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List of Articles

Volume 29 (1984)

Issue 1
C. G. Jung's First ‘Patient’ On the Seminal Emergence of Jung's Thought  1
William B. Goodheart, M.D.
A Critique of James Hillman's Approach to the Dream  35
W. A. Shelburne, Ph.D.
Reflections On A Critique of Hillman's Approach to the Dream By W. A. Shelburne  57
Kenneth Lambert, M.A.
Components of A Jungian Theoretical Orientation: An Exploratory Study  67
P. R. Turner, Ph.D.
Correspondence  79
M. Vera Bührmann
Proceedings of the Societies  81
Wheelwright, Joseph B. Saint George and the Dandelion. Forty Years of Practice as a Jungian Analyst. C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, 1982. Pp. xiii + 109. N.P.  83
Judith Hubback
Whitmont, Edward C. Return of the Goddess. New York, Crossroad, 1982. Pp. 272. Hardback $17.50.  85
Rosemary Gordon
Klauber, John. Difficulties in the Analytic Encounter. New York/London, Aronson, 1981. Pp. xxxii + 235. £20.95.  87
Michael Fordham
Bettelheim, B. Freud and Man's Soul. Chatto & Windus, London, 1983. Pp. 112. £6.95.  88
Rushi Ledermann
Bion, Wilfred R. The Long Week-End, 1897—1919, Part of a Life. Abingdon, Fleetwood Press, 1982. Pp. 287. £9.00.  90
A. Plaut
Kugler, P. The Alchemy of Discourse: an Archetypal Approach to Language. Lewisburg, Bucknell University Press; London and Toronto, Associated University Presses, 1982. Pp. 141. £14.95.  91
Andrew Samuels
Issue 2
A.R.A.S. and Amplification  101
H. Prochaska, M.A.
Amplification: The Dance  113
Mary Jo Spencer, B.A
Amplification: The Spiral  125
Neil W. Russack, M.D.
Amplification: Reflections and Queries  135
Judith Hubback, M.A.
Analysis: A Space for Separation  139
Mara Sidoli
Reflections on Infant Observation and Its Applications  155
Gianna Henry
Contrasts Between Jung and Freud: The Intertwining of Life and Theory  171
Neil Wollman, Ph.D.
The Feminine Q-Set: New Research on Wolff's Feminine Images and Theories  187
Phyllis Krafft Sherlock, Ph.D.
Jaffé, A. (Ed.) Word and Image. Princeton University Press. 1979. Pp. 238.  202
Lola Paulsen
Hogenson, G. B. Jung's Struggle with Freud University of Notre Dame Press, London, 1983. Pp. 174. £10.50  203
Roderick Peters
Schafer, Roy. The Analytic Attitude. London, Hogarth, 1983. Pp. 316, £15.00  205
Agnes Wilkinson
Gear, M., Hill, M., Liendo, E. Working Through Narcissism: Treating its Sadomasochistic Structure. J. Aronson, New York. 1983. Pp. 422. £27.25  206
Alan Edwards
Rollins, W. G. Jung and the Bible. Atlanta. John Knox Press. 1983. Pp. 153. $9.95  207
Derek Blows
Issue 3
Acting Out  215
Judith Hubback, M.A.
The Partner Relationship in Individual Analysis: The symbolic and concrete approach  231
H-J. Wilke, Dr.Med
The Fear of Not-Being: Schizoid states in a relatively viable personality  243
Ann Cannon, Ph.D.
The Left Hand of Darkness: Aspects of the Shadow and Individuation  255
Norah Moore, M.B.
The Father's Anima as A Clinical and as A Symbolic Problem  277
John Beebe, M.D.
Comment on ‘The Father's Anima as A Clinical and as A Symbolic Problem’  289
Rosemary Gordon, Ph.D.
Reply to Rosemary Gordon's Comment  291
John Beebe, M.D.
Anthropos—Die Zeitschrift für Selbstverwirklichung und Persönlichkeitsentfaltung (Journal for self-realisation and unfolding of the personality). No. 1 (1983).  293
Veronika Marlow
Bash, K. (Berne). ‘“Bewusstseins” Schwund’ (Loss of ‘consciousness’). Nervenarzt, 53, (1982).  293
Rushi Ledermann
Cahen, R. (Paris). ‘Les psychanalystes dans l'image de la psychiatric’ (The image of the psychoanalyst in psychiatry). Reply to a paper read M. de Mijolle at a congress given by Evolution Psychiatrique on 18/19 March, 1983 in Paris.  294
Rosemary Gordon
Clark, G. (London). ‘A black hole in psyche’. Harvest (1983).  295
Sheila Powell
McCully, R. (Charleston). ‘The nature of collective movements: the hidden second force’. Am. J. Psychother., 37, 2 (1983).  296
Jean Thomson
Rassback-Mcpherson, S. (Los Angeles). ‘In Yahweh's shadow’. Psychological Perspectives, 13, 1 (1982).  296
Linda Freeman
Samuels, A. (London). ‘The theory of archetypes in Jungian and post-Jungian analytical psychology’. Int. Rev. Psycho-Anal., 10, 4 (1983).  297
Christopher Perry
Samuels, A. (London). ‘Dethroning the self. Spring (1983).  298
Giles Clark
Samuels, A. (London). ‘Beyond compensation: modifying Jung's approach to dreams’. Harvest (1983).  299
Jean Thomson
Sartorius, B. (Geneva). ‘Der Mythos von Narziss: Notwendigkeit und Grenzen der Reflexion’ (The myth of Narcissus: necessity and limits of reflection). Analytische Psychologic, 12 (1981).  299
Barbara Wharton
Sartorius, B. (Geneva). ‘La tentation faustienne’ (The Faustian temptation). Cahiers de Psychologie Jungienne, No. 34.  300
Barbara Wharton
Schlegel, M., Zeier, H. (Zürich). ‘Psychophysiologische Aspekte des Assoziationsexperiments und Normdaten zu einer Reizwörterliste’ (Psycho-physiological aspects of the word association test and normative data for a list of stimulus words). Analytische Psychologie 13, 75—92 (1982).  301
Johanna Brieger
Wilkinson, A. (London). ‘Fashion, addiction and progress in group analysis’. Group Analysis, 15: 3 (1982).  301
Hazel Davis
Humbert, Elie G. Jung. Paris. Editions Universitaires. 1983. Pp. 159. 55 F.  303
Helen M. Shipway
Campbell, Joseph (Ed.) Man and Time: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks. Princeton, Bollington Series XXX.3, 1983. Pp. xx + 414. Paperback. $8.95.  304
Corinna Peterson
Ulanov, Ann and Barry. Cinderella and her sisters: The Envied and the Envying. Philadelphia, the Westminster Press, 1983, Pp. 186. Paperback. $9.95.  306
Margaret Wilkinson
Grotstein, James S. Splitting and Projective Identification. New York, Jason Aronson, 1981. Pp. xi + 236. Hardback. £23.  307
Barbara Wharton
Issue 4
Foetal Psychology and the Analytic Process  317
David L. Kay, M.B.
Magic and Participating Consciousness  337
William Willeford, Ph.D.
The Availability of the Analyst  355
Mara Sidoli
Synchronicity in Psychotherapy  373
Carolin S. Keutzer, Ph.D.
Jung, C. G. The Zofingia Lectures. Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Supplementary Volume A. Ed. Wm McGuire. London and Princeton. 1983. Routledge & Kegan Paul and Princeton University Press. Pp. xxv + 129. £11.95.  383
A. Plaut
Meltzer, Donald. Dream Life. A Re-examination of the Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique. Clunie Press. 1984. Pp. 184. £8.00.  384
Michael Fordham
Khan, Masud R. Hidden Selves. London. Hogarth Press. 1983. Pp. 204. £12.50.  386
Rosemary Gordon
Hall, James A. Jungian Dream Interpretation: a Handbook of Theory and Practice. Toronto. Inner City Books. 1983. Pp. 127. $12.  388
Kenneth Lambert
Cobb, Noel. Prospero's Island. London, Coventure Limited. 1984. Pp. 223. £6.95.  390
Corinna Peterson
Ziegler, Alfred J. Archetypal Medicine. Spring Publications, Inc. 1983. Pp. 169. £9.25.  392
Johanna Brieger
Lichtenberg, Joseph. Psychoanalysis and Infant Research. London. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 1983. Pp. xiii + 262. £19.95.  393
Mara Sidoli
Hartocollis, Peter. Time and Timelessness. New York. International Universities Press, Inc., 1983. Pp. 227. Hardback. $25.  394
Christopher Perry
Pruyser, Paul W. The Play of the Imagination: towards a Psychoanalysis of Culture. New York. 1983. International Universities Press. Pp. ix + 226. $17.50.  395
Jane Bunster
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