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List of Articles

Volume 77 (1996)

Some Views On Psychic Reality  1
R. Horacio Etchegoyen
Myth And Madness: A Report Of A Psychoanalytic Study Of Antisemitism  15
Mortimer Ostow
Psychic Reality—A Personal View Of The San Francisco Congress  33
Janice de Saussure
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Clinical Technique: Chaired by JOSEPH SANDLER, London  37
Cláudio Laks Eizirik
Panel Report: Psychic Reality In Borderline Conditions: Chaired by JOHN OLDHAM, New York  43
Anthony W. Bateman
Panel Report: The Patient's Psychic Reality: Chaired by GILBERT DIATKINE, Paris  49
Bernard Penot
Panel Report: The Psychoanalytic Status Of Social Reality: Chaired by ETHEL PERSON, New York  53
Nasir Ilahi
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Perversions: Chaired by HENRY SMITH, Cambridge, MA  61
Betty Denzler
Panel Report: Who Maps Psychic Reality? Chaired by OWEN RENIK, San Francisco  67
Richard Fox
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Dreams: Chaired by BRIAN ROBERTSON, Montreal  71
Howard B. Levine
Panel Report: Hysteria One Hundred Years On: Chaired by EDWARD NERSESSIAN, New York  75
Joana M. Tous
Panel Report - Psychic Reality: Theoretical Concepts: Chaired by CHARLES BRENNER, New York  79
Paul Williams
Panel Report: The Concept Of Psychic Reality In The Different Theoretical Currents Of Today: Chaired by ARNOLD COOPER, New York  85
Elizabeth Bott Spillius
Panel Report - Psychic Reality And The Analyst: The Inner Working Of The Analyst's Mind: Chaired by HELEN C. MEYERS, New York  89
Bertram J. Cohler
Panel Report - Psychic Reality: Its Relationship To Defences Involving Negative Mechanisms: Chaired by WARREN S. POLAND, Washington  97
Clifford Yorke
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Creativity: Chaired by DANIEL WIDLÖCHER, Paris  103
Andrea Sabbadini
Panel Report: Addressing The Psychic Reality Of The Borderline Child: Chaired by J. F. CHUSED, Washington DC  107
Elias Mallet Da Rocha Barros, []
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And The Psychoanalysis Of The Adolescent: Chaired by THEODORE J. JACOBS, New York  111
Aaron H. Esman
Panel Report The Expression Of Emotions: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective: Chaired by JOY OSOFSKY, New Orleans  117
Michèle Lalive d'Épinay
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And The Life Cycle: The Psychic Reality Of Women: Chaired by SARA ZAC DE FILC, BUENOS AIRES  123
Nadine A. Levinson
Panel Report: Infertility, Surrogacy And The New Reproductive Techniques: Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Chaired by MARIANNE SPRINGER-KREMSER, Vienna  129
Salley S. Jessee
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And The Freud-Ferenczi Controversy: Chaired by ANDRÉ HAYNAL, Geneva  135
Jean Roiphe
Panel Report Psychic Reality And Pathogenic Beliefs: Patients' Theories About Themselves And The Relational World: Chaired by HAROLD SAMPSON, San Francisco  141
Lucy LaFarge
Panel Report: The Holocaust And Beyond: Chaired by MARTIN WANGH, Jerusalem  147
Alejandro Tamez Morales
A Brief History Of The International Psychoanalytical Association  149
Adam Limentani
Continuation of Limentani History of the IPA  156
Robert S. Wallerstein
The Gender Conundrum. : Edited and introduced by Dana Breen. London and New York: Routledge. 1993. Pp. 304.  159
Alice Jones
Les Troubles De La Sexualité [Disorders Of Sexuality]. : Edited by A. Fine, A. Le Guen and A. Oppenheimer. Paris: Presses Univ. France. Monographies de la Revue Française de Psychanalyse. 1993. Pp. 188.  163
Hélène Parat
Psychanalyse Du Guerrier [Psychoanalysis Of The Warrior]. By C. Barrois. Paris: Hachette-Pluriel, 1993. Pp. 322.  165
Marina Papageorgiou
La Force Perceptive De La Représentation De La Pulsion [The Perceptual Force Of The Drive Representation]: By N. Nicolaïdis. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, Collection Le fait psychanalytique. 1993. Pp. 168.  165
Marina Papageorgiou
L'idéal Du Moi Dans Le Contre-Transfert [The Ego Ideal In The Countertransference]: By T. H. Fua. With a foreword by P. Ferrari. Lyon: Césura. 1994. Pp. 192.  166
Dominique Bourdin
L'idéal Du Moi Dans Le Contre-Transfert [The Ego Ideal In The Countertransference]. : By T. H. Fua. With a foreword by P. Ferrari. Lyon: Césura. 1994. Pp. 192.  166
Dominique Bourdin
Autismes De L'enfance [Childhood Autisms]. : Edited by R. Perron and D. Ribas. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, Monographies de la Revue Française de Psychanalyse. 1994. Pp. 156.  167
Nathalie Bayle
The Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytic Association, Volume 77, pp. 171-212  171
Playing With Reality: I. Theory Of Mind And The Normal Development Of Psychic Reality  217
Peter Fonagy and Mary Target
The Conceptualisation And Communication Of Clinical Facts In Psychoanalysis: A Discussion  235
Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
Facts All Come With A Point Of View:  255
Steven H. Cooper
The Validation Of Psychoanalytical Hypotheses In Clinical Practice  275
Ingrid Kerz-Rühling
The Analysis Of ‘Associating’‘Interpreting’ And ‘Words’: Use Of This Analysis To Bring Unconscious Fantasies Into The Present And To Achieve Greater Ego Integration  291
Luisa de Alvarez de Toledo
Associating And Interpreting Forty Years On  319
Janine Puget and María Isabel Siquier
An Adopted Analysand's Transference Of A ‘Hole-Object’  323
Danielle Quinodoz
Ladies Of Fashion: Pleasure, Perversion Or Paraphilia  337
Arlene Kramer Richards
Panel Report: Psychoanalysis Of The Child: Psychic Reality Of The Patient And The Analyst: Chaired by JOHAN NORMAN, Bromma, Sweden  353
Alicia Etchegoyen
Panel Report: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On The Concept Of Psychic Reality: Chaired by DAVID M. SACHS, Philadelphia  359
Stephen Grosz
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Solitude: Chaired by HARVEY RICH, Washington, DC  367
Julia Fabricius
Panel Report: Psychoanalysis In The Pacific Rim: Chaired by ROBERT L. TYSON, La Jolla, CA  373
Charles P. Fisher
Panel Report: Origin Of Psychic Reality In The Child: Chaired by DIETER BRGIN, Basel  379
James M. Herzog
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Psycho-Social Problems In Children: Chaired by PAULINA KERNBERG, New York  383
Anna Ornstein
Final Overview Panel: Chaired by LEÓN GRINBERG, Madrid  387
Judith S. Schachter
Obituary: SAMUEL A. GUTTMAN (1914-1995)  393
Stanley Goodman
Letter  395
Gottfried Heuer
Trauma and termination  396
Richard M. Waugaman
Temporality And Modes Of Language  396
Anne Denis
Recent Work By Andre Green: Un psychanalyste engagé: conversations avec Manuel Macias. By André Green. Calmann-Lévy. 1994. Pp. 232.  399
Michael Parsons
Konkordanz zu den Gesammelten Werken von Sigmund Freud. : Edited by Samuel Guttman et al. Six volumes. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: North Waterloo Academic Press. 1995. Pp. 6800.  407
Patrick J. Mahony
The Metaphoric Process—Connections between Language and Life. : By Gemma Corradi Fiumara. London and New York. Routledge. 1995. Pp. 196.  413
Kenneth Wright
The Motherhood Constellation: A Unified View of Parent-Infant Psychotherapy. : By Daniel Stern. New York: Basic Books. 1995. Pp. 229.  415
Aaron Esman
Langage Et Psychanalyse, Linguistique Et Inconscient; Freud, Saussure, Pichon, Lacan [Language And Psychoanalysis, Linguistics And The Unconscious; Freud, Saussure, Pichon and Lacan]. : By Michel Arrivé. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1994. Pp. 276.  418
Jacques Bril
Somatisation. Psychanalyse Et Sciences Du Vivant [Somatisation. Psychoanalysis And The Life Sciences]. : Edited by Isabelle Billiard. Paris: Eshel. 1994. Published with the assistance of the Centre national des Lettres.  419
Dominique Bourdin
La Dimension De La Souffrance Chez Le Malade Douloureux Chronique. [The Dimension Of Suffering In Patients With Chronic Pain Syndrome]. : Edited by Eliane Ferragut. Masson. 1995. Pp. 171.  420
Marie Françoise Guittard-Maury
La Naissance d'Oedipe [The Birth Of Oedipus]. : By Jean Bollack. Paris: Gallimard. 1995. Pp. 349.  421
Perel Wilgowicz
Mind and Its Treatment: A Psychoanalytic Approach. : By Veikko Tähkä. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press, Inc. 1993. Pp. 490.  423
Jim Dimon
The Essential Other. A Developmental Psychology of the Self. : By Robert M. Galatzer-Levy and Bertram J. Cohler. New York: Basic Books. 1993. Pp. 468.  424
Morton Shane and Estelle Shane
Revenge And Resentment In The ‘Oedipus Situation’  433
John Steiner
‘Narrative’, Now And Then: A Critical Realist Approach  445
Margaret Fitzpatrick Hanly
Playing With Reality: II. The Development Of Psychic Reality From A Theoretical Perspective  459
Mary Target and Peter Fonagy
The Sense Of Solitude In The Psychoanalytic Encounter  481
Jean-Michel Quinodoz
Listening To Narcissus: (When Words Alone Do Not Suffice … )  497
Roger Dufresne
‘Psychic Reality’ And Reality Testing In The Analysis Of Perverse Defences  509
Lee Grossman
Freud And Ferenczi: Trauma And Transference Depression  519
Thierry Bokanowski
The Passions And Perils Of Interpretation (Of Dreams And Texts): An Appreciation Of Erik Erikson's Dream Specimen Paper  537
Stanley J. Coen
Transcending Old Age: Creativity, Development And Psychoanalysis In The Life Of A Centenarian  549
Calvin F. Settlage
Panel Report: Psychic Reality In Psychotic States: Chaired By Ramon Ganzarain  565
Eric R. Marcus
Panel Report: Bion's Contribution To Psychoanalytic Theory And Technique: Chaired By León Grinberg  575
Thalia Vergopoulo
Panel Report Psychic Reality, Symbolisation And Mental Space: Chaired By Rogelio Sosnik  579
Raul Hartke
Panel Report: The Contemporary Relevance Of Anna Freud's Contribution To Psychoanalysis: Chaired By Albert J. Solnit  585
Vincenzo Bonaminio
Panel Report: Psychic Reality And Films: Chaired By Harriet Kimble Wrye  595
Rosemary H. Balsam
Introduction To The Work Of Didier Anzieu  601
Catherine Chabert
Gill, Gray, Mitchell And Reed On Psychoanalytic Technique  615
Robert Michels
Subjects of Analysis. By Thomas Ogden. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1994. Pp. 230.  625
Salman Akhtar
Transference Neurosis and Psychoanalytic Experience. By Gail S. Reed. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 1994. Pp. 252.  628
Karen Gilmore
Lost for Words: The Psychoanalysis of Anorexia and Bulimia. By Em Farrell. London: Process Press. 1995. Pp. 105.  632
Harold N. Boris
Psychosomatics, Psychoanalysis, and Inflammatory Disease of the Colon. By Charles C. Hogan. Madison, CT: International Universities Press. 1995. Pp. 274.  634
Harvey J. Schwartz
Introduction to Psychoanalysis. Contemporary Theory and Practice. By Anthony Bateman and Jeremy Holmes. London and New York: Routledge. 1995. Pp. 289.  638
David Riley
Freud: From Youthful Dream to Mid-Life Crisis. By Peter M. Newton. New York & London: The Guilford Press. 1995. Pp. 297.  639
Nathan M. Kravis
IJPA On The Internet And CD-Rom  647
David Tuckett
Phallus, Penis And Mental Space  649
Dana Birksted-Breen
The Concept Of Psychic Reality—How Useful?  659
Jacob A. Arlow
‘Listening To Listening’  667
Haydée Faimberg
‘How Can We Know The Dancer From The Dance?’*: Hyperbole In Hysteria  679
Ruth Riesenberg-Malcolm
Learning Theory And Intrapsychic Conflict  689
Eric Gillett
Subjectivity And Intersubjectivity Of Clinical Facts  709
Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer
My Experience Of Analysis With Fairbairn And Winnicott: (How Complete A Result Does Psychoanalytic Therapy Achieve?)  739
Harry Guntrip
The Case Of Harry Guntrip  755
John Padel
Some Personal Recollections And Impressions Of Harry Guntrip  763
Ronald Markillie
Transference And Countertransference In The Analysis Of A Child With Autistic Nuclei  773
Nilde Jacob Parada
Fixation Of Asthma And Sexual Impotence At Different Pregenital Stages  787
Salvador Adroer
The Fate Of Training Cases  803
Robert Glick, Paula Eagle, Bruce Luber and Steven Roose
The Multiple Functions Of The Supervisor: A Summary Of The Seventh IPA Conference Of Training Analysis  813
Germano Vollmer and Ricardo Bernardi
Panel Report History Of Psychoanalysis On The West Coast: Chaired By George Allison  819
Lee Shershow
Review Of The Compulsion To Create: A Psychoanalytic Study Of Women Artists  825
Susan Kavaler-Adler, Ph.D.
Response  826
Katherine Dalsimer, Ph.D.
Research in Psychoanalysis: Process, Development, Outcome. : Edited by T. Shapiro and R. N. Emde. Madison, CT: International Universities Press, Inc. 1995. Pp. 447.  827
Wilma Bucci
Bruno Bettelheim. The Other Side of Madness. By Nina Sutton. London: George Duckworth. 1995. Pp. 524.  833
Eric Brenman
Key Figures in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Series Editor: Windy Dryden. D. W. Winnicott. By Michael Jacobs. London: Sage Publications. 1995. Pp. 163.  836
Helen Taylor Robinson
The Birth of Hatred. : Edited by Salman Akhtar, Selma Kramer and Henri Parens. Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson. 1995. Pp. 172.  838
Allan Compton
The New Informants. By Christopher Bollas and David Sundelson. Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson, Inc. 1995. Pp. 215.  839
William A. Frosch
Doubts and Certainties in the Practice of Psychotherapy. : By Josephine Klein. London: Karnac Books. 1995. Pp. 290.  842
Anne Zachary
Narcissistic Wounds: Clinical Perspectives. : Edited by Judy Cooper and Nilda Maxwell. London: Whurr Publishers. 1995. Pp. 163.  843
Athol Hughes
The Cry of Mute Children. : By Ilany Kogan. London: Free Association Press. 1995. Pp. 178.  845
Marion M. Oliner
Anthropology and Psychoanalysis: an Encounter Through Culture. : Edited by Suzette Heald and Ariane Deluz. London: Routledge. 1994. Pp. 244.  847
Rosine Jozef Perelberg
Anxiety as Symptom and Signal. : Edited by Steven P. Roose and Robert A. Glick. Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. 1995. Pp. 182.  850
Barbara Milrod
Play, Experimentation And Creativity  859
Robert Caper
Multi-Lingualism, Word-Presentations, Thing-Presentations And Psychic Reality  871
Juan-Eduardo Tesone
Reconsidering Three Aspects Of Psychoanalytic Technique  883
Thomas H. Ogden
The Family Envelope And What Happens When It Is Torn  901
Didier Houzel
Autistic Barriers In The Psychoanalysis Of Borderline Adults  913
Dodd Cohen and Susan M. Jay
Some Subtypes Of Depression And Their Implications For Psychoanalytic Treatment  935
Hugo B. Bleichmar
Sandor Rado And Adolf Meyer: A Nodal Point In American Psychiatry And Psychoanalysis  963
Craig Tomlinson
Studies On Hysteria One Hundred Years On: A Century Of Psychoanalysis  983
Henrika C. Halberstadt-Freud
Carla's Panic Attacks: Insight And Transformation  997
Antonino Ferro
Termination And The Problem Of Analytic Goals: Patient And Analyst, Different Perspectives  1013
Ilany Kogan
Thirty Methods To Destroy The Creativity Of Psychoanalytic Candidates  1031
Otto F. Kernberg
A Review Of Het Geval Freud: 1. Scheppingsverhalen. : By Han Israëls: Uitgeverij Bert Bakker. 1993. Pp. 248.  1041
Mark Solms
By Force of Fantasy. : By Ethel Person. New York: Basic Books. 1995. Pp. 276.  1047
Stephen M. Rittenberg
Models of Brief Psychodynamic Therapy; A Comparative Approach. : By Stanley B. Messer and C. Seth Warren. New York: Guilford Press. 1995. Pp. 374.  1049
Alan S. Barasch
Thinking, Feeling, and Being: Clinical Reflections on the Fundamental Antinomy of Human Beings and World. : By Ignacio Matte-Blanco. London: Routledge. 1988. Pp. 347.  1053
James S. Grotstein
The Spoils of Freedom: Psychoanalysis and Feminism after the Fall of Socialism. : By Renata Salecl. London and New York: Routledge. 1994. Pp. vi + 167.  1058
Craig Tomlinson
Mental Space. : By Robert M. Young. London: Process Press. 1994. Pp. 200.  1061
Susan Budd
Introduction À L'étude De Surmoi [Introduction To The Study Of The Superego]. : By Cléopâtre Athanassiou. Lyon: Césura. 1995. Pp. 189.  1063
Elisabeth Hadjiisky
Freud, La Violence Et La Dépression (L'oedipe Et Le Narcissisme) [Freud, Violence And Depression (The Oedipus Complex And Narcissism)]. By Jean Bergeret. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1995. Pp. 257.  1064
Josée Violette
Freud Et Le Temps [Freud And Time]. : By Annette Laget. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon. 1995. Pp. 157.  1065
Domique Bourdin
Mythologie Grecque Et Psychanalyse [Greek Mythology And Psychoanalysis]. : By Graziella & Nicos Nicolaïdis. Neuchâtel. 1994. Pp. 207.  1066
Perel Wilgowicz
The Aim Of Psychoanalysis In Theory And In Practice  1073
John Steiner
Problems In The Concept Of Repression And Proposals For Their Resolution  1085
John R. Maze and Rachael M. Henry
The Origins Of Disquieting Discoveries By Melanie Klein: The Possible Significance Of The Case Of ‘Erna’  1101
Claudia Frank and Heinz Weiss
The Empire Of The Ear: Freud's Problem With Music  1127
Neil M. Cheshire
The Status Of Psychic Reality In Adolescence: An Adult Female Patient's Quasi-Adolescent Material And The Analyst's Counter Transference Response  1169
Alberto Eiguer
The Social Biofeedback Theory Of Parental Affect-Mirroring: The Development Of Emotional Self-Awareness And Self-Control In Infancy  1181
György Gergely and John S. Watson
How Useful Is Selection?  1213
Willem Kappelle
Response  1233
Betty Denzler
Psychic Reality And Perversions  1233
Lee Grossman
Review of Frances Tustin  1234
Mrs Sheila Spensley
Response  1235
Mrs Kate Barrows
The Conceptualisation And Communication Of Clinical Facts  1236
R. Steiner
Letter  1239
Jean Roiphe
‘Psychic Reality’ And Reality Testing In The Analysis Of Perverse Defences  1241
Alfred Plaut
Letter  1242
Lee Grossman
Quest for Answers: A Primer of Understanding and Treating Severe Personality Disorders. : By Salman Akhtar. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. 1995. Pp. 222.  1245
Lawrence H. Rockland
The Private Self. : By Arnold Modell. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 1993. Pp. 250.  1247
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
La Consignation Du Sublimable [The Placing On Record Of The Sublimable]. : By J. M. Porret. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, ‘Le Fil Rouge’, 1994. Pp. 249.  1250
Beatrice Marbeau-Clairens
L'oeuvre Du Temps En Psychanalyse [The Work Of Time In Psychoanalysis]. : By Sylvie Le Poulichet. Paris: Rivages/Psychanalyse, Payot and Rivages. 1994. Pp. 234.  1251
Dominique Bourdin
Inceste Et Jalousie [Incest And Jealousy]. : By Denis Vasse. Paris: Seuil. 1995. Pp. 311.  1252
Annie Laquerrière
La Cruauté Mélancolique [The Cruelty Of Melancholia]. : By J. Hassoun. Paris: Aubier, 1995. Pp. 129.  1253
Annie Laquerrière
La Consolation [Consolation]. : By J. Hochmann. Paris: Odile Jacob. 1994. Pp. 328.  1254
Denise Weil
La Parole Et Le Lien. Processus Associatif Dans Les Groupes. [Words And The Link. The Associative Process In Groups]. : By R. Kaës. Paris: Dunod, Collection Psychismes, 1994.  1255
Dominique Bourdin
À L'aise Dans La Barbarie? [At Ease In Barbarity?]. : By M. Nacht. Paris: Grasset, 1994. Pp. 135.  1257
Perel Wilgowicz
L'affect Partagé [Shared Affect]. : By C. Parat. Foreword by A. Green. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, Collection ‘Le fait psychanalytique’. 1995.  1258
Hélène Parat
New Maladies of the Soul. : By Julia Kristeva. Translated by Ross Guberman. New York: Columbia University Press. 1995. Pp. 242.  1259
Donna Bassin
The Ego at the Center of Clinical Technique. : By Fred Busch. Northvale, NJ and London: Jason Aronson. 1996. Pp. 257.  1262
Salley S. Jessee and Kathryn N. Shands
Wittgenstein Reads Freud: the Myth of the Unconscious. : By Jacques Bouveresse. Translated by Carol Cosman. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 1995. Pp. xx + 143.  1265
Louis A. Sass
D. W. Winnicott. A Biographical Portrait. : By Brett Kahr. London: Karnac Books. 1996. Pp. xxix + 189.  1269
W. Ralph Layland
The Colors of Violence: Cultural Identities, Religion, and Conflict. : By S. Kakar. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1996. Pp. 217.  1271
Vamik Volkan
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