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List of Articles

Volume 84 (2015)

Issue 1
Original Articles
Mourning in the Psychoanalytic Situation and in Shakespeare's The Tempest  1
Sybil Houlding
The Texture of Traumatic Attachment: Presence and Ghostly Absence in Transgenerational Transmission  21
Jill Salberg
The Elusiveness of Masculinity: Primordial Vulnerability, Lack, and the Challenges of Male Development  47
Michael J. Diamond
Max Eitingon's Rise and Decline: The Berlin Years  103
Michael Schröter
O'Neill's Journey  125
George Mandelbaum
Brief Communications
On the Dream of Convenience  159
François Sirois
Insight as Defiance: A Neglected Aspect of Self-Awareness  169
Eugene J. Mahon
Book Review Essays
Creativity and Change in Psychoanalysis: Jungian Perspectives: Transformation: Jung's Legacy and Clinical Work Today. Edited by Alessandra Cavalli, Lucinda Hawkins, and Martha Stevns. London: Karnac Books, 2014. 245 pp.  175
Donald R. Ferrell
Grief and Reason: A Response to Eric Kandel's Age of Insight: The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain from Vienna 1900 to the Present. By Eric R. Kandel. New York: Random House, 2012. 636 pp.  209
Billie A. Pivnick
Working Psychoanalytically with Nonneurotic Patients: Theory and Technique: Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning: Clinical and Theoretical Contributions. Edited by Howard B. Levine, Gail S. Reed, and Dominique Scarfone. London: Karnac, 2013. 300 pp.  223
Francis Baudry
Book Reviews
Diagnosing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. By Rachel Cooper. London: Karnac, 2014. 79 pp.  239
Martin A. Silverman
Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Concrete Experience. Edited by Allan Frosch. London: Karnac, 2012. 140 pp.  247
Ellie Gelman
Normal Child and Adolescent Development: A Psychodynamic Primer. By Karen Gilmore and Pamela Meersand. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2014. 364 pp.  254
Aaron H. Esman
Symbiosis and Ambiguity: A Psychoanalytic Study. By José Bleger. Edited by John Churcher and Leopoldo Bleger; translated by John Churcher, Leopoldo Bleger, and Susan Rogers. Hove, UK/New York: Routledge, 2013. 392 pp.  256
Douglas Van Der Heide
The Year of Durocher. By Theodore Jacobs. New York: International Psychoanalytic Books, 2013. 370 pp.  261
Tara S. Robbins
Psychoanalysis and Creativity in Everyday Life: Ordinary Genius. By Gemma Corradi Fiumara. London/New York: Routledge, 2013. 153 pp.  263
Richard C. Fritsch
Notes on the Seventeenth National Congress of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society: “The Origin of Psychic Experience: Becoming Subjects”: Milan, Italy; May 22—25, 2014  273
Translated and Abstracted by Luca Nicoli, Translated and Abstracted by Sergio Anastasia and Translated and Abstracted by Elisabetta Facella
Issue 2
Original Articles
Intuiting the Truth of What's Happening: On Bion's “Notes on Memory and Desire”  285
Thomas H. Ogden
Before Babel: Reflections on Reading and Translating Freud  307
Eran J. Rolnik
The Paternal Principle: Editor's Introduction  331
Jay Greenberg
The Father, the Father Function, the Father Principle: Some Contemporary Psychoanalytic Developments  335
Cláudio Laks Eizirik
The Question of the Father in 2015  351
Marilia Aisenstein
The Analyst's Way of Being: Recognizing Separable Subjectivities and the Pendulum's Swing  363
Richard Tuch
Repressed Ghosts and Dissociated Vampires in the Enacted Dimension of Psychoanalytic Treatment  389
Gil Katz
Bion's Thinking about Groups: A Study of Influence and Originality  415
John A. Schneider
Medea by Euripides: Psychic Constructions for Preverbal Experiences and Traumas  441
Sotiris Manolopoulos
Brief Communications
An Anniversary Reaction in a Four-Year-Old Child  463
Theodore J. Jacobs
The Syntax of Oedipal Thought in the Case of Little Hans  469
Lee Grossman
Book Review Essay
The Third Reich in the Third Person: Exhuming the Horrors of the Holocaust: An Uncommon Friendship: From Opposite Sides of the Holocaust. By Bernat Rosner and Frederic C. Tubach, with Sally Patterson Tubach. Berkeley/Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2010. 309 pp.  479
Martin A. Silverman
Book Reviews
The Possible Profession: The Analytic Process of Change. By Theodore J. Jacobs. New York/Hove, UK: Routledge, 2013. 336 pp.  495
Jane S. Hall
Donald W. Winnicott: A New Approach. By Laura Dethiville; translated by Susan Ganley Lévy. London: Karnac, 2014. 158 pp.  499
Aaron H. Esman
Beyond Individual and Collective Trauma: Intergenerational Transmission, Psychoanalytic Treatment, and the Dynamics of Forgiveness. By Clara Mucci. London: Karnac, 2013. 312 pp.  502
Sophia Richman
Animal Killer: Transmission of War Trauma from One Generation to the Next. By Vamik D. Volkan. London: Karnac, 2014. 91 pp.  510
Martin A. Silverman
The Parts Left Out. By Thomas H. Ogden. London: Karnac, 2014. 199 pp.  517
Gregory D. Graham
Depression as a Psychoanalytic Problem. By Paolo Azzone. Lanham, MD/Plymouth, UK: University Press of America, 2013. 134 pp.  523
Patricia L. Gibbs
Psychoanalytic Reflections on Politics: Fatherlands in Mothers' Hands. By Eszter Salgó. New York: Routledge, 2014. 190 pp.  527
Jay Frankel
Annuel De L'Association Psychanalytique De France (APF), 2014: “Le langage malgré tout: J.-B. Pontalis, la NRP et l'APF”  539
Translated and Abstracted by Hélène Tessier
Issue 3
Original Articles
Oedipus Rex: Where are We Going, Especially with Females?  555
Rosemary H. Balsam
Parrhesia, Phaedra, and the Polis: Anticipating Psychoanalytic Free Association as Democratic Practice  589
Jill Gentile
Narcissistic Defenses in the Distortion of Free Association and Their Underlying Anxieties  625
Otto F. Kernberg
The Object-Preserving Function of Sadomasochism  643
Lee Grossman
Insight Agonistes: A Reading of Sophocles's Oedipus the King  665
Eugene J. Mahon
The Use and Abuse of Omnipotence in the Journey of the Hero  695
John Steiner
On Love and Melancholia in Marguerite Duras's Autofiction  719
Vassiliki N. Simoglou
Book Review Essay
Adventures in Psychoanalytic Concepts and Treatment: A Psychoanalytic Odyssey: Painted Guinea Pigs, Dreams, and other Realities. By Eugene J. Mahon. London: Karnac, 2014. 256 pp.  745
Leon Balter
Book Reviews
Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition. Edited by Graham S. Clarke and David E. Scharff. London: Karnac, 2014. 498 pp.  777
Mary San Martino
Independent Psychoanalysis Today. Edited by Paul Williams, John Keene, and Sira Dermen. London: Karnac, 2012. 448 pp.  789
Lynne Zeavin
Shame and Humiliation: A Dialogue between Psychoanalytic and Systemic Approaches. By Carlos Guillermo Bigliani, Rodolfo Moguillansky, and Carlos E. Sluzki. London: Karnac, 2013. 207 pp.  797
Janice Lieberman
Young Children and Their Parents: Perspectives from Psychoanalytic Infant Observation. By Gertraud Diem-Wille. London: Karnac, 2014. 366 pp. 10.1002/psaq.12031Early Parenting and Prevention of Disorder: Psychoanalytic Research at Interdisciplinary Frontiers. Edited by Robert N. Emde and Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber. London: Karnac, 2014. 400 pp. 10.1002/psaq.12032  801
Leon Hoffman
Revenge: Narcissistic Injury, Rage, and Retaliation. Edited by Salman Akhtar and Henri Parens. Lanham, MD/Plymouth, UK: Jason Aronson, 2014. 200 pp.  806
Richard Reichbart
The Psychology of Beauty: Creation of a Beautiful Self. By Ellen Sinkman. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson, 2013. 173 pp.  813
Stephanie Newman
Translated and Abstracted by Israel Katz
Issue 4
Ruptures in the Analytic Setting and Disturbances in the Transformational Field of Dreams  841
Lawrence J. Brown
“I Hear My Voice, but Who is Talking?”: Understanding Depersonalization  867
Jacqueline Haft
Hansel and Gretel: A Tale of Terror  893
Robert S. White
Attacks on Linking or a Drive to Communicate? Tolerating the Paradox  921
Avner Bergstein
Motility, Aggression, and the Bodily I: An Interpretation of Winnicott  943
Jeremy Elkins
“After the Event”: Freud's Uncanny and the Anxiety of Origins  975
Andrew Barnaby
Book Reviews
The Play Within the Play: The Enacted Dimension of Psychoanalytic Process. By Gil Katz. Hove, UK/New York: Routledge, 2014. 208 pp.  1009
Theodore J. Jacobs
The Play within the Play: The Enacted Dimension of Psychoanalytic Process. By Gil Katz. Hove, UK/New York: Routledge, 2014. 208 pp.  1011
Harvey H. Falit
Rupture of Serenity: External Intrusions and Psychoanalytic Technique. By Aisha Abbasi. London: Karnac, 2014. 208 pp.  1015
Anne Adelman
Traumatic Ruptures: Abandonment and Betrayal in the Analytic Relationship. Edited by Robin A. Deutsch. New York/Hove, UK: Routledge, 2014. 236 pp.  1023
Ellen Pinsky
Freud, Psychoanalysis and Death. By Liran Razinsky. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2013. 303 pp.  1031
Martin A. Silverman
Wilfred Bion: Los Angeles Seminars and Supervision. Edited by Joseph Aguayo and Barnet Malin. London: Karnac, 2013. 156 pp.  1039
Luca Di Donna
Pioneers of Child Analysis: Influential Theories and Practices in Healthy Child Development. By Beatriz Markman Reubins; edited by Marc Stephan Reubins. London: Karnac, 2014. 268 pp.  1045
Aaron H. Esman
Revue Française De Psychanalyse, Translated and Abstracted by Emmett Wilson, Volume LXXIII, Number 5 (2009): L'Après-Coup  1049
Emmett Wilson
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