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List of Articles

Volume 22 (1977)

Issue 1
The Primacy of Feeling: II. Relations among the functions  1
William Willeford, Ph.D.
The Neglected Function of Analytical Psychology  17
Mary Ann Mattoon, Ph.D.
The Cerebral Hemispheres In Analytical Psychology  32
Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.
Comment  52
J. P. Henry, M.D., Cantab., Ph.D.
Reply to Comment  57
E. Rossi
Correspondence  59
James Hillman
Obituary Notice  60
Judith Hubback
Critical Notice  64
A. Plaut, M.B., B.Ch., D.P.M., F.R.C.
Fordham, Michael, The self and autism. The Library of Analytical Psychology Vol. III. William Heinemann Medical Books, London, 1976. Pp. 288. £ 8.50.  67
Donald Meltzer
Fordham, Michael, The self and autism. The Library of Analytical Psychology Vol. III. William Heinemann Medical Books, London, 1976. Pp. 288. £ 8.50.  68
D. D. Howell
Moreno, Mario. Venti argomenti per un seminario di psicoterapia. Turin, 1975. Boringhieri. Pp. 230.  69
Helen Shipway
Kraemer, William (ED.) Gordon, Rosemary; Williams, Mary; Lambert, Kenneth. The forbidden love. The normal and abnormal love of children. Laden 1976. Sheldon Press. £2.50.  70
Louis Zinkin
Mahler, Margaret S.; Pine, F. and Bergman, A. The psychological birth of the infant. London. 1975. Hutchinson. Pp. xii + 308. £6.75.  71
Michael Fordham, M.D., F.R.C., Psych., Hon. F.B.Ps.S.
Holbrook, David. Gustav Mahler and the courage to be. London, Vision Press. 1975. Pp. 272, musical examples 135. £3.95. Paperback.  73
Johanna Brieger
Roazen, Paul. Freud and his followers. London, 1976. Allen Lane. Pp. 613. £10. (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., U.S.A. 1975.)  74
Judith Hubback
Layard, John. A Celtic quest. Zürich, Spring Publications, 1975. Pp. 254. £3.20.  76
D. Macdiarmid
Von Der Heydt, Vera. Prospects for the soul. London, Darton, Longman and Todd. 1976. Pp. xvi + 119. £2.  77
Derek Blows
Shapiro, Kenneth Joel, and Irving, E. Alexander. The experience of introversion. Duke University Press 1975. Pp. xii + 180.  78
Derek Blows
Van Der Post, L. Jung and the story of our time. New York.  79
V. von der Heydt
Kahn, J. H. Job's illness. Loss, grief and integration. pp. i-xiii, 166. 1975. Oxford. Pergamon Press.  80
Kenneth Lambert, M.A., F.B.Ps.S.
Fromm, E., Suzuki, D. T. and De Martino, R. Zen Buddhism and psychoanalysis. 1974. pp. i-viii. 180. London. A Condor Book, Souvenir Press (Educational and Academic) Ltd. Paperback £1.25, Casebound £2.50.  81
Kenneth Lambert
Issue 2
Editorial  89
Judith Hubback
Maturation of A Child Within The Family  91
Michael Fordham
Death and Creativity: A Jungian Approach  106
R. Gordon
The Self and Individuation  125
J. W. T. Redfearn, M.A., M.D.
Jung and Rebirth  142
A. Plaut
Analytical Psychology and Historical Development in Western Consciousness  158
Kenneth Lambert
Jung and Religion  175
V. Von Der Heydt
Correspondence  184
Michael Fordham
Seventh International Congress of Analytical Psychology Rome 1977  185
Critical Notice  187
A. E. Edwards
Von Franz, Marie-Louise, C. G. Jung: his myth in our time. First published in German 1972. Trans. from the German by William H. Kennedy for the C. G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, 1975. Hodder & Stoughton 1975. Pp. x + 355. £pD4.95.  190
Faye Pye and Kay Marriott
Meltzer, D., Bremner, J., Hoxter, S., Weddell, D., Wittenberg, I. Explorations in autism—a psychoanalytic study. Strath Tay, Clunie Press. 1975. Pp. 250. £6.  192
Michael Fordham
Singer, June. Androgyne: towards a new theory of sexuality. New York, Anchor Press, Doubleday, 1976. Pp. 375. $8.95.  194
R. Gordon
C. G. Jung letters (volume II: 1951-1961). Selected and edited by G. Alder in collaboration with A. Jaffe. Translations from the German by R. F. C. Hull. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976. Pp. xlii + 716.  195
Kenneth Lambert and Judith Hubback
Freeman, Thomas: Childhood psychopathology and adult psychosis. New York, International Universities Press, Inc., 1976. Pp. 293. $16.50.  197
D. Macdiarmid
Van De Winckel, Erna. Les symboles et l'inconscient. Paris, Aubier Montaigne. 1975. pp. 224.  198
M. J. Dicks-Mireaux
Issue 3
Reflections on the ‘Rêve ÉVeillé Dirigé’ Method  207
B. Garufi, Ph.D.
Some Aspects of the Development of Authority  230
Hans Dieckmann,
The Authority Complex and The Authoritarian Personality  243
H-J. Wilke,
‘Young Goodman Brown’ Night journey into the forest  250
Richard Predmore, Jr., Ph.D.
Sacrifice in Analysis  258
G. Dreifuss, Ph.D.
Report on the Second Meeting of The International Association of Jungian Trainees and Recently Qualified Analysts: Berlin August 29—September 6, 1976  268
Andrew Samuels
The ZüRich Archives for ‘Pictures From the Unconscious’  270
Paul Brutsche
Allenby, A. L. (London). ‘Begegnung mit Archetypen’ (Encounter with archetypes) Z. Anal. Psychol., 6, pp. 541-55 (1975).  272
Rushi Ledermann
Bach, Susan R. (Zürich). ‘Spontaneous pictures of leukemic children as an expression of the total personality, mind and body’, International Journal of Child Psychiatry, reprinted from ‘Acta Paedopsychiatrica’, 41, 3 (1974/75).  272
Rushi Ledermann
Blomeyer, R. (Berlin). ‘Symbole: Einstellungen-Definitionen-Wirkungen’ (Symbols: attitudes-definitions-effects) Z. Analyt. Psychol., 7, I (1976).  272
Rushi Ledermann
Dialectic: humanistic rationale for behavior and development; editor J. F. Rychlak, West Lafayette, Ind. (Contributions to Human Development, Vol. 2, 1976; series editors: K. F. Riegel, Vancouver, B. C. and H. Thomae, Bonn)  273
Rushi Ledermann
Inward light (Washington). Editor, Elined Prys Kotschnig. Vol. XXXVIII, pp. 86-7.  274
Rushi Ledermann
Jacoby, M. (Zürich). Autorität und Revolte—der Mythus vom Vatermord. Z. Analyt. Psychol., 6, pp. 524-40 (1975).  274
Rushi Ledermann
Jacoby, M. (Zürich). ‘Der Mythus vom verlorenen Paradies—heute’ (The myth of paradise lost—today), Z. Analyt. Psychol., 7, pp. 36-47 (1976).  275
Rushi Ledermann
Kirsch, T. B. (Palo Alto). ‘The practice of multiple analyses in analytical psychology’. Contemp. Psychoanal., 12, 2 (1976).  275
Rushi Ledermann
Kraemer, W. (London). ‘Homosexuality—is it an illness?’ Midwife, Health Visitor & Community Nurse, 12, 5 (1976).  275
Rushi Ledermann
McCully, Robert S. (South Carolina). ‘Contributions of Jungian psychotherapy toward understanding the creative process’; Centennial monograph, May 1976, distributed by Geigy Pharmaceutical House, No. 4 in a series of monographs on the topic ‘Creative psychiatry’.  276
Rushi Ledermann
McCully, Robert S. (South Carolina). ‘A Jungian Commentary on Epstein's case (Wet-shoe fetish)’, Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 5, 2 (1976).  276
Rushi Ledermann
McCully, Robert S. (South Carolina). ‘Archetypal psychology as a key for understanding prehistoric art forms’, History of Childhood Quarterly, the J. of Psychohistory, 3, 4 (1976).  277
Rushi Ledermann
Marshak, Mel. (London). ‘I never knew I knew that’. Symbol, myth and art—as antecedents to human experience, New Destinations, Spring (1976).  277
Rushi Ledermann
Pontius, Anneliese (New York). ‘Dyslexia and specifically distorted, drawings of the face—a new subgroup with prosopagnosia’, Experientia, Basle. 32, (1976).  277
Rushi Ledermann
Pontius, Anneliese and Ruttiger, K. F. (New York). ‘Frontal lobe system maturational lag in juvenile delinquents as shown in narrative test.’ Adolescence, 11 (1976)  277
Rushi Ledermann
Strobel, H. (Zürich). ‘Das “Menschenbild” in der Analytischen Psychologie von C. G. Jung’ (The human image in C. G. Jung's analytical psychology). Schleswig-Holsteinisches Aerzteblatt, 10, (1976).  277
Rushi Ledermann
Wood, Dorothy, A. (New York). ‘Psychological impressions from an Indian dream’, Art Psychotherapy, 2, pp. 241-54 (1975).  278
Rushi Ledermann
Campbell, Joseph. The mythic image. Princeton University Press (Bollingen Series C), Princeton N.J., 1974. Pp. xii + 552. $45.00.  279
Ruth Hoffman
Storr, Anthony. The dynamics of creation. Penguin Books, London, 1976. Pp. 304. 90p. Paperback, (First published Secker & Warburg, 1972).  281
Judith Hubback
Laing, R. D. The facts of life. Allen Lane, London, 1976. Pp. 143. £3.25.  282
Michael Harari
Wolff, H. Jesus der Mann—Die Gestalt Jesu in tiefen psychologischer Sicht. Radius Verlag 1975. pp. 188.  286
Ruth Hoffman
Aurigemma, Luigi. Le signe zodiacal du scorpion dans les traditions occidentales de l'antiquité gréco-latine à la renaissance. Edition Mouton, Paris, La Haye, 1976.  287
Liliane Frey-Rohn
Issue 4
The Real Mother, Ego: Self Relations and Personal Identity  295
K. Newton and J. Redfearn, M.A., M.D.
Notices  316
Fritz Strauss, Dr
A Possible Root of Active Imagination  317
Michael Fordham, M.D., F.R.C. Psych, Hon. F.B.Ps.S.
The Symbolic Experience as Bridge Between the Personal and the Collective  331
Rosemary Gordon, Ph.D.
Origin and Meaning of Pattern in the Book of Kells  343
Donald W. Fritz, Ph.D.
‘Death In Venice’ A Jungian View  354
L. Zinkin
Meier, Carl Alfred, M.D. Jung's analytical psychology and religion. Arcturus Book Editions 1977. Southern illinois University Press. Feiffer & Simons, Inc. London and Amsterdam. Pp. 80, $2.95.  367
Lola Paulsen
Jacoby, Jolande. Masks of the soul. Trans. by Ean Begg. London, Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd. 1976. Pp. 94. £2.25.  367
Judith Hubback
Groddeck, George. The meaning of illness. Selected psychoanalytic writings, including his correspondence with Sigmund Freud. Hogarth Press, London 1977. Pp. 270. £7.50.  369
A. Edwards
Jahoda, Marie. Freud and the dilemmas of psychology. Hogarth Press, London, 1977. Pp. 186. £5.95 in U.K.  371
J. Astor
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