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List of Articles

Volume 23 (1936)

Issue 1
Original Articles
The Attitude of Psychoneurotics Towards Death  1
Walter Bromberg, M.D. and Paul Schilder, M.D., Ph.D.
One Religio-Sexual Maniac  26
Theodore Schroeder
Speech Defect (Word Mutilation) and Masochism in a Traumatic Neurosis  46
Gerald H. J. Pearson, M.D.
A Group of Works of Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D.  59
A. Chiabov
Notes in Criminological Analysis  68
A. N. Foxe
The Psychology of Juvenile Paretic Neurosyphilis  76
William C. Menninger, M.D.
Male Masochism and Culture  84
Arnold H. Kamiat
Internationale Zeitschrift fur Psychoanalyse  92
Clara Willard
Book Reviews
The Organism of Mind (An Introduction to Analytical Psychotherapy). By Gustav Richard Heyer. Translated by Eden & Cedar Paul. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1934. Pp. xiii + 271.  107
Reality and Illusion. A New Framework of Values. By Richard Rothschild. Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York, 1934. Pp. 442, including Index.  108
Psychiatry and Mental Health. By John Rathbone Oliver, M.D., Ph.D. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York-London. Pp. 329. Price $2.75.  109
Hallucinations Et Délire (Les Formes Hallucinatoires De L'auto-matisme Verbal). By Henri Ey. Pp. x + 192. Paris, Librairie Felix Alcan, 1934.  111
Dementia Praecox: A Psychological Study. By Harriet Babcock, Ph.D. Published by the Author. New York, 1933. Pp. 167.  112
Twentieth Century Crime: Eighteenth Century Methods of Control. By James Edward Hagerty. Published by The Stratford Company, 289 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. Pp. 222. Price $2.00.  113
Mental Defect. By Lionel S. Penrose, M.A., M.D., Research Medical Officer, Royal Eastern Counties Institution, Colchester. Published by Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., New York, 1934. 198 pp. plus Glossary and Index of Names and Authors. Illus.  113
The Nature and Treatment of Amentia. Psychoanalysis and Mental Arrest in Relation to the Science of Intelligence. By L. Pierce Clark. Foreword by Ernest Jones. Published by William Wood & Co., Baltimore, 1933. Pp. 306, including Glossary and Index.  114
Outline of Clinical Psychoanalysis. By Otto Fenichel, M.D. Translated by Bertram D. Lewin, M.D., and Gregory Zilboorg, M.D. The Psychoanalytic Quarterly Press and W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., 70 Fifth Avenue, New York. Pp. 478 plus Index.  115
The Quest For Corvo. An Experiment in Biography. By A. J. A. Symons. Published by The Macmillan Company, New York, 1934. Pp. 293, including Index. Illus.  116
An Introduction to Sex Education. By Winifred V. Richmond, Ph.D. Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., New York, 1934. 312 pp. $2.50.  116
N. D. Campbell
Conception Period of Women. By Dr. Kyusaku Ogino. Medical Arts Publishing Company, Harrisburg, Pa., 1934. 94 pp. $1.00.  117
N. D. Campbell
Facts and Theories of Psychoanalysis. By Ives Hendrick, M.D. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1934. Pp. 308. Index i-xii. Price $3.00.  118
The Cortical Localization of Cerebral Function. By Professor J. Shaw Bolton, M.D. Published by Oliver and Boyd, Tweedale Court, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1933. Pp. 23. Price sixpence.  118
Tuberkulöse Charakter und Handschrift. By W. Schönfeld and K. Menzel. Brunn. Verlag Rudolf M. Rohrer. Mk. 5.  118
Mental Health Past, Present, and Future. By Arthur Hiler Ruggles, M.D. The Colver Lectures, 1932. Published for Brown University, Providence, R. I., by The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1934. Pp. 104.  119
Aechivos de Nedrobiologia. Tomo XIII. Julio-Diciembre, 1933. Ruiz Hermanos, editores (Numero Homenaje al Dr. Lafora).  119
Issue 2
Original Articles
The Big Round World (A Psychiatric Study of Robert Louis Stevenson)  121
Isabel Proudfit
Imitation of Life  149
Ome Observations From Three Years of Studies of Psychopathology and Genetic psychology In Asia  173
J. Wielawski and W. Winiarz
IMU—A Psychoneurosis Occurring Among Ainus  181
Med. W. Winiarz and Med. J. Wielawski
Psychic Anaphylaxis  187
Immanuel Velikovsky and Authorized Translation by J. V. Coleman, M.D.
Imago  195
Gladys Swackhamer
International Journal of Psycho-Analysis  199
Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D.
Internationale Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse  209
British Journal of Medical Psychology  219
Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D.
Book Reviews
Erziehung Der Eltern Van Dr. Wilhelm Stekel. Weidmann & Co. Verlag der Psychotherapeutischen Praxis. Wien-Leipzig-Bern, 1934. Pp. 215.  235
Localization of Function in the Cerebral Cortex. S. T. Orton, J. F. Fulton, and T. K. Davis, Editorial Board. Vol. XIII of the Proceedings of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins Company.  236
Modern Woman and Sex. A Femininist Physician Speaks. By Rachelle S. Yarros, M.D., Professor of Social Hygiene, Medical Department, University of Illinois. New York: The Vanguard Press, 1933.  237
Mary O'malley
Modern Clinical Psychiatry. By Arthur P. Noyes. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Company, 1934. Pp. 485.  238
The Genealogy of Sex. By Curt Thesing, M.D. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul, with a foreword by Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D. New York: Emerson Books, 1930. Pp. 320. Price $5.00.  239
Winifred Richmond
Human Personality and the Environment. By Charles Macfie Campbell, M.D. Published by The Macmillan Company, New York, 1934. Pp. 252. Price $3.00.  240
A Psychiatric Word Book. By Richard H. Hutchings, M.D. Published by State Hospitals Press, Utica, N. Y. Pp. 212. Flexible leather binding. Price $1.00.  240
Issue 3
Certain Prognostic Changes During Trial (Psychoanalytic) Interviews  241
Harold D. Lasswell
August Strindberg: The Autobiographies  248
Stanley M. Coleman
Remarks on the Psychophysiology of the Skin  274
Paul Schilder, M.D., Ph.D.
Psychic Heart Disease—A Study of Three Generations  286
Ellaine Elmore
Revue Franchise de Psychanalyse  297
Margaret V. Jones
British Journal of Medical Psychology  308
International Journal Of Psycho-Analysis  320
Smith Ely Jelliffe
Book Reviews
Twentieth Century Psychiatry. Its Contribution to Man's Knowledge of Himself. William A. White. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc. $2.00.  331
Recent Advances in Psychiatry. By Henry Devine, O.B.E., M.D. Published by P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, 1933. Pp. 364. Price $4.00.  333
Probation and Delinquency. By Edwin J. Cooley, Chief Probation Officer, Court of General Sessions, New York City. New York Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, 1927. Pp. 544. Price $3.00.  333
Psychology and Psychotherapy. By William Brown, D.M., D.Sc. (London), F.R.C.P. Published by William Wood and Co., Baltimore, 1934. (Third Edition.) Pp. 252.  334
Psychotherapie Des Frauenarztes. By Von Dr. Fritz Wengraf. Verlag der Psychotherapeutischen Praxis: Weidmann & C, Wien, Leipzig, Bern, 1934. Pp. 251.  335
L' Etude De La Pensee (Methodes et Risultats.) By G. Dwelshauvers. Paris: Pierre Tequi, 1934. Pp. 230.  337
Children of the New Day. By Katherine Glover and Evelyn Dewey. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1934. Pp. 332. Price $2.25.  338
Winifred Richmond
The Case for Sterilization. By Leon F. Whitney. Published by Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York, 1934. Pp. 309. Price $2.50.  339
Heredity and Environment. Studies in the Genesis of Psychological Characteristics. By Gladys C. Schwesinger. Edited by Frederick Osborn. New York: Macmillan, 1933. Pp. 484. Price $4.00.  340
Winifred Richmond
Handbook of Psychiatry. By John H. Ewen. Published by William Wood & Co., Baltimore, 1934. Pp. 267.  341
The Riddle of the Sphinx, or Human Origins. By Geza Roheim. Authorized Translation from the German by R. Money-Kyrle, M.A., Ph.D., with a Preface by Ernest Jones, M.D. Published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, London, and the Institute of Psychoanalysis, 1934. Pp. 302, including Index and Addenda. Illus.  341
Probation and Criminal Justice. Edited by Sheldon Glueck, Professor of Criminology, Harvard Law School. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 344. Price $3.00.  343
The Meaning and Varieties of Love. By J. W. Bridges, Ph.D. Sci-Art Publishers. Price $2.25.  346
N. D. Campbell
Cure Through Suggestion. By Helen C. Lambert. 2 volumes. Moss & Kamin, Inc. Price $2.50.  346
N. D. Campbell
Psychoanalysis for Teachers and Parents: Introductory Lectures. By Anna Freud. Translated by Barbara Low. New York: Emerson Books, Inc., 1935. Pp. 117, including Index. Price $1.75.  346
Psychopathology, A Survey of Modern Approaches. By J. Ernest Nicole, L.M.S.S.A., D.P.M.R.C.P. & S. Foreword by W. H. B. Stod-dart, M.D., B.S., F.R.C.P. Lond. 2nd Edition, revised and enlarged. Baltimore: William Wood & Co., 1934. Pp. 283, including Appendices, Bibliography and Index. $4.75.  347
Outlines of General Psychopathology. By William Malamud, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, State University of Iowa. Published by W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., New York. Pp. 462, including Glossary, Bibliography and Index. $5.00.  347
Human Mentality in the Light of Psychiatric Experience. An Outline of General Psychiatry. By Bror Gadelius. Published by Levin & Munksgaard, Norregade 6, Copenhagen; Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, London, 1933. Pp. 620, including Index and Bibliography. Illustrated.  348
The Power to Love. A Psychic and Physiologic Study of Regeneration. By Edwin W. Hirsch, B.S., M.D. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1934. Pp. 363.  348
The Medical Man and the Witch During The Rennaissance. By Gregory Zilboorg, M.D. The Hideyo Noguchi Lectures. Published by The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1935. Pp. 207 + Index. Illustrated.  349
Factor Analysis in the Study of Personality. By John Clemans Flanagan. Stanford University Press, Stanford University, California, 1935. Pp. 103. $1.25.  352
Winifred Richmond
The Man In The Street and the New Psychology. By Richard Amaral Howden. Published by the Oxford University Press, London, 1935. Pp. 77. Price $1.00.  352
W. A. B.
Issue 4
Original Articles
In the Teeth of All Formalism (Front gegen jede Art von Formalismus): A Tribute to Hans Prinzhorn  353
David Lindsay Watson
Attis: A Study of Castration  363
Bernice S. Engle, AM
The Personality of the Scientist  373
Mark G. Kanzer
A Case of Agoraphobia  383
Ralph R. Greenschpoon, M.D.
Mrs. Miller. A Study of Psychic Blindness  395
Ellaine Elmore
Imago  404
Gladys V. Swackhamer
Revue Française de Psychanalyse  415
Margaret Jones Gill
International Journal of Psycho-Analysis  428
Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D.
Book Reviews
Mental Health; its Principles and Practice, with Emphasis on the Treatment of Mental Deviations. By Frank E. Howard, Ph.D., and Frederick L. Patry, M.D. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1935. Pp. 551. Price, $2.75.  443
Winifred Richmond
Sex and Temperament in three Primitive Societies. By Margaret Mead, Assistant Curator of Ethnology, American Museum of Natural History. Published by William Morrow & Co., New York, 1935.  444
Manual De Psiquiatria. By Dr. Emilio Mira y Lopez. Barcelona: Salvat Editores, S. A. 1935. Pp. 750.  447
Clara Willard
Understanding Yourself. The Mental Hygiene of Personality. By Ernest R. Groves. Published by Greenberg, New York, 1935. Pp. 268 + Appendix, Bibliography.  448
Roots of Crime. Psychoanalytic Studies. By Franz Alexander, M.D., and William Healy, M.D. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York and London, 1935. Pp. 305 + Index.  449
The Image and Appearance of the Human Body. By Paul Schilder, M.D., Ph.D. Psyche Monographs: No. 4. Published by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., London, 1935. Pp. 353, including Appendices (illus.), Bibliography and Indexes.  450
Educacao E. Psychanalyse. By Prof. Dr. Arthur Ramos. Companhia Editora Nacional: Sao Paulo, 1934. Pp. 182. O. Negro Brasileiro (Ethmographia Religiosa E. Psychanalyse). Bibliotheca De Divulgacao Scientifica Vol. 1. Rio de Janeiro: Civilizacao Brasileira, S. A., 1934. Pp. 303.  453
Wayward Youth. By August Aichhorn. Published by The Viking Press, New York, 1935. Pp. 236. Price $275.  454
Psychology and Religion. By David Forsyth. Published by C. A. Watts & Co., 6 Johnson Court, Fleet Street, London E. C. 4, 1935. Pp. 221. Price 7s. 6d.  455
Autobiography. By Sigmund Freud. Translated by James Strachey. Published by W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., New York, 1935. Pp. 153. $2.00. The Hogarth Press, Tavistock Square, London W. C. 6/-.  455
Destiny and Disease in Mental Disorders with Special Reference to the Schizophrenic Psychoses. By C. Macfie Campbell, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard University. Published by W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., New York, 1935. Pp. 207, including Index.  456
The Psychobiology of Anxiety—a Clinical Study  1
Joseph C. Yaskin, M.D.
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