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Volume 4 (2017)

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What Lurks Below the Surface of Awareness: Using the IPANAT to Uncover Unconscious Affect in Response to Terror Reminders in Soldiers  2017.16
Markus Quirin, Regina Bode, Miguel Kazén, Udo Luckey and Julius Kuhl
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
Whose Genitalia is involved in the Dissolution of the Oedipus Complex in Boys?  2017.56
Rachel Karniol
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
No mourning; No intimacy: How Traumatic Memory was Recalled and Reconstructed  2017.28
Wenhua Yan and Christine Macdonald
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Emozioni come pietre che rotolano sull’apprendimento. Genetica o genealogia del DSA?  2017.8
Elena Molinari
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Clinical Communications
Dreaming Under New Light: Thoughts on the Expressive Functions of Dreams  2017.68
Luiz Meyer
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Algunas reflexiones sobre la migración: del traumatismo generalizado al íntimo dolor  2017.64
Silvia Flechner
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
An Analysis of the Evolution of Delusion in a Chinese Case of Paraphrenia  2017.62
Tao Zhang
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
What's in a Word?  2017.60
Noa Heiman
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
I and You  2017.2
Donald Moss
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Educational and Professional Issues
On Claiming an Analytic Identity  2017.43
Laurence Spurling
Latest Comment: 7/17/2017
Revisiting Freud's Seduction Theory  2017.25
Claudio Cohen, Sonia Soussumi and Gisele Gobbetti
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Psychoanalysis and Public Health  2017.17
Thomas F. Barrett, Paul C. Holinger and Denia Barrett
Latest Comment: 4/5/2017
History of Psychoanalysis
Marxism, Psychoanalysis, and Contemporary Conflict Theory  2017.70
Arnold Richards
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Art and Psychosis: A Psychoanalytical Review of Hans Prinzhorn’s Artistry of the Mentally Ill and Walter Morgenthaler’s Madness and Art: the Life and Works of Adolf Wölfli  2017.48
Miguel Gutiérrez-Peláez, Emilio Herrera and Maria Barbarena-Garzón
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Art, the senses, and psychoanalysis: Adrian Stokes, Melanie Klein, and Wilfred Bion  2017.45
Janet Sayers
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Sándor Ferenczi: l’eco lontano di un pensare psicoanalitico attuale  2017.41
Maria Maddalena Viola and Giovanbattista Di Carlo
Latest Comment: 8/14/2017
‘Reconsidering Some of D.W. Winnicott Contributions in the Context of the London Klein Group—1935-1965. A Note on Newly Published Materials and Archival Documents.’  2017.39
Latest Comment: 7/23/2017
Interdisciplinary Studies
Driven to Re-Member: André Green’s Concept of the Negative in the Work of Berlinde de Bruyckere  2017.67
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
The Case for the Freud-Breuer Theory of Hysteria: A Response to Grünbaum’s Foundational Objection to Psychoanalysis  2017.59
Michael T. Michael
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Objections to Jean-Marie Schaeffer´s criticisms to Sigmund Freud´s conception of art. An assessment of the interdisciplinary dialogue between psychoanalysis and cognitive philosophical aesthetics  2017.58
L'actualité du complexe d'Oedipe  2017.50
Sylvain Tousseul
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Reading Bateson's Epistemology  2017.30
David Hafner
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Schuld-Abwehr. Zur Psychoanalyse des Antisemitismus  2017.22
Wolfgang Hegener
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Trump's Political Rise and the Group: A Bionian Analysis  2017.14
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Vorschlag zur Überwindung von Sprachbarrieren I  2017.6
Dietmut Niedecken
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
La "psiche estesa" tra Kant e Freud.  2017.4
Paolo Carignani
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Original Articles
La mélancolie à l’épreuve du regard dans le cas d’un traumatisme d’Histoire « J’ai été cachée, deux fois  2017.15
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Bisexuality, the Oedipal Couple and Sexual Identity  2017.11
Donald Campbell
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Fattori terapeutici specifici, aspecifici e sconosciuti  2017.5
Cinzia Morselli
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Freud's mourning and our metapsychology  2017.3
Paul Schimmel
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
Interpretation-in-Action  2017.71
Tamar Pollak
Latest Comment: 2/11/2018
The First Supper: The role of the digestive system in mental life and the evolution of the Anorectic Mind  2017.69
Michael Schein
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
On Identity Disturbance and Early Trauma  2017.65
Irwin Hoffman
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
The fear of facing drives and desires. Is it still appropriate to reduce anorexia to eating disorders?  2017.63
Paolo Cotrufo
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Overview on humour in psychoanalysis: creativity, playfulness and sense of belonging  2017.57
Sonia Gallucci
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
The true and false quantified self a psychoanalytic perspective on the "digital self"  2017.55
Gal Kachman
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Oedipality Reconsidered: Notes on Universal Dimensions and Cultural Variations  2017.54
Barnaby Baratt
Latest Comment: 8/14/2017
Awareness and the analyst-patient relationship: Two factors in the process of therapeutic change  2017.53
Miguel Spivacow
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
El intento por construir una envoltura psíquica continua, a partir de “rayarse” tatuajes en la piel  2017.52
Andrea Escobar Altare
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
On mutative interpretation - Attempt of a new interpretation  2017.51
Bernd Nissen
Latest Comment: 9/29/2017
Catch 22: the inflammatory nature of insight  2017.49
Marcus Evans
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Narcissistic obstacles in therapy: the application of Kohut's "narcissistic transference"  2017.47
Greta Kaluzeviciute
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
On Black Holes, Psychic Deadness and Psychic Singularity  2017.46
David Potik
Latest Comment: 7/26/2017
Two Different Models of Narcissism in Freud’s Writings.  2017.44
Endel Talvik
Latest Comment: 7/10/2017
Breathing Psychoanalysis  2017.42
Latest Comment: 7/14/2017
Passivity, Non-expression and the Japanese Oedipus  2017.40
Latest Comment: 7/10/2017
Fiction or reality? The case history as a conjecture  2017.38
Susann Heenen-Wolff
Latest Comment: 7/13/2017
Nonlinear dynamic systems theory: a useful source of metaphors for the clinical treatment setting  2017.37
Claudia Lament
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Metapsychology of Delusion: Concerning Three Forms of Splitting in Psychosis  2017.36
Florent Poupart
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Psychoanalysis in our times  2017.35
Benny Weiss
Latest Comment: 7/14/2017
QUAL É A DO CHAPÉU? Harry Potter e Tom Riddle, "amigos" para sempre.  2017.34
Maria Carneiro
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
For a ‘Theory of the Transference' in D.W. Winnicott  2017.32
Massimiliano Sommantico
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Between knowable and unknowable. About the meaning of cognitive ambivalence.  2017.29
Bogdan Kubiak
Latest Comment: 7/10/2017
Probing the Minds of Nazi Perpetrators: The Use of Defensive Screens  2017.27
Nanette Auerhahn and Dori Laub
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
An Exploration of psychoanalytic notions of desire and psychological distress in today’s uncertain reality  2017.23
Oliver Clifford Pedersen
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
"Nobody's Boy:" the love of "beauty" as an element in psychic recovery.  2017.20
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Sándor Ferenczi’s Multiple Confusions of Tongues and their Influence on Psychoanalytical Thinking  2017.19
Nicolas Evzonas
Latest Comment: 4/21/2017
The Missing Father in Psychoanalytic Technique: The Analyst's Internal Couple and Maturing Intimacy  2017.18
Michael J. Diamond
Latest Comment: 4/11/2017
The Point of Non-Disturbance  2017.10
Smadar Steinbock
Latest Comment: 4/24/2017
Vorschlag zur Überwindung von Sprachbarrieren II  2017.7
Dietmut Niedecken
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
THE “ESSAY METHOD” A method for studying psychoanalytic dialogues  2017.66
Sverre Varvin
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Tell Me A Story… Shahrazad ‘In Analysis’ In Contemporary Persia  2017.61
Gohar Homayounpour
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Reflexive psychoanalytic discourse research: An emerging method?  2017.26
Elizabeth Weightman
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Associativity in psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: From primary processes to Symbolizing Transmodality  2017.24
Thomas Rabeyron
Latest Comment: 7/1/2017
Nature, culture and hominization: Process or rupture? Combining the pessimisme of the heart with the optimisme of intelligence  2017.12
Andreas Saurer
Latest Comment: 4/20/2017
The veil and the uncanny of the female sex  2017.9
Houria Abdelouahed
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
Psicoanalisi e ricerca sperimentale: prove di dialogo  2017.1
Cinzia Morselli, Margherit Amenta and Chiara Nanni
Latest Comment: 3/23/2017
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