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List of Articles

Volume 95 (2014)

Issue 1
Contributors for 2013  1
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
From Switch-Words to Stitch-Words  3
Bonnie Litowitz
The Incidence of Freudian Self-Analysis in the Construction of the Psychoanalytic Theory of Anxiety  15
Francisco Pizarro Obaid
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): An Affect-Processing and Thought Disorder?  43
Michael Günter
Interdisciplinary Study
Creative Surrender: A Milnerian View of Works by Y. Z. Kami  67
Lesley Marks
The Analyst at Work
Analytic Discourse, Analytic Intercourse: Birth and Death in a Psychoanalysis the Case of Ellen  83
Georg Bruns
The Analyst at Work: Discussion of the Case of Ellen  93
Roosevelt Cassorla
Discussion of the Case of Ellen  103
Michael Ian Paul, M.D.
Key Papers
Introduction to Paul-Claude Racamier's Paper ‘On Narcissistic Perversion’  117
Paul Denis
On Narcissistic Perversion  119
Paul-Claude Racamier
Racamier's ‘On Narcissistic Perversion’  133
Gail S. Reed
Letter to the Editor
On: Psychoanalysis in South Africa  145
Mark Solms
On: Reply to Solms  147
Zelda Knight
Film Essay
“We Need to Talk about Kevin”: An Unusual, Unconventional Film Some Reflections on ‘Bad Boys’, between Transgenerational Projections and Socio-Cultural Influences  149
Rossella Valdrè
Book and Journal Reviews
Une psychanalyste lit Tchékov [A Psychoanalyst Reads Chekhov] Annie Anargyros L'Harmattan, Paris, 2010; 178 pp; €17.00  161
Gilbert Diatkine
La mente come teatro: psicoanalisi, mito e rappresentazione [The Mind as a Theatre: Psychoanalysis, Myth and Representation] by Fausto Petrella Edi-Ermes Centro Scientifico Editore, Milano, 2011; 123 pp; €14.00  164
Francesca Moscato and Paola Solano
Ferenczi and His World: Rekindling the Spirit of the Budapest School by Szekacs-Weisz Judit and Keve Tom Karnac, London, 2012; 208 pp; £20.99  168
Jonathan Sklar
En los márgenes de nuestra memoria histórica [In the Margins of Our Historical Memory] by de Max Hernández USMP, Lima, 2012; 264 pp;  173
Carlos Moguillansky
Thinking about climate change: Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives edited by Sally Weintrobe Routledge, London, 2012, New Library of Psychoanalysis; 255 pp; £29.99 paperback  176
Coline Covington
Donald Winnicott Today edited by Jan Abram Routledge, Hove and New York, 2013; 478 pp; £29.99  180
Steven Groarke
Issue 2
Letter From
Letter from Italian Psychoanalytical Association  191
Jacqueline Amati Mehler
‘Ruptures’, 27th Conference of the European Psychoanalytic Federation Turin, Italy: 10-13 April 2014  195
Anna Ferruta
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Fear of Breakdown and the Unlived Life  205
Thomas H. Ogden
The Body of the Analyst and the Analytic Setting: Reflections on the Embodied Setting and the Symbiotic Transference  225
Alessandra Lemma
Making Contact with the Primitive Mind: The Contact-Barrier, Beta-Elements and the Drives  245
Sebastian José Kohon
The Personal Myth: A Re-Evaluation  271
François Sirois
Collusive Induction in Perverse Relating: Perverse Enactments and Bastions as a Camouflage for Death Anxiety  291
Jaime P. Nos
The Sandwich Model: The ‘Music and Dance’ of Therapeutic Action  313
Alexandra M. Harrison
History of Psychoanalysis
Wilhelm Reich's Self-Censorship after His Arrest as an Enemy Alien: The Chilling Effect of an Illegal Imprisonment  341
Philip W. Bennett
Letter to the Editor
On: Response to Danielle Quinodoz  365
Joseph Schachter, M.D., Ph.D.
On: Reply to Joseph Schachter's Comments  367
Danielle Quinodoz
On: Covington C (2013). Thinking about climate change: A review essay on Engaging with climate change: Psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives: In: Weintrobe S, editor. London: Routledge (New Library of Psychoanalysis Beyond the Couch Series). Int J Psychoanal 95: 176-80  369
Sally Weintrobe
Film Essay
Amour  375
Danielle Quinodoz
Book and Journal Reviews
World, Affectivity, Trauma: Heidegger and Post-Cartesian Psychoanalysis by Robert D. Stolorow Routledge, New York and Hove, 2011; 121 pp; £15.99  385
Steven Groarke
Landscapes of the Dark: History, Trauma, Psychoanalysis by Jonathan Sklar Karnac Books, London, 2011; 184 pp; £22.99  391
Steven Groarke
The Language of Drawings: A New Finding in Psychodynamic Work by A. H. Brafman Karnac, London, 2012; 110 pp; £13.99  400
Jenny Stoker
Lost in Transmission: Studies of Trauma Across Generations edited by M. Gerard Fromm Karnac, London, 2012; 262 pp; £20.99  402
Cathy Caruth
Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York, 2012; 289 pp; $22.00  407
Madelon Sprengnether
Issue 3
Editorial  413
Dana Birksted-Breen
Letter From
Letter from Montreal  417
Cheryl R. Jacobson
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
Orientations of Psychotic Activity in Defensive Pathological Organizations  423
Paul Williams
Doubt in the Psychoanalysis of a Paedophile  441
Donald Campbell
Selecting a Patient or Initiating a Psychoanalytic Process?  465
Penny Crick
The Analyst's Anxieties in the First Interview: Barriers against Analytic Presence  485
Mette Møller
Process-Orientated Psychoanalytic Work in Initial Interviews and the Importance of the Opening Scene  505
Peter Wegner
Jean-Bertrand Pontalis
J.-B. Pontalis, a Thinker of Psychoanalysis  525
Edmundo Gómez Mango
No, Twice No: An Attempt to Define and Dismantle the ‘Negative Therapeutic Reaction’  533
J. -B. Pontalis
The Third Place: On J.-B. Pontalis, ‘No, Twice No’  553
Laurence Kahn
On the Excess of Nothing: Discussion of J.-B. Pontalis, ‘No, Twice No’  563
Catalina Bronstein
Jean-Bertrand Pontalis 1924-2013  573
Edmundo Gómez Mango
Letter to the Editor
On: The Problem of Dichotomies: Comment on Bohleber et al.'s (2013) Article  577
Lawrence D. Blum, M.D.
Film Essay
Y Vos, Sabes Quien Sos? [And You, Do You Know Who You are?]  579
Monica Horovitz
Book and Journal Reviews
Creative Readings: Essays on Seminal Analytic Works by Thomas H. Ogden Routledge, New York, 2012, the New Library of Psychoanalysis; 216 pp; $36.95  587
Steven H. Cooper
Clínica Con La Muerte [Near Death: Clinical Psychoanalytical Studies] by A. M. Alizade Amorrortu, Buenos Aires, 1995, first edition; 300 pp; $110.00 Ediciones Biebel, Buenos Aires, 2012, second edition; 300 pp; $110.00  592
A. C. Bisson
La Práctica De La Psicoterapia Relaciona!: El Modelo Interactivo En El Campo Del Psicoanálisis [Relational Psychotherapy in Practice: The Interactive Model in the Field of Psychoanalysis] by Joan Coderch Ed. Agora Relaciona!, Madrid, 2010; 335 pp. €20  595
Neri Daurella
L'Annuel De L'APF 2012: Le Fil D'Oedipe [APF Annual 2012: The Thread of Oedipus] PUF, Paris, 2012; 216 pp; €21.50  601
Jean H. Guegan
Freud Avec Les Écrivains by Edmundo Gómez Mango and Jean-Bertrand Pontalis Gallimard, Paris, 2012, Connaissance De L'inconscient, 400 pp; €21  605
Guillermo Bodner
Eric Nuetzel 1950-2014  609
Lucy LaFarge
Correction Note  611
Erratum  611
Issue 4
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
On ‘The Fear of Death’ as the Primary Anxiety: How and Why Klein Differs from Freud  613
Rachel B. Blass
The Paternal Function in Winnicott: The Psychoanalytical Frame  629
Haydée Faimberg
A Mismatch of Meaning and Intentionality between Analyst and Analysand  641
Jorge Luis Maldonado
Freud's Psychoanalysis: A Moral Cure  663
Johan Eriksson
Wisdom Won from Illness: The Psychoanalytic Grasp of Human Being  677
Jonathan Lear
The Shame of Existing: An Extreme form of Shame  695
Robbert Wille
History of Psychoanalysis
David Liberman's Legacy  719
Samuel Arbiser
Education Section Papers
Projective Identification and Working through of the Countertransference: A Multiphase Model  739
Heinz Weiss
Burial and Resurgence of Projective Identification in French Psychoanalysis  757
Daniel WidlöCher
Interdisciplinary Studies
On Family Secrets and -K  771
Yariv Orgad
Film Essay
Sifting through the Sands of Time: Mourning and Melancholia Revisited via the Documentary Nostalgia for the Light (2011)  791
Judith Edwards
Book and Journal Reviews
The Therapeutic Situation in the 21st Century; by Mark Leffert Routledge, New York, 2013; 288 pp; £42.95 (paperback), £140.00 (hardback)  801
Aisha Abbasi
Marion Milner: The Life; by Emma Letley Routledge, London, 2013; 220 pp; £26.99  803
Janet Sayers
The Enigma of the Suicide Bomber: A Psychoanalytic Essay; by Franco De Masi Karnac, London, 2010; 127 pp; £19.95  807
Paul Williams
What is Psychoanalysis? 100 Years after Freud's Secret Committee; by Barnaby B. Barratt Routledge, London and New York, 2013; 240 pp; $43.95, £28.99  810
Lawrence D. Blum
Journeys to Foreign Selves: Asians and Asian Americans in a Global Era; by Alan Roland Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2011; 250 pp; $34.99  815
Andrea R. Jain
Issue 5
Affect Regulation: Holding, Containing and Mirroring  843
Signe Holm Pedersen, Stig Poulsen and Susanne Lunn
An Overview of the Treatment of Severe Narcissistic Pathology  865
Otto F. Kernberg
History of Psychoanalysis
Bion's Notes on Memory and Desire - Its Initial Clinical Reception in the United States: A Note on Archival Material  889
Joseph Aguayo
Contemporary Conversations
On Remembering: The Notion of Memory without Recollection  911
César Botella
Plea for the Unity of the Freudian Theory of Memory  937
Udo Hock
Dreaming the Other's Past: Why Remembering May Still Be Relevant to Psychoanalytic Therapy, at Least in Some Traditions  951
Tilmann Habermas
The Work of Remembering and the Revival of the Psychoanalytic Method  965
Dominique Scarfone
Key Paper
Introduction to: “The Compulsion to Confess and the Compulsion to Judge in the Analytic Situation” by Stefano Fajrajzen  973
Simona Argentieri
The Compulsion to Confess and the Compulsion to Judge in the Analytic Situation  977
Stefano Fajrajzen
Commentary on: “The Compulsion to Confess and the Compulsion to Judge in the Analytic Situation” by Stefano Fajrajzen  995
Beatriz de León de Bernardi
Letter to the Editor
On: From Psychical Treatment to Psychoanalysis  1007
Henry Zvi Lothane
On: Letter from Turin  1009
Co-editor Paolo Migone, M.D.
Film Essay
Debt, Shame and Violence in Adolescence: Reactions to the Absent Father in the Film Bullet Boy  1011
Donald Campbell
Book and Journal Reviews
Psychoanalysen mit traumatisierten Patienten Trennung, Krankheit, Gewalt Franziska Henningsen Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart 2012; 284 pp; €37,95  1021
Sverre Varvin
Psychic Reality in Context: Perspectives on Psychoanalysis, Personal History and Trauma Marion M. Oliner Karnac, London, 2012; 192 pp; £22.99  1025
Léon Wurmser, M.D.
Imagination from Fantasy to Delusion Lois Oppenheim Routledge, New York and London, 2013; 207 pp; $140.00 paperback: 40.95  1029
Vera J. Camden, Ph.D.
Rescuing Psychoanalysis from Freud and other Essays in Re-vision Peter L. Rudnytsky Karnac, London, 2011; 188 pp; £24.99  1035
Salman Akhtar
Matters of Life and Death: Psychoanalytic Reflections Salman Akhtar Karnac, London, 2011; 222 pp; £25.99  1039
Paul Schwaber
La France et Freud, Vol. 1: 1946-1953 Une pénible renaissance [A difficult rebirth] et Vol. 2: 1954-1964 D'une scission à l'autre [From one split to another] Alain de Mijolla PUF, Paris, 2012; Vol. 1, 444 pp; €35/Vol. 2, 778 pp; €42  1041
Nicolas Gougoulis
Bion and Being: Passion and the Creative Mind Annie Reiner Karnac, London, 2012; 165 pp; $34.95  1045
Lawrence J. Brown
Issue 6
Letter From
Letter from Buenos Aires (‘Here and Now’)  1053
Gustavo Jarast
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique
Bion and the Sublime: The Origins of An Aesthetic Paradigm  1059
Giuseppe Civitarese
Mourning the Dead, Mourning the Disappeared: The Enigma of the Absent-Presence  1087
Cecilia Taiana
The Hysterical Organization  1109
Florent Poupart
Clinical Communications
External and Internal Reality: The Impact of the Current Socio-Economic Crisis on the Analytic Dyad  1131
Anna Christopoulos
History of Psychoanalysis
Silvano Arieti's Novel The Parnas: A Scene from the Holocaust  1155
David Meghnagi
Anna Freud and the Holocaust: Mourning and Survival Guilt  1183
John J. Hartman
Psychoanalytic Training Experience and Postgraduate Professional Development: A Survey of Six Decades of Graduate Analysts  1211
Jorge Schneider, Douglas Wilkerson, Brenda Solomon, Caryl Perlman, Denise Duval Tsioles, Dennis Shelby, Molly Witten and Leo Sadow
Interdisciplinary Studies
Under the Mirror of the Sleeping Water: Poussin's Narcissus  1235
Adele Tutter
Psychoanalytic Controversy
Introduction to “How and Why Unconscious Phantasy and Transference are the Defining Features of Psychoanalytic Practice”  e1
Rachel B. Blass
Psychoanalytic Controversy
How and Why Unconscious Phantasy and Transference are the Defining Features of Psychoanalytic Practice  1265
Lucy LaFarge
Comments on Lucy LaFarge's Paper How and Why Unconscious Phantasy and Transference are the Defining Features of Psychoanalytic Practice  1279
Michael Feldman
A Response to LaFarge  1283
Donnel B. Stern
LaFarge's Rejoinder to Michael Feldman and Donnel B. Stern  1299
Lucy LaFarge
Film Essay
Trauma and Sympathy in Buck  1305
Jason A. Wheeler Vega
Book and Journal Reviews
Metaphor and Fields: Common Ground, Common Language, and the Future of Psychoanalysis edited by S. Montana Katz Routledge, New York and London, 2013; 244 pp; £26.99  1321
Anna Aragno
The Lives of Erich Fromm: Love's Prophet by Lawrence J. Friedman Columbia University Press, New York, 2013; 410 pp; $29.95  1326
Daria Colombo, M.D.
The Otherness of Lacan, Fifty Years Après the Coup, an Essay on: Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique: A Lacanian Approach for Practitioners by Bruce Fink, Norton, New York, 2007; 301 pp; $35.00  1330
Alfred Margulies
Prendersi Cura. Sul Senso Dell'Esperienza Psicoanalitica [Taking Care: On the Meaning of Psychoanalytic Experience] by Adamo Vergine and Pia De Silvestris FrancoAngeli, Milan, 2012; 208 pp; € 27.00  1348
Giuseppe Civitarese
La Clinique Psychanalytique Contemporaine D'André Green [André Green's Contemporary Psychoanalytic Clinical Practice] by André Green Editions d'Ithaque, Paris, 2012; 222 pp; 22€  1356
Robert Mancini
The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind: Hitler, Hess and the Analysts by Daniel Pick Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2012; 368 pp; £18.99  1360
Anne Patterson
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