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Volume 6 (2019)

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Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
Autistic children always communicate. Through sensorial hallucinations and delusions.  2019.88
Latest Comment: 2/27/2020
Adolescent Feminine Subjectivities and the Imaginary of Culture  2019.86
Mary Brady, Elena Molinari and Viviane Mondrzak
Latest Comment: 1/27/2020
Clinical Communications
Moral Masochism: Countertransference Challenges  2019.49
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Working Psychoanalytically with Female to Male Transsexual Adult: Dramatic Repudiation of Being a Woman  2019.37
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Experience of Traumatic Events and Personal Myths of Birth  2019.36
Sylvie Le Poulichet
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Tuning in to Psychotic Communication on a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit  2019.26
Latest Comment: 7/1/2019
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Broken Heart Syndrome  2019.13
Rosaria Leonarda Galiuto, Annamaria Mandese and Piero Patrini
Latest Comment: 3/19/2019
Malignant Rapprochement and Abandonment of the Container Function in Acute Psychiatric Settings  2019.6
Christopher Miller
Latest Comment: 2/13/2019
Repetitions - Between pain and pleasure in the pursuit of rhythm  2019.2
Maria Leticia Wierman
Latest Comment: 4/12/2019
Educational and Professional Issues
Stages In The Process Of Supervision Of Psychoanalytic Therapies  2019.11
Jerome Blackman
Latest Comment: 2/22/2019
History of Psychoanalysis
Freud and the Grand Ambition for a Theory of Drives: Part II  2019.61
Jeremy Elkins
Latest Comment: 12/1/2019
Freud and the Grand Ambition for a Theory of Drives Part I  2019.60
Jeremy Elkins
Latest Comment: 12/1/2019
Ferenczi's variations on the death drive  2019.50
Eugênio Dal Molin, Nelson Coelho and Renata Cromberg
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Returning to Freudian Metapsychology: From Dualism to Absent Monism  2019.41
Jason Goldfarb
Latest Comment: 7/1/2019
'T. O. A. D', A Footnote to the Case of Frau Emmy von N  2019.40
Rye Holmboe
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Sphinx: The Lost Girl of Psychoanalysis  2019.39
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Sabina Spielrein’s theory of the origin and development of language  2019.22
Fatima Caropreso
Latest Comment: 4/29/2019
Interdisciplinary Studies
Agressão e Instinto de Vida - O superego e a transformação da agressividade em destrutividade.  2019.84
Victor Andrade
Latest Comment: 2/11/2020
‘The Language of Phronesis’: Knowledge, Creation, and the Science of the Irreproducible  2019.80
Boaz Shalgi
Latest Comment: 11/27/2019
Autistic position, psychotic position. A psychanalytic view of pervasive developmental disorders in childhood.  2019.75
Francois Medjkane, Charles-Edouard Notredame, Agnes Condat, Pierre Delion and Catherine Depuis
Latest Comment: 11/9/2019
Psychoanalysis and political economy  2019.72
Siegfried Zepf and Dietmar Seel
Latest Comment: 11/27/2019
Agency, ownership and the potential space  2019.71
Shahar Arzy
Latest Comment: 12/10/2019
Psychoanalysis and theatre revisited: the function of character in mediating unconscious processing in spectatorship.  2019.67
Maria Grazia Turri
Latest Comment: 11/25/2019
Necessary violence, necessary pleasure: the common ground of literature and psychoanalysis  2019.64
Rachel Chaplin
Latest Comment: 9/21/2019
Parentalités, Origines et Procréation Médicalement Assistée. Aspects psychanalytiques.  2019.58
Katy Bogliatto and Claire De Vriendt-Goldman
Latest Comment: 10/1/2019
Representing the refugee: Witnessing trauma in Caroline Bergvall’s Drift  2019.54
Latest Comment: 8/16/2019
Psychoanalytic Portrait of Modern Terrorism  2019.51
Robert Nalbandov
Latest Comment: 8/21/2019
De-constructing risk, re-constructing prevention. The concept of « construction » in HIV/AIDS risk-taking in France and the epistemological status of causality – a comparison and discussion between epidemiology, sociology and psychoanalysis.  2019.42
Pierre Bonny, François Sauvagna and Wendy Vives Leiva
Latest Comment: 7/29/2019
Psychoanalytic inquiry on the status of traditional mourning rites in Mexico. An update forced by violent deaths  2019.25
Hada Soria Escalante and Juan Jaime De la Fuente Herrera
Latest Comment: 4/28/2019
A Kleinian theology? A dialectical approach to understanding literal religious belief  2019.21
Kevin Snow
Latest Comment: 5/20/2019
Literary Doubleness between the Axes of Selection and Combination  2019.15
Michal Tal
Latest Comment: 6/21/2019
Bound Together: How Psychoanalysis Diminishes Intergenerational DNA Trauma  2019.8
Roberto Colangeli
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Multitemporal materialism. History and unconscious memory, between Freud and Benjamin  2019.3
Latest Comment: 3/21/2019
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
Psychic Space: Observations on Density and Dimensionality in Borderline Structure  2019.91
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Approaches between the psychoanalytic clinic and the concept standpoint of speech  2019.90
Karine Xavier Ferreira
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Saagar Manthan: The churning of the great ocean -How I came to understand psychoanalysis through my Grandmother’s grand Hindu tales.  2019.87
Himanshu Agrawal
Latest Comment: 1/13/2020
Appreciating Ogden’s Re-conception of Destruction but with a Developmental Arc: When is the Big Scary Ape Destructive?  2019.85
Philip Rosenbaum
Latest Comment: 1/19/2020
Sensitivity and Visibility in Transsexualism: Intersections  2019.83
Cosimo Schinaia
Latest Comment: 12/31/2019
Whatever Happened to the Unconscious Ego?  2019.82
Fred Busch
Latest Comment: 2/11/2020
Therapeutic action of Psychoanalysis seen from the Paradigm of Complexity  2019.81
Luiz Ernesto Pellanda
Latest Comment: 1/16/2020
Therapeutic mediation through video games  2019.79
Johann Jung and Guillaume Gillet
Latest Comment: 12/20/2019
The psychological origins of the self: a reading of Melanie Klein  2019.78
Steven Seidman
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Scientific thinking styles: the different ways of thinking in psychoanalytic case studies  2019.77
Greta Kaluzeviciute and Joachem Willemsen
Latest Comment: 11/29/2019
Bion’s Long Road Towards Intuiting the Patient’s Suffering: ‘Theoretical’ vs. ‘Clinical’ Bion  2019.76
Ofra Eshel
Latest Comment: 12/23/2019
The Death Drive is Alive and Kicking and love is buried under hate  2019.74
Merav Roth
Latest Comment: 11/25/2019
Visual tracking, negativity and symbolisation in the Upper Paleolithic period  2019.70
Florent Poupart, Laurent Branchard and Marjorie Roques
Latest Comment: 11/12/2019
Confusion of Tongues: Chinese/English/German Psychoanalytic Dialogues  2019.69
Nathan Szajnberg, Yikun Wu and Edward Kenny
Latest Comment: 12/1/2019
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder As an Ego-State  2019.68
Katalin Csigó
Latest Comment: 11/12/2019
From the enigma of identity to “becoming a subject”. The transitional double  2019.66
Jung Johann
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Dream Interpretation and Empirical Dream Research - An overview of theoretical developments in Psychoanalysis and empirical findings  2019.62
Christian Roesler
Latest Comment: 12/10/2019
Mother Nature and Father Time: Oedipal imbalance and the premature structuring of reality in the perversions  2019.56
Stephen Blumenthal
Latest Comment: 9/21/2019
A search for knowledge and the quality of doubt  2019.52
Katrine Zeuthen
Latest Comment: 9/18/2019
Psychoanalytic Listening to Trauma: Testimony in Memory of Dori Laub, M.D.  2019.47
Nanette Auerhahn
Latest Comment: 8/8/2019
Psychoanalytic technique with adults inspired by parent-infant therapy: I/ reconstructions of infantile trauma  2019.46
Björn Salomonsson
Latest Comment: 7/13/2019
Our theory is us: As Clad in Elaborative Truth  2019.44
Howard Gorman
Latest Comment: 8/29/2019
On experiencing time and timelessness  2019.43
Minna Valkonen-Korhonen
Latest Comment: 7/8/2019
Unconscious relational issues in the "placebo relationship":the role of suggestion, transference and ambivalence  2019.38
Latest Comment: 7/7/2020
Body and Mind: Two Sides of One Coin  2019.35
Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Malaise dans le processus identificatoire chez la femme abortive Title : Discomfort in the identificatory process in the abortive woman.  2019.34
Samia Louiba and Mohamed Najib Nini
Latest Comment: 5/20/2019
Schizoid Shame: The Urge to Self-Erase  2019.31
Stephanie Lewin
Latest Comment: 5/21/2019
In the Shadow of Desire Schizoid Personality Disorder: Treatment Considerations  2019.30
John Madonna
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Morality, ethics, destructiveness, and tenderness in the constitution of the subject  2019.28
Regina Pereira Klarmann
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
On the Metapsychological Determination of the Nameless  2019.27
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
L’emergere della funzione narrativa  2019.24
Fulvio Mazzacane
Latest Comment: 7/15/2019
Repetition and Change in Psychoanalysis  2019.20
Latest Comment: 5/3/2019
The Good Object, for a Change  2019.19
Dora Feldfogel
Latest Comment: 5/10/2019
Mourning of the object and the vicissitudes of the sexual drive  2019.17
Elda Abrevaya
Latest Comment: 4/21/2019
Dependência e Adicção  2019.16
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Transcending Splitting And Moving Towards Lucid “Moments Of Meeting”: Tales Of Psychotic Patients  2019.12
Latest Comment: 3/3/2019
Thinking sexuality. The problem of relation, drive and desire  2019.10
Siri Gullestad
Latest Comment: 2/22/2019
Beatles, chicken and KGB. Reverie as dream's detector. Risorse analitiche in transiti per stati della mente non ancora rappresentabili. Ipotesi per un formulario di funzioni e usi tecnici di una reverie in seduta.  2019.9
Violet Pietrantonio
Latest Comment: 3/11/2019
How the human mind unfolds. Formation of the mind by intention to theatrical: A theoretical, psychoanalytical and philosophical enquiry  2019.7
Latest Comment: 4/7/2019
Love absorbed and lost in anger. The Agamemnon Myth in the light of the object relations theory  2019.5
Beata Boćwińska-Kiluk
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Envy and container  2019.4
Jad Jiko
Latest Comment: 3/22/2019
The Nature of Psychoanalytic Knowledge: Its Narcissistic Investment by Psychoanalysts  2019.1
Latest Comment: 2/27/2019
The development of self-observation as precondition for self-analysis – the case of Amalia X  2019.65
Sami Juhani Kivikkokangas, Mikael Leiman and Henrik Enckell
Latest Comment: 10/9/2019
Dream Interpretation and Empirical Dream Research - An overview of theoretical developments in Psychoanalysis and empirical findings  2019.59
Christian Roseler
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
The Experience of Separation: From Mother-Child to Woman  2019.53
Münevver Bilik
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
‘My figure was gradually fading …’: the relevance of social dreaming for action research exploring feelings among prison workers of an Italian prison shifting from a punitive to a rehabilitative mission.  2019.29
Lidia Borghi, Claudio Walter Cassardo, Elisa Mingarelli and Elena Anna Maria Vegni
Latest Comment: 8/21/2019
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