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List of Articles

Volume 56 (2011)

Issue 1
On Receiving What Has Gone Astray, on Finding What Has Got Lost  1
Alessandra Cavalli, M.A., Ph.D.
Associative Dreaming: Reverie and Active Imagination  14
August J. Cwik, PSyD
Body and Mind
Psychosomatic Disorders: The Canalization of Mind into Matter  37
Richard L. Kradin
Jung, Winnicott and Bion
Winnicott on Jung: Destruction, Creativity and the Unrepressed Unconscious  56
William Meredith-Owen, (UK)
An Analysis with Bion: An Interview with James Gooch  76
JoAnn Culbert-Koehn
The Self
Entertaining the Stranger  92
Mark Saban, (UK)
Empirical Study of Kanji as Archetypal Images: Understanding the Collective Unconscious as Part of the Japanese Language  109
Milena Sotirova-Kohli, David H. Rosen, M.D., Steven M. Smith, Ph.D., Patti Henderson, M.S. and Sachiko Taki-Reece, ED.D.
Book reviews
Stein, Murray & Jones, Raya (Eds.). Cultures and Identities in Transition: Jungian Perspectives. Routledge, 2010. Pp. xi + 230. Pbk. £22.99/$36.95.  134
Susan Rowland
Sullivan, Barbara Stevens. The Mystery of Analytical Work: Weavings from Jung and Bion. London and New York: Routledge, 2010. Pp. 272. Pbk. £22.99.  136
Geraldine Godsil
Ma, Shirley See Yan. Footbinding: A Jungian Engagement with Chinese Culture and Psychology. London: Routledge, 2010. Pp. 208. Hbk. $99.00; Pbk. £22.99/$36.95.  138
Judith Cooper
Singh, Greg. Film after Jung: Post-Jungian Approaches to Film Theory. London and New York: Routledge, 2009. Pp. xi & 218. Pbk. £17.99.  140
Angela M. Connolly
Boston Change Process Study Group. Change in Psychotherapy: A Unifying Paradigm. New York: W.W. Norton, 2010. Pp. Xviii + 235. Pbk. $35.00.  142
William J. Ventimiglia
Gasseau, M. & Bernardini, R. (Eds.) II Sogno. Dalla Psicologia Analitica allo Psicodramma Junghiano. [The Dream. From Analytical Psychology to Jungian Psychodrama.] Milan: Franco Angeli, 2009. Pp. 496. Pbk. €45.00.  144
Francesco Bisagni
Ogden, Thomas. Rediscovering Psychoanalysis. Thinking and Dreaming, Learning and Forgetting. The New Library of Psychoanalysis (2009). London & New York: Routledge. Pp. 168. Pbk. £22.99.  145
William Goodheart
Obituary  151
Memphis Jungian Seminar
Issue 2
Editorial  157
Linda Carter
Gifts, Talismans and Tokens in Analysis: Symbolic Enactments or Sinister Acts?  160
Joy Schaverien, Ph.D.
Symbolic Objects and the Analytic Frame  184
Warren Colman
Saying What You Mean, Meaning What You Say: Language, Interaction and Interpretation  203
James Astor
A Jungian Approach to Dreams Reported by Soldiers in a Modern Combat Zone  217
Rob Wyatt, M.D., Erik Goodwyn, M.D. and Michael Ignatowski, (US), DO
A Visit Paid to Jung by Alwine von Keller  232
Riccardo Bernardini, Ph.D., PsyD, Gian Piero Quaglino and Augusto Romano
An Interview with Murray Jackson  255
Jan Wiener, M.A.
Book Reviews
Wiener, Jan. The Therapeutic Relationship: Transference, Countertransference and the Making of Meaning. Foreword by David Rosen. Texas A & M University Press, 2009. Pp x + 150. Hbk. £19.95.  267
Marcus West, Patricia Vesey-McGrew and Christopher Perry
Wilkinson, Margaret. Changing Minds in Therapy: Emotion, Attachment, Trauma, and Neurobiology. New York, London: W. W. Norton, 2010. Pp. 228. Hbk. $ 32.00/£22.00.  269
Ira Sharkey
Heuer, Gottfried (Ed.) Sacral Revolutions: Reflecting on the Work of Andrew Samuels. London and New York: Routledge, 2010. Pp xxiii + 323. Hbk. £60.00/$99.00; Pbk. £22.99/$36.95.  271
Søren Ekstrom
Bogart, Greg. Dreamwork and Self-Healing: Unfolding the Symbols of the Unconscious. London: Karnac Books, 2009. Pp. xix + 304. Pbk. £21.99.  272
Yoram Inspector
Waska, Robert. The Concept of Analytic Contact: The Kleinian Approach to Reaching the Hard to Reach Patient. London & New York: Routledge, 2007, Pp. xvi + 247. Pbk. £22.99/$42.50.  274
Mark Winborn
Issue 3
Editorial  287
Warren Colman
Articles: Papers from the XVIIIth IAAP Congress, Montreal, August 2010
Panel: Archetypes and/or Primal Phantasies: An Encounter and a Debate Between Freudian and Jungian Analysts  290
Christian Gaillard, Ph.D., Alain Gibeault, Ph.D., Joe Cambray, Ph.D., Eduardo Gastelumendi, M.D. and Verena Kast, DPhil
Moments of Complexity and Enigmatic Action: A Jungian View of the Therapeutic Field  296
Joseph Cambray
Comment on ‘the case of Melanie’ by Joseph Cambray  310
Eduardo Gastelumendi, M.D.
Comments on ‘the Case of Melanie’ and the Reaction of Eduardo Gastelumendi  315
Verena Kast, DPhil
A Thematic Dialogue: Towards a Conclusion and a Follow-up  320
Christian Gaillard, Ph.D. and Alain Gibeault, Ph.D.
Panel: The Alchemy of Attachment Trauma, Fragmentation and Transformation in the Analytic Relationship  334
Linda Carter, MSN, CS, Jean Knox, Ph.D., MBBS, MRCPsych, Joseph McFadden, M.D. and Marcus West
Dissociation and shame: shadow aspects of multiplicity  341
Jean Knox, Ph.D., MBBS, MRCPsych
The Role of Disorganized Attachment and Insecure Environment in the Development of Pathological Dissociation and Multiple Identities  348
Joseph McFadden, M.D.
Attachment, Sensitivity and Agency: The Alchemy of Analytic Work  354
Marcus West
Panel: What Could Be Jungian about Human Rights Work?  362
Astrid Berg, MBChB, FCPsych, MPhil, Tawfiq Salman, M.D. and Tristan Troudart, M.D.
Panel: Unus Mundus Transcendent Truth or Comforting Fiction? Overwhelm and the Search for Meaning in a Fragmented World  375
Ladson Hinton, III, M.D., Ladson Hinton, IV, M.D., Devon Hinton, M.D., Ph.D. and Alex Hinton
Facing the ‘Alzheimer-ed Subject’  381
Ladson Hinton, IV, M.D.
Agoraphobia, Infinite Space, and Epistemic Rupture: Europe at the end of the 19th Century  386
Devon Hinton, M.D., Ph.D.
Genocide, Categorical Certainty, and the Truth: Questions from the Khmer Rouge Tribunal  390
Alexander Hinton
Faith and the Practising Analyst  397
Murray Stein, Ph.D.
The JAP Interview
John Beebe in Conversation with Beverley Zabriskie  407
John Beebe
Book Reviews
Bisagni, Francesco; Fina, Nadia; Vezzoli, Caterina (Eds.) Jung Today Vol. 1 Adulthood & Vol. 2 Childhood and Adolescence. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2009. Pp. 292 & 208. Hbk. £65.99.  424
Marcus West, Patricia Vesey-McGrew and Marica Rytovaara
Bassil-Morozow, H. Tim Burton: The Monster and the Crowd: A Post-Jungian Perspective. London, New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2010. Pp. ix + 200. Pbk. £19.99/$31.95.  426
Stephanie Fariss
Clark-Stern, Elizabeth. Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung. Canada & the US: Genoa House, 2010. Pp. ix + 68. Pbk. $17.95.  428
Suzanne G. Rosenthal
Andreas Jung, Regula Michel, Arthur Ruegg, Judith Rohrer, Daniel Ganz. The House of C.G. Jung: The History and Restoration of the Residence of Emma and Carl Gustav Jung-Rauschenbach. Herndon, VA: Lantern Books/Chiron Publications, 2009. Pp. 148. Hbk. $70.00.  430
Beverley Zabriskie
Lanius, R., Vermetten, E. and Pain, C. (EDS.) The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease. The Hidden Epidemic. Cambridge University Press: New York & Cambridge, 2010. Pp. 334. Hbk. £55.00.  432
Margaret Wilkinson
Eigen, Michael. Eigen in Seoul: Volume One. Madness and Murder. London: Karnac Books, 2010. Pp. 92. Pbk. £16.99.  435
Maggie McAlister
Mcnamara, Patrick. The Neuroscience of Religious Experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Pp. xvi + 320. Pbk. $68.00.  437
Erik Goodwyn
Issue 4
Articles: Synchronicity and the Unus Mundus
Chronos in Synchronicity: Manifestations of the Psychoid Reality  451
Angeliki Yiassemides, Ph.D.
Synchronicity and the Meaning-Making Psyche  471
Warren Colman
Un-Thought out Metaphysics in Analytical Psychology: A Critique of Jung's Epistemological Basis for Psychic Reality  492
Robin McCoy Brooks, M.A.
Jung's Equation of the Ground of Being with the Ground of Psyche  514
John Dourley, Ph.D.
Review Essay
The Interiorizing Movement of Logical Life: Reflections on Wolfgang Giegerich  532
Ann Casement, LP
Book Reviews
Hill, John. At Home in the World: Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging. New Orleans, Louisiana: Spring Journal Books, 2010. Pp. xii+288. Pbk. $26.95/£22.50.  550
Ashok Bedi
Stein, Murray (ed.). Jungian Psychoanalysis: Working in the Spirit of C.G. Jung. Pp. xix+410. Chicago & La Salle, Il: Open Court. 2010. Pbk. $59.95/£35.99.  551
Marcus West
Singer, Thomas (ed.). Psyche and the City: A Soul's Guide to the Modern Metropolis. New Orleans, Louisiana: Spring Journal Books, 2010, Pp. x + 417. Pbk. $ 32.95.  554
Ronald Schenk
Sinason, Valerie (ed.). Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder. London: & New York: Routledge, 2011. Pp. xiv + 226. Pbk. £22.99/$39.95.  556
Joseph McFadden
Spillius, E.B., Milton, J., Garvey, P., Couve, D., Steiner, D. (eds.). The New Dictionary of Kleinian Thought. London: Routledge, 2011. Pp. xii + 558. Pbk. £24.95.  557
William Meredith-Owen
Journal Reviews
Slavin, Jonathan H. ‘Becoming an individual: technically subversive thoughts on the role of the analyst's influence’. Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 2010, 20, 3, pp. 308-24.  561
Joseph W. Rutte
Taylor, D. ‘Psychoanalytic approaches and outcome research: Negative capability or irritable reaching after fact and reason?’ Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, 24, 4, December 2010.  564
Richard Mizen
Lear, Jonathan. ‘Technique and final cause in psychoanalysis: Four ways of looking at one moment’. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2009, 90, Part 6, 1299-1317.  566
Robin McCoy Brooks, M.A.
Alvarez, A. ‘Levels of analytic work and levels of pathology: the work of calibration’. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2010, 91, pp. 859-76.  569
Alessandra Cavalli
Gerson, Samuel. ‘When the third is dead: memory, mourning, and witnessing in the aftermath of the Holocaust’. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2009, 90, pp. 1341-57.  571
Ken Kimmel
Souter, Kay. ‘The War Memoirs; some origins of the thought of W.R. Bion’. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2009, 90, 4, 795-806.  574
William Meredith-Owen
Henderson, David. ‘The coincidence of Opposites - C.G. Jung's reception of Nicolas of Cusa’. Studies in Spirituality, 2010, 20, 101-13.  576
Peter Addenbrooke
Ruti, Mari. ‘The fall of fantasies: a Lacanian reading of lack’. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 2008, 56, 2, pp. 483-508.  576
Sharon R. Green
Contributors to This Issue  583
Death Announcements  584
Issue 5
Editorial  587
Warren Colman and Linda Carter
Articles: Conference Papers: The Ancestors in Personal, Professional and Social History
What is The Red Book for Analytical Psychology?  590
Murray Stein
Healing the Wounds of Our Fathers: Intergenerational Trauma, Memory, Symbolization and Narrative  607
Angela Connolly
Fifteen Minute Stories about Training  627
Catherine Crowther, Jan Wiener, Alena Tserashchuk, Vladimir Tsivinsky, Elena Volodina and Natalia L. Alexandrova
The Grandfather  653
Andreas Jung
Jung's Shadow: Negation and Narcissism of the Self  674
William Meredith-Owen
Faint Voices from Greenwich Village: Jung's Impact on the First American Avant-Garde  692
Jay Sherry
Endnotes  708
Penny Pickles
Book Reviews
Knox, Jean. Self-Agency in Psychotherapy: Attachment, Autonomy and Intimacy. New York & London: Norton, 2011. Pp. 246. Hbk. £25.00  712
Richard Mizen
Giegerich, Wolfgang. The Soul Always Thinks: Collected English Papers: Vol. IV. New Orleans: Spring Journal Books, 2010. Pp. 608. Pbk. $32.00  715
Ann Casements
Ronnberg, Ami & Martin, Kathleen (eds.). The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images. Cologne, Germany: Taschen. Pp. 807. Hbk. $39.99  717
Linda Carter
Baradon, Tessa (ed.). Relational Trauma in Infancy: Psychoanalytic, Attachment and Neuropsychological Contributions to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy. London & New York: Routledge, 2009. Pp. xix + 225. Pbk. £21.99  719
Hessel Willemsen
Meador, Betty De Shong. Princess, Priestess, Poet: The Sumerian Temple Hymns of Enheduanna. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2009. Pp. xxvi + 308. Hbk. $60.00; Pbk. $30.00  720
Jacqueline J. West
Contributors to This Issue  727
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