner
Stealing, Revenge and the Monte Cristo Complex: A Reply to the Discussion by Charles Kligerman  231
Pietro Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Perversion, Idealization and Sublimation: A Reply to the Discussion by André Lussier  233
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel
Internalization of the Patient–Analyst Relationship in Patients with Narcissistic Disorders: A Reply to the Discussion by Lygia Amaral  237
T. L. Dorpat
Crucifixion Fantasies and their Relation to the Primal Scene: A Reply to the Discussion by Eugenio Gaddini  239
Henry Edelheit
Aspects of the Transference Resistances in the Final Stages of Psychoanalytic Treatment: A Reply to the Discussion by Gabriel Casuso  241
Ángel Garma
Transference: Freud or Klein. A Reply to the Discussion by Herbert Rosenfeld  243
Ralph R. Greenson
Further Contributions to the Treatment of Narcissistic Personalities: A Reply to the Discussion by Paul H. Ornstein  245
Otto F. Kernberg
Aggression, Error and Truth: A Reply to the Discussion by Samuel Ritvo  249
Ernesto M. La Porta
Mutism in Infantile Autism: A Reply to the Discussion by Donald Burnham  253
Donald Meltzer
Transparency and the Suicide Potential: A Reply to the Discussion by Olivier Flournoy  255
David Roth
Psychological Conflict and the Structural Model: A Reply to the Discussion by Samuel Abrams  259
Joseph Sandler
A Peculiar Form of Resistance to Psychoanalytical Treatment: A Reply to the Discussion by Willy Baranger  263
Helena Besserman Vianna
A Valuable 'Alloy' of Pure Psychoanalysis—A Critical Review of Joseph Goldstein, Anna Freud and Albert J. Solnit's Book Beyond the Best Interests of the Child  265
Anne Hayman
An International Colloquium on Group-Analytic Psychotherapy—To be Held at University College, London on 27th and 28th July 1975  273
Malcolm Pines
A Narcissistic Defence Against Affects and the Illusion of Self-Sufficiency  275
Arnold H. Modell
Some Comments on the Narcissistic Aspects of Self-Righteousness: Defensive and Structural Considerations  283
Ruth F. Lax
Some Further Observations and Comments on the Earliest Role of the Father  293
Ernst L. Abelin
The Analyst's Relocation: Its Effect on the Transference—Parameter or Catalyst  303
Z. Alexander Aarons
Aggression, the Death Drive and the Problem of Sadomasochism. A Reinterpretation of Freud's Second Drive Theory  321
Oscar Sternbach
A Fresh Look at Perverse Behaviour  335
Arnold Goldberg
A Search for Predictive Factors in Institute Supervised Cases: A Retrospective Study of 183 Cases from 1959–1966 at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute  343
Jerome I. Sashin, Stanley H. Eldred and Suzanne T. Van Amerongen
Addendum to a Partial Analysis of a Perversion Involving Bugs: An Illustration of the Narcissistic Function of Perverse Activity  361
Robert D. Stolorow
From Fantasy to Reality in the Transference: A Reply to the Discussion by Pedro Luzes  365
Nicole Berry
A Provisional Contribution to the Psychoanalytical Study of Time: A Reply to the Discussion by Jerome Kavka  367
M. A. Dupont
The Formation of the Transference: A Reply to the Discussion by A. Béjarano  371
Claude Le Guen
Fusion with the Victim: A Reply to the Discussion by D. J. De Levita  373
Shelley Orgel
How the Mind of the Psychoanalyst Works: A Reply to the Discussion by Kenneth T. Calder  375
Ishak Ramzy
The Hero as an Only Child: An Unconscious Fantasy Structuring Homer's Odyssey. a Reply to the Discussion by Leonard Shengold  377
Bennett Simon
The American Icarus Revisited: Phallic Narcissism and Boredom. A Reply to the Discussion by Alan J. Eisnitz  379
Jerome L. Weinberger and James J. Muller
Clinical Essay Prize  381
John Klauber
Clinical Essay Prize  382
Maurice Bouvet Prize  382
Additional Aspects of the Freudian–Kleinian Controversy: Towards a 'Psychoanalysis' of Psychoanalysis  383
Clay C. Whitehead
Aspects of Work Style and Work Difficulty in Borderline Personalities  397
Irene Fast
On the Generation and Classification of Defence Mechanisms  405
Patrick Suppes and Hermine Warren
The Analyst Undisguised in the Initial Dream in Psychoanalysis  415
Paul A. Bradlow and Stanley J. Coen
Some Difficulties and Satisfactions Inherent in the Practice of Psychoanalysis  427
Stanley E. Greben
The Attachment–Autonomy Conflict in Agoraphobia  435
Allen Frances and Peter Dunn
The Narcissistic Function of Masochism (And Sadism)  441
Robert D. Stolorow
A Contribution to the Understanding of the Confusion of Tongues  449
Dean P. Eyre
Male Anxiety During Sleep  455
Anita I. Bell
From 'Cumulative Trauma' to The Privacy of the Self—A Critical Review of M. Masud R. Khan's Book  465
Paula Heimann
Walter Joffe—(1922–1974)  477
F. P. Muller—(1883–1973)  481
J. E.M. Bakker
H. A. Van Der Sterren—(1904–1974)  482
J. Spanjaard
Lesbianism: A Study of Female Homosexuality: By David H. Rosen. Springfield, Illinois: Thomas. 1974. Pp. 123.  485
Charles W. Socarides
Brazilian Lectures I: By W. R. Bion. Rio de Janeiro: Imago. 1974. Pp. 108.  488
H. A. Thorner
Joyce in Nighttown: A Psychoanalytical Inquiry into 'Ulysses'. By Mark Shechner. Berkeley: University of California Press. 1974. Pp. 285.  489
Wolfgang Lederer
Splitting. A Case of Female Masculinity: By Robert J. Stoller. New York: Quadrangle Books. 1973. London: Hogarth Press. 1974. Pp. 395.  492
Thorkil Vanggaard
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