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Volume 2 (2015)

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Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
The Piggle: Decoding an Enigma  2015.55
Nathan Szajnberg
Latest Comment: 10/6/2015
Clinical Communications
On Becoming a Psychoanalyst  2015.64
Justyna Zalewska-Drzeżdżon
Latest Comment: 9/20/2015
Helplessness and the analyst's war against feeling it  2015.26
Axel Hoffer and Dan H. Buie
Latest Comment: 4/7/2015
The Psychosis of Everyday Life: Creative Approaches to Technique, Countertransference, Enactment, Psychic Structures, Winnicott, Donald, Ogden, Thomas  2015.24
Latest Comment: 3/24/2015
Deliberate self-harm in adolescent girl: implications regarding pathogenesis  2015.18
Latest Comment: 3/16/2015
Analysis with a mature aged person  2015.7
Mirella Curi Novelli
Latest Comment: 1/28/2015
Über die vielfältige Rezeption der primären Identifizierung  2015.5
Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff
Latest Comment: 3/24/2015
The Psychodynamics Of The Mother’s Psychological Death In The Early Years Of A Child’s Life: Some Considerations Of The Psychoanalytic Theory Of Depression  2015.1
Michael Gordon
Latest Comment: 3/16/2015
Educational and Professional Issues
Thoughts about Present and Future of Psychoanalytic Education  2015.33
Otto Kernberg
Latest Comment: 3/7/2015
The clinician in the university: Reflections on a South African psychoanalytically oriented doctoral programme  2015.19
Carol Long and Gillian Eagle
Latest Comment: 4/27/2015
Film Essay
Setting up a Psychoanalytic Film Discussion Club in Leeds  2015.94
Alexandros Chatziagorakis, Emily Williams and Emily Clavering-Lee
Latest Comment: 3/8/2016
History of Psychoanalysis
The Naturalizing of Narcissistic Neuroses  2015.93
Derek James Groskreutz
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Vanda Shrenger Weiss  2015.31
Rita Corsa
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
Utraquism And Metapsychology: Ferenczi’s Contributions To Psychoanalysis Epistemology  2015.15
Helio Honda
Latest Comment: 4/7/2015
Gay families and Psychoanalysis: a brief historical perspective.  2015.3
Luiz Toledo
Latest Comment: 2/10/2015
Interdisciplinary Studies
The Hippocampus Facilitates Immersive Processing Within a Symbolic Field  2015.88
John Cornelius
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Psychoanalysis and the Question of Relevance  2015.85
Liana Giorgi
Latest Comment: 12/15/2015
The Living Image In Michelangelo: The Dyadic Communion Through A Winnicottian Lens  2015.82
Grace Richard
Latest Comment: 9/23/2015
Jacob and Joseph; Father and Son; Judaism's Architects  2015.76
Nathan Szajnberg
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Psychotic communication and the music of Diamanda Galás  2015.74
Lech Kalita
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
The unification of Psychoanalytic Models and the Psychoanalysis-Neurosciences Interface  2015.69
Giampaolo Sasso
Latest Comment: 8/26/2015
Cervantes read by Freud: A perspective  2015.65
Francisco López-Muñoz
Latest Comment: 9/23/2015
De las confusiones self-objeto al proceso de diferenciación; Una problemática actual  2015.60
Latest Comment: 8/31/2015
Wild Strawberries: Change in the Context of Crisis, Isak Borg and Ingmar Bergman  2015.56
Milton Viederman
Latest Comment: 7/14/2015
Psycho-Dynamic Roots Of Interpersonal Violence Among Leaders And Followers: The Role Of Culture  2015.54
Olufemi Lawal
Latest Comment: 8/13/2015
Neuroscience, the Crisis, and the Chinese Room  2015.47
R.D. Hinshelwood
Latest Comment: 8/17/2015
11 Settembre, Un Attentato Ai Confini Del Pensiero  2015.39
Roberta Patalano
Latest Comment: 7/3/2015
The Somatiser, Death And The Physician  2015.27
Cristiane Curi Abud and Maria Ester Freitas
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
Thinking the death drive beyond death in Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman  2015.20
Judith Lebiez
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Original Articles
"Freud's Speculations in Ethnology": A Reflection on Anthropology's Encounter with Psychoanalysis  2015.105
Patrick Rivera
Latest Comment: 3/15/2016
The Spaces Inbetween; Psychoanalytical Perspective of Alvi's Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan.  2015.102
Amna Saeed, Abdullah Saleem and Nazur ul Islam
Mourning, Melancholia, and the Mirror  2015.90
Philip Wright
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Out of the Shadows: The Female Mind Blocked by Childlessness Stigma  2015.87
Caroline de Pottell
Latest Comment: 10/29/2015
The return of the negative object and the function of reverie in restoring hope A new look at an analytic technical instrument In the treatment of regressive states  2015.86
David Jachim
Latest Comment: 10/6/2015
The perverse father, myth and reality.  2015.84
Udo Hock
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Unconscious Fantasy (or Phantasy) as Clinical Concept  2015.81
Juan Jiminez
Latest Comment: 9/23/2015
The Territory of the Transference  2015.78
Latest Comment: 10/6/2015
The Counter-Transference of the Treatment-Team: Thoughts stemming from Practice in Peri-natal Care  2015.73
Catherine Dupuis-Gauthier
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Freud's Theory of Civilization and the Repression of Instinct  2015.72
Lucas Grosman
Latest Comment: 10/14/2015
El chiste y el humor como herramientas terapéuticas  2015.70
Isabel Usobiaga and Juan Francisco Artaloytia
Latest Comment: 9/27/2015
Traumatic Psychosis: Narrative Forms of the Muted Witness  2015.68
Paul Franz and Dori Laub
Latest Comment: 9/20/2015
Three Teens, Three Cultures, Three Analyses  2015.67
Nathan Szanjnberg
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Savoir-faire of the Analyst: Between Science and Artistry  2015.63
Mavis Himes
Latest Comment: 8/24/2015
The meaning of symbols An appraisal of the work of Hanna Segal on symbol formation  2015.59
R.D. Hinshelwood
Latest Comment: 9/28/2015
Doña A y sus tres diagnósticos  2015.53
Latest Comment: 8/20/2015
The Freudian Person: Harmonization, Unity in Plurality, Ambivalence  2015.51
Hili Razinsky
Latest Comment: 8/13/2015
Fear of Break-up, Fear of Breakdown – Why Some Can Come to Psychoanalysis only as Partner in a Couple  2015.50
Klaus Wiedermann
Latest Comment: 7/9/2015
A Dialectical Re-Vision of the Kleinian Model of the Mind  2015.48
Donald Carveth
Latest Comment: 3/8/2016
The complexification of Psychoanalysis and the nature of its therapeutic action  2015.43
Luiz Pellanda
Latest Comment: 6/13/2015
Séparations et divorce dans les familles dysfonctionnelles de toxicomanes  2015.40
Hana Abdel-Malek
Latest Comment: 6/10/2015
Bisexuality and Its Vicissitudes: A Psychoanalytic Exploration  2015.37
Roman Yumatov
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
“Let's go hear the shrinks tonight!” Groundwork for a transformative outreach of psychoanalysis.  2015.35
Luca Nicoli
Latest Comment: 5/11/2015
The Value of Interpretation: Thoughts on a Controversy  2015.29
Jon Tabakin
Latest Comment: 5/21/2015
Bion on Sexuality  2015.17
Nicola Abel-Hirsch
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
From extension to paradigm shift in clinical psychoanalysis: The revolutionary influence of Bion and Winnicott  2015.11
Ofra Eshel
Latest Comment: 6/10/2015
Wege der Gegenübertragung im Analytiker - klinische Beispiele des Durcharbeitens  2015.10
Delaram Habibi-Kohlen
Latest Comment: 3/17/2015
Beginnings and Endings: Time and Termination in Psychoanalysis  2015.4
Danielle Knafo
Latest Comment: 7/9/2015
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
The conception of Human Nature by Winnicott as object and foundation of a theory of emotional development  2015.104
Leopoldo Fulgencio
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
That's knot psychoanalysis! Why and how Lacan makes use of mathematical topology  2015.101
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Enhancing the Dyad II: The Transferential Benefits of Combining Group Therapy with Psychoanalytic Treatment  2015.99
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Enhancing the Dyad I: The Benefits of Combining Group Therapy with Psychoanalytic Treatment  2015.98
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
The Evolution of Winnicottian Theory on the Origins of Aggression: From Dualism to Monism and from Back to Front  2015.96
Osnat Erel
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
Strukturelle Konzeptionen in der Metapsychologie – Eine Kritik Structural conceptions in metapsychology – a critical point of view  2015.95
Susann Heenen-Wolff
Latest Comment: 12/14/2015
Meaning and object in Freud’s theory of language  2015.80
Richard Simanke
Latest Comment: 10/8/2015
«I don’t want to end». Challenges for the analyst.  2015.66
Siri Gullestad
Latest Comment: 8/24/2015
Hypochondrie als Aktualneurose  2015.61
Bernd Nissen
Latest Comment: 9/23/2015
L’indifferenza: Il Cancro Degli Affetti  2015.57
Francesco Pozzi
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Rebecca Mair
Latest Comment: 8/11/2015
Dreams and Illness  2015.45
Claudio Cassardo
Latest Comment: 8/11/2015
Early and deep : two independent paradigms ?  2015.44
Latest Comment: 7/2/2016
Focused Interpretation: Theory and Practice in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  2015.38
Shlomo Zlotnik
Latest Comment: 5/11/2015
The relevance of Bionian thinking to treatment of PTSD patients  2015.36
David Potik
Latest Comment: 6/1/2015
Wakes, trails and traces. Marks of identity from early traumatic situations  2015.32
Adriana Yankelevich
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
Clinical applications of Matte Blanco’s thinking  2015.28
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
Roots and vicissitudes of Psychic Bisexuality.  2015.23
Florent Poupart
Latest Comment: 3/10/2016
The Problem of Narcissism and Changes in Psychoanalytic Technique in Borderline Cases  2015.16
Marina Fibe De Cicco and Eva M. Migliavacca
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
La prétendue pulsion de mort, une force indispensable à toute vie subjective  2015.9
Bernard Penot
Latest Comment: 4/28/2015
“As-If, Attachment and Countertransference: A Chinese Experience”  2015.89
Yikun Wu and Nathan Szanjnberg
Latest Comment: 10/22/2015
‘The father I was remembering was the father of many years ago and not the father I have now’: Adult daughters’ experiences of their domestically violent fathers.  2015.83
Carla Durbach
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
The Development of a Psychoanalysis Use/Non-Use Scale Among a Sample of Hong Kong Helping Professionals  2015.79
Latest Comment: 6/5/2020
Feeling One’s Way in the World: Making a Life  2015.71
Margaret Browning
Latest Comment: 9/23/2015
The peer supervision group as clinical research device: analysis of a group experience  2015.41
Jaime Yasky, Robert King and Tom O'Brien
Latest Comment: 6/3/2015
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