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List of Articles

Volume 35 (1948)

Issue 1
Original Articles
Oral and Anal Tensions Associated with a Duodenal Ulcer  1
R. W. Pickford
Psychogenic Cardiovascular Reaction Interpreted and Successfully Treated with Hypnosis  14
Jerome M. and Schneck M.C. Aus
Some Psychoanalytic Speculations on Anti-Semitism  20
Arthur B. Brenner
Further Contributions to the Psychoanalysis of Writers  33
Edmund Bergler, M.D.
Hate as a Transitional State in Psychic Evolution  51
Chandler Bennitt
Fantasy of Pulmonary Conception  62
Francis J. Mott
Evocation of the Undreamed  74
Nandor Fodor, LL.D.
Psychosomatic Medicine  81
Book Notes and Reviews  97
Harriman, P. L. (Editor). Encyclopedia of Psychology. The Philosophical Library, Inc., New York, 1946. Pp. 897. Price $10.00.  97
Kaempffert, W. Science Today and Tomorrow: Second Series. The Viking Press, New York, 1945. Pp. 273. Price $2.75.  97
Tappan, Paul W. Delinquent Girls in Court: A Study of the Wayward Minor Court of New York. [Columbia University Press, New York. 1947. Pp. xvi + 265. $3.00.]  97
Lindner, Robert M., and Seliger, Robert V. Editors. Handbook of Correctional Psychology. [First Edition, Philosophical Library, New York. 1947. Pp. 689. $10.00.]  98
Hinsie, Leland E. The Person in the Body. [First Edition. W. W. Norton and Company, New York. 1945. Pp. 257. $2.75.]  99
Benedek, Therese. Insight and Personality Adjustment. [The Ronald Press Company, New York. 1946. Pp. v + 301. $4.00.]  99
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Bretall, Robert. Editor. A Kierkegaard Anthology. [Princeton University Press, 1946. Pp. 487. $5.00.]  106
Symonds, Percival M. The Dynamics of Human Adjustment. [New York & London: D. Appleton Century Co. 1946. Pp. xiv + 666. $5.00.]  109
Kitching, Howard. Sex Problems of the Retired Veteran. [Emerson Books, Inc., N. Y. p. 124. $1.50.]  110
Fenichel, Otto. The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis. [W. W. Norton Co., Inc., New York, 1945, 703 p.]  110
Issue 2
Original Articles
Dostoyevsky's Matricidal Impulses  115
Mark Kanzer, M.D.
Mohave Indian Infanticide  126
George Devereuxd
Phantasia—A Contribution to the Structure of Schizophrenia  140
James Clark Moloney, M.D.
Obsessive Hobbies  151
Victor W. Eisenstein, M.D.
The Hypnotic Treatment of a Patient with Amnesia  171
Jerome M. Schneck, MC, AUS
The Importance of the Miscellaneous  178
Arthur N. Foxe, M.D.
A Note on Suicide  181
Melitta Schmideberg
A Note on Homosexuality and Circumcision  183
Melitta Schmideberg
The Fear of Getting Well  185
Melitta Schmideberg
International Journal of Psychoanalysis  188
Book Notes and Reviews  202
Brill, A. A. Lectures on Psychoanalytic Psychiatry. [Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1946. Pp. 292. Price $3.00.]  202
Feibleman, James. The a Theory of Human Culture. [Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York. 1946. Pp. xiv + 361.]  202
Frederick, B. W., Kitchen, P. C. and McElwee, A. R. A Guide to College Study. [D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc., New York. 1947. Pp. viii + 341.]  202
Hollitscher, Walter. Sigmund Freud (An Introduction). [Oxford University Press, New York. 1947. Pp. 119. Price $2.50.]  203
Eeich, Wilhelm. (Translated by Theodore P. Wolf) The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Third Edition. Revised and Enlarged. [The Orgone Institute Press, New York. 1946. Pp. xxiv + 344. Price 4.50.]  203
Reik, Theodor. Ritual Psychoanalytic Studies (The Psychological Problems of Religion). [Farrar, Straus and Company, Inc., New York. 1946. Pp. 367. Price $5.00.]  203
Simmel, Ernst. Anti-Semitism (A Social Disease). [International Universities Press, New York. 1946. Pp. xvi + 137.]  204
Abrahamsen, David. Men, Mind and Power. [Columbia University Press, New York. 1945. Pp. 155. $2.00.]  204
Berg, Charles, M.D. Deep Analysis: The Clinical Study of an Individual Case. [W. W. Norton and Co., Inc., New York. 1947. Pp. 254. Price $3.50.]  205
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Kracauer, Siegfried. From Caligari to Hitler. A Psychological History of the German Film. [The Princeton University Press, Princeton. 1947. Pp. 361. $5.00.]  212
Laforgue, René. Psychopathologie de L'Eche. [Payot, Paris. 1944. Pp. 251. 75 francs.]  213
Landis, Carney, and Bolles, M. Marjorie. Textbook of Abnormal Psychology. [The MacMillian Company, New York. 1946. Pp. xii + 556. $4.50.]  215
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The Oedipus Complex in a Recent Best-Selling Novel. Richard Stoll.  223
Moreno, J. L. Psychodrama, Vol. I. [Beacon House, New York, 1946. Pp. xii + 429. $6.00.]  226
Notes and News  227
Issue 3
Original Articles
Time-Space and the Growth of the Sense of Reality: A Contribution to the psychophysiology of the Dream  229
Daniel E. Schneider, M.D.
Coprophilia: A Collective Review  253
Ben Karpman, M.D.
Three “Battles” During Analytic Treatment  273
Edmund Bergler, M.D.
Description of An Acute Castration Fear, Based on Superstition  285
Fritz Kobler, M.D.
Some Mechanisms of Paranoia  290
Nathaniel Thornton
The Theme of the Aggressive Mother During Group Therapy Analysis of a Group Interview  295
Donald A. Shaskan, M.D. and Hendrik Lindt, M.A.
Psychoanalysis and the KöNIGSBERGER MUCKER  301
David Baumgardt
On Fantasies of Being Beaten  303
Melitta Schmideberg
A Note on Claustrophobia  309
Melitta Schmideberg
A Note on Obsessional Indecision  312
Melitta Schmideberg
On Reality and Phantasy  314
Melitta Schmideberg
International Journal Of Psychoanalysis  315
Book Notes and Reviews  329
Book Notes
Blau, Abram. The Master Hand: A Study of the Origin and Meaning of Right and Left Sidedness and Its Relation to Personality and Language. Pp. 206. 12 Figures. New York. The American Orthopsychiatric Association Inc. Research Monograph #5, 1946.  329
Friedlander, K. The Psycho-analytical Approach to Juvenile Delinquency. (Theory, Case-Studies, Treatments). Pp. 296. New York. The International University Press, 1947, $5.50.  330
Rubinstein, H. S. and Davis, C. L. Stereoscopic Atlas of Neuroanatomy. (43 Plates). Grune & Stratton, 1947.  330
Sigerist, Henry E. The University at the Crossroads. Pp. 162. New York, Henry Schuman, 1946. Price $2.75.  330
Bonaparte, Marie. Myths of War. [Imago Publishing Co., Ltd., London, 1947. Pp. 161. 10/6.]  331
Joseph Zinkin
Bush, Benjamin. The Selected Writings of Benjamin Rush. Dagobert Runes (Ed.). [The Philosophical Library, New York, 1947. Pp. 433. $5.00.]  332
A. N. F.
Murphy, Gardner. Personality. [Harper and Brothers Publishers, New York and London, 1947. Pp. xii + 927. $5.00.]  333
D. M. Kelley
Natunbnrg, Margaret. Studies of the “Free” Art Expression of Behavior Children and Adolescents as a Means of Diagnosis and Therapy. [Nervous and Mental Disease Monographs, New York, 1947. Pp. 225. $5.50.]  334
Lauretta Bender
Ranson, S. W., and Clark, S. L. The Anatomy of the Nervous System. [8th Edition. W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1947. Pp. x + 532.]  335
D. M. Kelley
Horney, Karen. Editor. Are You Considering Psychoanalysis? [W. W. Norton Company, New York, 1946, p. 257. $3.00.]  335
D. M. Kelley
Obituary  336
Richard H. Hutchings, M.D.
Notes and News  340
William C. Menninger, M.D.
Issue 4
Original Articles
In Memoriam  343
Smith Ely Jelliffe and A. A. Brill
Smith Ely Jelliffe—Father of Psychosomatic Medicine in America  350
Karl A. Menninger, M.D. and George Devereux, Ph.D.
A Brief Passage  364
Arthur N. Foxe, M.D.
The Ecological Principle in Medicine†  367
Smith Ely Jelliffe
Obituary  389
Abraham Arden Brill and C. P. Oberndorf
Brill—The Pioneer  394
Fritz Wittels
Dr. Abraham A. Brill As a Psychiatrist  399
Nolan D. C. Lewis
Bibliography of Freud's Pre-Analytic Period  403
Horace Gray, M.D.
Psychosomatic Principles and Patterns in Disorders of the Special Senses†  411
Nolan D. C. Lewis, M.D.
Book Notes and Reviews  441
Book Notes
Ehrenwald, Jan. Telepathy and Medical Psychology. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, 1948. Pp. 212. Price $3.00.  441
Freud, S. On War, Sex and Neuroses. (Edited by Sander Katz.) Arts and Science Press, New York, 1947. Pp. 288. Price $3.00.  441
Katz, David. Psychological Atlas. The Philosophical Library, Inc., New York, 1948. Pp. 142. Illustrations 395. Price $5.00.  441
Levy, David M. New Fields of Psychiatry. W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., New York, 1947. Pp. 171. Price $2.75.  442
Liberthson, Leo. If There are Pits as Deep … and Other Sonnets and Poems. The Diction Press, New York, 1946. Pp. 126. 6 Illustrations by Rahngild. Price $3.00.  442
Menninger, W. C., and Leaf, Munro. You and Psychiatry. Charles Scribners Sons, New York, 1948. Pp. xi + 175. Price $2.50.  442
Notes and News  443
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