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Tip: Understanding Rank

PEP-Web Tip of the Day

When you do a search, you can sort the results bibliographically alphabetical or by “rank”. What is Rank?

Rank refers to the search engine’s “best guess” as to the relevance of the result to the search you specified. The exact method of ranking used varies a bit depending on the search. In its most basic level, when you specify a single search term, rank looks at the density of the matches for the word in the document, and how close to the beginning of the document they appear as a measure of importance to the paper’s topic. The documents with the most matches and where the term is deemed to have the most importance, have the highest “relevance” and are ranked first (presented first).

When you specify more than one term to appear anywhere in the article, the method is similar, but the search engine looks at how many of those terms appear, and how close together they appear, how close to the beginning of the document, and can even take into account the relative rarity of the search terms and their density in the retrieved file, where infrequent terms count more heavily than common terms.

To see a simple example of this, search for the words (not the phrase, so no quotes):

unconscious communications

Look at the density of matches in each document on the first page of the hits. Then go to the last page of matched documents, and observe the density of matches within the documents.

A more complex search illustrates this nicely with a single page and only 15 matches:

counter*tr* w/25 “liv* out” w/25 enact*

There are a lot of word forms and variants of the words (due to the * wildcards) above that can match, but the proximity (w/25) clause limits the potential for matching. What’s interesting here though is how easily you can see the match density decrease as you view down the short list.

The end result of selecting order by rank is that the search engine’s best “guess” as to which articles are more relevant appear higher on the list than less relevant articles.

For the complete list of tips, see PEP-Web Tips on the PEP-Web support page.

List of Articles

Volume 46 (2001)

Issue 1
Editorial  1
Coline Covington, Ph.D.
The Journal of Analytical Psychology's Internet Discussion Forum  11
David Hewison
Biographical note  13
Kenneth J. McCormick, Ph.D.
Burghölzli hospital records of Sabina Spielrein  15
Translated from the German by Dorothee Steffens and revised by Barbara Wharton
Sabina Spielrein: Jung's patient at the Burghölzli  43
Bernard Minder, M.D.
A Document. Jung to Freud 1905: A report on Sabina Spielrein  67
Bernard Minder, Dr Med
The Zürich School of Psychiatry in theory and practice: Sabina Spielrein's treatment at the Burghölzli Clinic in Zürich  73
Angela Graf-Nold, Ph.D.
Comments on the Burghölzli hospital records of Sabina Spielrein  105
Coline Covington, Ph.D.
Jung's analysis of Sabina Spielrein and his use of Freud's free association method  117
Axel Hoffer, M.D.
Sabina Spielrein, a woman psychoanalyst: Another picture  129
Mireille Cifali
Sabina Spielrein, Jean Piaget: Going their own ways  139
Fernando Vidal
Unedited extracts from a diary (1906/1907?)  155
Sabina Spielrein
The letters of C. G. Jung to Sabina Spielrein  173
Translated from the German Barbara Wharton
Sabina Spielrein: Psychoanalytic studies  201
Translated from the Russian by C. J. Wharton
The motor-car: A symbol of male power  209
Sabina Spielrein
A dream and a vision of shooting stars  211
Sabina Spielrein
The Journal of Analytical Psychology Announces its Fourth International Conference: DIVERSITY AND ITS LIMITS: New Directions in Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis  215
Internet Discussion Forum Summary  219
David Hewison
KIRSCH, THOMAS B. The Jungians: A Comparative and Historical Perspective. London: Routledge; Philadelphia: Taylor & Francis, 2000. Pp. xxv + 276. Hbk. £30.00.  221
Ann Casement
KIRSCH, THOMAS B. The Jungians: A Comparative and Historical Perspective. London & Philadelphia: Routledge, 2000. Pp. xxv + 276. Hbk. £30.00.  223
Judith E. Vida
KIRSCH, THOMAS B. The Jungians: A Comparative and Historical Perspective. London: Routledge; Philadelphia: Taylor & Francis, 2000. Pp. xxv + 276. Hbk. £30.00.  224
James Astor
PERERA, SYLVIA BRINTON. Queen Maeve and Her Lovers. New York: Carrowmore Books, 1999. Pp. 490. Hbk. $39.00.  230
Sam Naifeh
FONAGY, PETER; COOPER, ARNOLD, WALLERSTEIN, M. & ROBERT, S. (eds.) Psychoanalysis on the Move. The work of Joseph Sandler. London & New York: Routledge The New Library of Psychoanalysis, 1999. Pp. 237. Pbk. £18.99  234
Jean Knox
GREEN, ANDRE The Fabric of Affect in the Psychoanalytic Discourse, transl. from the French by Alan Sheridan. London: Routledge/Institute of Psycho-Analysis, 1999. Pp. xvii + 376. Hbk. £25.00.  236
Ann Addison
JOHNSON, S. & RUSZCYNSKI, S. (eds.). Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Independent Tradition. Karnac Books, 1999. Pp. xviii + 188. Pbk. £17.95.  238
Peter Addenbrooke
VAIDYANATHAN, T. G. & KRIPAL, J. J. (eds.). Vishnu on Freud's Desk - A Reader in Psychoanalysis and Hinduism. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1999. Pp. 482. Hbk. Rs. 775.00.  239
Robin McGlashan
Books received  243
Marica Rytovaara
The Michael Fordham Prize  247
Obituaries  249
Bibliographical Note  253
Issue 2
Editorial  255
Jean Knox and Paul Goldreich
His mother-tongue: from stuttering to separation, a case history  257
Margaret Wilkinson, B.A, DipEd.,, DipTh.,
Enactments and amplification  275
Joseph Cambray, Ph.D.
Archetypes, complexes and self-organization  305
Peter Saunders and Patricia Skar, MFA
The future of analysis  325
Coline Covington, Ph.D.
Institutional conflicts in Jungian analysis  335
Kenneth Eisold, Ph.D.
What is our age suffering from? The Schweizer Illustrierte interviews the well-known psychiatrist Prof. Dr C. G. Jung (August 12, 1942)  355
Werner Meier
The Schweizer Illustrierte interview. A commentary  359
Jay Sherry
A comment on ‘What is our age suffering from?’ The Schweizer Illustrierte's 1942 interview with C. G. Jung  365
John Beebe, M.D.
A lecture by Barbara Hannah  371
David Lindorff, Ph.D.
SCHAVERIEN, JOY The Revealing Image. Analytical Art Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice. London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1999. Pp. xiv + 242 Pbk. £15.95.  379
Katherine Killick
RAPHAEL-LEFF, J. (ed.). Ethics of Psychoanalysis. Colchester, UK: University of Essex/Psychoanalytic Publication Series, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, 2000. Pp. v + 76. Pbk.  381
Jan Wiener
BROOKE, ROGER (ed.) Pathways into the Jungian World. Phenomenology and Analytical Psychology. London & New York: Routledge, 2000. 272 pp. Hbk. £50.00; Pbk. £17.99.  384
Jean Thomson
STEVENS, ANTHONY & PRICE, JOHN. Evolutionary Psychiatry. A new Beginning. London: Routledge, 2000, 2nd revised ed. Pp. xiv + 310. Pbk. £16.99.  387
Marica Rytovaara
DIXON, PATRICIA, Nietzsche and Jung Sailing a Deeper Night. Contemporary Existentialism, Vol. 3, New York: Peter Lang, 1999. Pp. xvi + 459. Hbk. $ 67. 95 /£ 41. 00.  388
Lucy Huskinson
GAILLARD, CHRISTIAN, Donne in mutazione: Saggi di Psicoanalisi dell’Arte. Transl. Marisa Brecciaroli, Alberto Panaro, Marco Piazza. Bergamo: Moretti & Vitali, 2000. Pp. 187. Pbk. LL. 30,000.  391
Anna Benvenuti
LOPEZ-PEDRAZA, RAFAEL, Dionysus in Exile. On the Repression of the Body and Emotions. Wilmette, Ill: Chiron, 2000. Pp. iv + 104. Pbk. $ 15.95.  392
August J Cwik
ULANOV, ANN BELFORD, Religion and the Spiritual in Carl Jung. New York/Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1999. Pp. iii + 269. n.p.  393
Elizabeth Strahan
Books received  397
Marica Rytovaara
Obituaries  399
Internet Discussion Forum Summary  409
David Hewison
Bibliographical Note  413
Issue 3
Is transference the ‘total situation’?  415
James Astor
Confidentiality and paradox: The location of ethical space  431
Jan Wiener, MSc
Origins of the ethical attitude  443
Hester McFarland Solomon, M.A., MSc
The Martin Buber-Carl Jung disputations: Protecting the sacred in the battle for the boundaries of analytical psychology  455
Barbara D. Stephens, Ph.D.
Reports on the VIIIth International Meeting of the International Association for the History of Psychoanalysis (IAHP)  493
Christian Gaillard, Ph.D.
Reports on the VIIIth International Meeting of the International Association for the History of Psychoanalysis (IAHP)  495
Verena Kast, Ph.D.
Reports on the VIIIth International Meeting of the International Association for the History of Psychoanalysis (IAHP)  496
Thomas B. Kirsch, M.D.
Too much knife, not enough handle: A reply to von Raffay's critical attack on the anima concept  499
Greg Mogenson, M.A.
Response to Greg Mogenson  508
Anita von Raffay, Ph.D.
The Journal of Analytical Psychology's Internet Discussion Forum  516
David Hewison
Psychoanal. Dial., 2000, 10, 3, pp. 377-512.  517
August J. Cwik
LOTHANE, ZVI. ‘Tender love and transference: unpublished letters of C. G. Jung and Sabina Spielrein’, Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 1999, 80, 6, pp. 1189-204.  527
Coline Covington
BERMAN EMANUEL. ‘Psychoanalytic supervision: the intersubjective development’, Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 2000, 81, 4, pp. 273-90.  529
Jan Wiener
SCHIMMEL, PAUL. ‘“It is myself that I remake”: W. B. Yeats's self construction in life and poetry’, British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2000, 17, 1, pp. 71-84.  531
Margaret Sheehan
JOSEPH, BETTY. ‘Agreeableness as obstacle’, Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 2000, 81, 4, pp. 641-9.  532
Miranda Davies
HAUKE, CHRISTOPHER. Jung and the Postmodern. The Interpretation of Realities. London: Routledge, 2000. Pp. xvi + 304. Hbk. £45.00; Pbk. £17.99.  535
David Hewison
HAUKE, CHRISTOPHER. Jung and the Postmodern. The Interpretation of Realities. London: Routledge, 2000. Pp. xvi + 304. Hbk. £45.00; Pbk. £17.99.  538
Christopher Vincent
COVITZ, JOEL. Visions in the Night: Jungian and Ancient Dream Interpretation. Toronto, Canada: Inner City Books, 2000. Pp. 128. Pbk. $16.00.  540
Meredith B. Mitchell
FERRO, ANTONINO. The Bi-Personal Field. Experiences in Child Analysis. London & New York: Routledge, 1999. Pp. xviii + 210. Pbk. £17.99.  541
Michael Green
KEVE, TOM. Triad: the physicists, the analysts, the kabbalists. London: Rosenberger & Krausz, 2000. Pp. ix + 362. Hbk. £18.50; $29.50.  545
David Tresan
SEGAL, ROBERT A. (ed.). Hero Myths: A Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, 2000. Pp. ix + 219, Pbk. £15.99.  547
Michael Whan
GREEN, ANDRÉ & STERN, DANIEL. Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research:Roots of a Controversy. Eds. Anne-Marie Sandler & Rosemary Davies. London: Karnac, 2000 (Psychoanalytic Monograph No. 5). Pp. 184. Pbk. £15.95.  549
Chess Denman
SINGER, THOMAS (ed.). The Vision Thing: Myth, Politics and Psyche in the World. London & New York: Routledge, 2000. Pp. xv + 281. Pbk. £17.99.  551
Barry Miller
Books received  553
Nicola Blandford
Obituaries  556
Bibliographical Note  563
Issue 4
Conscious mind: Conscious body  565
Anita U. Greene, Ph.D.
The Baldwin effect: A neglected influence on C. G. Jung's evolutionary thinking  591
George B. Hogenson, Ph.D., LCSW
Memories, fantasies, archetypes: An exploration of some connections between cognitive science and analytical psychology  613
Jean M. Knox, MBBS, MRCPsych
Principle of organization: A dynamic-systems view of the archetype-as-such  637
Maxson J. McDowell, Ph.D., M.S.W.
Jung's twin brother: Otto Gross and Carl Gustav Jung  655
Gottfried Heuer, B.A, BEd
Experience of the Self in a lifetime  689
Gustav Dreifuss
SIDOLI, MARA. When the Body Speaks: The Archetypes in the Body. Ed. Phyllis Blakemore. London & Philadelphia: Brunner-Routledge, 2000. Pp. xi + 127. Hbk. £40.00; Pbk. £14.99.  697
Murray Stein
SAMUELS, ANDREW. Politics on the Couch: Citizenship and the Internal Life. London: Profile Books, 2001. Pp. ix + 235. Pbk. £10.99.  698
Soren Ekstrom
KAPLAN-SOLMS, KAREN. SOLMS, MARK.Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis. Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology. Madison, Connecticut: International Universities Press, 2000. Pp. xii + 308. Hbk. $47.50; Pbk. £19.95, $32.00..  700
Margaret Wilkinson
CLULOW, CHRISTOPHER (ed.). Adult Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy - The ‘secure base’ in practice and research. London: Brunner-Routledge, 2001. Pp. 228. Pbk. £16.99.  703
Nicola Blandford
Books received  705
Marica Rytovaara
Internet Discussion Forum Summary  709
Summarized by Marcus West
Obituaries  713
Bibliographical Note  717
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