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Volume 5 (2018)

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Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
Inquiétante Etrangeté et clinique de l’adolescence  2018.65
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Violence and its averse: Revelations by means of cinematography in the psychoanalytic clinic  2018.61
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
"Making a person"- Clinical considerations regarding the interpretation of anxieties in the analyses of children on the Autisto-Psychotic spectrum.  2018.57
Joshua Durban
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Scenarios of Grandparenthood  2018.55
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Clinical Communications
Viver sozinho, sem ter aprendido a sambar: uma contribuição para o estudo das adições  2018.58
Alessandra Ricciardi Gordon
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
A Model to Understand Mental Illness  2018.51
Rachel Gibbons
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Beyond the Barrier  2018.22
Lars Neisig Moeller
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Educational and Professional Issues
About action and aggression in Freudian thought: Indications for a psychoanalytic theory of violence.  2018.68
Eugênio Dal Molin and Nelson Coelho Junior
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
How IPSO Benefits Psychoanalytical Training and Practice  2018.50
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
History of Psychoanalysis
Una Reseña Olvidada De Sandór Ferenczi: Tres Ensayos Sobre El Conflicto Interior (Otto Gross, 1920).  2018.56
Francisco Javier Montejo Alonso and Tea Habazin
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
On the origins of the field theory: From the Lewinian epistemology of the 1920’s to the field theory of the Río de la Plata authors of the 1950s - moving from Politzer’s first metapsychological criticism to that of Ferro and Civitarese.  2018.47
Danielle Bazzi
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
A Headless Subjectivation: Vicissitudes of the psychoanalytic concept of subject  2018.39
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Myth of the Collective Unconscious  2018.12
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Salvador Dalí meets Sigmund Freud: Paranoia, narcissism, snails  2018.4
John Hartman
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Interdisciplinary Studies
A Lacanian reading of consumer desire: How does the consumer’s unconscious desire structure his/her desire for consumer goods?  2018.63
David Gotteland
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Positions and Perspectives: An Object Relations View of Disavowed Racial Trauma in the United States  2018.62
Ebony Dennis
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Communication within a dyadic system: A framework based on evolutionary Mind  2018.60
Wei Zhang and Benyu Guo
Latest Comment: 1/29/2019
Bram Stoker’s Dracula Examined through the Lens of Marie-Louise von Franz’ Fairy Tale Motif  2018.53
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Dante Alighieri’s Dreams In The Divine Comedy And A Medical Narrative Review  2018.49
Emiliano Zanier and Alessandro Remonato
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Trabajo Identitario Durante La Adolescencia: Identidad, Segregación Y Violencia En Las Sociedades Contemporáneas  2018.43
Daniel Alejandro Jofré and Alejandro Bilbao
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
A New Resolving of Freud’s Unconscious Problems: A Perspective Based on the Concept of Merleau-Ponty’ Flesh  2018.42
Lei Zhang
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The American Adam – Caught Between the Myth of Innocence and the Guilt of Perpetration An attempt to understand the “Trump” phenomenon against a backdrop of deeply rooted American myths.  2018.34
Beate West-Leuer
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Perdita and Oedipus: A tale of two adoptions  2018.32
Jeremy Holmes
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Madam Butterfly: tragic figure of masochism  2018.27
Manuella De Luca, Estelle Louet, Catherine Chabert and Benoit Verdon
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
A propos d’un cas de pompier « pyromane »  2018.21
Frederic Brossard
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Being Brown - The lived experience of internalised colonisation and its influence on Indian immigrant identity.  2018.15
Rhea Gandhi
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Towards the Consummation of a Postmodern Marriage: Psychoanalytical Theory and Practice, and Research. Part I: Review of relational ideas and research findings  2018.14
Juan Jimenez and Carolina Altimir
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Whole and/or in Bits: Bohm, Matte-Blanco and (Un)Consciousness  2018.2
Karen Lombardi
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Original Articles
Pathological grief and chronic depression in connection with problems in late adolescence - A case study on the effectiveness of a psychoanalytical treatment.  2018.30
Ingeborg Goebel-Ahnert
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
At the roots of intimacy  2018.66
Luisa Masina
Latest Comment: 1/21/2019
De la relation d’objet idéale à la relation idéale à l’objet. De l’anti-nostalgie comme processus de maintien de l’idéalisation dans les problématiques addictives Anti-nostalgia: idealization as a process that maintains the object in addiction-related problems  2018.64
Marjorie Roques and David-François Camps
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Alcoholic isolation, towards an unprecedented distress  2018.59
Lionel Diebold and Boulze Boulze
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
On the edge of the abyss - Observations on some essential difficulties in therapy with survivors of prolong childhood abuse.  2018.54
Noa Bar Haim
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The traumatic stories of the the children left behind: “I understand why they left, but…why did they leave?”  2018.52
Lida Anagnostaki and Alexandra Zaharia
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Between the Body and the Mind: How to Listen to Difficult Patients?  2018.48
Lech Kalita
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
From Primordial Inscription To Psychoanalysis of the Signifier  2018.46
José Renato Avzaradel
Latest Comment: 3/11/2019
PARENT PSYCHOTHERAPY WITH A WAVEFORM MOTION: A Therapy in the Potential Space between the Parental Object and the Human Subject  2018.44
Yardena Ganz
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Recovery of the Human Relationship: the Patient and the Analyst on the Border of the Good and the Bad Object Worlds  2018.40
Alexander Uskov
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Orgasmic Fantasy  2018.36
Ofer Grosbard
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Spatial Structure Of Dreams, Orientation In Dreams And Role Of Splitting-Projection Of The Archaic Maternal Imago To The Right  2018.35
Nikolai Kolev
Latest Comment: 1/16/2019
Del Acto Al Acontecimiento. Historia Construcción Y Nachträglichk  2018.31
José Fischbein
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Primary Analytical Preoccupation - Time to wake up  2018.29
Ana Lucia Oliveira
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Moving Between Subjective Omnipotence and Objective Reality in Room, a Novel by Emma Donaghue  2018.28
Katherine Lewis
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
What impact does the frequency of sessions per week have on our understanding of psychoanalytic treatment?  2018.25
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Neutrality, the Essential, and the Deterrent in Clinical Settings: Why Should We Retain Neutrality in Relational Psychoanalysis?  2018.16
Mohammad Alghamdi
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The maternal bias in symbolic order  2018.13
André De Martini
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Personaggi del campo psicoanalitico e loro trasformazioni  2018.11
Maurizio Collovà
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Natural and constructed instincts  2018.10
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Da Bion A Ogden: Il Senso Di Vitalita' Nel Concetto Di Legame "K-O/O-K" E Di Revêrie  2018.9
Maria Maddalena Viola, Giovanbattista Di Carlo, Anna Ruggirello and Linda Giusino
Latest Comment: 5/10/2018
Living in The Other Clinical and Theoretical Considerations on the Psychopathology of Primitive Mental Organization  2018.8
Laura Colombi
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
The Malignant Ambiguity of Incestuous Language  2018.5
Dana Amir
Latest Comment: 5/10/2018
On the Analyst’s Personal Equation  2018.3
Idete Zimmerman Bizzi
Latest Comment: 2/24/2018
Attachment and Countertransference: A Concurrent Analysis of Therapy Dyads  2018.67
Robert Drinkwater, Shannon McIntyre, Thomas Westerling, Carrie Potter, Holly Laws, Jack Beinashowitz and Rebecca Drill
Latest Comment: 2/25/2019
« O Mother be patient ». The origin of a terrorist’s death wishes and his quest for martyrdom.  2018.26
Patricia Cotti
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Enactment: A necessary conceptual review  2018.20
Valeria Corbella
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Anssi Perakyla and Jorg Bergmann
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Dos estudios comparativos entre relatos y actos de habla de paciente y terapeuta  2018.18
David Maldavsky
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
Becoming a Training and Supervising Analyst: Interviews from the Columbia Postgraduate Analytic Practice Study  2018.17
Sabrina Cherry
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
El contexto como texto en la sesión: intervenciones psicoanalíticas y subjetividad social The context as a text within the session: psychoanalytic interventions and social subjectivity  2018.1
Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga de Pereira and Andrés Jorge Roussos
Latest Comment: 1/15/2019
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