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Volume 7 (2020)

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Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis
Effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy in Hikikomori patients (social withdrawal)  2020.58
Tadaaki Furuhashi and Marie-Frédérique Bacqué
Latest Comment: 9/4/2020
“Our difficult job is to take a unified view of the patient…” (Winnicott) Psychoanalytic work in an interdisciplinary psychosomatic unit of a paediatric hospital  2020.48
Kai von Klitzing and Franziska Schlensog-Schuster
Latest Comment: 9/7/2020
Clinical Communications
On Furor Sanandi in Corona Times  2020.93
Claudia Frank
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
A Journey Through the Paths of Hope-Hopelessness in Transference–Countertransference. [ View Submission]  2020.80
Laura Brainsky
Latest Comment: 11/27/2020
Irony and Sarcasm in Psychoanalysis  2020.78
Max Belkin
Latest Comment: 11/19/2020
The Cut: Psychoanalysis with second and third generation of Holocaust survivors  2020.62
Sheila Levi
Latest Comment: 9/29/2020
The Analytic Relationship. Considerations on defining and working with the concept  2020.44
Franco De Masi
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Educational and Professional Issues
D. W. Winnicott, intermediate experiencing and dissociation  2020.61
Stewart Gabel
Latest Comment: 7/30/2020
Psychoanalytic training in the Eitingon model and its controversies: A way forward.  2020.40
David Tuckett, Jacqueline Amati Mehler, Sara Collins, Michael Diercks, Denis Flynn, Claudia Frank, David Millar, Elisabeth Skale and Marie-Ange Wagtmann
Latest Comment: 6/16/2020
The freedom and the singularity in the psychoanalysis transmission - an endless chalenge  2020.19
Ane Port Rodrigues
Latest Comment: 5/2/2020
History of Psychoanalysis
Ernst Brücke and Sigmund Freud Physiological Roots of Psychoanalysis  2020.91
Yunus Anıl Yılmaz
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
A fundamental moment in the history of psychoanalysis: Fenichel’s “theory of technique’, an ethical reflection on the psychoanalytical practice  2020.86
José Henrique Palumbo and Nelson Coelho
Latest Comment: 12/3/2020
Looking over Freud's shoulder through Kleinian spectacles: The case of Suzanne Cassirer.  2020.76
Leontine Brameijer
Latest Comment: 10/19/2020
Consent, Rebellion, and Psychoanalysis: The Story of Karin Stephen  2020.75
Janet Sayers
Latest Comment: 11/18/2020
Interdisciplinary Studies
Il trauma e Austerlitz. Note psicoanalitiche sul romanzo di Sebald  2020.87
Paola Capozzi and Giuseppe Craparo
Latest Comment: 12/9/2020
Psychoanalytic paradigms for "internal" change in the institutions  2020.83
Christophe Bittolo and Cecile Corre
Latest Comment: 11/18/2020
Towards an Epistemology of the Clinical: Notes on the Hermeneutic Challenges of Lacanian Psychoanalysis  2020.81
Mahitosh Mandal
Latest Comment: 12/1/2020
On Personal Identity  2020.77
Latest Comment: 11/30/2020
Changing Our Minds: The Natural History of Feeling, Psychoanalytic Process and Therapeutic Transformation  2020.73
Margaret Browning
Latest Comment: 11/4/2020
Otherness and the Creative Writer: Exploration of the Fragmented Self and Madness in Selected African Novels  2020.70
Andrew Nyongesa, Joseph Gaita Murimi and Justus Kizito Makokha
Latest Comment: 10/1/2020
Neoliberalism and Lower Social Class Psychodynamics in Iran: A Psychoanalytic Explanation  2020.64
Nazanin Shahbazi, Fahimeh Fathali Lavasani, Seyede Salehe Mortazavi and Amirali Alimohammadi
Latest Comment: 8/20/2020
The presence of Peirce in recent psychoanalytic literature: in what directions?  2020.60
Paulo Guimaraes Filho
Latest Comment: 8/20/2020
Psychoanalysis and the request for assisted suicide  2020.55
Stephen Briggs, Reinhard Lindner, Mark J. Goldblatt, Nestor D. Kapusta and Martin Teising
Latest Comment: 8/4/2020
Maimonides’ Guide of The Perplexed as an Anticipation of Freud’s Dream Interpretation Techniques: A Medieval Precursor to the Interpretation of Dreams.  2020.54
Nathan Szajnberg
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Populism as container and »perverted containing«. On the psychoanalytical understanding of destructive social processes.  2020.53
Karin Johanna Zienert-Eilts
Latest Comment: 7/4/2020
Filial Peity, Cultural Elements and the Utilization of Psychoanalysis by Chinese Americans  2020.50
Chao-Ying Wang
Latest Comment: 8/4/2020
The Nicholas Young Phenomenon  2020.49
Leon Balter
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
« Penser comme une montagne » - « penser Oedipien » : une contribution psychanalytique à l’éthique environnementale  2020.43
Luc Magnenat
Latest Comment: 9/7/2020
Metapsychology of borders: structures, operations and semiotic dynamics  2020.41
Raffaele De Luca Picione
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Psychoanalytic explanation of personality key features of Instagram micro-celebrities: a qualitative study  2020.38
Amirali Alimohammadi, Seyede Salehe Mortazavi and Nazanin Shahbazi
Latest Comment: 7/7/2020
Psychoanalysis and Qualitative Factor Analysis: A comparative meta-theoretical perspective  2020.34
Wolfgang Mastnak
Latest Comment: 10/16/2020
Rewilding: Breakdown or Breakthrough? Psychoanalysis as a rewilding of the self  2020.32
Fern Towers
Latest Comment: 6/9/2020
Au-delà de la pulsion de mort : De l’entropie et l’énergie libre entre psychanalyse et neurosciences  2020.26
Thomas Rabeyron
Latest Comment: 5/30/2020
An essay on psychoanalytic reading: Netflix effect  2020.24
Ismail Aysad Güdelki, Meltem Güler, Gülis Kurtulus and Eren Keser
Latest Comment: 4/27/2020
Literary reflections on creativity and despair: Meaning, mourning, and mortality in Freud, Yeats, and Auden  2020.20
Rael Meyerowitz
Latest Comment: 4/30/2020
The Symptom and Feminine Language Exemplified Through the Experimental Language Glide  2020.15
Cecilia Inkol
Latest Comment: 7/6/2020
Whose Metaphor?: Rethinking Conceptual Metaphor in Lacanian Terms  2020.8
Lucas Keefer
Latest Comment: 4/11/2021
Is God in our Genes? Exploring the Pre- and perinatal aspects of religious development.  2020.4
Helen Holmes
Latest Comment: 3/9/2020
The Antonyms of Creation: Lacan's Gaze as The Anti-life Truth of Thayer’s mimicry.  2020.2
Fábio Silva and Giselle Falbo Kosovski
Latest Comment: 3/31/2020
Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique
Some comments on the concept of identity diffusion  2020.96
Michel Boyer
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Dreaming Consciousness Through the Unconscious  2020.95
Guy Barak
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Working with Holocaust survivors' offspring during the coronavirus pandemic  2020.94
Ilany Kogan
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
On the identity of psychoanalysis  2020.92
Paolo Migone
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
A breakdown in a setting change due to Corona. How did the conditions of the new video encounter – especially the lack of embodied communication via the Screen – contribute to this?  2020.90
Uta Zeitzschel
Metaphors in psychoanalytic theory - Do we need them?  2020.89
Siegfried Zepf
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
The immediate impact of a community disaster on the content of psychoanalytic sessions in five patients  2020.82
Latest Comment: 12/3/2020
The Skin Ego, the Soma and the Body in Menopause: A Fatal Case  2020.74
Vaia Tsolas
Latest Comment: 9/29/2020
Understanding trichotillomania and trichophagy as fantasies of cannibalism  2020.72
Britt-Marie Schiller
Latest Comment: 10/14/2020
Is greed curable by disclosing unconscious contents in psychoanalytical therapy and psychoanalysis?  2020.71
Latest Comment: 9/21/2020
Vitalization as an analytical function: a proposition based on Winnicott's thought  2020.69
Marina Ribeiro and Fátima Cesar
Latest Comment: 10/16/2020
The psychoanalytical intuition and reverie: capturing facts not yet dreamed  2020.68
Marina Ribeiro
Latest Comment: 10/19/2020
Holding the Incipient Self and the Fear of Breakdown  2020.67
Latest Comment: 9/21/2020
Dove era l’Es deve subentrare l’Io condiviso: l’acquisizione della funzione simbolica, del linguaggio e della coscienza  2020.65
Stefano Calamandrei
Latest Comment: 10/19/2020
The psycho-corporeal connection and the feminine  2020.63
Catherine Keyeux
Latest Comment: 5/9/2021
‘Cruelty’ in Psychoanalysis and Antonin Artaud’s Theater: Courage and Resilience  2020.59
Oscar Romero
Latest Comment: 9/14/2020
“Body Image” Beneath the Surface: Digestion and the Imagined Body in Patients with Eating Disorders  2020.57
Elizabeth Hamlin
Latest Comment: 8/20/2020
Transience and Mortality in Psychoanalysis  2020.56
Latest Comment: 7/31/2020
Patients who make their therapist laugh. Humor, Eros, and Thanatos  2020.51
Gordana Vulevic
Latest Comment: 8/4/2020
The Procedural Frame, Part II: the neurological basis of the frame, its adaptive characteristics and structure, and its use in the detection and management of acting out behaviors  2020.47
Benjamin Israel
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
The Procedural Frame, Part I: on the problem of what we remember but do not know  2020.45
Benjamin Israel
Latest Comment: 8/1/2020
Bion's Questions  2020.42
Nicola Abel-Hirsch
Latest Comment: 8/4/2020
Pre-conceptual Trauma, Repetition Compulsion, and the ‘Infantile’ in the Adult Mind  2020.37
Rafael Lopez-Corvo
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
Établir la situation thérapeutique, un enjeu majeur dans la clinique des problématiques psychotiques.  2020.33
Vincent Di Rocco and Rapaël Minjard
Latest Comment: 6/26/2020
Ruthlessness and the Transitioning of the Analyst’s Mind.  2020.31
Oren Gozlan
Latest Comment: 6/22/2020
"After that, nothing happened". The loss of the frame of reference and its archaic implications  2020.30
L. Viviana Strauss
Latest Comment: 6/25/2020
On the nature of psychoanalytic understanding, meanings, drives and the objectives of psychoanalysis  2020.29
Henrik Enckell and Pentti Ikonen
Latest Comment: 5/19/2020
Symbolizing the Primal Scene as a Road to Genitality  2020.28
Nikos Lamnidis
Latest Comment: 5/14/2020
Legal, Ethical, and Clinical Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of Online Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in China  2020.27
Zhongyao Xie
Latest Comment: 5/11/2020
The Self and the self, declination and clinical implications  2020.23
Berdj Papazian
Latest Comment: 6/3/2020
Masculinity and the feminine: Bisexuality or the enemy within?  2020.22
Latest Comment: 5/11/2020
The Oedipus Complex, Castration Anxiety and Suicidal States  2020.21
Mark Goldblatt
Latest Comment: 5/30/2020
When it is urgent to have another body. The search for the experience of being from oneself to Winnicott  2020.18
Leopoldo Fulgencio and Lygia Vampré Humberg
Latest Comment: 5/2/2020
Palliatives for Psychic Pain and the Consequences of Analgesic Dreaming and Living  2020.17
Alicia MacDougall and Theodore Ellenhorn
Latest Comment: 5/27/2020
I as Embodied Experience A Contemporary Perspective on “Ego and Id”  2020.14
Jon Sletvold
Latest Comment: 4/4/2020
Encapsulated Body Engrams, Reverie and Cumulative Trauma – Integrating body memory into psychoanalytic technique  2020.13
Sebastian Leikert
Latest Comment: 5/11/2020
L’éthique psychanalytique, maintenir la réalité psychique dans l’espace intermédiaire  2020.11
Jérôme Glas
Latest Comment: 3/31/2020
Portraits of a schizophrenic: a psychoanalytic reading  2020.9
Luciane Loss Jardim and Ana Paula Castillo
Latest Comment: 2/8/2021
The Analytic Moment: Articulations in Time in Light of the Timeless Unconscious  2020.5
Matthew Rosa
Latest Comment: 2/13/2020
Thoughts about repression  2020.3
Stavroula Beratis
Latest Comment: 3/3/2020
Psychic Space: Observations on Density and Dimensionality in Borderline Structure  2020.1
Latest Comment: 2/22/2020
Testing hypotheses of change: a systematic single-case study of psychodynamic psychotherapy using the Three-Level Model (3-LM)  2020.85
Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga de Pereira, Laura Borensztein, Laura Bongiardino, Saskia Ivana Aufenacker, Rocío Manubens, Luciana López Fediuk, Juan Martín Gomez Penedo and Santiago Juan
Latest Comment: 11/18/2020
A process-oriented approach in the understanding of Kernberg’s conceptualization of splitting: Examining the role of a cognitive process called resistance to proactive interference  2020.66
Jean Gagnon, Joyce E. Quansah, Gasser Saleh, Charles Levin, Wan Seo Kim and Pierre McDuff
Latest Comment: 11/4/2020
Co-constructing the maternal bond in very preterm birth situations: a contribution to the importance of early psychological care.  2020.10
Cécile Bréhat and Anne Thevenot
Latest Comment: 6/16/2020
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