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List of Articles

Volume 36 (1991)

Issue 1
Archetypes: The Strange Attractors of the Psyche  1
J. R. Van Eenwyk, Ph.D., M.Div
The Unconscious in Information Processing and Analytical Psychology  27
Giampaolo Moraglia, Ph.D.
The Klein Connection in the London School: The Search for Origins  37
L. Zinkin, Mrc. Psych.
Infant Observation Re-Viewed  63
C. Covington, Ph.D., Dip. Crim
The Therapist's Expectations of the Transference  77
Roderick Peters, MB, M.R.C.P., M.Sc.
Projective Identification: Mechanism or Mystery?  93
Nathan Field
Why Did C. G. Jung Write His Autobiography?  111
A. Tilander
Jung, C. G. Nietzsche's Zarathustra: Notes of the seminar given in 1934-9: C. G. Jung. James L. Jarret (Ed.). London. Routledge. 1989. pp. xxvi + 1578 (two volumes). £70  125
Edited Coline Covington and Roderick Peters
C. G. Jung. Aspects of the Masculine. John Beebe (Ed.). London. Ark Paperbacks, Routledge. 1989. pp. xvii + 183. £5.50.  127
Joel Ryce-Menuhin
Main, T. The Ailment and Other Psychoanalytic Essays. Jennifer Jones (Ed.). London. Free Association Books. 1989. Pp. xxix + 256. £27.50.  128
J. D. Denford
Israels, H. Schreber: Father and Son. Madison. International Universities Press. 1989. Pp. xxvi + 376. $50.  129
Alan Edwards
Eli Humbert  137
Issue 2
The Analysis of Defences  141
J. R. Van Eenwyk, Ph.D., M.Div
The Supposed Limits of Interpretation  165
Michael Fordham, M.D., Hon. FBPsS.
Supervision, Training, and the Institution as an Internal Pressure  177
James Astor, B.Sc.
The Oedipal Complex in Adolescence  193
Hugh Gee
Empirical Study of Associations Between Symbols and Their Meanings: Evidence of Collective Unconscious (Archetypal) Memory  211
D. H. Rosen, M.D., S. M. Smith, Ph.D., H. L. Huston, B.A and G. Gonzalez, B.A
Comment on Paper by David H. Rosen et Al.  229
Jill Gordon
Beyond the Archaic Maternal Background  231
Varenka Marc
Obituary Notice  241
Elie Humbert
Henderson, Joseph, L. Shadow and Self: Selected Papers in Analytical Psychology. Wilmette, Illinois. Chiron Publications. 1990. Pp. 333. N.p.  245
Edited Coline Covington and Joseph Redfearn
Jung, C. G. Analytical Psychology: Notes of the Seminar given in 1925. Edited William McGuire. (The Seminars, vol. 3.) London. Routledge. 1990. Pp. xx + 179. £25.  248
Roderick Peters
Hopcke, Robert H. Jung, Jungians, and Homosexuality. Boston and Shaftesbury. Shambhala. 1989. Pp. x + 208. $19.95.  249
Giles Clark
Jacoby, Mario. Individuation & Narcissism: The Psychology of Self in Jung & Kohut. London. Routledge. 1990. Pp. 267. £25.  252
James Atkinson
Edinger, Edward, F. The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures. Wilmette, Illinois. Chiron Publications. 1990. Pp. xiv + 213. N.p.  253
Edith Wallace
Bisagni, Francisco (Ed.) Analysis: An International Review of Clinical Psychotherapy 1 (pp. 1-112) and 2 (pp. 113-235). Rome. Edizioni Borla. 1990.  256
Lorenzo Bacelle
Issue 3
The Opposites in Quantum Physics and Jungian Psychology: Part I: theoretical foundations  267
Victor Mansfield and J. Marvin Spiegelman, Ph.D.
The Opposites in Quantum Physics and Jungian Psychology: Part II: applications  289
Victor Mansfield
Archetypal Psychology and Object Relations Theory: History and communalities  307
Hester M. Solomon, M.A., M.Sc.
Mechanism, Metaphor  331
R. Carvalho, M.B.B.S., M.R.C., Psych.
Vision, Interpretation, and the Interactive Field  343
Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Graduate of C. G.
Rejoinder to Nathan Schwartz-Salant  367
Michael Fordham, M.D., Hon. F.B.Ps.S.
Primordial Image and the Archetypal Design of Art  371
N. B. Johnson
Affield-Niemeyer, p. (Berlin). ‘Laughter and its shadow: archetypal symbols and their history, exemplified by a discussion of the recognition of the Gestalt in the human face, in smiling, laughing, and the fear of being thought ridiculous’. Analytische Psychologie, 21: 171-198. 1989.  393
Edited Christopher Perry and Merietta Marcus
McGlashan, A. R. (London). ‘Symbolization and human development: The use of symbols in religion from the perspective of analytical psychology’. Journal of Religious Studies, 25. December, 1989.  394
Edward Martin
Erlenmeyer, A. (Berlin). ‘Die Funktion des Religiosen und der Über-Ich-Begriff in C. G. Jungs Theoriebildung. Historische und klinische Aspekte (The function of religion and the concept of the super-ego in the formation of C. G. Jung's theories. Historical and clinical aspects)’. Analytische Psychologie, 21: 98-119. 1990.  394
Veronika Marlow
Odajnyk, V. Walter (New York). ‘Meditation and alchemy’. Psychological Perspectives, 22. 1990.  395
Gordon Harris
Samuels, A. (London). ‘Gender and the borderline’. Chiron. 1988.  396
Ann Hopwood
Samuels, A. (London). ‘On fathering daughters’. Observer, 26 February 89, and ‘Beyond the limits of a father's love’. Independent, 14 November 89.  397
George Rodwell
Springer, A. (Berlin). ‘The return of the repressed in the mask of the victim’. Journal of Psychohistory, 17, 3. 1990.  398
Jean Knox
Samuels, A. (London). ‘Dimensioni simboliche dell'eros nella relazione transferale-controtransferale: impieghi clinici della metafora alchemica di Jung’ (Symbolic dimensions of Eros in transference and countertransference: some clinical uses of Jung's alchemical metaphor). Analysis, 1, 2: 115-134. 1990.  398
Lorenzo Bacelle
Sauer, G. (Berlin). ‘Lehrer traumen von Schule und Schulem (Teachers' dreams about school and pupils)’. Beiträge, Pädagogischer Arbeit, 33. 1990.  399
Elke Handford
Urban, E. (London). ‘Childhood and the child within: views of an analytical psychologist’. Journal of the British Association of Psychotherapists, 21. 1990.  400
Averil Williams
Van Eenwyk, J. R. (Evanston) ‘Switching tracks in psychotherapy: parallel paradigms in psychology and religion’. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 19, 4. 1989.  401
Robin McGlashan
Samuels, A. (Ed.) Psychopathology: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives. London, Karnac Books, 1989. Pp. 335. Paperback £14.95.  403
Edited Ronald Jalbert and Edited Coline Covington
Sidoli, Mara. The Unfolding Self. Boston, Sigo Press, 1989. Pp. xiii + 203. Cloth $29.95; paperback $15.95.  412
David Howell
Fabricius, Johannes. Alchemy: The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art. Welling-borough, The Aquarian Press, 1976. Pp. 248. Paperback £14.95.  414
Christopher Perry
Aziz, Robert, C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity. Albany, New York, State University of New York Press, 1990. Pp. 166. $14.95.  416
Ann Belford Ulanov
Erratum  417
Issue 4
Editorial  427
C. G. Jung's Psychology: Additions and Extensions  429
J. L. Henderson, M.D.
A Response to J. L. Henderson  443
R. Peters, MRC Psych.
The World Cycle of Leadership  449
L. H. Stewart, Ph.D.
Immersions in Ambiguity: The Labyrinth and the Analytic Process  461
Caroline Savitz, M.A., M.S.W., C.S.W.
Regression and Stagnation  483
Rushi Ledermann
Psychic Complexity and Human Existence: A Phenomenological Approach  505
Roger Brooke, Ph.D., C. Psychol.
Correspondence  519
James Astor
Obituary Notice  529
Peggy Fry and Jane Knight
Little, Margaret I. Psychotic Anxieties and Containment: A Personal Record of an Analysis with Winnicott. Introduction by James Grotstein. NJ, Jason Aronson, 1990, Pp. 129. $20.00.  531
Edited Coline Covington and Carol Savitz, M.A., M.S.W., C.S.W.
Casement, Patrick. Further Learning from the Patient: the Analytic Space and Process. London, Routledge, 1990. Pp. viii + 197. Paperback, £9.99.  533
Sedwell Diggle
Perry, Christopher. Listen to the Voice Within: A Jungian Approach to Pastoral Care. London, SPCK, 1991. Pp. x + 229. £7.99.  535
Robin McGlashan
Singer, June. Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos. San Francisco, Harper & Row, 1990. 230 pp., including index. $18.95 (Canada $24.95).  536
James A. Hall
Woodman, Marion. The Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women. Toronto, Inner City Books, 1990. Pp. 223. $18.  538
Janet Spencer
Dowling, S. (Ed.). The Significance of Infant Observational Research for Clinical Work with Children, Adolescents and Adults. Madison. International Universities Press, 1989. Pp. xvi + 257. $32.50.  539
M. Sidoli
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