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List of Articles

Volume 87 (2018)

Issue 1
Target Article and Commentaries
Overcoming obstacles in analysis: Is it possible to relinquish omnipotence and accept receptive femininity?  1
John Steiner
Response to John Steiner's “Overcoming Obstacles in Analysis: Is it Possible to Relinquish Omnipotence and Accept Receptive Femininity?”  21
Rosemary H. Balsam
Overcoming Obstacles: Response to Rosemary H. Balsam  33
John Steiner
Original Articles
Against Forgiving: The Encounter That Cannot Happen Between Holocaust Survivors and Perpetrators  39
Nanette C. Auerhahn and Dori Laub
Winnicott's Subjective Object: Merging experiences as preconditions of being  73
Paolo Fabozzi
Metapsychology and Clinical Aspects of Transference-Friendship  101
Luis Kancyper
Historical Article and Commentaries
Fantasy, Memory, and Reality Testing  127
Jacob A. Arlow
“Blowing Up” the Frame: Revisiting Arlow's “Fantasy, Memory, and Reality Testing”  149
Daria Colombo
Mingling and Stretching: Revisiting Arlow's “Fantasy, Memory, and Reality Testing”  159
Bruce Reis
Arlow's “Fantasy, Memory, and Reality Testing”: The World Found and Refound  171
Jason A. Wheeler vega
Book Review Essay
A Political Exploration of Psychoanalysis: Political Freud: A History, by Eli Zaretsky  193
Robert Ehrlich
Book Reviews
Murdered Father, Dead Father: Revisiting the Oedipus Complex: By Rosine Jozef Perelberg. London/New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2015. 260 pp.  213
Richard C. Fritsch
Manual of regulation-focused psychotherapy for children (RFP-C) with externalizing behaviors: A psychodynamic approach: By Leon Hoffman, Timothy Rice, and Tracy Prout. London/New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2016. 256 pp.  221
Maida J. Greenberg
Art, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis: Perspectives from Analyst-Artists: Edited by George Hagman. London/New York: Routledge, 2017. 186 pp.  228
Aaron H. Esman
What is Psychoanalysis? 100 Years After Freud's Secret Committee; Radical Psychoanalysis: An Essay on Free-Association Praxis: By Barnaby B. Barratt. New York: Routledge, 2013. 240 pp. ; By Barnaby B. Barratt. New York: Routledge, 2016. 231 pp.  229
Joseph Reppen
Critical Flicker Fusion: By William Fried. London: Karnac, 2017. 160 pp.  231
Herbert H. Stein
Issue 2
The Analyst as Listening-Accompanist: Desire in Bion and Lacan  237
Mitchell Wilson
Rivalry: Benign or Belligerent Sibling of Envy and Jealousy? A Clinical Reflection on the “Winded, not Wounded” Experience in the Countertransference  265
Rosemary Davies
Otherness and the Analysis of Action  287
Jay Greenberg
Awakening to and from the Traumatic Lacuna  303
Dana Amir
Shakespeare at Work: The Four Closet Scenes  323
George Mandelbaum
Mutuality, Recognition, and the Self: Psychoanalytic Reflections: By Christine C. Kieffer. London: Karnac Books, 2014. 240 pp.  353
Fred L. Griffin
Body-Mind Dissociation in Psychoanalysis: Development After Bion: By Riccardo Lombardi. Abingdon, UK / New York: Routledge, 2017. 242 pp.  360
Howard B. Levine
Psychoanalytic Technique: Contributions from Ego Psychology (Técnica Psicoanalítica: Aportaciones de la Psicología del Yo): By Cecilio Paniagua. Madrid: Editorial Tébar Flores, 2014. 426 pp.  369
Rodrigo Barahona
Immigration in Psychoanalysis: Locating Ourselves: Edited by Julia Beltsiou. New York: Routledge, 2016. 224 pp.  379
Salman Akhtar
A Cultural Citizen of the World: Sigmund Freud's Knowledge and use of British and American Writings: By S. S. Prawer. Abingdon, UK / New York: Modern Humanities Research Association / Routledge, 2009. 156 pp.  383
Arnold Richards
Grete Bibring: A Culinary Biography: By Daniel Jacobs. Boston: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 2015. 125 pp.  387
Martin A. Silverman
Learning about Human Nature and Analytic Technique from Mothers and Babies: By Nara Amalia Caron and Rita Sobreira Lopes. London: Karnac Books, 2014. 282 pp.  390
Marcia Cavell
Psychoanalysis, Identity, and the Internet: Explorations into Cyberspace: Edited by Andrea Marzi. London: Karnac Books, 2016. 268 pp.  392
Graham Spruiell
Issue 3
Original Articles
How I Talk With My Patients  399
Thomas H. Ogden
The Universal Analogy: The Complementary Visions of Poetry and Psychoanalysis  415
Eugene J. Mahon
Discussion of the Universal Analogy: The Complementary Visions of Poetry and Psychoanalysis by Eugene Mahon  435
Theodore Jacobs
A Perilous High Wire Act: Framing Psychoanalytic Relationships With Severely Traumatizedpatients  443
Alan Michael Karbelnig
Sliding Walls and Glimpses Of The Other In Puccini’S Madama Butterfly  479
Steven H. Goldberg
A Classic Revisited
Countertransference and Psychoanalytic Technique  497
Sander M. Abend
The Person in the Analyst’s Chair: A Dialogue With Abend’ ”Countertransference and Psychoanalytic Technique”  517
Lee Grossman
Deconstructing Countertransference  533
Lawrence J. Brown
Countertransference Changes as a Herald of the Relational Turn  557
Alice Sohn
Structured and Organic Models of Countertransference  571
Charles Spezzano
Countertransference and Psychoanalytic Technique: A Response  587
Sander M. Abend
Film Essay
Vamik Volkan As A Psychoanalytic Ambassador Of Peace—A Film Essay and More: Vamik’S Room, A Documentary. Director and Producer, Molly Catelloe  591
Martin A. Silverman
Book Reviews
Greening of Psychoanalysis: André Green’s New Paradagim in Contemporary Theory and Practice: By Rosine Perelberg and Gregorio Kohon. London: Karnac, 2017. 192 pp.  609
Francis Baudry
Intersubjectivity In Psychoanalysis: By Lewis Kirshner. London and New York: Routledge, 2017. 160 pp.  614
Adrienne Harris
An Analytic Journey: From the Art of Archery to the Art of Psychoanalysis: By Marilia Aisenstein. London: Karnac, 2017. 250 pp.  620
Fred Busch
What Are Perversions? Sexuality, Ethics, Psychoanalysis: By Sergio Benvenuto. London: Karnac, 2016. 210 pp.  624
Bennett Simon
On the Couch: A Repressed History of the Analytic Couch from Plato to Freud: By Nathan Kravis. Boston, MA: MIT Press, 2017. 224 pp.  632
Aaron H. Esman
Cold War Freud: Psychoanalysis in an Age of Catastrophes: By Dagmar Herzog. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017. pp.  633
Elliot Jurist
Issue 4
Original Articles
The “Goddess of Presence” and the Birth of the Self in an Analytic Treatment  639
Vera J. Camden
On Claiming A Psychoanalytic Identity  667
Laurence Spurling
On Beginning The Treatment: Lacanian Perspectives  695
Joachim Cauwe and Stijn Vanheule
An Allegiance To Absence: Fidelity To The Internal Void  729
Rachel Sopher
Editor’s Introduction  753
Jay Greenberg
Infinity, The Conscious And Unconscious Mind: A Conversation Between Thomas Ogden and Riccardo Lombardi  757
Thomas Ogden and Riccardo Lombardi
Original Articles
D.W. Winnicott, Melanie Klein, and W.R. Bion: The Controversy Over the Nature of the External Object—Holding and Container/Contained (1941-1967)  767
Joseph Aguayo
Brief Communication
The Dream Narrative: Monitoring The Analytic Process  809
François Sirois
Review Essay
What Makes It Psychoanalysis?: A Commentary On The Contributions Of Dana Birksted-Breen  817
William Butler
Book Reviews
Anderson: The Wisdom of Lived Experience: Views from Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Metaphysics (J. A. Wheeler Vega)  843
Jason A. Wheeler Vega
Volkan: Immigrants and Refugees: Trauma, Perennial Mourning, Prejudice, and Border Psychology (S. Richman)  853
Sophia Richman
Lingiardi and McWilliams: Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual(R. M. Waugaman and M. Korn)  861
Richard M. Waugaman and Miriam Korn, (CHEVY CHASE, MD)
Beebe, Cohen, and Lachmann: The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book: Origins of Attachment (W. Winograd)  873
Wendy Winograd
Tutter: Dream House: an Intimate Portrait of the Philip Johnson Glass House (B. Collins)  880
Bradley Collins
Koellreuter: What is this Professor Freud Like?: A Diary of an Analysis with Historical Comments (A. D. Richards)  886
Arnold D. Richards
Contents of Volume LXXXVII
Contents of Volume LXXXVII  892
Name Index
Name Index  899
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