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List of Articles

Volume 7 (1938)

Some Observations on the Transformation of Instincts  1
Gregory Zilboorg
Psychoanalytic Notes Relating to Syndromes of Asthma and Hay Fever  25
H. Flanders Dunbar
The Drive to Amass Wealth  69
Otto Fenichel
A Case of Compulsive Handwashing  96
George S. Goldman
'After the Analysis …'  122
Melitta Schmideberg
Freud, Goethe, and Wagner: By Thomas Mann. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1937. 211 pp. Lectures delivered at the New School for Social Research in New York City in 1937.  143
John A.P. Millet
Studies in Sibling Rivalry: By David M. Levy, M.D. New York: The American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1937. 96 pp.  148
Lillian Malcove
Personality and the Cultural Pattern: By James S. Plant, M.D. New York: Commonwealth Fund, 1937. 414 pp.  151
A. Kardiner
The Common Neuroses of Children and Adults: By O. Spurgeon English and Gerald H. J. Pearson. New York: W. W. Norton, 1937. 315 pp.  152
Bettina Warburg
Psychiatric Nursing: By William S. Sadler, M.D., in collaboration with Lena K. Sadler, M.D., and Anna B. Kellogg, R.N. St. Louis: The C. V. Mosby Co., 1937. 396 pp.  154
Bettina Warburg
Psycho-Physical Reactions of the Vascular System to Influence of Light and to Impressions Gained Through Light: By Felix Deutsch, M.D. Folia Clinica Orientalia, Vol. I, Fasc. 3 and 4, 1937. (In two parts)  155
Dynamic Causes of Juvenile Crime: By Nathaniel D. M. Hirsch, Ph.D. Cambridge, Mass.: Sci-Art Publishers, 1937. 245 pp.  156
Bela Mittelmann
Education for Social Work: A Sociological Interpretation based on an International Survey. By Alice Salomon. Zürich: Verlag für Recht und Gesellschaft, A. G.: Leipzig, 1937. 264 pp.  157
Elisabeth Brockett Bech
The Psychology of Selecting Employees: By Donald A. Laird, Ph.D., Sci.D. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1937. 311 pp.  158
Elisabeth Brockett Bech
Emotional Hygiene, the Art of Understanding: By Camilla M. Anderson, M.D. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1937. 232 pp.  158
Richard L. Frank
Emotional Adjustment in Marriage: By Le Mon Clark, M.D. St. Louis: C. V. Mosby Co., 1937. 253 pp.  160
Susanna S. Haigh
Current Psychoanalytic Literature  162
Notes  166
Notes  166
Notes  166
Notes  167
Notes  167
Notes  167
Notes  168
The Sense of Immortality  171
Gregory Zilboorg
Adaptation to Reality in Early Infancy  200
Therese Benedek
A Psychoanalytic Study of a Case of Chronic Exudative Dermatitis  216
Leo H. Bartemeier
Poetry Production as a Supplemental Emergency Defense Against Anxiety  232
Harry B. Levey
Types of Adolescence  243
Siegfried Bernfeld
The Use of Hostility as Defense  254
Lewis B. Hill
Personality in Formation and Action: By William Healy, M.D. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1937. 204 pp.  265
M. Ralph Kaufman
Ein Arzt Der Seele (A Lifetime of Mental Healing): By Albert Moll. Dresden: Carl Reissner Verlag, 1936. 282 pp.  267
Fritz Wittels
Studies in General Psychology, Vol. II: Edited by Christian A. Ruckmick. University of Iowa Studies in Psychology. Psychological Monographs. Psychological Review Publications, Vol. XLVIII, No. 2, 1936. 73 pp.  269
George E. Daniels
Studies in the Psychology of Art, Vol. II: Edited by Norman C. Meier. University of Iowa Studies in Psychology. Psychological Monographs. Psychological Review Publications, Vol. XLVIII, No. 1, 1936. 172 pp.  273
George E. Daniels
Educational Psychology: By Noel B. Cuff. Louisville: The Standard Printing Company, 1936. 377 pp.  274
Fritz Moellenhoff
Mentality and Homosexuality: By Samuel Kahn. Boston: Meador Publishing Company, 1937. 249 pp.  276
Ruth Loveland
Psychanalyse Infantile—Symbolisme Et Valeur Clinique Des Créations Imaginatives Chez L'Enfant: (Child Analysis—The clinical value of symbolism and creative fantasies.) By Dr. Sophie Morgenstern. Paris: Editions Denoël, 1937. 109 pp.  277
Bettina Warburg
A Pediatrician in Search of Mental Hygiene: By Bronson Crothers, M.D. New York: The Commonwealth Fund, 1937. 271 pp.  280
M. R. Buchman
Personality Development in Children: By Ernest J. Chave. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1937. 354 pp.  282
Margaret E. Fries
The Spectacle of a Man: By John Coignard. New York: Jefferson House, Inc., 1937. 252 pp.  283
Bela Mittelmann
Mania: By Lawrence M. Jayson. New York and London: Funk and Wagnalls Co., 1937. 263 pp.  286
Elizabeth G. Wadleigh
Guiding Your Life: By Josephine A. Jackson, M.D. New York and London: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1937. 343 pp.  286
Phyllis Greenacre
The Principles and Practice of Clinical Psychiatry: By Morris Braude, M.D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son and Co., Inc., 1937. 361 pp.  287
Phyllis Greenacre
Love and Happiness. Intimate Problems of the Modern Woman: By I. M. Hotep. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1938. 232 pp.  287
Ruth Mattison
Current Psychoanalytic Literature  289
Notes  292
Notes  293
Notes  294
Notes  294
Notes  294
Notes  297
Notes  298
Notes  298
Psychoanalysis Comes of Age  299
Franz Alexander
Folie a Deux  307
Helene Deutsch
Akinesia after Ventriculography—A Contribution to Ego Psychology and the Problem of Sleep  319
Martin Grotjahn and Thomas M. French
Telepathic Sensitiveness as a Neurotic Symptom  329
Leon J. Saul
Incidental Observations on Pruritis Ani  336
Leon J. Saul
The Incidence and Character of Masturbation Threats in a Group of Problem Children  338
Mabel Huschka
A Paranoid Mechanism in Male Overt Homosexuality  357
L. N. Bollmeier
The Psychogenesis of a Fatal Organic Disease  368
Bernhard Berliner
'What Man has Made of Man'  380
Gregory Zilboorg
The Autobiography of a Purpose: By William Alanson White. New York: Doubleday Doran & Co., 1938. 273 pp.  399
G. S. Amsden
The Lie Detector Test: By William M. Marston. New York: Richard R. Smith, 1938. 179 pp.  400
William Healy
The Treatment of Schizophrenia Insulin Shock—Cardiazol Sleep Treatment: The American Journal of Psychiatry. Vol. 94. May, 1938. Supplement. Proceedings of the 89th Meeting of the Swiss Psychiatric Association at Münsingen, Berne, May 29–31, 1937.  403
Leon J. Saul
Marital Love—Its Wise Delights. Scortatory Love—Its Insane Pleasures  405
Susanna S. Haigh
A Biological Approach to the Problem of Abnormal Behavior: By Milton Harrington, M.D. Lancaster, Pa.: The Science Press Printing Company, 1938. 459 pp.  408
Jule Eisenbud
Current Psychoanalytic Literature  411
An Introduction to the Fields of Psychology. By Emily S. Dexter and Katharine T. Omwake. New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1938. 226 pp.  412
Elisabeth Brockett Bech
Our Children in a Changing World. An Outline of Practical Guidance: By Erwin Wexberg, M.D. with Henry Fritsch. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1938. 232 pp.  413
Margaret W. Gerard
Eat and Keep Fit: By Jacob Buckstein, M.D. New York: Emerson Books Inc., 1938. 128 pp.  414
Katharine Butler
The Marginal Man. A Study in Personality and Culture Conflict: By Everett V. Stonequist. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1938. 222 pp.  416
Leon J. Saul
Notes  418
Notes  418
Notes  418
Notes  419
Notes  420
Notes  420
Problems of Psychoanalytic Technique  421
Otto Fenichel
The Use of Automatic Drawing in the Interpretation and Relief of a State of Acute Obsessional Depression  443
Milton H. Erickson and Lawrence S. Kubie
Psychoanalytic Investigation of and Therapy in the Border Line Group of Neuroses  467
Adolph Stern
Suicide, Pregnancy, and Rebirth  490
Bettina Warburg
Dream Observations in a Two-Year-Four-Months-Old Baby  507
Martin Grotjahn
Preliminary Phases of the Masculine Beating Fantasy  514
Edmund Bergler
Defense and Synthesis in the Function of the Ego—Some Observations Stimulated by Anna Freud's 'The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense  537
Thomas M. French
The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud: Translated and edited, with introduction by Dr. A. A. Brill. New York: The Modern Library, 1938. 977 pp.  554
G. Z.
La Méthode Psychanalytique Et La Doctrine Freudienne. (The Psychoanalytic Method and the Freudian Doctrine.): By Roland Dalbiez. Paris: Desclée de Brouwer & Cie., 1936. 2 vols., 649 and 513 pp.  556
W. Bischler
Race, Sex, and Environment: A Study of Mineral Deficiency in Human Evolution: By J. R. de la H. Marett. London: Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications, 1936. 342 pp.  560
H. A. B.
Treatment in Psychiatry: By Oskar Diethelm, M.D. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1936. 476 pp.  563
George E. Daniels
Clinical Aspects of Psycho-Analysis: By René Laforgue, M.D. London. The Hogarth Press, 1938. 300 pp.  568
Martin Grotjahn
Die Bione (Bions): By Wilhelm Reich, M.D. Oslo: Sexpol-Verlag, 1938.  568
Martin Grotjahn
Hearing. Its Psychology and Physiology: By S. Smith Stevens and Hallowell Davis. New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1938. 489 pp.  569
Leon J. Saul
The Origin of Life: By A. I. Oparin. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1938. 252 pp.  570
William G. Barrett
The Last Five Hours of Austria: By Eugene Lennhoff. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1938. 266 pp.  571
Leon J. Saul
Telepathie En Helderziendheid (Telepathy and Clairvoyance): By Dr. Paul Dietz. The Hague: H. P. Leopolds Verlag, 1936. 201 pp.  571
Max Levy-Suhl
Out of my Life and Work: By August Forel. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1938. 353 pp.  573
Martin Grotjahn
Later Criminal Careers: By Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck. New York: The Commonwealth Fund, 1937. 403 pp.  573
H. E. Chamberlain
Behaviorism at Twenty-Five: By A. A. Roback. Cambridge, Mass.: Sci-Art Publishers, 1937. 256 pp.  576
Bela Mittelmann
Baby's Point of View: By E. Joyce Partridge. New York: Oxford University Press, 1937. 94 pp.  578
Margarethe A. Ribble
In the Name of Common Sense. Worry and its Control: By Matthew N. Chappell, Ph.D. New York: The Macmillian Company, 1938. 192 pp.  579
Samuel Atkin
Safeguarding Mental Health: By Raphael C. McCarthy, S.J., Ph.D. New York, Milwaukee, Chicago: The Bruce Publishing Co., 1937. 297 pp.  583
I. T. Broadwin
A Challenge to Sex Censors: By Theodore Schroeder. New York: Privately Printed, 1938. 149 pp.  585
Richard Lionel Frank
Current Psychoanalytic Literature  587
Notes  589
Notes  590
Notes  591
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